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Vol. 13A 

August 27, 1979 


May 5, 1980 

• ♦! 

^ ^ ^ 

Vol. n\ No. I 

Aiipusl 27, 1979 

iUiam R.i.H.> Har,*-r «:»ll.Tr. A l?!..«q«in ami K..N-lk. Road.. Pabliiir. Illi....i> OtMKrT. .U2-:V>7-:UK») 

Vice President of Student Affairs takes leave 


MMlKMii>*«Mt )*• 

|iv«n to M« ll — ■ . „_ 

will ttU) <!•*>• ■ MM •* 'I***: 

and wnrklnl thrmicli tlM 
ttialenia don Iwvt «ce«it to 
Mns sun tluil the •Mmtt 
havt a *«)•• in d««i*l«>n 

maWtli. TteSMiMl n«itm It 


lllaft; •nd with Uwir 

I Id Harpar in 

I if CwaiMltiit lor 

two y«ui Mid IkM ilUiMil hif 
"" I •Meh l« iMi 

Eapl tar Uw |i«i aialttMidin- 

Mb, • ftlU nrvic* progi*" •«» 
iMw built lor the iludrnM*. 
wUeli iDcludM • com. 
prtlMniiv* courmXiii itift. 
linanctal aids. Sttulent Ai:- 
ttvlEiei, FooA Sarvicc and 

».>—-.. lor alKUlt nine y«i" •» 
he agrwa tlial lUi type of WW* 

ia not iww to him 

"II will lie a chance in ««- 
nroamail and a chance lo do 
lomdUnf eltc." he cotn- 

I fan It yean, aepaa aa II 

Harper pools efforts 

to save gas 

JM.uliil.iniJliri" ---—'- 
■ In HwBi, ^ ^ 


■choal. ""a IMII tga .aw^ w_ ^^ 

A ■«» la waUaMa »»-—-;- 

tmuam. HUidaata ptck the 

■liiirtdf Mid ana llMt 



^^^BjHZ'^ Who reads signs? 

ride, drive or bath, an* ""ia m uam* Mw 

It tatm* Mwt tomt hrt»M wi campwi art "ducklnfl' 
tiMir ratpomtblUNtt mmt wiioylng a dip in «»• tokt. 
(ptirto by Rick Kohnha) 

aaaa vnm mm i—ii » ~ ~„Tn filmi' ImaiWi Tirr i ii ~ ■ — lahaM 

New'^Harper van informs area residents 

.. _ ._■>. >«.ni_<u> M„ -.-..,-.■. .. _|^ 1^ I iiiiiiiaiilii liiiiiaiiiiaa. Hecreatton park in v 

hf lUBIW MHNaOH „«„, (,«, the c«>im»ll|. fES12aJ?aSSfrf*a ZSS" HaHtiU (or ftootlar tin 

WM haa fas whaala awl XnaTtbe rafld ii-oirth, ol »52»2£PXL!!rZ-: i! 2Lv7^Ar11Mtoo Market ... 

iHilataMtlna lo 

1, tJ STiJi MMftiBiWaa bvar haa 

raairfeaftyW^.H'a**'****' "^ •" **' TH ifmi««i. 

f Harpaf' Calla||a wpalliMal and inlBfwi^_paopia f!|?:r^"m.ii «« «*am hw 
tlM: nan. •hWl adaally ta a 

ibiyi. Artln|ton 
SIdtvalh Sale. 

IM ,... than la a collaia ia "■'^,'" "^ * "JU 
PalalW Tfte van travela to '"'°f!"g5'" » ^"^ 

nreaanlad offleiaUT t» Iha 
eaUifa at a Juoa nuiHW il 

cat* your 


Ilw paraaaa at tha vaa la to 
ukt UiforantMa ahMd Om 


In the al Ihe tftne 
^waa Hia *an firti vltttad Ran 
dbmt aiMl from there the 

';mIi rrad Vaal»«j •f'««'"lJ'", ,*'£• -!!*!li2! 

mnand plwaa that artll da ■• ■«> 

'.Sai "IT ha. ea*arad Whoallaf 

Aluminum. Gate Houae 
Apartmentt. Runaway Bay 
Aparimenlt and companiaa 
■HatUy with WQ or marc am- 
olMMa. Genaratly the van tie* 
h wHh big emrta in the com- 

The van hat other 
poatibllitlaa at well. It ia 

When Btked about the gat 
tltuatkia, Vaiivll said it didn't 
(aem lo be a problem tince they 
only traval wUMn the Harper 
ch^Wct And whan they viait an 
area, they uauaUy aUy tha day 

■•The mileage ian't 
aitrooomical," »ald VativH. 
The van alao haa the capability 
lo pha Into an elactric aulM. 

So .1? in the future you happen 
Ui see a Winnchaf o camper with 
W H Harper Collese written on 

hi aaid Uia ••• 


It cnold be laad U> a^ihMar «»"»• >*^3^'S?t, tahr 

inaculallana «a Vm ataMy. it ^tl^ltlTZT^^ 
iinilil In wni] m a i laiaiiinni w a tree pncU, book cover «r 

inaculalloMB ta On aliMy 
eooM ha oaad aa a daaaraar 
'lor ragMration. If natd ha. 

Pap. 2 The llarliinifr AiiRii^t 21. l'»7«l 

Editors Note: 

Editor offers 
open field 

Stuctonts. mctmr* m4 taeufty of ^^f^.^^J!^' 
«»ttcofm to «!• flfif 1«W nil imm of Iht Har«f»9«f 

W* hope you w»l tn|oy fO«*»i« ««• HwWngw Witi 
v«ar OTd rmmntm. thfs nwrtptpw will ooty be a* 
good at you let It be. if yo« <*on't like the w»y 
JMiMthinf looks Of how » story is wrlHen, let t« kmm- 
M Ml* Otoer isn't as informlnfl «r »nltf»tll"B •• " 
ioMWbTstopby the office, AM7 or artttnt. «l and 
gl^wt MS some ttpt. 

we could also use any story Ideas you ''»^^•••'•■ 
Untortynately. Harblf>9er staff "'•™'r\Tl!!r S?! 
(•r between and can't be at all places at all ««»« M • 
tittle tip from one person may soon turned Into a 
printed arllcl* for thouMH* to enjoy. 

Since Harbinjer stall fWWllMrt* twt get paid, t is 
often hard to get aood halp. espoctally with part-time 
iobs and homework, tha staH we do have Is oHen over 

So If we make a faw mistakes, hew- with us, with a 
little eKpartanco comWnwJ wtfti ttw »••««>» 
fMchir,gs of iournalism instructors ^^"^ ^^ 
^ Henry Roephen, the HarWnfler *"' ^ "^ 
into the kind of first rate newspiaper its readers 

Join PetiTSon 
Editor-in- Oitet 

. r 


7 ViWth»«" CfiS 

Studeiit Senate positions open 

Stiutant Seii»t« cindiitaey 

tmm am mm i-^i^ '" »• 

the StmlMit Smalt 

tmtmamMKtM tlMt lIudMt body W 

ifirprGMIsit- K «««» «til> 
Um tHMtty and •dMttHHeilw 

- *-'^ «rt«Hy -"— 

rMommciuttnt •twtonH for 
coU«|t cominlttees *"<' 

nttawti Is r«|lo«sibte (or 


Program Board Presents 
in Concert 

Bonnie Koloc 

Friday. Sept. 7 8 p.m. $3 - Public 

Cdlege Center Lounge $2 wiih Harper Activity Card 
Tickets Available in Student Activities Office- A336 

i"hi«f*«'l« eellete potictw 

^OAA sliMt Muta* l»*- . , 

TWr* ti ««* •'"?!?' 

rmMOiUUve from ««* « l*» 

ttTMamt tmlimm »nd Social 
Scltncet; M«iheii..lici, 
Pbyskal •cleee* . s™ 
Tadmokicy. OwununKsixim, 
Humwilttn awl Wee •*£J£* 
Sdcnce and H*™^."™!" 
and Physical Mm*tm, 
AtbMao sod IMfteaOmi 
There «r« three ,•»«« 
tim (mm Uw Oub 

rnMU Petr Coumekmi and oee 
Stmtait Tnnu* 

In order to represent • 
(ivi»an a fludent'i dedarvd 
■cademic pragram murt te to 
that diiriiioii or the iMjortty ol 
hit hours tUi faU rauit be III 

Sept M and B tram •a.m. U> I 
pli in Uie Coltefe Certar 
LounRe and from I p.m to t 
p m on the fint now al Bidf. D 

■me first Senate 

Sept. II. 

Looks make the grade 

,CPSHi«»<«l-looki«t "twlMts 

Mem to gel Wter r**" «"»" 

That. «c<»rdint to >!<«*•« 

News Service, 'tm the con- 
cluilon o( lodtana Stale 
U«l*erilty P«»«:holoBiat 

tiala, which are iivppaedly 
haaed on pure knowledie, were 
(he same, the betler-hwkiai 

— -m --^.^-.:..- Ctrii. moreover, tiodad to 

lywiMwMl MSir eppearaneea^ e<|uai ahUlty. 


Joan Peterson 

Photo Edilor.. jintM- nh f' 

CarWoBlst .■.V.'...'."iJor««vPI«»»a«>o 


Lori Jeilor. Mai* TtBlSBB 


the itwlmlrMMkation for the Harper Calk«e 
oiUiaiild Miklr eicept durtng holidays awl 
liaat enreaaed ac« tboac of Qw wrtler and not 


campia community, 

final e«am» AU aptn>i~» .-k-— ~ - — ~— - - -- ,„..i^ „ 

necessarily those of ««« <!olta«e. Its admintatratMn, faculty or 

•tudeni tody AdvertWni and cop* deatoe to noon Tvwjdayand 

ropy tf «*lJ«t 10 editing All Utters-lo^heJEditflr muat be ligned, 

mmm will be «.thhel<J up«n requeet For •<«*«;|^"*JJ:™f 

write HARWNtiKR, WUham R«"2L"*iE.'iS^^S?^ 
M«l Rowlle Hdidi. PaUttoe, lU.. tmi. Phone W-JMO, «tt «l 

AuRUKi 27, 1979 Thr Harliiii;:.r Va-^,- 3 


■Ml l» 


llii af»rmiimMea«4 

imt.attormy wtO 

1 00 whalcvCT 

I Dm tmi «Maf <• 

III «iiw MM 'fM an 

■dMtr tac. the MTvic* ii 

amm. tarn. (i«M nwr ad- 

dmirM legal 
hir a ptHktuar 

CMC, arnaaMMHla can be 
made ttinM^ Om altarncjr or 
liic Nortlmnat SaliMrtn a Bar 
ta flbtafta iifopif 

ma atlonwy iliaU not be 
raquirail to frwride coumcl lo 
' -ck a tm- 


SH Preview: 

Studio Theater auditions open 

The Harjar Stn«o Thartw 
MMMn will agalii omairt <i 
three otrerlnti iclM4ulaa 


IHa Pnifrain Board wUi ba 
ng tlM Itoi "Hoilpa-". 
I tl It ( p m m Hooin E- 
m. Hn ReynoWi »lai» ai tUe 
norld'a fraateal" (ajlagi 

oao lae the a'HawiV' 


For (krtlMr iBlarmalliM 

■iMtenla (liaiiM caalactJaaaiia' 
|>BnkaiUn In Un Sliifcat *c- 

ia Ma imni rival lor HalhrwiNd 
tianlam Id ika iMtMrlAaaO]; 
rNM pta|» RajMM^ •>*»•«» 
wlkoedMHia hln to «|ait before 
he tl Ultel bMt he ii not a 
lautter The atrtioo and the iHail 
I mnr Mav. Studrat 

Help Wanted 


rMB^'bwn «MUy.. N» m mcial Mil nwdKail. jiiM 

■av»b«ad«iifea am Amy '»» ■«■» ciw utemi y 

Help Wanted 

and' anafgatteallr wIUkmi 
naanWM. fW rartiw In- 

hopci ooliot muic rnoMw 
-Be a part of WHCM- 

St«»|i by A331 c»r call exl. 448 

^ OarpraUan al. m 

I Iplill'lili, SWI'lNf, 
lOHJ 3M-aU) 


tratnad tor 

_ _jy Oavtaaoar 

rvka Wtlo"- Succaialu) 

aptlMa and gaof tfPtat 

jMJiIl —allant in l a iy and 

Inc. NoclMradlllL mtmn 


• CMcat» IvNiainflMr wM IVMrMI IttrMfMowt 
•I Nw S«ft. S Ic* CrHHi Sactal. 

nrti |K«duetMB of me iaaaea la 
Tenncascc Winiami' claatle 
drama. "nte Glaaa 

Meai«erle " AudtUoai «tU be 
haidStpt.Uan« tn 
Am. OavMaat tkaanilil «1H te 
avatlabla on r iai Wi ta the 
Uljrary b««lniiln( Sept » 
Prodirtion dat« are Nov », 11, 
II and 17 

The Mcond Maaon ottennj 
KiU be a chUdpeni play, an 
at10nal tcripi. whlcli nmU be 

?irlor«ed by The Harnar 
ouring Children's TheaCer. 
The company »iU perfocm «l 
aiaa elenMnlary actaooto during 

the ««k al Jan 7 to U The 
touring company perfortrate 
an a*nnga of 4.000 children 
dia^ the «Mk o( the tour. 
AuiliiHB ior Ilia company win 
take place In early November 
The Broadway muiical. 
•■Guy» and Dolli ' wiU be the 
thinl and final oflcring of Ite 
Studio Theater aeaaon In 

StudenU arc needed for all 
aapecta oC proluctiaa. acting, 
aatcanHracUoa. propa. llgMng 
and ooanane QueaUom about 
the Studio Theater may he 
directed to the Director of 
Theater. Mary Jo Willi* Her 
oCUce II located in AI3> or 
lalepliaiie her at est M( or IB. 

Ice cream social 

The Profram Board wUI be 
I an (ce Cream Social 

rt Sept, ». at 

, al (lie nortt palio of A- 

frae of chare 

will be 


naaa, ai^ i 

Thi« annual locial event will 
feature ice cream lundaa* im 
Um intlatMm righting prica of 1« 
caMa. aai'lhc maak la prootdad 

popular Chicago falkalngar, 
LouUwDimiceli, who hai toind 
throughout lite United Stalaa. 
During ttaeaa racaiaioaary 
timaa ihk la a ciMaea lo have a 
■undaa and anlay quaUly miatc 
•orUwnradHtprkcaf Mcanla. 



foil 79 

Aug.. U - Hoofar stalling Bnrt 


tpn. 1 

Sept.- H * 

- King of MeaHa 1 

Starrlnt Alan Baiea | 



Sifit. S4 

— Animal Farm 



Oct. •+ - 

Catch 12 Slarriag 




_ .(kl. S MiMglil dpraai | 

( K-M 


9 oet. ■ 



Nw*.f Buddy Hdiy story | 

Dw;. 1 + 

- Bluing Sai£ilei 1 

StarrUw Gmie Wilder | 

f\ AMI 

UlSpm 1 

Q Dec. 7 - 

Slap Shot SUrrint 1 

7 I>Bul Nevman | 



+rw» to 

itadania wlUi an 

activity oard 1 

Parking Crackdown 


Due lo problcmt enc«wntcrad 

in prcvtoia year*, itrtet com- 
pliance With al) parklat 
teguialtona will be enteced. 

aeonnfeng to Chief Kevin King, 
chiaf of ptMic lalety. 

Tiao main areae of ctmctn 
arc aUalMitt parking in the 
ikialgiialBii (aiailly-itafl areai 
and. eroming kda chaa to the 
buildingi. " ■' --'-'--■- - 

parhtna m iht 
ntedlcal Ml. cars m fire 1 
(areei wlUi yellow 
tignt designating them ai 
MKhi. andcanparUntontbe 
lawn thui damaglnf ti* laam 
and the iwdargrotind t 
■yatiin King alao du 

" ■ parfcing" 

arrive at Khool flttacn to 
twenty minutca before claa* in 
order lo find an appropriate 
parking space and get to claaa 
on lime TTiaae student* coo- 
linutng to park in fire tanaa, 
(aculty-datr lot*, or haa- 
dleanpcd area* will be iaauad a 
warning It the problem con- 
Umiaa a circuit court ciution 
baarilM the coat of five dollars 
will be ixucd. <Campiu 
aecunty i* authonaed by the 
Palatine Polict DepartmaM lo 
laaue neb ciUUana.l Drivers 
ara alao aikad to place the 
parking ■ticker in the 
dealgnaiad apace, avoid slop- 
pU^ on campuB road*, and obey 
aU I 


Extra ieevtty I 
be 00 hand this meek la make 
pnrKing a* aanr an pa aa iMa 
^■Wa'n i>kg to b very fair taut 
very Brm,"" c i inr k li ii l King. 

]U ll.ul.M.::.r \<':>'-' -■• '""'* 


sport a decade of turbulence 

_ .. _ 1 _ Mainil Vm mmmm ViMBfi » 

•t liwi !•• 

lilt it*****. *• ^•'i, 

S,g7.T 1.1.^ 'itannl 

VII f lift itifjM— m^ ipt 

It ))m1 it ortw aiM M 
trw* »iW*k T* CM* • •>•■'■ 


•nnilMr OCLA, '•^'■vJl-i 

■■IUB. MMftI •■ ">* '*** * 
atonitr «*»•«. «« ••• " '*'■ 
iHm Julia* Ervinf. »i««n- 

■■r 1 uwHniMPHii* .— -— — 

■od OMffC' M*^"^ 

NBA Utl» line* mwtnt '» I** 
gy gS^ IMt NBA mil WV 

|m| lull. 3:,O0illl W. 
In the im WorM 9JJ*» 

U taw Oii#t Hn** 
TUMI itHMMIk ■■■' 

Football Schedule 

Sin tti Mil* The oM tolttnMwe 
ifailltla w«rt tl" '*"' '•*"' '" 

JSmi tMu >» ''BA tvitlory ta 
Stnltt «»• ""^ Porttond 
TrttWwm, l»«r«ly »«ven 

milwfl IwiKl ""f, »°^ '", 

tattoil tiM 

iT IWT SimpiOB. howevCT. 
ctmttiwnl »o clMK m on Jim 
Br«n»n't ««!■«» ""'"°i?", Jl 
U 911 y»rdi H* iim* •.••• 
ywdi to Ue Brdwn. 


c»r«f y««to. brtirtiliit J«««» 

v.rdi Tartol>l«« •!*» """^ 

tlB^ othK << Jo»««>«>)' l^t* 

career rwcfflWto. . 

Even wtth •!! il» «■*•««»«*; 

u» <ttc«te '"JE^iTtJEl 

vithoit il« '"■■ *g-...** gS 

we «M»'»t»«* *•••' .*'•" 
r.rrori.l. k"* /iSn^S 

"■<•. •■"r-_^ ^ j7, ytr<h 
■A lA 

Tlw tenevolcnt ClaMilcOTM 

kilM tn in ite l*"»«_2»? S 

route 10 Nieimi«« •■■'* ■• 

timet in hi. '••y*".'*?*,,'"^ 

with fx»cily ».«» >>"•;• 
„il„lon* ihared by only 
tUirtim oth« ptayeni H« »jw 
won the Naliootl LMt* • >*^ 
■ward in rt« 

Murewn »••»>»•'' «*«;*" 
quill tBdilMP pride He n*«r 
nKlwd the •»"*»» h" "•"« 

he itfwd » ih* fi«iJ^ 
ctplrin .iiK* Lou G«*rii ind 
won the Rookie-of the Year 
award in 1»71 «nd The 
ttamnam l*f»\ MVP iwnw 

imtltf. B man that coidd M 
amMt on to *"»« JSJ! 
cwnted In three W"" f^ 
a»e.rtfH»>. «»»««»' hHm 
oS^ two player «> l*"*^; 
hittory have better batting 
average, in the fall claMK 

Sootta iervea an important 
ntrt in Amerkan Ule U i» 
Ainericani wat^int th cin. 
Mive*. And. ■• »Iiort» <MoUnBi» 
into the »••»*«. «»« '■i- *.** 
htvt learnwl tram wwtt 
remained l«plnntjd nn 
Anwilran Ule •« we «*»**»■ 
Ika Wi; Tharw'in***' 
tvcryttUng. and ncmm wmt 
na^ to be broken. 





I SI. JOMfti'i (To 

I OanoMCMite 

U TriUm CoUqr 

a ilMk Valiej 

■U. M Bat It* IW»lMi« •• 1^ "t****' bet it tUU hw 


m. ani f4riii« !•«• ' 

Cheerieading tryouts open 

AiMHt li««i««ed in MTjtnf 
1 hf»t Mk*g^ ** f*'*!* !!! . 

41 ll^.ttn Ul Mflw 

will fee 

U at 4 p-n>- ■■ 

Do you want to: meet a lot of people? 

attain valuable experience? 

get free lessons in writing? 

have more fun at Harper than 

you thought possible? 

Then stop by the Harbinger office. A367 or coll 
Joan at ext. 461 and find out what you can 
do for your school and for yourself. 
We have positions open for: 

Managing Editor Business Manager 

News Editor Distribution Editor 

Reporters. Photographers. Artists 

Building M to open near Oct. 1 

HairSte Ml iM court. And 

prt, Itar ■>•:«• ■Ml M Mnn 
■ ■•ininiBg and dIvUii tHHn. 

am ' 

iWit I 

track and Moar. 

Phmteal dtaeallM courMi 
■Mdi vOI te ottered Uw Mnwd 
«>Mta teliidt ardMnr. 
■oil. bovUat, badnHBtoa, 
timala. modm'o dance, 
neqiMtbaU. baakstbal). •■<#( 
tratBlac. aquatka. -- »-^" 


now, and «il> be 

..i wmn abovinc aU the 

Ihaopeataf WW delayed *m 
ta Ike 'hanh »ln«er •• aU 
eaffiflad in tvn-ivra and Out 
InavaUatilUty of wortien and 
■UMiliM. there were al*« 
cartaia problena with 
Ml««rlea of coulamenl and 
MMiW Burt«iabll»t slMMd 
the eanMUon dewa a little. 

In adtfUen to addlai couraei 
to Hi* cuniciilinn lor credit or 

iCMllMKd *■ *agai 4 mad t) 

Vol. 13A No. 2 . . ^ « lu R . 

Septeiiilw 10, 1979 

Palatiii.-. lUiiioi* (Mfdl, 3I2-3M7-3(HXI 

Harper blood drive to be held Wednesday 


swiMirl". according to 
PuWlc Rtl«tton$ Dtrector 
L>n4« OHIm«n, In 

rtaanlt fs tlw turn-out at 

Harpar Mood drivas. Thi* 
'WtdMsAi'V' Saptam'liar 
It. Wit North SutMirtWfi 
Wood Center will IM at 
Harper Collafl* trom 9 
«m to 3 p.m. In room 
A341 Anyon* tl or oidar 
It eligittla to donate 

The first tlma tha Blood 
Caotar cam* to Harpar 
was during a Haaltti Fair. 
but llwy've becoma a W 
anntial activity So tar, 
ilriva tmf wart 133 pintS' 
on bott< ttia Marcit If77 
drivt and ttia Afrll im 
drlwa. Two Wood drlwti 
wwra haW in iWt and two 
10 far In \vn. 

"The Wood la rtalty 
noadtd." lald Ma. 
CHIIman In a phont In- 
tar V law from titr 
Glanvltw oMict, "iioca 
wa aarva tti« neadt Of 
14 hoapltalt." 

Ttia hospital* tHat 
racelva Wood tronn ft*a 
Norlti Suburtwn Blood 
Cantar ara Ala»»an 
Brottiars Hotpltat. 
E wans ton Community 
Hospital, Evanslon 
Hospital. Glenbrook 
Hotpltal. Hiflhiand Park 
Hotpltal, Holy Family 
Hospital, Lake Forest 
Hospital. LgtKaran 
Ganaral Hospital, Nor 
thwtst Community 
Hospital, Northwast 
Hospital of Chicago. 
Raasuractlon Hospital. 
Skokit Valley Com 
munlty Hospital. St. 

Francis Hospital, and tfta 
Suburban Mtdlcal 

Tha Blood Center 
serves tt>e north and 
northwest suburbs. 
Funded by I3 hospitals, 
the fiorth Suburban 
Blood Cantar became a 
Wood center In m\. Its 
purpose was to otter 
sarwices only available 
before t»7l at tlie 
Downtown Center. A year 
later, tha tenter was self- 

Tha Wood center was 
located next to a Otinasa 
rastatjrant, moved to 
Northbook in I'". •««* 
moved again in August of 
l»7l to Its prattnt 
location. The North 
Suburban BIgod Cantar Is 
located at 12SS N. 
Mitwauliaa Awa.. Gitm*- 

Tha Blood Center ha* 
bean In full swing 
recently, having 
established a full 
ralarenca laboratory in 
int. An educational 
program has also bean 
established tor tha staff 
of tha Wood center. "Wa 
are community-based 
and fully meeting tha 
blood needs ot our 
respected areas." Ms 
Dlllman said confidently. 

What will happen to tha 
blood received trom 
students at Harper 
Collage this Wednesday? 
Tha blood will be Iran 
sported to the Glanvlew 
center lor tests and 
programming. A series of 
tests will be run to detect 
the kinds of antibodies In 
the Wood. 

Also, the Mood witi ba 

carefwHy studied to make 

certain whtfher the Wood 
is Mft or If hepatitis l» 
datectwl. Th«i the Wood 
Is broken Into com 
iwnents The platelet* 
wtit bt separated for use 
to leukemia victims. 
These platelets help to 
clot blood and bt* good 
tor only n hours attar 
they are donated. 

Whan the blood 
recalvad from Wad 
nesday's Wood drive is 
tully processed, the Wood 
will be used to maintain 
Inventories. This blood 
supply hat the best 
chances of ending up In 
St. Francis Hospital, 

Lutheran General 
Hospital, or Evanston 
Hospital "St. Francis 
Hospital perform* a lot of 
open heart surgery," Ms 

Whole blood can be 
used only II days after It 
has been donated. The 
North Suburban Blood 
Center draw* about 130 
pints of Wood par day. 
The center has teamed up 
with a Wood center in 
Aurora, a center which 
serves seven counties In 
West Chicago The hwo 
centers share In 
ventorle*. have lolnt 
recruits, and even sttare 

an administrator and a 
medical director. If one 
of tt>e centers i» short 30 
pints, the other will sand 
some to them. 

Our Harper record it as 
follows: April 77, 110 
pints; March "77, 123 
pints; September '78, 101 
pint*; November 78, 80 
pints, February 79, 95 
pints; and April 79, 123 
pints. Linda Dillman 
hopes we will break our 
previous record in the 
blood drive In A242 in two 
days For additional 
Information or to have 
your questions answered, 
contact Linda at 3M-M<0. 

Pap 2 Tht HmdmnK Srpu 10. 1«»T"* 



Carpooling: There 
has to be a catch 

mmfmwm* in ttw IMIad SlalM. 4W w«ll M Wnim it 

*^il!riiimicrh«tt m» sMMlm* kotfy •! Murpw *«• 
to Mi fTM icIiMl hi IMlnii «liirf ' MuM' »• Mf «•» 
traffic oMHttltoi •§ i» prtiwi ••• itlwmltoiw. 
TiMr* WHIM: to 'twict w Hwnr tai' lartlni $pmm. 
Moft •tudMita. inuM' pM« doMT *• iw tdiooi. 

01 csMrwi 'iMiiiy It I wUfa t ltd In ttw SO ■prntm* 
uwUiw to «■!. ^PMPl* wMfl • carpool can aHo go 
tMKk lit timt. Whwa a taut drlwar (Myt *%M for a 
gaitan^ortaa. Apa#tanlfia(liialcar|Mol wlllpay only 
33 cants tmr gallon. AM mara paoula lo llMiiioal anM 
tiM wvlngs H avm graatar. 

For tt«a «nvlranman*ally eanaetoua. thara It 
plaauirt In ttw fact ttiat » parcant Ian cart on tlia 

mm a carpal |iia*''«Ba«i*»' 'lami m • raw/it ot tmm 
mmHHm mmttm. ■* iirana by actlam. Ami Harpar 
afNvt 'MiM' af Wia iMt' inaam ar WMt acllaii itaiuffh 
Itt 'oamftllamatf ' carpoal^ antf Hiraugih' 1% rMa 'beard. 

Afiollwr «MIV' iltirtint*. with or wittwut ctn. can 
halliliaafi wOfa'CartoHtha road *i by taking »» RTA. 
"Twka a Day." Lats laea II, nmam bwylng drtwar hi* 
Mid lor ttil* lystwn ttma and imt gain; It's aliout 
ttma tia taoli. adwaniaga of n. Stiidants. riding tha but 
could siwnd tlnW' mm iMMMnMork. thut craating 
mar* irat' tlwia' at twnna or mora tlma at «i»orii aarning 
mofwy 'i« pay M 'fit.: 

A couplt^ at' ifllMr mnatHewi a atudant mwM ba 
wiia tO' nmmt ^ara atao^ yary tlm#la. Uawa for tctwiol 
In tlia mtmm 'altowlmi' 'twra tfiam afwwgti driving 
tima and MicMiaMiif'an hour to ttwdy , This way yoti 
will ipmd am tmm iMylng tnalaatf of «s m-inutat 
stuci hi frame. •Iflil wioradrMni lima oan ba aparwl 
by lafclwiaclyawlaga ol a ffiraa of four l»OMr braak ba- 
tMaaacMMoa to ttudy inttaad of go«ng twma, aating 
and' camtaf back tha lama day. 

Miora tlMdontt thould staff' agnatidarlng' tHalr gat 
momf on*! »••«• • wormwWIt gamWa by lolntng « 
carpool. riding tha RTA, laavlng aarly for adwol and 
only iT» two tripi. Tht wort* ttwt cailMI' Iwppan It 
that thay could tava a Irttla monay. gain a ftm frlowdi 
and catch up on a lot of hornawork. 

Letters to the Editor 

Coordinator promotes intramurals 


the CfW' 

i-hfead M Om mtfffotilprftimi 

lildiaitcir Hi rvcrntUiiii iniffrtin. 

IhmMm. 1 tori l» Iw ■ i iM iiai ail it mm 

\ ii aMMtttMiai MdMviiit. mMI io teiM. inm t 


Iwp i|iiallt]r 

Hor'BtM'lallMta 'ik 

wn^tm 'wIIjimA inpw wnb ■ii 

•vn. Um iMmI. in orair te ;pi«w Mnp by my tMianrwy 

Siii ii' ;iinw yt uT' wab.. I ■■ <■ fint *« *>g»g:i*»)^» 

iraiMwtl airf iatrMtlM (Mt-IMW m&.. Ml. AIMr "M" 

UnmA tmOit it$ «i mm mO, taU*« opm. my pcrmaiiml 

iiMncii KudMi'li *lM wtit •Hica will l» M-ttt My uflic* 

dmr WW .■hmyt bt ufM to uy 
iimlwit to mjrwi «Ma ft* ««r 
eoniatrttiiw. W« •«•• •>» 

iMklM Mr MildMU miarMUd 
to/oHldMlng. MVMiiliy m our 
«piitt rataiad nraptnu I m 
cmMioly ata* to b» l»ck 

«««■« •! itrvarOglMii. md 
I iMhlwirard M mNM ^Md 


imr tuliira. 



Student positions open 

It to 
"'D«c:lafati«M of 

.Activtikto OftMa*. w MHir 




I, aiwrovtiia club tnd 

•rtanitaUoD charieri. 

•ding itiidanU f«r 

MMinllttac. sad 
■Bd rMonun 

•a |i*«craiiM, nalielwi, and chMfNi''ia caUaga policict 

iiMMi kIUcIi *««Uy allMi «Mch aMBM airiad iHi. 

aiiMlaatt. TtM Sanai* to far tHtwar lalwrtnaum. 

w a a ai to tM* for tatdfttiag mUmd Iha ) 

wmm 01 mam muMts tm oRta. mm. 

n "jFwa|_ 

ValMtMty af 

at tiM 

RTA chonges 
Harper pickup area 

Miiii vtD iMvw 

m HM' .WHW* IM 

B' HI 'MHf CiJUnLiMff Wm 

t)*iiif"NMF'^rU««tftr arc« 
prcaantad lataral (raffle 


'flit larrMi «Mly it RTA 
•ihaMaa'tillliiMi uw 1)0* nbv 
W>. tlw Harytr Collaf* 
CBfaterla. UnlU the mm 
•vlMtdiilts arc printad and 

may Sa oaaliiton among ndart 



lilWtoBillfnn MlkaBunliacli.Wa'ymRiafldHii 

KlaBdUm' WdtKolmht 

Steve Moikal 

Editor' '.'..".'. *lall«rHill 

!;"".'.^ Lori Lynn Guy. BevarlyHagw 

Uiri Jeilnr. KariB Jokaaoo, 

Oan Mclli«li. Rctneca Netow. KadqrOrtt. 

John PartynAi. iuli Kaaly. Mte 


■Ii «• Otoaa tf dto artHar aad a« 

i «f 'Iha eadMli, M aJtaiidatiaUnn taorily ar' 

I tad aanr 4MdkM to BOOB 'naiday and 

AlllalflteWIMttar inuat be itaMl 

■■■■I. ytar advtrttoiaf r>l«a. call ar 

iaaMv NanHr OaOapi. Atpa«dB 

nLTlMlt. Piaaa W-an, uA. m. 

S^ 10, 1979 The HadkiBfef Pa§t 3 



iMIlt "•rill JhBCflrtlHS ,— 1^ "1 • • '1 

"^"" "" " Political 

k • 

Counselors sra^icrtsar '*^**^"*^ 

mIm* tnlilmi •mMhi iiiijlllfc •J^ |||g( nMUM «f Um MUM 

onv- potiueaJ. aad ■•vwMBtnial 
•■HM]' Mit. ioMmM 'Wiidnit HI* 



Aetort tiid iclraaui: 
AntfltlaMl iw -Tlic Glau 
HtniifWit" by TenneifM 
waiaiiuoiUtehcId next wMk, 
md any iliitat may •udiUoa 
lora Mill Ite play . ScrlpU «• 
— amlUMaonraianninlbe 
Mwy. AudUloaa wtfl be in 
Altl m TUMday, Sept It and 
KMMaday. Sapt l*. begliidiag 
at T p.Bl. Ttie pUy will ba 
nartorinadNe*. 9, lo. i«, utd I7 
PnraddUlnnal iniormation, call 

International study 

(Ml n99f >•■■ 

Trail Ml* ai laMwr too tt»7" • !• T¥ ^ 

::xrr «m£!i: Kiiifi of Hearts 

In Jhh. Via^ iml|a' wUt- 
viati .. Italy. 



iMMI Ilia wn pltfana. Mi. UM aamaa . l». Wt ma^iiaai tto critanl *ila GhanmlHaa' 

mmmmmmtwintmUm Twt iiijii ■!' HI M« Wiai 'nUllaifeMilM'liia'nia'VlW 

«lft llw 'paWatt. Hflaa cnMHa Mr iw 'Wka. 'Malk at^UrnVf mi. '*»,**»»■>» 

TliiTiaiiirj imia MMI liBi'ir Ibr baft tiMfcr l aa li ■» li m tt BMi,iiM'||Blag|iiM. World 

jap«. 'WMfljiaad HM' 'Mannr avaiUbte •■••*•■•: 'WmJ m mfmmmmt aad 

la Ifea I 

1%« ptovaM aft liiiiiiai' 
iw ma -a RN<a •■i' 'IBaalaf Wnt 

laMaaTm kical Miaaiic 

I. JUbb Ba<«i lUn ■• tl» 

Scottiali aoUlar aaal 
Um bomb H* la nvprlaad to 
find the town populated and it 
unaware that Itt unuiuat 
nti are "lunatica". Ha 
the town and la awnad 
but be mwt ckaaae M- 

•r .IfeMalni in Ma I 
•fialaa, Pwle'aAnilaaMa b W 
cania Harpamudaniallraawllli 
•ctjinly card. 

Circle K 

"Caring ii tite't magic and 
tiM Circle K club here at Harptr 

OoUage la loakiiw i«r aanw 
eioia magic. If you eai« A« 

place and a Job for you. You'll 
be wekomed with open armi," 
Glen Lambart, lieutenant 
governor of Circle K In- 
teraational taid. Intereited 
atudcntt abould leave tbelr 
aama ai^plMne tMUnbar in tba 
aiiidant acUvlUa* afriee, or 

■I noon la Ronoi ASH. 

Student government: fact or fiction? 

In UHf VftMV ■■■ Ml i 

\!STmm nm laauETTttia 

tka IMvaraMy of ' .. _ . . 
■dnialatratltB, obvioaaly 

Oassilnd Help Wanted Classifed X S m '*" **' "****"' 


l^0W 'l» llg* • : *— * **»*• WMia yda H a» antty bmat 

pvmMiMi to_ our _ O la iiWt ■JtlZt'SSiS 


The "Jafea .atolaa." at 
WiecooMi) and al tba IMnaraltgr 
tt TcxB* aaam la want la an! 
nl government com- 

H. At 


'pMt'^ alaia' 10 win 
.._,_ ^ ,1 Oiliiaraity o» 
Mlaaawi Oartli Bara. a 

Madcnl tutor* « anted l«r 
mnakc. <Kr«ii«miei, bin 

* "** apawpa an a«wBiWt » ;j^_ iwartig Jablooaiad h 

g*. .**?* *. **!*! **! ''•* *: nil' ar call ma.. IID »..» •!». 

^^' MI »!5t m' prliinr ri**li"iiiiiiiiHii wiilt' .l ai li i l "***' battlai - plaa «a 

rt. Inpilfa SiMiMN AC'- play |tafeli« Mr ridt In nmfar' TfTlSlBal Uia 'Unnaratv la 

■ miM Ann. (MB ll»aa«wa*, FJaaaa can. j^,,^ ,„ ^,^ ,, ,||, 

aliat l.» ».m. t)nl«afaiiy «r Miada' liland In 

M iMt' imMla lo lm.|iro*t 

Ha caaM IB an tte «Mif and 

of student apathy tonrardi 
student poUtict. He daaan't 

IMlMB 0««f . AJM. 

(d the wlai 

palgn promiaan. 

Partaana the bay m Inra^ 
wctaarul|gn, «Meh 
r of Iha aama alamfMa 
ilaconsln "Jolic" cam- 
Mlfi, «ai an endonement 
Imin Deoatt Kucinlch, the 
aiaiah maligned mayor of 

Kncintch'i Mtar «t m- 
dotaamanl read- "Aflar 

faai d i ag ymw recant letter and 
alasMng the accompanying 

'MHHalHti af yaHT 

(iaHh ■««, I «na cariaui aa la 
'ariwi mlgbt naativala iMa 




htm baoia 




aiiecaaa alaa draw national 
altantton and mantlaa aa 
naUaaal neaa itao«B. 

"The anawar waa lobe I 
In Um laal pangrapb of tba (IM 

"A ebamlcal englaaarint 
aMial, ak* 1MI .ma, what Una 
af dhMBkali hm Oarlh bean 
nting with? 

"Re en eodoracnent for 
your candidate: I am certain 
that Carth would be the can- 
didate moat likely to be 
'conamiliad.' Garth Bare 
•Irbn me aa the candidate that 
amHld add a now dementia la 
(be olficv of Ihe p re a l d ency of 
tba Mlaaouri 

The day altar hit easy vie- 
Ury, Bart saw the NBC Newa 
report on Ihe havoc cauaad by 
the Unlvenity of Witconatfl |oba 



did," ba anld atanoal In 
iHaf at NBC camaraa 

Page 4 The HaAingw Sept 10. 1«»7«> 

Building AAn 

DMMatNlt. the new facUJty 
olTen int»rour*b. an opao 
hrallh plan and organltcd 
lournamenti in baaietball. 
Tber* art three waya the 
■tiMlHita and c«nmun% en 
get lnml««d; (1.) the dmmm. 

(t.) tliwtirtUbel 

huUiii« will be oiNiMrf la the 
nMicon: toe taala and (S.> a 
hMlHi CMM«r raciltty opened 00 
Sondajr attanoam lor a tee, 
Thii irtH provMe membwi wtth 
cKtaivc uae of the t»cf%. The 
tee wiU be IK for a tatUr 
memhcnldii and MO (or to- 

"Hm deiiiii of the tmmm 
hm really tahen inle e«i»- 
lidmiUoo eMh of Um mm m 
amy are adaquataiy •••■•I 
for inatraEtiaiitl purpoaa, MCb 
•a the lelf-eoaUliMd fya- 
naatics room." Gelch laid. The 
aafaratc rooma will make It 

cloarr <Topri|MeMi 
cwul* . Overview of the I 

a cerMf •( Ike haMfeVt ■ 


S«pl. 10. 1979 Thi- HarWngrr Pagr 5 

lo i 

k-K •■ bt no I 

'ill hUp 'IMV inlw. lU 

h. to 

•f • 

It tm •tudnit 
UM." 0*kl> 

___ , U, 

, '"rill 

In te fM*M lir (iit 

Phi>l«» b> Kirk Kohiike 

» iii niH t l I — <■ ; 

.^iJUPPSj!" ■#' 



PBft ft Thr lUfMiir' 5»!»«- <». W9 

a long 



. tlw 

Bmillw •«« uMHvidwIi olio, 
m ■ group, irc Om Mgftsl 

Moods for 

Aimtt I 
taar Umv play ■! )•«( «w 
BMUttHM. And tlwy hKl uid 
«• mad* 'llM fniKailwi gap. 
TlMn cmhc Oim «#]r wmr. 
HippiM. HaigM- 

«l ■ ~ 
m an 'ivMi aajptnt 
Ma W lat. Tlwni at* 


Rj]«> hM thavad hto kaad Mr 
moaay. bccaMM Ida ttt^m 
have dime u miaaraMr. And. 
Jotin hat baana raduM tbt laat 
4 yaara. He had wrWan aanc «t 
Um iwil malarial balm Wt 

■.ami mmt al iht 
Many o< u» have seen 
Hit tnmim thmr'n made at 

*iati. and Uie age o( Aquariua. 
Somaliow the Bcallee never nt 
Into (hat revoluliim MuH The 
new groHn Itke Hendrix. 

'MUMan It an ■mmm aajFtne Uit .mivkt they've ma* at Z»L^ aSrelai .ml neoole 

««IM Ma W M»- Thara m imm Mk». Uaay paMiU •ere ^Z^SSJ^^TimrmtiSS 

(MB aoi PMVia wha eltar. Si bacMMwr Mr hat TZ ^^ "!*»!■ M.'^rig 

ae ilMlMaiid 'toddto d ftema 

psWl .IB tliw'at 'Dm IlialiM 
•art laat. fhair laesidi vara 
waatiw d »■»» % Ilia cttMa. 

iniamal |if<ildainaaa**aiii JeiiB 
and Paw aw hat 

I if vUkffi la Iht 
l«t 'Ika 'mmm. Ihia myiUe la 
|aM. a lanUi at a parvaat how 
■ ■ ■ to a ~— "- 

Mdip ai' hig aa' € 

Hw aang wrtung Main «f AtltoMn 

Cm ~ 

Mi« la .MlaM our 
. Mat made die n>l a>ate 

M MRS ilB]ntf||| uiv Smmkih vnrw 

ai' Hg aa' ftw. 

departure from 

acene, by any Mia Bealla. 

It li a vary cootravanW 
iaaue; ahmdd the Bead* pt 
back together. And every 
peraon has a different 
vMwpoMt. But I Qdnk we mwld 
Hfee to aae what would hnppan If 
theyevcr relcaaeda newl p.. or 
lour one more time Who kmnm 
how the current muaic scene 
would be, would all (he Iraab 
that to rnvnet off aa nuale 


ware on vacation with yoiv 

Kenla. A« mm m a fong by 
Bapilaa tad. alarM your 

Aaii Niw 
whidi u famllar in 
to compared aa the new 

Many ol ui can r« 
UioaeBcalleyeara The 
pennants, nutographad ple- 

luraa, (an cm, carlowta. 

n. I 

why U tnok am m long lo 
llflen (0 eouMry nitote, M 
alone bur a caoBlcy raeatd. M 
ym knaw all •!«« tlut 

and wary ipiieUy it waa MW. 

Today the Beiatlw are four 

aepnrale entiUae. Paul releaaaa 

low lo etan an nMMNi aiau jwar and baa 
ira*. M 'lakH Ml tai4, Wipt ac raia 

John and Yoke 

recently placed a hiB page ad bi 
the New York Time* to la« 
everyone know they are fine 
and living on their (arm They 
did thia Iwcause they are 
coatinnally bombarded with 
Mian fnm aU their admiran. 

mother Itolena Id 

Today my "• ""i 
a aill met Inman 

Whancai in Ms 

Sun Sign Astrology 



.aMMaa at wt, ft'bas 'baa. and mi r_ MiMiMMty Irani 
.Hiiiiiilili iimi iiiiiltilin til tr Aattnlngycaiika^jaMaM'lw 

SSaSiMwitltalan.'na tSga,, , pftlMM|M and 

Anyone interested in working 
for a real newspaper 
can come to a 

weekly meeting- Thursdays 
at 2:15 p.m. in A367 

For morr information call Joan at ext 461 

A Wim wO Is «■«! And 

ite aslrelagy la NOT our 

jtnpipdlirB.. r> ng>a gn^ aaawat. and *jff^^ \ 

at daasfs'to ihe many paoflt dcn't ejped to matata l lana fi 
wto haw piiin^d it, St onlalitafita^ldeaahynu 

mm aalrology deali wMi 
■ore than Ike nonlli you 

- urn and the ■■»lgn you 

were bom undw" U mlers to are «a)i> aa 
•a poailani id all, of UM apfUcatiaBt 


nmeli more than'Oie nonlli you '■■P'*'"*'****'***!!"'''? 

were horn and ilw ■■»lgn you paeami can gain liwn. «* M 


ta.m«M Ilw %cat* Itotram. 

An ley rtd em •I'HeiH ••• ■mmemA^mn Htuwo. 

la n pad 'wMli ia«wi» mi 'sali. 9nm^ 

"mr toil (June tm mat «i match. 

C»>i> «■ »- *«&' •■■ 



Suppte® for 





SEPT. 12, 10 am to 7 pin 

NSEPT. 12, 1C 
'^JPF ariists/des« 

(312) S24-5M3 

Oesignefs supplies & eqmpmeni. inc 

•»rpu 10. 1979 Tlir Hari.ingrr Page 7 

Health Center 
offers services 

College? child's play! 


Havt * coW* H*"* 

___j HmM* Str»*e« 

HmiMi S«ik»m >» 

Am iwat to Uw 

iiiiiwi li H p-'Mniirx 

MM Iw UtomiiMa, Un»i 
eaitiirw. »tii«r««I (Utrnwe, 
AMHMll MMl MabiMiil They 
•'!•• 'orMrM* treatment (or 
■iMf tUMMM. |tvt out coM 
canivlM. «»piriB, «tr««« 

aiMl c<iu(l» eaiwlaa. 

■ araalioavaiiaUtan 

Attht H«»t«i Serv»« there it 
slaaa partlime physK-ian who 
can treat and prescrlb* 
mMicattofi and ie»ta tiw the 
itiMient* EveryilBj from « IS to 
tt a m the collate phytkrian 
•tn bt on rampw tour daw a 
«w|t«M|t TMaiiay to help Uw 
ilSBialt- The IMUi Service is 
alalfed with quaWM mjnwa 
who r«ally can; aliout you and 
your problem All viaits to the 
tiealth Service are kept com- 
pletely conTtdenlial Tlw hours 
the Health Service i» open are 
MatHlay through Thuraday. 
from 8:IS a m to 10 p m and 
Friday (rom « l» am to 4 IB 

-rp^ rr» .:s:;£vj3 McGaughey gets scholarship 

^^kS^i tXilSTVi S2Sraii<«|Mfe«a,rnratai 

■tbara ara taalai "Mia*- arfl.Smho«t}arsmchlM«r ^..._.ii„^ •« daaioaMI 'to aaalM a Chicaifi. grandoaught 

aula"— the Bear. lliHlltlH.>Ba |J TO lor two cWIdren, HarparmairintatvMMMa Harncr 7ollef* •*"«'•«'' '■ a»*l War veteran, a 

wmt *•»»» rmSSt a yflwiplail ftw» lw» y-" «« McGaughey »' *i»»«"»" ™i«|,lion of the nuraing Marie Titcomb of I 

ilgjn aw at. *mm- «»«# W««*''ief'" .■!i..5! ^'•**''** „•!!? A*!*rf h-« program Mlaa MtCauihey. <!ingbt«r of a Civil War 

ABmmtmwmmmmmm. »«« •» ■ Fr**iS?*S ttor«>y High, School baa I»» S,? t, bagtmilni bar laMmJ ^^ 

•u. i. ^. '■■««»• otftaai ainsrai iat k aWtar U> choaaB aa Mi y«ar a raelpMM ^....ih.^m vaaaalacMaa ■ 

jiiiM' wwaiii. raMtag a ywwgpaw irwa ™ » j— " -^ 

*aoneoMl«ilM«Miria«a. ZTaT a prMCinai taaehtag 

STottHn an 'dl j»«dMt amst oner the coal. 

■■rtWMHla Hi Iha <»«* Cnia _ 

T:»*l«. »!:- 

Ihraugh Friday 

laa uilH Caia 

" Itirmatlon. call cil 

Chicagp. grandOaughter of . 

-. TT.rm Harper College itudent tn a»il War veteran, and Mr» 

m^^.-m"'j »' *!"?•"'" («in»l«4ian of the nuraing Marie Titcomb of Palattne, 

Heig^ti and a jraduate ot „oJJ,a, hijm McGauihey. (tangbt«r of a Civil War veteran 

»f^ »!L'^.^ii2 •>» *• !>«»»»«•"• »*; JS^ 

GhoaeB aa IWi yiar' a raeipMM _Br.||iarair waaaalacMaa ■ 

of tfea Living Mamerlal S^^^J^^^Zm^lm ' 

SaariHriiMfirtm U»pw.|^Ui» ^^^Z^ ,„d ,«^tvad the 

rf Umailf •«*«« of the Ovil SSLabpaia brief Cfwnony 

War. Wl-HB ,- ,i„ college* nuralng 

The •cholar.h.p ■• Jtven ;,„,„! Preaentlng the 

amwally to « nuraing itwleflt at ^^ ^^ ^,„ «,„ ^w 

aa IIIiiioMi coiNie. jumI tUtt y«ar 




? OFF 





Sell luCiO equipnieni al you' 
college No in»esliv"l "" 
ftnentta wi«s help jna i" 
cfoii.e pioqumi ptonioeo 
Over 60 lop BimOs SuOnut 
resume or oM 

Seiioui mgumes only 

Audm Oultet. Inc 

10 Comtnwce Couit, 

Room 717. Newark. N J 071flJ 

(2tlll622 32M 

Car Rental 

sn w. McOonaW R<>- 
Prospect Hci«lits 


ail 14(1 mill 










AlgOfiquln Plaza 
833 E AlRonquin Road 

(Aoute 62) 

call for appointment 397-0100 



HnI DlKCliS K. 


922240 3»aU 

^ ♦ 

Pap 8 The HaiiiiiiR^ ScfM. 10. m9 

New sports year unfolds 



I Ml WmWm OIUIC ■ I 

llttW UMHWd 

if dnl Unt 

_ Aid «Mi« fti, I 
IT what I 


Hawks Trounce 
St. Joe's 

Hmrpm't (oolball Hawkt 
CMlMlMd UMif it» rwtiMU 

I win WW SI. JMip^'i 'C^oiilt 

ilwl Satiinlijr in 

m&t ^CMdi JaliB 
•iptrliiwnM «tlli M' sllaMt 
by Hting llirat' qfrnrtuimttm 
iluriiig mc vtclory. tlw llirw- 
■ana, Pat Rcilin«)nr, Onick 
KMn. aiMl Kmtti Mllkr com- 

bioml ror is campMnaa on m 
•(IcmvM and l«6 yandi. Prad 
WiUtaKii hauM four ol Umn* 

»••««• ror «l yank lo lead the 
Hawk air attack Heltmryer 
and Devil) Hea»l«]f |wc«d the 
Hawk'i ground arsenal, 
combiDing 17 naliaa tor m 
yards Tlirrr otiier Hawk 
rwlMra pitched in with M mom 
yafdi nrntiing (iving Harper a 
total oMmaiiw (wtpul of Ml lalal 

ilMiitilMiMMlM« feflbrito wiMrif HMli. lilt wim mm ctw lor a 

IIHI IMiall. m ain- tail' ■•* IMIwiil. U *K** ..1J J5! oavaiapcr, iant «aa. yov halp 

dilivws. win IMn **inlUly' iilwiiiiti * bui. rvwaai' Hda Mttluslasin in 

la *'*abMMd«i** ywf writliia^ « 

an. iW. >fo« caa lat :it tar'«aiaaivilMin|'MaMitlii m f*** W***'?*'"' ,J 

MpilHft' •■< marrwlM* '■«•«■ boMtai on tht lint 'itaMralir <■»•«• UhI ]r«<^ <>>• 

iBn :li Maw kM af aOMit bat'ima "oliaaiaad" and iiiidanl, 'Wfl Bud Iht Madtns m 

Billiards tourney 

I; W yaw 

I. r«« watdMd Ci* 
Oma in iHa 

tartatnla*. Wfll have 
tvarytliing Iroin iiraltht 

•ataH iMna af raanlag iMMt; Iwiliig Ml. «•# Mat •• nmmiimg u Manual i»- 

■ ~ i«f nidatafj^tjiyta, 

The Harper Collcfe In- 
Iramml ttiflt-. in eanJnncUon 
with the Otdc* of StiiMM 4e- 
ilvitM will be iinninttiii a 
billiards tanmanMnt to be Md 
on Sii« IT. II. and l«. In tlw 
Bllliar* Itoam «( Bldi A 
ReKlilration forms are 
available at the billiards 
(Aacboul romn on the lop floor 
of BM|. A. OMlltne (or entries 
la rtmt, Sefl U. at S p m One 
be a Hariier stuilenl t« 

lliihuar iHiiit' ^mm m »,ltmmmm»mfmimfim tram. am taofemt ^i"^* 

••U* aniMiil. * ■■■» wm iili'(Mf«pie fwiMt. mmm m. mi»mm mmmmmM Ha 

•Mcli • iMa mmttS m a taadw i«i it a««i.aiii; aiiaiAa Hmt 'Uw .ntwUiaiic., try 

canst acts. "TliefafWMAirrad l. I have' waldiad a««r II laaUW Ike world of sport one* 

Vim jwl nai#il. Uk* II.. 

Women's Volleyboll Schedule 

flail. Tut 

•niltt. 'Ii0l<. II Aiaiy 

Hm. tM t liMna 

Oii « 
Oct.. t 


'Oct.. » 

'OA m 

CMlt. 3n 
tM. » 
Nov.. I-I 
NW'i •'It 



I p n 
i p.m. 

I p m. 


s p.m.. 
< p.m. 
1 p-m. 
I:* ra. 


nil cwal is beinc held In 
i«n|unctlon villi the ap- 
pearance al Frank Oliva, 

Uiilardi aapert. on Thursday. 
Sept. M. Th«fe».in he » men's 
and woman's dlvtaion. witb 
Ben's and women't cham- 
■MmMd matdMa 'beinf hcM on 

ror nutrt iBlormalion, 
omtact Watty Rvynalds al est 

an, or stop into lite lampiirary 
intramurat office, Alll. 
Winners may even get ■ chance 
to piay CNtva In an exhiliition 
matdi. after hts demoaslrallon. 

Try outs 

Cheerleading try^uts will be 
held this week Cltnirs will be 
held Sept 11 and II. in room 
AMI, from 4 p m until « p m 
Try-outs will bc0n at 4 p m on 
Sept. U. 

All women inlereslrd in 
parllcipattn( on Harper's 
voUeytMll leam, please nintact 
Sandy Biiay al the athleUc 
department, buildiiig V. or 
call her at ext '" " 


fm Health CJub for Men 

we offer supervision in Conditioning, 
Wti«m Trainiira, and Body Building. 


HOURS Mon. - Fn. H - § 


I ^lata MH'twaaaae Ave. an* 


^alaiuwlia sir 


«b« llBwhft prtpart 

I 3 C.RrAT tm ATION8 I 

It w. ■<«•*«•. 




•vary TiMs.f p.m. tin r 



•vervday with 
LuiKti Purchaae 


Na)m.M| Matanasaaaa 


^ alack e. •! m. «i 



Frtdayt / Swmlays 

ItlSH Homtmailt 


cnnoran tl IS " 

SMIIIMP e » Ci»ic«a«i 
CNiaran tl M 


tivt Action Pinbillt 

Vol. 13\N.. 3 %.U.nil*r 17, 1979 

Viilliiim Katnrv Hnrj>«T «;iillrgr. \l}:oM{tiiii ami R.^-llr Roaclit. Palatine. Illiiuti!. (itHMtl. 3l2-3'»7-;ilMM» 

Ralph Nader To Speak Here Student trustee 

ttarpm it prusem.! ig i irrtan 
tlf mM aCliirmcy. matlwir wmI 

nwW cfttlc Kalpk Nader 
rtttWi al * V-«>' *■' '■!* <'«»•*• 
CwlW LMMt '■! Bklt, A. 

I -til* IJ ,*."»! -, 

._..._. ". lut bMii ■ cnwKltr 

i«r .•dwaiicm tn coimiiincr 

tafMjr. lawlallOTi. i>ollitti«i> 

mlrol. •ihI .idnrtwlng 

'rdtltiHIy In this iMttarv. 

Eimra M'lMutfoliai ■ml 

BlMt;g]r CoiWWinfr*: «lltt'» 

wmtrnt" t» •ill tllaeia* «liM 

t' to hi' 

t" «r ■)■ 

that IM ■«!• 

ate Mdaltaii' 

I tliii 11 ti time 

lo demind 

"■MnoRtK' Mlf-iH'jnniiKilliHl" 
and tw wit) Miut"i*i tptMe 
)tapi In lahr to acluer* tint'. 

nvoned n anars 


Bniet Zaaca M knkliHrX"^ 
ir. M 

ward Is • bmy MiMal jmr- 

Board <l ttiKlaaa, 


Hwfir atialanis witti acU-vtty 

lar* snand .ftiat, PyhBe .a4 aduaiw 

nla«wiiillwlm*OTia'llMMi AelMlla OHIi*. 

may Iw pwdaiad In 
t mm ilw lludaat 

« Ma ilk. la «oiMag laaiafdi 
Ma iimnaiT foal a( iMm '■* 
piwltiMi "MMnc actual meaning 
in the n«* ol tlw Buard of 

Ttislata' . Zanca raiUMls llwt 
)■* mm liaa a iiractlcal mrklnf 
rttoliowMp «nUi .Ml' only »>• 
Tiuiian, Nit tin I "' 

<s'«cn. " 

^Kw Uie fuuuner, 

triad U> racnill itudanla t» 

Hariwr and Mt op a tanMl tn 
- -aldtorier*imnaa«oiir 

'loato to bt woilBWl no by dia 
■tudenl truilm. 

"I like to talk lo ttudcnii on a 
narmMial buis. " be said Zanoi 
taa talked to many itudenla 
conenMng tultioo ciwtg, and 
dtea it M a viable conceta. "t 
havr a double-rale. I can 
■ympathiie wtth the iHidaBls, 
but alao haw a dan tai- 
daialaiiding of what't itiag •■ 
llie Uwlaai' pM flf 



'in a poaaHilt aviaiioa. prmmm 
" ' at HariMr. amf the 
o( theroUcfle la no* 
into It. 
trualcc la 



Harpar (ac>all)i 
nralaalad tbe' lack of a Ml- 
tlvmanl • laat Tlmraday by 



and vntaide the 
Bflar In Ilia batfnnliig 
«f Un AdMMatiatOT maaUnt. 
TMr tm» '••d., ••NO' «W-' 


flayed t 

of the raeaMy lan ai i i and a 'MUlar aald: Ifeit Mptiaium 
b ii l i f T taaalwr at' Hativ li 'ikt wilt. raaiBia mb. 1^iMiiay« Hie 
■MalmaaMa far «■' fnetfly. 0MiiMt,,ii4iltft 'ii4llha*a lint 

lie la 


■I Hi!'' A' 

mH to taertty. wli m pl aee Urn _ 

tell tbe dctalti wf the nenwrada <f a gi ia i ii n it. Hw 

lattnoalwIliBpraaa. Only If Harbtngnr '«iil eauer ikt Uana 

'k m. Mnpaia or bivah- In ditai in Uie ami lawi. 

Zanca baa what it known ai 
an advimry vnla in Hit Board'! 
voting nroMw. Wi «iile la not 
«Nnlaa and cannai 'braak a ila, 
but II linportant lince Hie 
student iriistae niuiit be 
recnffilaed It H Ibe in||Ul o( 
ideas, advice, and the abllily lo 
tnlradure Icglslatlan to the 
itard which make* Zanca's job 
an Imiwrtanl one 

Zanca It alio ui'mlved in 
funding (or 'the ciilltaC'. raaalng 
tiMtlMi lax and "ciding to flay 
I of delicti spmiiig" 'an 

■Idartaig writiMj 

HieilafvliifHr. tie 

and itudenls taking 
._j at nigtit 

In the near ruture. Zanca will 
ha atoaely involved m the 

Stiidcnil Senate eieclioin to be 
held Sept 14 and 2S The 
Senators tend lo reHeci student 
oolRlont. for Ibal Is Ihe nature 
J their job." be aald. 

Nudenlt interested in talkinc 
to Zanca, can reach him at Ma 
office naar the bti%. A 

Activity fee produces programs 

br«r;Mn' wnKEUiAitB 

cuts la Ml'Mtnal travel by 
In prevtoia 
S'granta'BiMtli aa the Speacti 
n. iKM,' tad (he rte' 

nail'lonal twtilereweB re'taled to 
Ibcir iNirl'KUlar >'>r||a'ntuil'Min'. 
Travel *'iJI tm be lurmted to 

•fleeted area is 

ihC' «wll 
Sknate 'HUim'tas • Hal per'-' 
eonlagC' to the alliMic pregram. 

raised tbght'ly ib 

't dnr lo Uielact Ual Mdf . M ean 

hnuaa aoreathMIc aaMMst . 'die 
Inad' virtual'ly 
IMS' li dwr to tbe 
t el uMNiey 
I of hawtng a 'doctor' on 
campus daily, to viaila vU ht 
Nmilad to iwwe a week. HmH' 
ihert at the piiaallKtliy el a cm la 

sated' by HN' Vnifim Biafi.' 
An alicnMil** to ibt' 'cnniatt 
iltHtMa. would he tn 'hire leu 
mpenslve performers 
Howew, Hd|. M niay 'help to 

lo ■ mm 'mHHm eipacKy 
than the Collegt Ceii«er' Lminga. 
Vm. m turn, could 'Create mm 
'(iin#Mi lo ««fk wiih. 

When ta«iO'b'inf concerts. 
malia«ai''agnM'ic« are dealt wtth 
dlndty. I'pon recelvliig the 
nS'mes of performer*, Bill 
Beard chart* are watchad. 
I aiB|ii fislisri and 

I. fe: griag. 

such m this has resulted in 
pcrformeri tuck as Heart, 

Steve Martin. ChaMk and 
(1iong. AMn iMha, Iha late 
Am Crwc. RleiQr IMmb and 

A laife mt tma m n o( the 
boitial: |Ma1»aie'Cliil«al Aria 
li<siiil.lniia :iMv mmm a 
series id lactiiNa,. fiinS', eoi 

tmt art' eitiMia. 
such as 

I adtviliaa, 
'ipeC'lai events, ale. art 
scheduled by the PrograM 

Other pr'agrama and sarvlcea 
snianrled t? thO' actMty Itea 

II Inlerfotleglale and in- 
Iramural spuria. Students arc 
to all 

■a an artaJWerary 

'Waekly navaMfar 
I fret tn ihi mmm. 

1) Hcattti Servlcsa whidi 

inchMles free medieal care to 


wblcta are officred to studanla 
available to Qic 

Activttlas OHtec. Bn- 

41 A varMjr nf 

organisations effared (or 
student Involvement Ollba 

receive tlMI while orgnatnalkHi 
receive a larpr aimeHHt". ■ke- 
cording lo Jaan 'Paaka'ttln. 
IMractur of MMlActMiaa. 

(act that stisdcMa "fmaid" the 
chib. find an advisor while an 
organiution has a deaignaled 

advunr. Stodant Adivitlee will 
help "staff",! 
organtsationa go." m 
Mi. Panka.iiln 

SI Child car* sarvlces 
available to all Hatpir 
at " " " 

•I MKouni tichaiaio Cklcagn 
area stwrtlnc events. 
BAusaaicnla. and theatre at- 

ratas la area 
rcilauranti. Omm, cCe. aa well 
a* PUH Tlwalrc dtaoonl tiebela 
siill alao be ollered. 

T) flwrt term kians of up to 
nt are avai'brtito to sbalenta tor 
eaergency e,«ptnses- Theae 
hiaas are given on a ten day 

t» Ugal sarwiiM ar« alan 
available lo Sliaienta. An al- 
lomey in avaiUble on in ap- 
pointment basis Wednesday 

Hoat of tbeae services- 
pngrBins are avallaMe lo tbe 
stuitnl at no coat urlth a siudent 
aeUvtty card. However, same 
carry a nooiinal too. For a AiU 
listing of actlviUaa and cuttural 
programs, pick up aa activity 
calendar and a rollcgc- 
commimity pro^'am booklet to 
the ahaiinl acUvittoa ainea. 

riir H.irlm»fm ."V|>««*ii»li«-r J". I'^T'' 


Student voice may 
soon be a whisper 

Comptaln. tamfttltn, contain- It's a V*** f ****** 
of tmitan Dm » 4mmrt 9** anything done. That mutt 
b* tht mMM tlwt« k M iitti* trnsion imong studentt 
at Haffsr Iwtay. HiairTa ail too t>u*y compiaininfl 
ami Mf I IWM tlma la particlpata in tuch und«rra««d 
1 4W nmnMfl for student Sanatt and voting in 

rf notoodv wantad to voiuntaar to run fv Studant 
Smat* or Stodant Trustaa. ttudant* wowtd eaaea 
haw«n« a varv important volca at tha oottafa. 

Stwdant Sanataattctioftt are coming up San*. 24 and 
2$ and If student* (ail to lUt out a "Declaration of 
Candidacy" form in tt» Student Activities Office bf 
noon todaV' Monday, tt<«re will be virtually no 
competition lietwaen poMitile Student Senators. 

This ntaans that anytiody, no matter 
unquailflad for the |ob, will win, and we'll tie ituclc 
witti anoniar year of complaining. 

ialng a Student Senator doew't mean ana has to toe 
a futi time 19 year male OMcaiian shjdant. Positions 
•rt open to anyone That maam night school students 
and (tudants over 40 years of aga. 

In past years the SHident Senate contained at least 
one mWdla aged Senator. They are very welcome 
because of thair vatuaM* experience whettter it was 
attained through local gawamment or the PTA. ttder 
•anatort also bring a sailM «f unity and order to the 

(Mer students need not feel out of place in holding a 
•Iwdant government position. It's their school too. 
11»y.(>aldtha'Sa»tiaani«unt of lanes, tuition and fees 
« did tfie student right out of high school . And don't 
forget, the averge Harpw^ sludaiWs aga It 2» years. 

StudenH should try to get more involved in Harper, 
politically, whether it ts running for a position or 
voting In an election It they don't. Harper's student 

■voice may soon be a whisper. 

Male: secretaries 
on the rise 

— ® 

.» " * — 'iii»J JWrT^,,.,,*^ 


Delinquent loons couse 
growing concern in D.C. 

C»N8 IMta«i«i( ittrfeel »• PH*5| «* ted the iitai* rf 

IWMmtlKMHeergMeiM" Mew <iBMf !•'■■« of k. Uut 
ail— li "WadXHw.. n.r. ttlLelMnllieMaleeiade public 


are nlMag te pay ]^ 
lovarimwil loaoi 


parcoti am) 
pne former itudcnti 
k lo fromlM quick 

If UMir naom wvM 

or come all dtti piMietty is 

cawini a lot of iiisi«Bl amoai 
tome student graopi wtakS 

cWai the fa««mn«nt hif aa 

jatitoriliii jobs. Ihty I 
that tnoat bomwten do pay 
iMcli their loani and thai Uw 
gwvcmroent is being uo|uit to 
0vt ronner tludmti a bad 

Oaputy V.S coD- 
of aducatiaa I^<o !• 


Carter AdMalltriiTlep. 
i jnaM"Val'aNp aiaifls ns 

leriiiiMiln ti' fa|ider ^. 

am • itB DifanaMMit 

Ptiwate oollMtlas 

htra4 by tba 
of Htaltk. 

^m, w,«t» :,WMr«M«jB»l%i««i.|iia«ww»' 

HMag fact of the 

■s p» H aw iMMr 

iftaslaieMapiaiee. 1%e 

B«Wr4»«Mcf JaaaPMman 

NewaGdIlar Don EigenhauMr 

tartar* Bator Wan^y Winkaihake 

IparMSdllar.. MHwBatnbacb 

Aait.%«r«lB#tor Wayne Riodeau 



Edilnr ..■..'. Waller HUl 

Slalf Lori Lynn Guy. Beverly H^er 

Lori Jezior, Karin Jobnaoo, 

DaalWIuch. Rebecca NelMn. Katliy Or«^ 

Mike Slrokui, Mark TWfaOB, 

Joe Kusak. Don Mcilage 

^^ _^ _ t,___ JUL.^ *. .. .* .. ■ .* „ .Jl.*!- .- .J.* - - * — — M^,^ •a^^^^^^ ^^^^JM^^i^ 

MH^. jyi J^H jHalytf^fln |a| fHHh mmtgummgiM MNHflBHynHiagMn wMMf QlB KUU^PVT \J'UHIIIHv 

cawpi naaM—dlg. pi^l Hl ie i en*! !' iw i tl derit hoBdaya a4 

liealaM— .<■• ^M—tiiWW<«i» «> —«<«>» "rttarayl at 

aaaM «■« aMMMU epa rafMt Par ad««r«Mag ralai. caH ar 
eiWa maaiNGai. «!■■■ iaiBqr Harpar Odage, Algngdn 
and Raadle lla«b. Palatlaa. ID.. tOHt. Ptnae mam. art «1. 

S<-ptiml»rr 17. I«n<* ll„- llarl.inpfr Pap- 3 

Harbinger editor chats with Osmonds 

******* *f??'.' ■J* *' * J!? * H. ** liifii Tlili ■iirim titlwlM liiM 

«■■ .it ■■rniiriiilS!y5iJ3 '••' •••••• <l«»«lof«i«iil»: 

Jll • MMlt p*IM>1MMlni OMflM TZZiT. 

mtm iJiiMltiwiiii at tilt Ira 

•f IImi OnmnmI 

«!%&■ aUta '*! 

I 'MtUr; KM 

OtMMid Ctwlracitvii Co.. 

"^PHMQr«' lHMIu« HHnrMt* iWHnii f^^wiih' ^|^^^^ miwI g^^k^fj^^ 

UMilMrMliliMilMralisM: S *'** Mi y *iii*i!Si' tiu} I -^^^^ 


iky srud. 

Tht Kraaniiliif ymm 
wiut MtnlliMl tht (StaoiMi 

wr ttw iMt imo 

■r« nam ctMy to- 

J 'llMfr WfMW diHAwn In 
tht Brimii, ftiMClwr tarwOMr 

Wmrat 'k a 
Mrattw. DwiQr it nwlwifli ii 
ttocliteal mglaMiin. J«y h 
■■Itiring in Bwiiicu 

Stilam ]nar«M Jlnuny Im 
hi* own protastiMwl ad- 
v«r(iiin( aiiMcr. H* Mwlad in 
Hit (MB^IiMn «l Uit ■«> i« m » 
pnte up wtisl and now Im 
■4mm a<b fmr Coea-roli and is ka 
ebartt of the Osmond 

I and advcrUamg Ha 

While receiving mora than 
11,0m Mien ■ w««k itrive lo 
cool ilaMaty Thty 
their itability to their 
Jimmy said. "Iliay 
■vt III their love and 

Doimy Mid. "Om Omtb 
ntnmm iliai famillct should 
iptiid at least one ni«ht a «e«k 




AH IgftMli tiMI llM]P I 

feMt' • cloW' and 
rrlaimchi|i «M lliMr Dina. 
'-Wt'w nomMi pMMie/" Domiy 
Mitd. "pat Ha' amibM^ etM'/* 
""■■■"" ' illHeJaniUy 

ealM "JtOMaiia." 

Man* daalgna wiine at htr 
omi' tkUtm and k MarUat a 
line at cto«liit«. She reeoilly 
■ liaa|_ daahiw. wilii 
"I iove alollMB," ilM aaid. "I 
love tht total leak of • tadv, 
ifiudr and oiit " 

We can i depend <m 
popularity." Wayne said, We 
|« iimiNed m l( ■tie not 

r tnrever «• van dn other 

Our paranti iacrlficcd a lot," 
WijnwMid. -They dlita't m out 
m tbt' loam e««n tho«|li iay'd 
Ufce to have " 

Marie added. 'My man 
knows when lo be my Mf iM 
and when lo be my moUwr ' 

)i seems that ihl* atnH^ 
tamil} bond It the lamily't moK 
imporlatil acaal taeaidM taa^ 
hardwoftlng Macmana. At (hi 
rale they're gamf the OamaMt 
Lmptre may spread Ihromlnut 
the country m that everybody 
will be aware of this • lb-year 


Price appeals sex-for-grodes 
case after seven month wait 

JS5 ' ***?-* """fS** l«ma Yala had in Ihct viotaiad 

iWMi 'By a wirawrt in MWir at mt Tlilla tX itrielitrflat Uw 

raMMi rriot rmini iUMI aa aHat:aiiiii ■BaaaBiiillit lial IdM 

iUliHhlli' - Zm ^, ,;: ■::;,, ■ ■■' T!!!^ ...S^. ^.ISS^ 

^v^^^^* iSMHH fin iVnpMDinP wW'saaBMMMB 

(Ml wm$' 3» 'wMHHl BHMai Bvav llbuBlaaHlL HiBiiMMMr atm nuHiMi 

«■- ■.■■ .:T-. ,Ja m ^ i©i_a_ ia»i^ *- - ■■■ II 11 II ^ , 'WHOT VtHIMH 

fflaraitnaaNraMP' van nwaaMMT ticc •■ iuiniMrtmnt iwaai 

ia.i, I ■fi|i™»-.ii 1 1. ., ai^ ^^ f" '^•"7?*r* ."M^ 

nRinMNMi ENwaii iiBw ai HH' ppiiMnaK. ti aaWMMMd uhat 

■t.iufw^to it w ftM nto aiMiiiiirtrTlliillMMattt 

Mn. one of Mi^ iludiata. an pri«ait mtmnHf. AtXtmm 

*A tn rftiiro tor her tawial caaa. Caaaaa. v. Da 

iavan,aiida"€"ifsliertflaad. ci 

at flit tMNfiJIy af M 

' ~ . pt a "V M«'i am llM% mm to 

y^ tfUlkJiMMY, wm.A««dlct 

daetatan ;jlharo'| 

"Va'ra appaalini on a 

■adniaallly." aaplalnad PliyUla 
Cfwekar. Slman't legal 
"Aecardlna lo 

i«e Mad agninil Om 

thatr dl«ai'.laaal. They leart 
HM." The apfwal it ttiui an. 
MiaJf of all ail ongiaal eoni- • 

"What we art IrylBt to prwe 

that tbia is tboul 

" crociar added. 

fttaa and Ota alhar Yala MMiftJlMMY, M*. A««dlct ■* '■■*^">'* '* •<»">< 

iMZLSZiniliSsJtta ■'mmuttrnm^mimmm^ hartwaiBMM." crociar added. 

J5n2S7'Sit vltehad' MIraiiHiaMWMahir "'ji!'. ■•*>«* Piunaia'i irMlt." 

iilHd la piwtlit adavMia ""^^ "■™ *■»- l»dnw« i^ wiini fmnial 

triavance proetduraa for 
teaual harraatmaBl emn- 

hab at am If iw eaart kad LlwteiiSa«l<iad. one of |bww totkaSBTtlidi 

"la Mtar Ihag itat laad to ha 

tiMia. hit K aUH laaaw aD Uw 

to tka dMB't r ' 

Students, Faculty. Staff 


Cafetiria Hours and Service 

Breakfast 7:30 AM - 1 0:30AM 
Lunch 10:30 AM- 1:30PM 
Snacks & Grill 1:30PM - 5:00PM 
Dinner 5:00PM - 7:00PM 




Health Club for Men 

We offer supervision in Conditioning, 
^•'?t»*I''**"'"9' »"** ®o«»y Buildinfl. 

Ml few - PTins Gbb| H^ Oct 12 

HOURS - Mon. - Fri. H - | 
Sat. 10-5 

Wtlta* Parli mate Mtlvaeaaa «»e. aa« ^alatma ■«. SlMMt 

Parr 4 The llM»»iim« Sq*mih« 17, 1979 



Bt 10 


liilHiM «f an MMlMW •( PM 

_„ It ««*»«*» 

dtncuna i« ig** '"^ "??'•* 
m»tr«i«t«r. Iliiry J?*'"'* 

Witii* •nei>w*4*» ttudcnu wlw 
liBwt •!> M*rtct in ««**■ 

Ml 0»* *'>rk will 'bliilt » "■' 
Mil uf Ujc imMIi 


IjMin TlMBlar Pratlictian •* 

••fteClMl llMil|*r<*" *'" ^ 

iMiMTMiitrhi ■■# **■'****'**'' ■* 

TTiii **•». "ft* •«««»™» »"> 



At i iiMvtal HinAirlnfy 
ulttr. itudcnt* will be illowwl (o 
|l)«y poo) fr«« (ur ww halt t*wr 
[tea: |riMM.iMfl <■( a iliidMM. 
aetMty ami. iWiM' mm ai« 
t:i.M INT Hour, Gmm Vrnm 
hmn are MotHlay thro«i«l> 
•Diiiriday ■ • m toSpm anil 
rMd«|B Irani t a:n>. ui S fm 

Peer Counselors 

SliidMila InMnMnl in bainf 
•mnlvyed aa Paw Oounirion 
■hmild pick up an appUcation in 
■»m C«ui>iellJi« CtiilCT AM7 and 
rMiirn ii there by Sepl 21 P««r 
CMinaelon are naW according 
to Ciie MatpCT CnllCSt SllidMil 
Mde wage itcale and *ork 
■pproximati;!} J* hmire (w 
«Mk There i» alao a poa*iU«y 
that mudeni* wHl rtcrt*e 
academic cri«fcl in IWu of 


A Peer Cnunaeliir la a aMdoil 
who assuiti the coumeltng aiafT 
in a variety of comcehng 
related functions and who 
»erv€» a« a liaison tietween the 
itafr and llarper aludenta Paw 
Cnunaelort aKpanance a ahart 
terra iratnint teaiioo wWeli it 
cundiKled hy ma Pw Ciim- 
adint eixardiiiator, Bruce 


tickets Concert 

■rM imm Ml iM ttlairi M 
SanlaiilN' 0m. M •■Wlii' 

!5!Zie<i«iiii'te«»ywit, _^„ 

nm timUrt licfcel* art 
•iralMI* m to Studaot AC'- 
ii»«taa(im«»'l»rlia«*. Th«ae' 

T»w«r Place. Hlilcrtti. 

iliilHifliriMili. roj Valley. 
UOir*ii|»v flavtoM-a, .and 

•Baiiy ' 

fdwdiiM Iw 
. iiliiiia.tiHn caneaUad. 

BATorsI 1 i% 

Bonnie Kolok: singer with a great sense of humor 


•Ifaiiaacrtlka _ 

IM' to ittn. |iBt 'mMW % Ma 
<MMiaMe'tliiiii«.tMatli«aiiii fM 

iliy haa Ha^ 

aaaa aa '"havti^ mniMil to 

main'm aKarpiv au*«ii» !■■« 'jMi 


IM4 nUJila. and a 
:||«* m mat in 

tnae, pad. 


Ma. Uac it vary crttjeal 

and it 

_ t«i 

«|ikli la ana at 

ralaaaiiMt btfare a pei- 
iornuNe. Slia Jbiowi whan 
ite'i ttvlBC bar tat. "It'a fat 
Uke anytMnf ranUy dona weO. 

Oii'Mip' il» Itoa to ■» wrMg.' 
antaoH tot nakaa har 
nee atop and Hdnk. *» ■ " 
.Nt« tot aw Kt'tom up. Sna 

Uke anylWm iwlly « 
it't eaay. ifi lo to aaiat, 
•aay. and wban it l^a IWfd I 

linow Vm Mm 'tMnatftint 

cmJJKtX HBf WMttp »• 
diitrilxita •Stadant Rait 
mbacription earda at tliM 

cain^rn. dm* iwjf •• » 
(tiUMi tiiti»iwl, Vm m~ 

teiMiM: and ■f*«l«l«J«' *»«« 

ui: ■nine iN«; t»f; »*»•»■ 

Jtn Erwt S , FramUin rut%, 
IMnola Ml» 

jlSy'Sark c« m"t m 

M«y Ml Proaptct 

TYPWC Fat ai t|ilU« na?*- 

and. dallKtri, Atmracy 
Ml. Call KT ServKWk. 

MSrS (iin mm afcw* 1 
nntma ar ■■*•« §*•• ■* 

Part time «arehiMi»«iti*n 

paTiM. MonMUnaktM, Par 

in K. » 


Babrtittmg IH> yi»» . ""«•' 

cWMi and cnltiy ilMMlaUnt 
tkair ■tm'Oi and tntcnai:* Barn 
lannay wttlle you Detp me 
liacMM a ntam 'rtlaifd and 
haiUw Mmtor. iiwmm tof jp m- 
HMn itoaililt, MVP. CMd 
•alary plw dimitrf. Own 
itantpirtatliiii. tm^no. 

Waitrwu-walten. Parl-tiine 
ri»y» or ni«l«* Ye Old Twra 
lim. Ml Pfotuael 
Patottnt. m-tlH, 

ean tuel away In «>* ' 

Winn M« Koloc Bitt aUiflad 
In nnale aiw — 1 .I H i t a B la | _to 

Mm. lo Itadlliaaal MIfeMaaat 
II Bttad har ■wttee. It maa aHmila 
and It «aa "W *»■*•, |S 

itopraltoU . 
Joi MlicMt. a tody ' 

~ ''Bt 
raal laad! It'a haid but do it on 
wair 'iMi." Iht hnoan a lot of 
tamala ttmm 'ito have ben 
invitlvad wlUi a man who 
to dtrad tlMlr muaic 
She doain't aat IMa •■' 
good. She Ma llMl a 

Camale vocaliat ihniM fMlatr 
her nwn ioatincto She aeaa 
Barbara Streiaand at sue 
woman ilnaer arfao haa baan 
able to "taie power ovar bar 
own Ufe." 

Hf Koloc't performance 
could not be complete without 
the fine talent of her (ellow band 
memberi. EUiol Dellman. 
guitar. Jim Tulio. baaa. Ira 
Kart. piano, and Steve Eiaen, 
hons and conga Accordinf to 
har thay arc all ac e o m aj Mi a d 
miBiiclaat who wort well arttli 
aach ator, at evMensed by 

Mt Koloe. "a tough aoftie 
wfao'i very mdancboly. but haa 

a great laDte of humor" It now 
ulaiariiM to go to New York (w 
toSr where the larii.the 

can 111 toRH 

m Merfwy Con*- •'■ cylMidif. 
nw Runa gr*a< * MIHtm or W* 

tat or girt 19 win* part-ttine m 
tandi near wanmidi. 
ily tar M-iliiMi em- 

_joa Cuthton-air -^ 

ndiai iiraa Ca- Tliv'Ui 

.iiait. mm « ir_ H"/ 5^, «, 

Mi Mat. "-"^ ' 

I «M. or a» * mr tli« O 
ajiaf « pa BIMII*. 


Miata «•«? alary 

Ml atudent alda 
«pm minimum 

mud he 

Itt ptt 

rSJfMr' ««»t''y "■" Thuriday al' 

!r* 'iivaiion. Mmaaaa.. *•!•''•■ _™ STiCi 

. IHipill^ IBIMIII 

AdMlaa ORIca. ABI. 

una MUf altar npn-TBaHar "SJJJ,"* "^ 


SII W. McDonald Rtf ■ 
Fr«S9«ct HciflMs 

•!•.•• I lif 






wnm wm^ 

SriJjrmlrr n. 1979 TItr Harl.iii;:«T Pape 5 

Court approves 'reasonable physical quolif leaf ions' 

coNi.iinMi wnmm »■ onm. 

SoutHMittrii CwiwiiiltJ 

..^ Ml*. Bmlm look Iwr 
eiM to • dtotrtd court Wtwn 
IMi envt ruM agaimt ))«r Um 
««. Cmirt of AfiMal* t«r <»• 
Coiirth Circuit orteajl » 
ncnrakteriUon in il#t •« •• 
rMulittam Mmi by th* "Of: 
«I H«*lth. E<Juc»lion ma 

ruUig It Hit Hijllliiii 'CMn- 'IMlwt- 
Mii M 'M* V Aat Hm 'llMifpik 
caiHMMatii«''lM'iii'linMr tluit aceM-il 

tkat M:r>. Oavti 

,^. aceorAng to 
rtgulalMHiB. Mn Davit' han- 
dicap «ti«uld nol hiai her 
■ - iliMi tor aamiamn and 

tkat MrToavli- hamlteiii dicap thtM nol hiai her ihould imir t W_ tnwr 
ZSaalbiSiwdmmllia 5Si ^Hm wean « hMrin« tte<M't***«><^^'*'' 

Mm to oUwr 


^ » b aMa lo 

la ' lhc'~' AwMM Caatt 

I taiciali tMttn«d (hat 

■wiirii 'liw wean « hcarinf 

Slarfti a ikiUMl l»Uf«*»- « 
waiildiieiaiMlktor ■>•- Davti 
(a partklpata to armi «' 
training «•* •■ 1* "H""""*! 

-IHaitliar the laMuaga. 
purKMC nor htilory of Secthn 
S04 rmali an inltol to ImtllMC ■nirmaliw acttoo oIlB iattM; 
on all racliytwli' <■! Mnal 
toiifc." he taUI... -teoi*f». 
w* t»M tl»at even tf H E w lUi 
attempted l» creat* Midi an 
oUigMMm Kaatl » lactai «>>• 
amhatity to * ao." 

■nw i««iliMKm Kate that 
po»t-^.»c»«4ar» laatliotiooa 
,hould anairt mil «»•*» 
academic n^tOnmimtt 
not dJtcrimlnate «gain«i 
qualiflad handtcapfied itudenu 
«|M ihould be provided with 
aaiiliary aidt »uch a» im- 
(or the deal and 
loiMd taalt iar Om hUad. 
TlitemBtaaiiiadai* ttat tt l» 
itUl^ nwiO*l«t to 
Mtantify aod 

ilwuM be amoidad lo ipaeUy 
affimattw actloa on briiaif of 

the haodkWMl >" '>■* ■"°'* 
larmataad in the other 
«( Um RabataiUtation 
Act la Ml iriaw ciiifM cwiM 
■ecomnMMiaia Ilia iMUed with 
mora auxiliary alda wllhoul 
largely modtfylng their 

a*' "ailiapaiaa lamwtmai »>aw twiaawa i wmm ■■—!»"■ 

^sj£mm jwti!. y- _'s r5r is/sss 

m allMr«ta» qwallfiad 
tvlduat la Iha 
hall, lotajr hy' 

tndtvliiaal attanltoa wh«. 
diiialiiai wUh ijatlawii 
^ilb 'undlipilMd thai Mrt. 
Davia eould nm parljcipate m 
Soalheaitera't nariiB/ 

in, oe no ■ ■ ■■w ■•■ «~i~~-J A 
ar ht tahloclad to 
AMrtMloatiaa «ni4af _aoy 
or activity 

^IJiraalitlaattally l*»«rad. 
Section S04 irapoaaa no 
reamreaient "PO" , •"■ 



^ _ _. by 

""stymaar Oulowra 'la«»iar for 

ih* mmmi mmmmtt at 

Daal tJ<rt Pitowi >*■< ""^^^ 
"Wa ihMfc Uw liwraM QMt 
has dean a M««re Mo* to Oie 
educational ana caroor op- 
Mtrtunitiot of baadlcappod 
- In profaaaional 

Eugene Grcitman, 
SauthiasWrn'* dalisnae lawyer. 
law the oourt'a dedaioii a* no 
ictbacfc to llie ngbia of qaallfiad 
handlcawad BtnsM. 

■11 Miains that the no<lao of 
«ing auxiliary alda or making 
slight modlficationt in 
pmgraina to lafce care of an 
oth««iaai|Hallllad individual ii 
entirely unaffected by the 
decMofi," tatd Mr Gr«aaaian. 
a la* profeaaor at the 
Unlvanlty of North CaroMaa at 
ChaaOi lU "But when II comaa 
to aM4Ulcatio«i of a aufaalanUal 
pari of a program to lahe cart 
ot a phyaiealty unqualified 
imlvidiiBl than thwe ia no 
anihortty in. gaallna KM lar 

"The dacidon glvaa 
untvcraiUea the ftaodani to 
impoae reaionable phyilcal 
quallficationt in Iboie 

program! where they ara 
relevant; it doesn't attack 
auxiliary aldi neoded by 
qualified studenta." he aald. 




iCPSi - "Saiual p rt a a ur a" la 
more c«mnon in sexually- 
■egrecatad dams than ia G»ad 
donna, according to a nirvay 
pubiiahod in McCall-a 
magaxine. The aur»«y ihowad 
thai tour out o( eve of the 
fbalealt living la o»«d donna 
taund It eaaier to Itirm non- 
■exual retolK>nihl|ia with the 

•Ite itex 

than half the atudeots 
to the turvey said 
th^ havelltUe or no sex life at 
aU Almoat IS percont of the 
men living in oi>4d dorma said 
they make it a policy not to dato 
women living in Ihair own 

AccordhM 10 Mare (3iannaU. 
a laanfor lOr Iha Itand who 
afgMf Hit. Davii' caaa hatore 
-•^^ iCauft.Sacliaal04 



HMW on ycMT cakiialor ? 

Public Opinion Research 

Learn about the fascinating field of 
public opinion reseorch while 
working in our comfortable 
Arlington Heigfits office. 

Look what we offer: 

♦ nexiblt hours; day, night or w«*md 

■«■ Rapid pay advancement alter training penoo 

+ imMaJaie «|>««ing» . 

+TTal'Wng claaaw iwKst a »«» 

For further information ond 
appointment, please coll 

Mrs. Whffe 981-5500 

713 W Algonquin Rd.. Arlington Heights 

bjiuil < »}iiMirtiiiiiu Km|»l<)wr M/P 

II it'i an BtW'to-i-oad display 
Ihat eomuma* verir Mile poiwar 
yuu'reafl*'. Ifto answer o tCD 

Sharp's mnovative liquid 
crytttt disfMay 
Sk«(0 s Callo«-y o(Niral«d 

EL -206 Thof* »ra tut brain* 

for to«,»l memory. Cham 
muttuJiicaiwn and d«vi»«)n 
and approximate rwufts tn 
e»e«s ot 8 digits. tCO by 
Sharp, ctoarty ttie Oest cNMce. 





MON 6 TUES. 9^». 


833 E 

Algonquin Plaza 
Algonquin Road (Route 62) 

317-0100 I 

Fiilirli lUr UurUii.r-i *■ | Iht IT. l'>T*' 

An infroduction to new wove music 

>J!«.,.2=.'~» Moods for 
Hj^^SSbj? Modems 

M« iMiatc )• Mag |ilHi*g*f k]r MIKC HMKlfa 

citHn a» dance i>w pool. ■!• «• 

■■I 1MB?" 

diUy ■! 



__ Astro 
C Aworeness 

i|y JMJ MUl-y 

EMI.. ««• ItM iHMMWi M IH 
OH ul DM ATM .•twtBwClMt 

'Tlwf* aiMMnitt 
(Mat III* Mi aiid tilt I 
racpMiiMt Itf' a IM •< naMnl 
lifiiiiMiimn MCli aa llw !•- 
tcrvakflf'*!' mi lifM. and Uw 
eftaiMHaK of' 'HMt UMllili 

'I MM* «•■ ■IH' ■"■ 

Of *•»». Maon Mi 

nc piMitiiigi 

Tliia. MM mm mm. 


men tal >• llwir tawtfa 

gilwntly Hsainnag «ht hortaei*. 
f i.Mt •X.. am$ had 
flaoMMnd Uitf lilid iMd' fl^ 

tian. ««rt MtMUr 'Hm vlaMia 
Mcnuiy, IMMi, WM. JufiMr 
ant .Salws.. 
WaiMMng. •ailini __»iid 

■wfrMM digrat '•! I 
III .tiMt' at malr ciilldt 

am filtiw Batiytontan w«r* 
■Ua ta Iwdlct wiU> prrot 

yraclaMNi. Tliaa a i>r_ia at 

itna. •«« iMt I* unaraiala tiM 
fact thai MMB* Und o( 
tlgnnkaiii avwla aMMl *» w 
■■ -- ilif«tfttliijtaiw<aiy 

of ilw' tmM. Ite Ailatf • •«? |wii.tani 

r rf me ■umttd saatw 

'Maiaa ^ol CMrifal' and 
.MMfta: «M' ngiving Mt 
oon iQflMaH of AaMngy. 

Stiaif*. lKi« llHM 
cMliat#' graup •>> Ml 
~ by Um ' 

roHniUy occurtd imaet dab in 
Uw HdHMi ol lam IcUinai. No* 
thai ia tmi#l'*"g <o ■>>*ak 

about!' Coincidanct'* Tlial'i 
«lMl nuuiy IMak. M aol II 

M»it wmt. Ha* Uw •««■ ii< 
Um JbMtae ffut i 


I Music • Physics 

• Economics • Math 
• Foreign language 

Tuloring lab located in FT 32 

or coll ext. 539 $3.10 hr. 


Ilw Mom Populv Movi* Conwdy Of All Tim* 



Produced by »MT< SIMMONS ox) (VAN REITMAN Mosic by OMER DERNSHIn 

**iiwm by HA/«3LD(V>MftDax3iASKENN£y(>CMWS MILLER 0««Jed by OMN LAN06 

*,wivtM%wt:w<ii . niMm a^ f mwkwik iww«M>»» *^^ -^^^ ] " ttti ". ■ * ■ " * * '— ,„ ^ "j 


^.|.|,ii,l..r IT. IT.'l III, ll.irl.ii>a'r I'a;; 


hr wWKir RiK\i»E.»i' 
In UiMiiiMt« llwmifli tlw 

""'iMie statlrtte want it" 


_■! ly . I <*«» 

demonstrate my fmbti at- 
l«infit« at dcfiium Ktne of the 

wS. rn gm Vm kmi. tlw 
■poft tt 'it connaelail wtth, and 
oijr MM of «liai tiw wwtf la-or 

DoMi^uMS-ia ifaoUitflt-Wlwl 
UHtbM plajMiB dD iflar tht 

■ama It ww and IMr locfecr 

rgan li lllwtid laiKSround 

HaeklBf (batkatbalD I 

Profile: Intramurols 

rcMoad for ■ dmnic 

1. wm muT IM 

H Hw bMk. I'M 

Headlsck <wnaltti«)--A 
lartilgekuMdbyaaMalii ' 

(Mr •OurlM &I bm 




Baa th* rati iMUardt)- 
What one doaa it Vm luwm 

lo lUp on a wat atap «r tlair- 

InlMittoaat wak (baaabaU)- 
Wtai your pimU waa't M you 
Ota the car on Friday nttfit 

larvicc Hat (bad- 
MMaiiM dantlMvcIn teU yau 


aad you aaa U fV* •■*)"•• 

,*•. all »**jJiJ2-n^ rf 

t» . " 

rf 'Iha ipKtiaf 

LAOt e S M < TK ■*' •**■ ^^'*'* W*"'' 

t/tprlM'irMis PiiM 

FftEE SOUP BAR ~Np»*n*iiif'' 



iHHiiaafaiiniiM nnniiii 

■iiMH HH MHI. !■ !■■ Mbiih MM 


Opening soon at a ttioatre near you 

Pmt^ 8 Uto HMMaptr Scpiraibrr 17, 1979 


Hawk Defense Stomps Eastern 


la • umI 


qCcoMfMMw I tf a . 

lor n jrwd* ail Mi TD. 

diy m 

iriNMl KfttlcrB 
MMnKr JV twin. M-T Sqpl. 
Adailly, il mm Urn Hamk 
ttMl mantendltd 

iwt oflaoM 
(a tnoilMv KaaMni 
. and IM Iwitwaifi 
laaMt for it**B aalBla. 
quarterback Pat iMtnayar 
I a Mkyard paai la KtfiB 
iiartlMKart. Itianatht 
Hlnvta' a 14^ laatf« 

^BvHar. ta Ik* ftrat quaftar. 
the Hawk* K«rMl on Da«lR 
H»mt)t nyuli t%m_ 

' — -^m 14 



IncffltwnciM With lot Mt in 
Um Onl haU. Jackaon unloadad 

dtdhaw tlaaa 
Mm* daap iato Hfewk tarrilanr 
la Ilia fourlll i|uartcT But each 

lalwa. and the Hawk 
(wmd tac Paalkan 

had taa IwU at tht 
Hawk U with U 11 to ^i wlMi 
Kwaiigraeh tDtareaflad 

Mn'i ^t^ aad ran ■T-yanii 

acai*. 11 tHrwd oM M Iw 

UM iHM'i bay flair It pii iht 
HaMlaalMai by II Maad il 
allpalag BaatifB u> tit Iba 
gama or Mill wUIMii faur ]ialnia> 
Kaaftim ttanM i l iBi u l i f' aot dia* 
Um riinWai'i limit Wai 

baO Willi bk I MmX. I incii ho#. 
thwartiof aaetbar Pintbar 

liilir bi ifta 

■ a It- 

ik«anMa't"«-]n«i BaU igaL 
«■» UM M*Mr m *ba Haaibi 
WW. abial iy If. M-T; and aU but 

|nEKPiM> Tiikl. Tht 

iMMrran 't MrM agalaal llaii «albl|t. 

<atatoh> Rick Kahnhal 

Hawk dtlMalm ha«k Date TrIpMt (41 > brtega 

tmm EaaMni whto rtcdvcr Stvvc H«ad«rMB 

«alr a««an painta. Ihmigh^ With 
l:«l Ml in Iha iaoM. ' 

in) dwiHg HarpM-t M-T wla a 
i|ihMa bv Joa* Pderam) 

Ibwb «. fm »vard. aaaa play 
nanad Kaflem to the Harper 4 
witba anal chance lo icorc But 

ptajr fbltad. 

- • |«ay 

Umw a Aimtaic paM 
S StaJtOranBi. bat 
the ball feO hanalaailr to Iba 
ground and tha Hawfea had won 
bi at many 

trtaa, M-T. 

TUi Saba4v tbt Hawbi fact 

tbiir rival NC a xbam pln B t. 
Rodt Vatlay, bi an away game 
at 1 JO pm Laat yaar the 
Hawkt detoatad Rnck Valley » 


Wuiiieii'8 Tennis 

Weber, Helman race Hawks 

Juit me day altar Tracy 

Aaatin bacanac the ynuagect 

param ever to win the I'S 

Opes taaala tatiraamaat. 

impraaMfa %* vlctary (war 
ikatibnaaat Community 

«^* InOia mold ol laat year a M 
vtetary o«ar Waubonaan, 
.Hafpar. enadwd agila tbbi 
lot* cMiiini ol Hw bmmI aad' 
never let up 
There «a» a bit of cxcilcmant 

nnbal Ub bfaaker. Weber took 
iha tMnabar and went on la 
wia tlie mabsb ^*. IHI 

In other alngka play lad 
iceded Cheryl Hetman of 
Haroer wan 6-0, e-o over 
WaMMWiae'l, I'Ori Barard; 3rd 
aaadid Jenny Jlminct of Harper 
woo by the aame acore over 
andy Haimer. and 4th aeeded 
Cindy Sarna dumped 
Waaimiaaea opponaM, fUta 
Onawa, f-i, M. 

By tba 'Uma tbt daablia 
" * - ^* ■■ lAifway 
and the temperature had 
drooped aevcreiy Bui Harper 

Aa for the poteottal of thia 
war's team Coach Boll aaid, "I 
Jaal that thia year's team oaa da 
aa well aa laat years," nMcb 
took rinl m the N4C eaalK«Bsa 
with a M record. 

"Thia team ftU along really 
•ell." aaid BoK, who doublas aa 
Harper's wamau athletic 
dtrector. "and I think it's 
tbay have competed 
aaeb olbtr for four 
yaan ol blgk teliool and now 
tbay enjoy eonpaHBg r 

ItUH tf 

Under a hot sni. Weber and 
:„„„ HUl ntayad the tot aot to a I 

Itr 'Ita tmiim ttan bus a nbi 


ol lie 'tonnia 

Tough cnmpaation, aoewdtatg 
to Bon, wiO come tram JoHtt, 
alto ia Iba N4C conierciiea. and 

tittar archrlinil Dul'igB. 

"I'm bMklag forwivd to a 
challenging aaaaon", added 
Bolt. "I won't raaUy kno* adnt 
to dDMcC npoot (mW oUni* I 

MJmM. JLv/J. X y • • ( 


Malm: head caach Sandor Otmtt 

latM<bairflmlaaaMi^.bitta 8^^.11, 

■aiaaff btaMiy aMl a rt ana mm i 

H«C aoaMranca' rlwal ivbaalaa 

iiBTiii I 4^^ b-^ 

More Intramurals 

Tlia Harper College In- 

Iramiiral DepartmeiH » now 
~ Fall Intramural 

I for all students 
to sharpen up their 

in Ume lor next year's 
lay. The program, which 

■nab. K opw to aU 
a4 ic being ad- 
by :baad h a ai ba ll 
CWe nrnton, aaalited by 
Wally fItynoMa Intramural 
la ooialuclad every 

■■llii:lb«.airS Haffar nakt. 

■ -■ - of Iba 

Tha pro^wn 
will nai ibtaiipb October a^^ For 

iaformalion, contact 
Wally Reynolds, Intramural 

CooMlaalnr, at aat. m or leave 

ia waleaiMt lo Early Bird 

Baeaball. laa yaa than. UP- 


ibr dalaibi. 

to ocganlat and ad* 
mi^niatir the Itarnar Callage 
Intramural aa« llaeraotion 
Program are aibad la call the 

Recfaallon. Wally Reynolds at 


With the anticipaud on 
of "M ' BuUdiiw m tba 
future, input is n aa d w l 
sludeats as to what types <f 
acUvitiaa lliey wouM Oka to 
participato in and wbaa tbw 
arc available to participate. AU 
atiidenta are aahad to enotrlbvla 
thoiatfita and Maaa about their 
intramural and racreatioo 
wante and needs Get in on the 
ground noor Remember, it's 
yanr program S up ar vl sota and 
ofltdals wtO alao be aaaded. 
Hop by the Intramural Table at 
the activities Fair on Sent U 
and !• which will be held in the 
College Center Lounae of 

iMilWing "ft" 



to be 


IM TMiiHHli'liMto'Mn^llMMli diia 
•■NciflcttMw" of Htrftra m m» Ha, ^Miit i** 

Omrf. irMtMi 

•qillfiaMI at ■ COM. af 
•111 tmaMe Om \ 

Vol. 13 V No. I Sqilember 24k 1979 

liilMiti Kaiiir» tliiqiri (lulfci"*. M|e»»ii«iiiiti jiimI RiimIIi- H<t»<h. I'hIjiIiim-. llltiiiiiN WH«»7. :il2-3*t7-;«MIO 

Senate elections 

and tomoiTow 

Mtcfiael Lavanwav 

Humanities m4 FiiM Arii 

_ tin 


Marcia Paierkiewcz Margaret Sullivan 
t fttat SdMCK Flisicil SdMci 



«lh • •■41-lMi4|at«<l Cum 

In utai nmtma'pimmi.ttm 

'It t iiiMilmf illktlliHl: A 

NaUnnal Wrtlttif CMIcal «Mi 
•n MlMtisl, whtch alM imii Uw 

Ml' Riy Award, t lia¥c at- 

' l iU l i i the LeadaraUlf 

aHn 'HarlitlMf ai McKcii4rft 

and Ca>ll*|t. As a (nrMga aaihaiiit 

' 1 fludying In SiMUaiid. I 

mate toat «Miaai MWad lo thi 

I of aMriMii aeilffly to lap tkt iMlMMly viu 

ap^rovlns club aui wvwa't ma Mr (Ma 

•riSB'tiaUoa chatlara. I"*." 

ftMIMMiliM. •l«dMla^^t« iml,^ 



t btUava I can 

a ttraoi 

iladve voice la Um 

•I Harinr Ctritaft. 

aniMnUM' pr I alao Mag iw 'iMWiMlp 'tilwiiii ITlTlitHi 
Contcai «Mi and' tmenaiet I lilaad iMin dMAidlliiMt'at' 

•ny camiMfii for boanl Inalw 
<>( Harptr; thu campai|n 
opHMd my ryes to • lot al 
prvblant cneouiilercd by 
Marpar (tudenta and ad- 
inlqiitnitiirft It u my tnoc lo 
nuika Harpar vacft a WOk Wt 
lor the ttiadfnU " 

"I enjoy poltiict. 1 tmm 

eampmgimd and worirnt lor 

Rafar MeAulltrro. state 

Rcfirataataliv* in Cblcato't 

ItUi Dlitiict and exiMTMncad 

what It takes to rap 'i aa i ii 

pto^e. I alao have mijch ei- 

•NMr m ina nerlance with my family 

lar Iwr imn kiiiiMi I would Ukc to |it 

involved al Harper, and (eal I 

cnuld contribute bccauK al my 

aapiifa* m ii»rpar paat ■ipnwica. 

"I woiiM lite lo be 0««a Uw 
opportunity in oar Mnata, 

an iMr 


But I 

would tike'M be giivm the 
chance, and In return I will (in 
il my btM abol." 

No settiement yet 

Itailty coBtrad fOr Harpar'a 
MU time tiafl are itill uo- 
darway Laat week, tbo 
MtBtlaUnc laam mel Kvtral 
liBMt, but mlliliig hai beaa 
naolvad aa «( }«t. 

At part of a mtitiul 
bargaining agreaaiaBt, liM 
Malli al Ibaae mealingf caaHt 
b« glieloacd to the praaa. 

IM Hi cuiiitis 



Sarrtaa and I have alM tfmlt 
th* pail !!■«• yaart wwfelag Mr 
ibt ngi Sctaai m urtd' M l. 

■ WmMgilirfl imifip^D* ■■•Pi ■■nt 

111* eoUagr I 
invalved wllb 

"I have been a membtr «il 
dais eouncil for thra* yaara al 

«n h«««ni ali«idy<iMaMi4" 
Or. Dnva wmam, vlM> 
Hit. who taali a icl- 

iltOMSBt should be raachad in 


•nil ii» lilt 

at Harnar . I 

IfetHarMaiirlMmt to 

'ftlliaill govemnenl ha* 

■.iiwal"lwnM ~ 

iSNiiii iiMUiiiKSii 
It MoImi. bttfy 
■ling ilHt bndEy * ami 'In Z^ m ' i 
ling tnvol»a4 in Ifta BR 1. 1 
la 'Ifeal. a •luriiait '"MHa 

ariivtCtes to oi 
have cnougti mooey Inpm on V- 
Show and hoM great 
including a terrine 

BIT sues Harper 

Binary ImagtTadmnhigybti 

niad suit in the Coi* QiMty 
Orcull Court lo stop Htrpir 
tron purehaatBff a llWttM 

im. I haw btot 

artlMly MvMIWl to cooununily 

of FUNit Vww 160. and church activities In im. 1 

I waa aettve In many rtcvlvrd s Mttr of com- 

I wmrm4 m MmlitKm Iram Um mayor of 

Falsline, In rc«ogniIloa of 

tf' Iha slmlHt 'nrr.ce lo the cominnwHy. In 

;ly. and t*" I 

council didstc for i 

■'■Fi»r many ,|ta« one of my 

'prtnia latatatts has bttn 

M—a nWlit and tbt art*. I latl 

m 'SdMoi ««<•» ■-■-■- ~ 

wptUi tn Int" 

"This year I tmnsltrtad from 
the University at Illinois I 

imaasd moat al thai school whsl 
I had anIcjMl so much la high 

sdml - 'Mng activniy involved 
in i l it l ii d gt f i i 'i am a n t . twiile in 

hi^ sdlkotl' I laat a rsprasen- 

Iha feM of Midniait Syatama, 

IMajr 'Iha case may be btard, 
bid Harpar ra ip tad that a 
new Judgii fat appoinlad to Iha 
aas.'jtiiga Mawan Oshtn «ll 
not pvailds bacMM of a lawaMlt 
ctaa ha haard ht im tUtd by a 
iiMMMllMf ' #1 dw ficvlty. 

Tha aail niad tUMn that 
Harpar is " 
pntalk (iBHli" 

~k«t shoaM biqr Iht 
Iran BnT, tvwoli 'WMH 

I*a||» 2 The Hariimgrr S-(iirinl*T 24. W79 



Student Senate: 
vote for the name 
that sounds best 

Attention all »tw«lt«H; th«r» will b§ » mandatory 
_js«w««v 'n »• Vfrmmlvm ftt hmr tpatcfm of 
iilu«Je«t 9ovemm«rtf ctndWatw. All stintenH «ogW 
in th« fiatt wittwut a hall pas* at that time wM be »«nt 
to Principal WcGraths office to mrv* a detwitlon 
senltnc* o« not le«* than thrte hour* or more ftim *lx 
hours of eitl*n»iv« eraser slapping. 

Now wait a minute. Itiat doesn't sound right. Merc's 
the updated sophisticated college version of the above 
mentioned Slwdent Senate candidates will be 
available to the voters for «iMttlarai mm a»mffl«nlt 
from 8«,m. to tO p.m. NVwtoy, Imamiif. Wmlnm>taf 
Thursday and Friday anvwtiere Jn »»>• vicinity of 
bl:dgs. A. C, D, E. F. U •«* ttie tclwot parking lots tor 
anyone Jucky enowflh to find one 

Before picking up »t»is weeks copy of the Mar 

Wngar, how many Harper students knew anything at 
all about the nine candidates running far student 

Senate. The answer is proliaWy lero. Of course, 
studwtts could learn a liHIe (very llttte) by reeling 
iigtn ttuitgon Mail* ot various buildings by candidates 
withenoMflh money and time to gel their point across. 

The' main disadvantage ot coHeges {to fttoit people 
H n ».n advantage) is that everything i% %o fast 
wovwg and tree Students don't have to and don't 
want to sit down and I Isten to candidate tpitctwi. The 
Candtdates. don't even have to 'Set time tO'iiHiBplfcw 
aiMl ipMk to the student body at targe. 

II II weren't tor WHC« and ttie Harbinger, students 

MMildn't know a single thing about candidal** ol 
student elacttons (Waybe this accounts lor the low 
voter turnout. Why bother voting tor a name iusl 
Ibecause tt sounds better than the rest? 

fr^wrfAnr You ASKEP FtoR^^^^X 
n me/illow in cHolestehol,s*«-\ 

M40 SUGAR, GffoWM wmiOOT \ 

[FeRTiuiwis AND nsmi»ts, «N«» I 



to the 



Chewing tobacco 
grows popular 

Chtvtot mmm 'k caMiot 
on viHi AiMfki't .ymint man. 

■rt dmriitg MilMcca tbmm days 
and the tot>iccii induMnr to 
puUuig in Ihe pnillt* ScImWc 

Htm IV ■iMMil U inrcait oadi 
y«ar line* ifM. and tht lat- 
dwlry prmwMd «.} milUmi 

TV watching increases 


Miiit of Ihme who ctaev IMak 
the mcreaw i* dot to tlw niw 
knowMge of how muiklng can 
damagr a pcnao'f h«attb. Sa 
tar Umtc haa bMB no coBCluilvt 
cvidtoec Uiat cbxvlng Uibaeeo 
is harmfnl. 

Schools defy guideline 
with tuition hikes 

t^tela art watciniig nMra TV 
Dtan Utey did a )wr if*. 

tttlavwiot vtawtnc rate to a 
'rwiird ■wntaiaii' lis iMMn awl' 
:M nilMiai a day in the laK aiii 

nuMtiw A total of 
minutcc mote a day than a year 
ago The Televnlon Bureau of 

•Mem the In- 
Ulna t» ■• 

Citrraittnl did lay that 

..,,.^,u_ J, , png0 „{ an 

■eMi»ini« uall. J«it »ke 

aniMlll Mm." and should 
— — •-■ 'be nlhlict 10 Ike 

Vat mitit tka AiatuX 1* 

laUon, ike Goaadl kad net 
ofrtdally mm* wntnat a 

Ony. tkt C« 
mn StatMy 

Ml y'tl h«mi maiit. 
uni'veriiiv «>»ld toea 
m milkon n (cdaral granli 
■nd oMilfarti <lil» ywtr 

Th« mmm cm* '» ih* 
cmaicilt tinl nepwat ti> latl 
iptng'k 'naiiMl it vrtmi* nwr 
■yiramng taitwrn colli. 
nanenne indlviduil M^udanl 
cumidaint* to the Council and 
the iMMi' rMpMi'i for 

liaa-yaar | 
Th«»mk the watt-lirJ** 
linaa are ¥Ohiiilafy. the 
Carlar udmmitiratton hai 
wiltiald ftderai 
contrarls worUi more than Kt 
■niniM fnm organoaltimi that 

IuMni 'irkw and ikt MMMai 
■uiMiMt' haa ilMpuwi many • 
Mp 10 iraaMagloii hy ad- 
minlftraloia. Cmndi Chai'mian 
Ai'iliur CmauMl admlKed iltat 
'h*''d gotten a M •>( i(K)uirMt. hut 
ralMad 'la tay which wkooti'-or 
•van kaur aaiif -havt MMtied 
■■■■i|l:laiai.lMn> iht luMMkiiB. 
-llie' inlomiaHflti tlexiM hO' 
haft conridenilal." ha •*- 
ptainad U* a mallar ol 
iroprlety " 


OCRct ot Pey 

II appears to 

m MtlnHy dial the achoolt a 

MM tn aonipkanee." but thai Ike 
annonMamenl waa not a findtng 

of a vlalal'iim 

Suck a flfidlnB. d Ihart ia one, 
•ill have to await a broader 


'Ttia couiKii aaamt 'lo ba 
(itliutitig 10 a new faeuMy 
'Caiiuei.. wm tost iprint altar 
'iMNilka' at ncgMkitlana and a 
utrlka . A* the ranilt. ika taoilly 
got a Mvan percent taraaaa 
la>i year, a l«S par cfiM kika' (or 
the n-m year, and will gel • II 
per rent tncreaie for vm^l 

Hokait Baffanheim. ■ vicr 
ptaaldadt, told Mlghrr 
ISIneaMea Oaty that the tn- 
iiriwim were part of a .Boalon 
UaivanWy allart ■» ^hava Ma 
lactity imm "eaicfe. iw.' to 



ldllar4n.Chiaf.t. JaaaMtanaa 


Wendy WbriHihalM 


Wayne RlHdien 

- RIcfeKflta** 

CatkMMllat - JSIeveMoakal 1 


ink Gail 





Lori Lynn Gtiy. Beverly Hager 

Karen AnAw. Lori Jeaior.KartaJeknaon 

Karen Aa<k«a.MihiSinilaii,||arii'Turft«H>. 
t Surda Bab Cakr. JteKaaak. Don McHu«r 

liMiMilwiiillariliiiiwif tta wrtlar and net 

liMaa naiaat ror advartlBiag talaa. can ar 

■'liiMII Iktoey Harpar CoOaae. Alagavdn 

PalaikN. n., mm., nam m-mm. aii. as. 


SefHrinhrr 24. !«I79 Tb- Harl»in,(CT Page 3 


Drinking age 


to 21 

y%u moS+ be X I or 
oHtri* buy U«r w 

be. ftJS.t.cati* . 


la MM 

■MMit' if HM UU UMd 

kifc'H liniiiiiiH 


MMMl, ttrw In 'llM AriMtf 

[ jwjt jM H^ md » « «|--' 

¥" _ 

oMmM tMr«Mag laaMftrt oi i|m ■•■' ini wtM hi !■• 

liB tm ttt prtKt pMMik Mi iMii InR liol 

Students give 
opinions on 
drinking age 

In ■ HuMr polL Matmtt 
irara Mhtd if Itay MUI WaHM 
lapircfaMt Bqunr WB thiw^ 
Uw ■■« limit wu Zl or Marl 
The followlBC are tonM 

m hm- lit" 

■aaMaiA It. "My Mndb 

■I* ahni* argMM. m lit tew 

tiMD IMV it" 

uaia ttaHMid. H, "Lma 

■ft immt U to bnhm, m 111 
pritaMf jMt.lla alMUt my iga. 
Fw pt m% tM." 

Mary H. rtarm*. It, "% 
brotbtr to B ao t'w fol aa 

Old enough to vote, 
too young to drink 


•Ml !■■■■#• 

~ 111* aHaaM UmV 

n jXiIU, -. .. J. ___^ IT* . .. ,-ifc n ,„ . Hi 

I NHV SBIIIHI W tWMHB llMHF iHBU «||m|W| |a ^^^ j^ii «|^ 

fea laka tUi traadoin fmn ui. 1 
■in aHB fcyWwl MW I can." 

KiMM HHHHrMllt V| iBt W 

iBlad ito^Mjr Iwt' • laTiia 
iJiaa4. Wlqr nab la to ae iU 
and tow twjrlMafT*' 

Lyaia PIHaa. vk "I daa't 
Mall but ita law ia unliir." 

HMwfV B< rHUr IVt No. 


CiMlty U I tod abaul my age." 
fctotaili Jiaaiii. It, "I 

' lato wUi toy my 

^SSStt'IRSStoiStofc** By*g*.| —Pii ' *t*tlm Om k m nbaiita paaaga' at iiSir&'lSM£?ahf»'XS Ma* >• va w i 

HRHPHHV Mi WPP fWPPPWPn flP' wWIWIP '(mHHHP W ihHp' flpHDHNMi BBBdlBPK jj^ij^ft^j^^ _,y^,_ Miii^iM '^^^^, lUM.*. ^1 i^iPMii^^^^j^ ^^^^ ^•'^w wfw^BiT^^ i^B fW'i'Jt'^t^V pluuyMp 

■aaaiai* anai «««r ito 'ri#t lalB to 'ilfct l ai to Mm ■aw'ili ST!^ !l!.? !!r ^.SS — ?***''*"!?'''Wif!' *!**?—» wh««rni2i' No. 

Hub* tula •«» 0M i» ■■mr lailrrSiJ Tf Tl " " ** ? ■ * »*■*■• «**y** *Mtti« afa to »i3*miia " ^iJ'H:."--.. 

««liial aaMNBHto la ito mSSm. and laga Wwaa an laMag ttrnt uuat iwalltlai. I-wTStolSE 

[la va la ananuUvta." 

OrWUat to Iw (aaii'' 

1 Let. ». "Hm law wUI 
probably rtoagr back to It 
wh«« I'm 21 ' No. I woB't buy It 
untU I'm a.' 

, It, "Yaa. 
Vm bWB hwlag it tor 


If 'Hi 

B • va 
f^taalljiii 0H. I 

: Itdiaan'l 

««M 4««n. TlUa la 

Tavarn oaiMM' 

■iriteltftav MWH IHIiHi KflUi' iSUIb i|to 
1. ^t' ■»,...ia..:4i mit^.j. am ,■„,.„...■.,■». a^. ^ '■■-jMiirT' |i^ „ .-.—.... ■" - ■* |i^ ^,^,,u|^_, ^L. 


. wH i P Mu ni AwwiB vail npippi inrijjr' vihippri, inr uHfy pprfmnin 

yMH WMM* nuuniy ~ 'psiilpil, Iri'' fiullpiiili li 
I tMntiitiiiic m 'mni: ■■■iiiliiBllii mi 

The Green Smoke 
Called Revenge 

daal' M tat 

Tto I 


fk toi lack la- 

'•to wartl. Maitoi h ktogi 

m Ito ■■■■■lilt iiiimii m mn aMtori'ilalHnafiH'todliaB. 
IMIad MIslai. Ai .mh^i $g^ **iiia .baHS i^iMi i^^^m^ 

-n «t 

la N. Ito 

I It iBi' I 

n ar 
to tf 


lit imIImnhSE 

tojatltw; TJa'Piiiiiiiltoi' laaw a( iLi 



;■» fiiiifin bi Ito 

Tatara Party bavt baw aam* piaMmi. Qaad day, 

graalad Uirw da.y« tu IMk .paltoMa." 

tlranga iHtwUMt and Hm ail j 

•. an wm. m laaft la toar ■■■:*• 

.aad OM 'itoifea wUI aiitiali«iliallHr.nwp«Mi 

.. ir. Ml lar aaar ito MtotoaM'Pilii'lMalto'toar 

Ito nto «to 'had has aad oaMid a bank af ■% *•* 

'rfg a Mdaawad ttto tto Bag. Aflar 

Mi aiat la Ito toaObndito 

raRF ♦ TW' H»rti.iii»!rf S*|*iiil»i» tk l'**W 



Sit vrt>« 'HiaiM) «** * Scnofarsnips 

llaAlifnMMi. dvUMMn <•■ 

.Ami... tlt'oraiw »m *« 1*")'. __...« 

anMt, Siyv*'. lirat'l. aii 1**.^'£J'2 

•kt I 

lie ilMita And 

ol' Utopti.. TIN 

portray tlM full 

'•I or««li'f •••»»•. 

I ait 

study program 

'" AuilteaUaNB mm mmiUttt al 
ilttniMelal AM CMka. R. A 


Smoking Clinic 

Kmrptr and tlie Htoeiala 

MMtort "Ontt SBMklncCliik- 
ftw Day Plan" from T » pm 
Is « <n pm Maoday Uiniiwh 

rrmsr m a mi 

HMBaalliH. m* r\m *.rti. 

~'^ iiin*i.«it 

form o( poiltitlon which 
raaaarch ttaows can cauic 

vvwaraj p hyaHa t wiHiiiaiiln mmIi 

haart illaaaM, ifleart, and 
bladder infMinn " 
iMtnjcMon will ha gfoi m 

Polificians go for "The Pepsi Factor 


tlw IMH ra«t, Catilornia . ,. 

Jtrry Bnm't nir and Vic« Prcaldaal WaiMr 

L'tt ta aii 

■■rti eaa- 

.l««.«Hi 'tka ««!•. ninala to ma ilractian if Om inMm 

.Ateardtng ta ■onia 
Waahingion ■tralegtttt. 
huocvvr Um candldataa ara 

)iai accancariMd with mmttat 

t JMht MkM tm, Um cammM '|Mpr at (h* irt««lil»t m tuprabaMa 
l lUmn , flilaiy Vrtraraltfrf TaiBa imlM miilXllaitMinarUiaaMMitala:. 

a wm turn i» «t«lm(i m AiitHt. KaMMly tlw raaioa la that amdanla 

HI a oMpia al hautt <■( wwh 

Mintlicr at the poHs " 

Th«i llwre'i wtuil Newbill 
calls "tl» Pepsi (actor" 
Nawluli figura ih»t Amertcana 
■lorify y<iuUi, and the yount- 
Muns a>tlc«c valuiil4Mr« can 
inOiiMca 111* wlaa' «f 

.Aimafteat palltlf, tlia y<i<i«h 

lo«* » jtftanl vl tl»t -'wia" 
alipiBg "undaelilad'" ui.s 
MN«a». ^Caittr and' Cannally 
Had Hit thW. IWhKaad by 

(cod 10 1» conjmmad, tnenntic 
wttttmn. -ran rtiidenla." ac- 
cording to Raagan Youth 
CHradar Charlai Uta. "putltW 

Thia Uw aim Is to ' 
youtli campaign 
candidtte can demonatrala 
youth Mj|>port," ihough not 
n««c«tarily to capturr that 
I Ncailiill taya 

"*«a hataa'i # 
HollMa vaia) an, 
Kally Nfwbill, MBCutlva 
diraclat ol >^ Collaga 



SaUt halp aranad- IW- 

haa day 
iMwra a»allabla, 

tanooaa^ Afvroa. it hn. : 
'■•ah.. Marti and of a 

•nalig iMwra a»allabla, SJTi 

par haar U 



part-ttana hi aaa'y 
■Hop tor amaU mamtf. c». to 

■G. aaaaaatHftoi aad'raev. 


Part tiaia 

■HlirlMMt'MMl.*' GMM' la 

mpHH np^Bpn ^m mm m ••«■ 

ilHilil if ''"''HhmI' vhi wlH HMwi' 

ifn Tra«* »m. njm mttm 

avaninga and 
I Good ftarttng 
aay Apply in parson 

HMMaiMaTS Furniture 7M 
B WoadlMd IX Schaum- 

Pirl-ltnia employmrni 
avallabla Palatine Park 

OWitel. m E. Waod ft. 
Ooaiiet Bar Da Maiinay «l- 

Paad Lit). 

'Tl Mercary Comal. ■ 
cylindMr UM Runa graait 
ilMtfr or m-MH 

Mala hHltii« lor i raam- 
ntaiai. mala or (amala 
Thrac badnMMn han*. 

■nhagMi Caaliiiia>air 
•tad beltad radial tlrea 
■■MUant cnndttlon. Mm x 
ir - WMtc wallL Paid t70 ea 
SaWM M aa.. or aU a (or 

«aalMr. Hairman Batatat 
hnaUan. HI* a .moiilli- Call 
Bill •( ••'aiH or m^lll 

■n-PINC F»r all typing 
nceda Volume dlicounlt 

Proa pKfe 'MP and dallvery. 

-' im^ 'gMMdaad. c«u 

Kamf kmjtm y a* half KT' aati teaa- m* 
'gj!*"i,.3!* ijgft ISS^ IM^ytlitlng. 'Da 

:|||p|BPI''llir wj^mf 

waatanddaya. SciwimilMrg 
area. Call Mary a( :aM«m. 

iilaiM and 
n mMH' M ■ PM- Nam 

|UiM^ ila 

Own tr:an- 

wm mtaii —>■■ fia w in ^mm 

WIMnt<waaalaa a»_i» >a ^^,^ 
iihi«ialii'lMaM«riiataaal L_Z — 

Day* or nighla Y* Old Town 

Inn. Mt Pmapw:!. JW^TM 
PataiM; m.nw. 

Boy or girl la aroct. parUlma 
•n Mink Kanch near 
Waucooda i3pportiinity for 
hilNtmc employmaat at- 

withdrawal aymplama and 
ways to keep body writfM ^nm 
afKr quitting smokMg Group 
UlCfapy iiiiiiinm will be held la 
ratn<orce the panicipaata' 
da<*ion to quit unokiog. and a 
■•buddy ayslem' will be 
organlied (or mutual aupport 
Pnr in'ormation and 
iWMratlon. call the ConUnuUig 

COC Meeting 

Thanrat a«i> A OrianiiaUoa 
Coundl maallng wiU be haM 
today iMenday) ai l pm. 
Pallowtog thla maatlag the 
ratularly achadulad COC 
naatk^ wUI be bald tha flitt 
Monday of every moaHl at t 

Ttiepurpoae of Ihla mcMIng 
«tll h* tha aala cthw ol offiean 


Sludentf nual petition far 
graduation by Oct IS U Ihar 
quality (or a dcv«* ar cer- 
ti(icate thi( tail aamaater 
Petiiioas can be oMaiaad trom 
the adoinaioiB oMke 

Car Rental 

SnW. McDonald Rd. 
Prospect Heishts 


aM 14v 'I HHw 





MW.taaMa**. I i m maMiMw 

laMmaai.atin.ail <nmatk %.t» 

mr.Ptimpmej \ rauirma 

n«1 Graad A«». 
S Btod e. 1 KL 41 






avaryday «i«» 
Lunch Purdwaa 


1^ n WMHIPMB V ■■■■ n ^ 



ClutarMl tl.l» 






Llv* Action Pinballf 


S«-|>tcnilM-r 2'K J979 Tlie Harliiiigcr Page 5 

Thieda offers helping hand 


brinii lauglK imtr to tmim 

mwsi to tht itii**. » ilip 
„n tta qiMMuM >l«]r 
lliHMlli *!••• I* !•* •• 

lU'Wto Iw* taMB will *^ 
librarv itnc* tW wtwii Hmiicr 
fini gal tl* atart in Ok Cirovc 

Ht «i>rliail it the Elli Oro*e 
tocallMi fur ■ yww •™i • *»lf 

When llw vmmt Itacil* and 
MiiHiiiiiiB nmd tocal-um wm 

a«t«MMM4l. ■•>• tramilwrwi 
IwM. Al tiMt tini*. ht waa to 
diaft* of /mnimmm fur the 
lilir»r¥. Wnm thwt (w »•• 

„ tta (iinrtBnt ttaj iilt. iii)r»r¥. Fnmi thwt h« »■• 

tliMd* *!••• h» !•* •• • tramltrrtd «» Mmiii Ctr- 

uactiM I*. H« ««** "^ citfattaBUMlthatohiiiinMnt 

■ttmiSt** *»' KM* ** ''"'P 'OMiiiMiwlMMMMyhratiaii. 

MimmW to llM Nknwy. »• *iil itai ha tniMd' «*■■. he 

Mp Um ilnlli* ■••«" •■'■"■^ twofe (tandard eomaa In 

III mtmj »cM»« from «!» 
UnlKWttty ol Oucago Among 
hit nlhcr qiuliflcationa, TMada 
worked at ttu: BcUwood PiMk 
Uhrary !« t«»« yean, and 
ihre* yean at Oie Poliea 
MnMcipal Uhrary.. 

tMMiM mm to ac- 
aewval 'ihttngv this 

Tha 'mm ahjKtiva is 

to tifoadeii the ofaraUon ol the 
Uhrary He'd Ufet mora ii<f 
caimni* and an tMmpm mt ol 
the Mittfy To halp wttli tJiis. 
the hhrarimia haw haen coo- 
dutttng Wmh 0* the library and 
Iviaffly easlainlng. the many 

(vwytMnt U lamma m the gMwral lilrary ipadlkaliom trlally enplainlnf. the many Hahar 

iknwT* ■■<' 'I**' *** ^"^ ''*' ""^ ***" <*" "** *"''* * '■■■■*■''* l aa aiM a Iht Uarary aeaWna. ilHla. 

John Wayne biography just a Shooting Star 

...I. 10 iohfl Wayne an- "X"^. Hit Man Wlio Shal The Gratn Bareti' k a bad above reproach. 

arasia lo jonn wayne an ,_^ „..._. ,„,.^ ol film Tbc (act that he disllhaa K Outside ol the pacuUartta. 

Ahaoal the book Is an bnaaM and bank 
illillhia portrayal ol Wayne's lot. R 

ill aoMTlM oiB eoveri as many bates at 
HmMiar, nnaalbla. and hat some slej* 
'not owarad ta Wayae't «■ 

II dattrmsa I 

it«ad. he rating, ami won 

with the laretUngrandlag to anyone who 

crUles. httnl r<»d the (NlHr two Jota 

Wayne MoerafikMt 

1147 Towef'R'Oad 
Sc^aumburg. H 

We are "The Beeper People" 
and have several openings now. 

• Full Tim« • Port Tim* • Your Tim« 
A good opporf unity for th» Right Pmoph 

Cafl Mr. Fuhler 




iX r-Pi KM S- 1 1 \ 1 >-BK V 1 1 » I N( ,-KH :. 


MON 6 TUES. 9€:30. 

WED.-THURS.FRi 9-8 P.M. SAT. 9-5 

llfet'lMW Trustam do not loti It 

|ClMamt.,"1ii*»lrjrt»gil«tr 1*atalstnt»t^s<inn.i. 

SilalMillM:'Pmgrant." Ihetr belts ita#i.. King m- 

KIlM It ■■Uliinl >r T'-- 1 — * plains Uial. "The 

Lst Robeit. Ha la MMfulMf tl 

Maaa'aabaiMtedMnittdte i nn ta ia ry.' 

.aaM an Dtag -«->«- According to King. Iht 

haale deiiartinaal wotfct on tfatir otm 

al ill bM can raaptat htip Iram the 

t«w«ay fadin.~~btys M i 





MargnrMaa taniad hv MM mnhar 

M . Sat. ■ tun. 

Algonquin Ptara 
833 E. Algooqum Road I Route 62J 

Schaumburg ___ ,,.^ 

mwmmm 397-0100 



Bike path 
in the 


Last year Gr«g Moooe. s 
(ormer student senator, began 
the idea at a 
Hhc path akngiidt 'Ita 
major roads tarrtuadlng 
Harper He first posted a 
petition for Ihoae students who 
liked the idea and would use Iht 
path How* 
noi gal many i 

Ha (tan anUatad Ihe ha^ of 
ZMradar ol 'Stunent ActivitMB 
Jean Paaknoaa. They 'bagm 
caiiing park dMMcts, cily hsUs 
•nd otbar organiia lions in 
MtTounding Ummib Becaiaa al 
Harpen location. Uwre is the 
question ol who wouM acctpl 
(ioal responsibility 

"This project." Paakanon 
suted. "la not aomelliing only a 
student saaalar can uaoattate. 
Anyone al all who has the Una 
or tees the need (or a Uke path 
can aasumc the r ea p nn s iWH ty." 

ftgf ft Thr Hsfbiaper S«!|ilriiit«r 24. I«)79 

Tips on how to moke a hit record 

DMi UW Ili'Af ft Mdl'tf '1^ 

• * 

tnin 'Moti. tftd Map. In- 
•triuncBtftl *m$», daactat. 

iHMa. II: inA Hwt tard M f*^' ***»*•*'" ** 

MMfct tt. or it It?* 

■Mar. mm «f '■»■ 
•Mdi' Mt pisywiai Uit i 

Ml y«u iriial yvu ■HMill MUttd 
liiw. or Iw* Is niftht yom 


Yaar touf daani't tuemt to 

■akc any tmm Mck ai itM 
Purple t>Mpt« Ealcr. Hw 
Walorfaic Suigla or RufaiMr 

Ducte. It cm 'bt alMUt jraur 
incMi* We likt "Thty'r* 

Cmniiig lo Tifet Mt Avay" or 

"J*«t" ^ Vm can uw rnnMiie'* 
■mile and add jwir own l|Tlc 
Ikt Stmrn Dahl'i Do Yaii 

TliiikriiiDiiwW'.wUt* Bmtiii 
> "nw Ibpical Smi«" ar 

Trichy Dich > Takr A Wak on 
Uw Watergate Side' 

II you can play an iRitmiiMnt 
and make neit jungt maybe you 
couM write a racoid Ulie "Klag 
Tut " . wtildi pul Slew MariM on 
lofiaalhtrkliest comedian But 
niayte ym would «nte • Ime 
MnC tike tiM Baalim' 
"Mkhelle ■, <>r GeorKc Genli- 
vkW* "Sommne To Watch Ov»r 
lie" Love s»nfs seem to 
ta the htiiait Mllm. Pal 
Deb Boone. The 
I, The Rolllni ^^Mma. 
Dean Martin, F'lviik St<nMra 
and Ctvit Pratley all had traat 
■occMW wl'th lo««' MXMp.. Ti<ay 
newer acem to low commtn 
feeling wilti nvrryxme 

But maybe you would like lo 
write aboul animate objecti like 
Chicago . Empirr Stale 
Building '. "Red Rubber Ball . 
or "lly Chewing GiBi Uiaai ICi 
flavour on the Bed Poit 

BiM you dtn't need lo wrttc 

lyrics to hocome a imaah 

Zodiac: o division of space 


WM ahoNt ummttmmm 

MafI PUJt Wt aware a( 

•Mr trtf* Uuil ftf* 
iiraociMid wttk IL A tow ol 
ihani may apply, hm fmhiNy. 
BO do th« charaaltrlitltft 

I If tkiM tM. 
tlw dpn of Uw ladbM: art 


• Mcntivc. 

!n, tndepanduit 
goal orieolHi 
I. eonacrvativc 
humuiiatle. lai- 



Place* inapirational, 

emotionai. compaaaMXiatc 

I muat ilMta again, that 
mitrywm aatralaglGal portrait 

avwiOBi <s apace 'laan aa ■ rn^m mm way an poamooao 

BvoiMic MeaauriM dtvKa. in, ralir to Uw BManar la whkh 

'lla anaiiNV al Um Ih. 'Moan ika paiap acta out Qn in- 

WMmM' flIUI lAjBjwiaiMnll ■yHjB gJIBHlAgpn in #|!|lln||l'^ IflW: UiWUt , — *^"lul' llfcl!l dl— 

l« IMr 

fta ■MM. Hanca, m unwaara'aflMl 
.bHiaiMftllaaBaip. wMi the ■!•« 

ckart far an laAvidial, IIm 

paaMona ol the pianata^ are 
caltwtaM lor a apactfie 
■■■■■I' If Una, aa viawad 
liMi! a inadKc 'hMation on 

s< T*f% 'la a HP' af iBa iBini* 
fiat, tad all tira»»t 

vi fin. adia' art' 

■f lin tatm, 

dMcitpttaawif to 'taiy Mai. 
(or Uito ia a cnlinnn and not a 
I'm iure >i will givii 

Aftan ' aaaafUvt, 

•Igna. tuat to dUtorcnl digrMa 
The more planets within one 
Hgn in a chart, the mare 
dominani thoac qualillaa are tor 
tluil pcvion: 

NagI tune .lonMaae quaatims 
■'•lial ilgn »» you'", you may 
nqrii iaying "I am a Mend of idl 

I aiiUM Vtni til ■tiidlini thai In 
hilipe cohiDMa, I will malMi 
■vaiUUf my aatrologlcal in- 
larpntatloas lor anyone wllll 
concarnlng their 

fannM - persiatanca. wMll, 
i|u>ck, lively, 

!, lack of enU'- 


niiiraad) praiactiwa. 

lao • proud, boM, sail ea- 
praaiive. lite hivliV 

Virgo - <|uial, modasl, 
■MMeal, ihgieal, Bcaetical 

Um ■' hannoaliiii. aoelal. 

Iiitereatad may 

ailliailil ipadllc questions lo die 

nflkc located in 


1 ha iubmittad 

aihwg wMi the qaastioa. birth 
dale. tMac. (lo the minute, AM 
or PMi and loeatlan <city, 

•noMry, If nary tnall town not 

Mad an a map, piaaae inc.lade 
naaraal 'large cdy) . Neil weak : 
The Four Elements o( 
Aslrotagy DWirent krvela of 
(Undioning. which one are youT 





Coll ext. 461 
ask for Joan 

•anaatlon. Chuck Msngione did 
■I laat year with "Fecit So 
Good". You could write thcnw 
nngt like "SWAT". "Rock- 
iord riles" <>r make the song 
tike Kraflwrrkt Auloballn" 
The qaesiion many ask ia Ihe 
one of money The coal o( 
recording • record can be as 
high m tl».VB aa waa the caaa 
uf the Beach Boyi "Suilar 
(iirl. ' ' Or it can be aa kiw as IM 
like Elvis Costello's "The 
Angchi Want lo Wear My Red 

One InporUinl item is the 

name of your group. Take 
names like the Troggs. M€ i, 
Carand I'unk. Fleetwood Mac. 
(he Knack, Sex Pistols, all 
which are onginal as well as 
tMCfasling .Some names which 
are available are (he Pinheadi, 
7*75, Hurncane Fredrick, or 
simply ute your own name like 
Dylan has done 

Maybe Ihe Byrds had said it. 
best 10 years ago. "Say you' 
want to be a rock n' rolls star, 
litlen to me. grab yowicU an 
electric guitar, take some time 
and learn how to play ' 


Tccate Trto Bravo can put out the fire An icy 

red cm of Tecate Beer imported from Mexico. 

topped with lemon and salt Now you're cookin! 


Public Opinion Research 

Learn about the fascinating field of 
public opinion research while 
working in our comfortable 
Arlington Heights office. 

Look wtiat we offer: 

+ Fleiihle hours; day, nighi or weekend 
-f Rapid pay advaocMnenl ailar Iraiaiag perlad 
* Immaiaaia apanlnii 
^Training claaaas twice a weak 

For further information and 
oppointment, please call 

Mrs. White 981-5500 


715 W. Algonquin Rd., Arlington Heights 
f^iual <lji|»(>nunih- F.ntployi-T M/F 

Hm Dbik k 


24, !'':'< III.- Harliingw Pa(>e 7 

Harper sports body building champion 


"11 dMHi'l nulMr wiMt you 
ttmUtar ttm unportani U Is 

Jwl M yw do MMnttlilng Mill ili 
it iint|Mriii(ly " "St«]r 

__,. Ha »»»•« out 

•tarytfijr lor «» ■■! <M»lalf 
hdun. t>(t<"R litntMl' •«•# lor 
aiinpcllttan Vou cm m»Mt 

■noU ynr badgr anyvay yw 
'vtiii iwlO' tM> 

m' MI]r-MMti« iwl <am 
aotf tport Maiu««r Bob Long 
hat to <in«r 

««• daM (HI- miy. Hiipi i l im m oAaljnn 
■MM U't MWt «aal to 4i," :ung mM- l™y 
gmm. It** iMrd hawa iratranMi Mr iM^if « 


■ ■i» out al tia 

. a haaKli dub tti 

tha WUto* Park Plaia tn 

gainlai ««|hi and •paclal 
hand-«uU lor vitamin and 

ptoialB Manoatma^ TiMni are 

or fltk» moft*' *)"> )** *■"' 



$1JnOFF sn. 

Sotuniitaial yawayaiindgM • laiMat SdaMcy igrtal m> km* 

86B S Bmhum Rd . Des Pisines 

1426 Odaem Ave . Downers Grovt? 

Also Serufng 

■ifr^ V r:i,,i,u,:^i Re] , Des Plaine- 

'42b Ogden Ave., Downers Grove 


Mou'4 SuiH!.i» rhiLi T>iu".dJv 'iftMln'lPM 

to kcvp tMr form (or 
flaMttUly. to kacf> ui ilwpc 

Jair VmOm a a nwnfr who 
OMtailvvlj' wariB on Icfa (or 
MMiglh-'lNiidlnt. Povw-ltlUng 
if aiMMlMr dactlw «or mam- 

Ths Weigtil Room has ■ 
Maady following ol Harptr 
■luilcnlt SoBw ol th» mimtiara. 
■Mh at SunJo »nd t«» brother 
Vinen and Rich &Ml>n«. htvt 
Iwan tliere iincr it* openmg 

■Thare « a hard c«rf group of 
(iiyi that c«n» tn all the tunc 
And alhart that come in 
•••tay," Mid Lon« 

But Uie chJb ic not Jwl (or 
men Wo«n«n ha»« given it a 
try. moolly out ol cunoaity 
Tliey even ran a lummer 
|ir<)Cnim lor cirla and had a 
pretty niMI loUowtng 

•nm iaUlM. Room >■ cJwaper 
than a health ciub or ipa. but 
ll's (or the dedicated breed. 
They tton'l oflcr a pool or a 
tauna or any of iJie "fancy 
•tuir" health duba have to 
ofler The num are there to 
work and to («eat It'a a dlf- 
leraiit atnoaphere 

And Dart of that atmoapiiere 
a Surdo. who recently won 
ciglst trophica m the Collegiate 
llluiou contest in May He at- 
inbutes the winning to a certain 
rautine he (oUowi He works on 
a dWeiwH body part every day 
Ha mlgW work on legs one day. 
and hw chest the neit But It 
alternate* In the contest he 
won for e»ary Individual part 
I best anna, tegs, chest, pose, 
etc I plus the overall title II 
ws* Surdo's third competition 
He'i presently Ijuilding (or the 
'— i>r Mr lllinou in November 
riecaniber He hope* to 
■ r the Mr I'mvene contaM 
in lour or five years 

Rich Godinei. »otihomore 
layi he first joined taecaiae he 
dliki't want lo be skinny "1 
wanted to improve my health, 


JuM two t«» silver- m J- dtgit Mantis»a,/two *§ 

aside batteries will Wi ■ eioonent calculator 

Just twotiny silver 
oiide batteries will 
power this slim eiec 
tronic calculator lor 

apfiraaimataly l.(X)0 
Hours of oiMralion or an 

TlwSharp EL-filK]6' ii an eight' 

dtgit Mantissa/two dlflt 
eiponent ulc.ulator 
--,1- I , taturmg a towipcNirtr- 
* cO'nsumingFEM liqiitiJ 
crystal display 
So, tor an average ot two bat- 
teries * year, you'll get plenty of cal- 
culating power in a small package. 

• Aulomat,c: pow«r-o« tunclmn. • Statutcjl cjltuttiioiis with stutistitat 

• TrifOilOimetric. inyifse trigooomatrie. nwKle i STAT i number o* Mmple*/ 
WgirMMi.c, and hyperholte luncl ont, fXt . ni i i mujn ./r ,' nXt'i standard 

• Oitro*'™i!'saco»Kl and Pi»le» dawiatmn l^S«. t eoter lUta/cwrect 
iactangubr Conversion cMalOAMCOm^f* 

; • -.-"s-'i 


\' ^111 ihiiiirl Imh»mJ II mill I ^ '„ ^"' 

I lIJ' CO I iiiiJ ifaij 'issiJi'-- 

t'oo ao'iii'.' 


and my watstUnc 
thtnks you have la be smart, 
(kdlcated and use your head 
"Thwe are the people who are 
always putting on an act. 
though " 

These t«o ilMlMMa and oUars 
who work out at least three 
ttmaa a «Mii say they have no 
problem combining college, 
full-time, a job and working out 
ai The Weight Room Sunk) 
"lovesit It's a pari o( me Andl 
ttiU maintain my 

There have bee 
couldn't nit il and have 0ven 
up According to Long, he lerls. 
■ihey're just laiy That's the 
only excuse" Or else they find 
It's too hard You really have lo 

work whan you're a part of tha 

And as sort of an incentive to 
work. Long heM a contest for 
the club members on June 21 
For the people who have never 
entered any contests before. M 
provided a chance lo push on 
their work-ouls The con 
testants were able to see how It 
felt to get in front of people and 
pose "II was sort of a state." 
says Ixmg 

Manafer Uiog.. who htmaiil 
has worked with health dubi 
for about five years and lifla 
weights at the chib. hopes to 
opan another Weight Room in 
the future; this one for men and 

Intensified training; 
key to a better look 


but laal lial r * not sutncMnl to 
sat up a proper eicrclse 

WeigM Tratolog (or 
I or wofloan to firm 

arpiM»il | > f eMi>ti 
In iii Mat 'Hal 'iMT 
piiMlWi ilawliVM*** 
miscuiar vilh a bmjr i 
■chaduie am ha aiaily ac- 
aoiBsUtiMd by followtng a 
•ttniiia froaram RaauKa of this 
Bm^ani are eatUy obtalnad 
iinwih a simple tadnlqoa 
calM "Intanattled training" 
Maaaity la what this program 

Moat people. In whatever ty 
exercises they perform 
unnecessary lime in thctr 


d aHmutated man 

roi^a loiv 

Tha iNier Oia raat 

the more time tba 

ba«« lo racivarate. 

Intanatty also apaadi up Iba 
burnli* <i cahMiaa to rid (tie 
body of fht lo praaant a mora 
nrm hMk. 

The powth o( tmsda farmaD 
and nmiliif ol miselc lor 
woman la aehi«««l only Ihrailb 
miBdacaU h i e ati fcwm . 

By talnaUyiag the proisaai. 
the body raacU tkalar bringfac 
about a more rapid change in 
muscle (onn 

When time is Umlted this 
program will help the body kMk 
batter faster with leai time 

Bodybuilders, athlelaa. 
studenu and taatdnn; with a 
good diet and diaclpline anjrana 
can actaiene a peat hMk with 
little lima Eaardaas per- 
Ibnned quiidtly but with strict 
ionn added lo Ihia pro-am wUl 
eraale a leak that is sure la ba 

t'aiir 8 Thi* HaHiinfgrr S(«r|Mrniltrr ^t. 1M7V 

Hawk Defense, Offense not enough 



tttt mam In only mne ptoyi. 


■raaTmiiNi la flmpinMi of il«)r 

flf 'iim^ NMriMI In loani for 
Ifet fn^Mi On Harper's 
liimilill Mfeniive tcriei the 
RlMta mra tiiuble to movt llii 
ball aod Jamie 
came on to do th* 

thrwigk tlM mMltr itmnr 

Harm Mm* kr r 

"um mm tm \ 

MIT .%NI> m:'%. THlMi't Carftaa Wet kr It if' IPHifit ■• itirtr o-l mm war ttmtfm. (fliaU k>r 

■a* ■mmr amm 01*' M Mat jar* «• t»l#wa. Uft l,»ia e«» * 

Spor^wiiting hard? 
Not really 

lacUaa." aaid Ward NdaOB. 
Harper deleaae coach. "Wt 

•ere only W*>»t l ^lf** )^ 

M •f'.iMaiHMilli. Yw IMw to 
ItMOMit to tlMir backi but «« 
vans*! ready to play a taMi 

Triton racked iv rnarlir 4M 
yardi 00 total ofteBte. In 
contrast, the Havki «are 
limttMl i» W yardi on Uie 
(TOind and M In the air Hariiir 
nmnlni hack Devtti Maatlty 
vho fiiiMd \m ysnk io IS al- 
laoifla afaiait Eaetwn the 
prtvioiit veeh. coald only 
It yards m nine 

and a nob e( THIon playen 
tn and Mocked H, 
(lie ball on the 
r l« yard line. TrtMa leak 
.ody two j/tK/r^mm m Om 

lie 'vptlNlrliwIte It- 
The left tiirno¥«r tint 

A Bat pMi by 
|ricfeid ofl by TVolm Ttmm 
Roam into beat Dnin Hcaaley 
in in at-yard foot race to tloe 
mioD Ka Bnal acwt ol Om dcy. 
Itefir't lone Mart eMM 
early la Uw taarm VHuiar vtan 
ReiliBeyar u niaaa h ed a loog 
pata dewafiald and wide 

It ia le enopMn Um tt^wd 
acoriatiitay. Mlki "AuHantle 

Pal "We're oot ■attlac **• 

ip replace Onvk lUeln 
nl out in (he aaoond 
with an ankle kijyiy. 


kt W«VN8 

M CM aUU om OM 
title with four 

^*') am pheaiied 
llMay. "MMaavar. I dMiM If 

any ef Ine 
ninch siMi.' 


THMn look ike hMd 

a«ay afur laklnt Uw 
kiefc^ and nMrck 

hMdeoack John EUaalk ivhekad 
aaan Wa team pile up 4> pointi in 
Ha Bnt two laine* "We're not 
■■ttlag somaone who cm- 
alikHiw u ai i i mM t wall.** 

"Nan weak will ha ike bay. 
«» aae if ttda laam haa (be 
llllWil III la eana elf a( Ike 
' a inBM Hka ikki." 


I m "- • mythical Knifbu M. ■!«« 'If mail hn»af«aniir. Irlil* tMt. 

'pr m. It'a tlw tturprialnf. aalmnMlagl iSMad. rttaiMIt fmw«l Joa 
i'aaMtUikalM •cartel IMt. Suiack, "Wo'B win llw (con- 

•ssjeiR? Intramurals 

Tlw Harpar Intramural 

dtary. otfklatiat dintrtM 
l|Mff4i« iimai sliiiai of farililiiTi, 
gyaiaaftlci, golf. bowUof, 
wraalliof, tennli. volleyball, 
etc. Studenti intereatad la 

SwMd It tmm a lecn) l«ndlai Ifce iwlaiwi. »Je- laMiM. Mate.) dMnviaa 

Ika atrectiiTrafaly. « a««, "tyttltt, ■■*• **«*«f_5i |a% nl» lit fta amna 

,«laa. caila(ltimfiliM'aMl.(IMH« aboW Ms latM* ('be 

As • anlMr aHaei, W ma dBi«i.mi»adifc»jml Ui'*""^*' ebaaeaa) of vtanlai 

ll^ikaf«n«vMaerkar.wi^ in • nil »Hii rt Hnytit_ Mmt m-Mm.--ummm.JM 

Snb ^ii. '1^ ^ Hill alia H* JayMt*. iai|id m, mpiatniMaalmyabaan 

liiiliia-mliiii M ^miV MllMMW of' WB aiypiit 4ir UM ing. ^ML IBB): t««ni 1 

I 'Uie wetk of Oet.. l. 
Oompstitian will be in Haa'a 

Wramiiral Office. 

There will be a meeting for all 
■tudeBia Intereatad tn aBiiilii« 

ht k 

I UrsfemM*' cbancas) of vtnnlag the 

ol pinyiag tbnt. mvUm.. "i (batoee. Isal) tbm 
- - ^ 

In tbe 

Idoubtif ■^.^■" 
» *• (Of m real ish« sbova quote 

Only (Haw, i^atmi win laU 
of (he Jwbif*. (iw late k 4* :nit lir (can- 


In Wat 

k FMdiirtaltP'in-ln 

Vmum iwady? AlrMH. hart MU" Wlaalay. i|vnhad. bub- (armiM. dMNMMl) 

M*"'*' "•• '""''•*' •"■"^ oaalkbmlitorliure, certain). 
TC'bypatha*lcal JayMrdi S^'" '"'*• ''"*• ^^ mul oS la Iba Itct that the 

tmSmUmmmm aeir Um bS| W nl n » It tm ana lamn'^^ JayMrdi are off lo • 

mylMnl ffiliblii 'Mm 'ritfii by VMty tbt ftAM pMtn thtafcin>a. hsUinra.) sttrt 
SaaaMafWIt. oali Bmj lit Jay W' Mwt wtt aaahmiaaay itwaa? tiM 

MwaMttl'Ifei'lMlliil'ltil fcmn warn you tlial this won't be 

^ Tig bypitbtt kal JayMrdi ""Jlffli STlltT'l ^ 

warn you thai this won't be the 
., mosl difficult) quii 
arm (take, enemirtar). 

Onor ol BMi. A. or atop by the 
■anie rooas oHIct on the third 
Hoar af n4|. A by the pool 
lablea. and sign 19 UMre. For 
mof* iatemiatlon contact 
Wally ReynoMk in All! or eaU 
est Dt. 

Any Btudanta wtntlnf to 
biCMM latrtmnril tad-or 
Recreation Superviaart, are 
aakad to stop by the tampocanr 
lotnmural Office AlU tad m 

■y. C 1.. wh*a Ike 

wiiUM 'la htte In plairhg. good man and womai 
anwSag,. and dtawUng tbe laam manageit and 
MMMiral Prvtn are aatasd work wilb the stUaU 

tha piimii' 'tl 
certain skills and 

it la 
lUng a 

And for 



The Haivtr OtOsfi AtbUtte 
■ma are taaUng tor ■ ti« 
'te walk It 
t»illltfs to 
athialie taaaH. If 
Iraa Hint bi Iha 
and would Hhe ta 
contact Oaorgi 
M ll-ltrr. or call OB a>- 

Mk M Ij'lW. ' 

t^ Hea 


Health Club for Men 

We offer supervision in Conditioninfl, 
Weiaht Training, and Oody Building. 

Mi Mmi - MCB talm h fleL 12 

mm ' Mwn ~. ■ 



tart naia Milwaeiaa Ave. < 





Settlement or strike by Wednesday 

A* Mm K»tptt raciilti 
iwgolMltMa GMiltaat, 

It Jtmkmm tt Bmr 

«M hrid Tlmnidtir tn i 

ilm tiatui »( (icKliy 

'IMgMMiiMii. Tht nwUnf •• IIHI a K il l— t ttaiMiM to 

cliM«tlotlit|ii«M.aild'kl(ga«ll nuctma >m ihc n«r future " 

hmp. «. Tbt liifi all* iMvi .a rcUaMc tourai. tvho nkcd 

• irtt«aiiaN«liiriii|thaa«Vi. IT m k* MttdMlHM. Ml Uw 

torfliaiag afrmnitnt. Df 
Davt Williaini. 
1 Ict-prt tidifnl, laid 
•r Utat than art 
I thai ov havtn'l 
laad" aiKl (cell 

' 'taa raacMO toy 
ra Mrttia by 
r (acuity would result 
Tha Miim ii ihtoIvwI m tlie 
in^HMmu and ii well in- 
tormad on Om fragran ot tlw 
ttipill*l*ao* Hovever. ihc 
totirce MMild not give any 
dalaiU o( itie negotiallng 
■aitlani stnec he It tMNind by Iha 
liar|aiiilac iyreetiwtit. 

biliary laacher at Harper. 
afraed that citbcr a lettlenMW 
or strike «<ll probably" be 
ikr\<M nn by Mil Wednasday. 
He could noi say when the ttrike 
wiwild begin. i( aiiiiiiortad by the 

"Tht quaaUoni at hand arc 

Wtllian E Miller. 

nl the Fifulty Senate and a 

te P f t iM W i " Hanry 
of tba Jaamaliam 
departoMnI "t tliink a I U> 

I percant increaia in aalai? 
li ridtcuioui In Icmu of in- 
(latioa. It (yearly income) la 
laaa than poUcemcn or firaiiMn 
make." he added 

There ia no deadline for the 
letlletnent a> of yet, and 
negotiations have continued for 
months Or Williams said that 
this year's negotiations are 
going at about the -same pace 
as last year" and he expecu the 
settlement to he reached soon 

\nl i:4\ No. .y OiUAwr 1, 1979 

%tlli;im Kaiiit-v lliir)Hr < Iiillrj:*-. \l:i<>ii.|iiiii ami KomII. Ko.i.k I'aliiliiu-. Illimii^ 6IMK)7. .{I2-3*K-.{(HHI 

Four candidates elected 
to the Student Senate 


nm rcMMa <•< iMs yacr's 

MHlfiil Sawite electiai' mi* 
iaMaM.Sa|il. a.'T!iti 
ol vowa wto ta ' " 

Urn* t imcinl of the student 

'MU' «atii«... A tmal of III 
Mhiia ware caal durlaf the 
iiMMlay aMMtlna. 

Tmi Mali « «» sanala mtm 
iHMalaaM. Mark A RiAb 
tM Uv MiiaaMlics, nyiic*' 
itmma i TeclmoJiny division, 
•aal' wllfc m n»m. There were 
17 writ* ID lialktls cast Michael 
$ Lawsim mm the Physieal 
education. Athlelici • 
MaaiMtian dtvisM seat «ltt 
H vatia. Twenty-five wrfla-iii 
lialMs were caat (mr that 

to the Buataeii * 
Scitiiee division, four eaa- 
dldalaa canipcled (or the senate 
scat. Mlchaei Lavanway wiai 
thttaal wilb n voles. MargaM 
Mllvan recetved yi vntaa.; 
Mamie fsterkiemcs. 1} volat, 
and Pbltp R VavBban, I« 
vol** A lolal ol 171 taaMi wemt 
cast in that divisi«Mi. with 1 
wri'lc-ln balMB. 

Joan Cvana wm. Um Cm»- 
iwwicatiant. Miinaiilttati « 
rine Arta Mat '•HU, W «M« 
Dtai Eifenhawer received » 
mtat and Eric W Jacobaon 
recMved n vwlae. Six wrtla-in 
baUnts vara eaat A UMal af M 
(MB Ml* caal in thai diviaian. 

n^preaafitativas ttacoena 
organiatd. tlity will Iib' 
laafe of' Bllini a vaeaM 


Buildings i and J to open next semester 

for the Life Science ft Human 
ServlcfB division seat 

At It stands now. the student 
selected to that seat must be a 
declared major In and-or Uklag 
a majonty «( their hours in the 
Lilt Science and Human Ser- 
vic«sdlvtii<in They must enroll 
in and successfully complete a 
mmimum of three credit hours 
per laRMalar. alao. 

Hoaravtr. i( no student 

•ally n>rsn> ol comnninkstian bctwem caa- 
dMalet aad volen. 

aieeting tbaat rcquirtmants 
apiiHea for tlw tab. an appUeant 
(ram ana«)Mr dlTWoa may Oil 
the seat 

The Life Science ft Human 
ServicaB senator will aaaume 
reaponaitaihty for $400 ta be 
spoit In that academic dtviakm. 
The stwi It eipected to be filled 
in the near future Anyone 
vitbinii to apply for the teat 
may apply in ihe Mudent Ac- 
tivttlas Office. A3M 

Uy IMiv M< III 

litre *t)l '■• t«* na«' 
tMMMntii vfien i« tilialMl* W 
th* Harper Cum'pit* ntll 
%Riinter.biilMii|»laMlJ The 
two btilMiMfit. laioinl at the 
mmilMiasi iwmer «< campH*. 
• ill lie Ihc new h*adiiiMi«eii* lor 
the tombliied Bunnesn ^tnd 
*»«! Sk-wnce InnMon, *c 
(■ociling <<• l.>avi(l lAiltaaim. 
Vice l»re»idant u( Aradrmn: 

The hulllimlswtfl have a total 
■I a intlructwnjl idciliiief 
WvludinK a '.M>-sc«t levlitre hull 
iMltMiiliig. tile two hutkliniti 

C#n«»riielion of the n#« 
iHltMlnii •'■• iaiiip<i*ed to have 
btail' i!«impleled. in time lor Ihe 

Caanl: full temester, but 
•use ol the pr«»n>u» Imd 
■' inter and an u»ri:pecled 
temeiM ihorlagw. c«>inplrtioii 

The bullAugi, »Wcll coat 
•itriMWliiely Ii -'■ milti.-ti 
(Man to bwM. »ili Im'- ■» 
wr a* 'tijrcwliieti lunlii irt 
■■'" i •■■• WiltoiBS Ammi$ 
.,!■• ... narMlBf lib'. 

Harper to have greenhouse 

MpriMPViMHi wit EHaHMMiriHrllJIilk' I JIlMl w tf'vT trUiv HllllflMrlrWII^' ' 

The child care lab will 'ha»e 
\t% uwii kitchenelle, a viewing 
jiUM imh <>mf"W»y gtani for the 
tnmrwtiin. direct Mx-emi from 
ihr rwam to w uutude pla.v 
Lirni . iiffll a Htparatc waihniim 
i.tritiiv (or the Wib loddleti 

u iltmiiB MV* Ihe new f*ilil:> 

• ill. "fiVf *>"■ i'"'"i.'I' '■- 

nm*^ mMf0r\.~^ ''■•""' 

■■(iBiiwileti •tmu«n>t» 
TNf tasture lull 

1*1! Ul) 

"1 , 

fieellent li«t>ttng system, 

MCMTdlnil to OamM Mlaic. 
nir«rt.<ir of the fhysical Pla.nt 
here ai Harper Mitic is 

respomttWe lor overiaeinf 

nimtrurtionof new buildi'nis on 

Thf l<fct«rr hall will be used 
fnr (U"vn>« (II*!* upeakeirt., 
jii<) t»»»ti>tj tor the Harper 

11%. MMtlMIIII'll' 'Wn PHR*^ ' 

b« H»»\ MiHVOH 

High SchiKil Dittrlcl IH will 
()«■ movini It* horltculture 
jirtigram lo Harper by the l»ll 
l«M> semester This decision 
was mude by the board of 
trusieet ai their last meeting at 
the request ol the ad- 

The program had 
previounly handled at the 
Mount Prospect Friendshlp- 

I'ark t'tmaervattry. but had lo 

tie nH.>ved because of a new 
regldMlim concenung the Ur 
saMy rode at Ihr facility 

Districl Zlt'a program is a 
dl.rect (cedar program lo the 
one here at flarper. and is 
largely responilhte (or the 
Miccrss (if the program 

The Iwrii.-ulmrr program 
began her« m l«4 with tan 

cliideiits Ciirr*nt.|y ibtrt are 
IM ttislfnls enrttllad. 

riir nr* prugnm will bring 
<*i-ni' Ihr need lor additlnoal 

instruction areas and Ibe 
liatrict baa oliertd to pay for 

The proposed conslruclion 
would be an addltioaal 10 by 100 
loot greentooute adjacent to the 
eaistiiiit one. The approniniate 
coat of the greenhouse is ex- 
pected lo be about Ml .500 and 
would be absorbed by the h4gh 
sciiwl dtatrict. 

TUi can tneliRlta: «11^ tar 
fltMrint and tide walls and 
UMltrground drainadr. Il«.fl00 
for the greenhouse structure, 
and tl].(KIO (or environtnental 
ctmtrol equipment conslstiiig <4 
piping for heating, watering. 
and electrical work 

ronsiruciion of the 
greasnhnut* u <n he handled by 
!behon.icullure students .as part 
•uf a elact' project »i(h the en- 
vinwmrntii I'quipmfn! t»ing 
InalalM by the refrigeration 
and air conditioning itiadixili at 
the I 


PsKir 2 TIm* llailiiiicrr 4 trtiiWr 1. 1*17*) 



Nader attracts 
student body 

Thert *rt approximafely 1».7*T Harper ttuOvnH 
who misstd OfW ot th« most rtwardlng presenlation* 
at Harper this year. It was a speaker of natioMt 
•sttem and notortety consumer advocate R«l|lti 

The reason many students missad ttie event might 
h*we becfi the cost, it could have been too eKpenstv* 

tor them'. It mm Irm. It doesn't seam 'possiMe. 

Itor'peT alfwrs so many events, concerts and 
speakers, its unbelievable that so f*«v students bother 
to show up. 

Nader's talk polled in on* ol fha frmiletf at- 
tendances at one ot these hind of events. And, only 
1 .2$ per cant ot the student population cama. 

After sitidents graduate trom Harper thay will 
probably regret missing such graat opportunltfe*. 

How can one e«pec* students to vote whon they, the 
students, don't even attend a tree Harper evant? Lest 
week's Student Senate ttectiont attracted only on* 
percent ol the Harper student voters, and that's 

'•bout average. 

student loan bill College presidents posse'? 
cuts default rate 

CDNS Canifua oftictai* 
I'liraiiiriKni III* eotintry art 
tmtkmimin: ovtr llit In- 
~ elliiii # B 'Mil tlM amim ■» 

'■■'li'lill'l I.MIilll 

»m Stnmat ttauy 
Beltimw w( OkUtMima. |||. 
trti<lir«f4 llMr NatMmal SimIiniI. 
Lwn Httmm .Act i« II* Swilt 
Imi Jutji 

SiitMimiji' tn iprailiiete' Am! 
Mdwuradiiat* wltiMlt vti* 
•M wnuM' |«t nm- 
Mtw MMiiict 'traivt itiw 
1lM Mil viiiM tiin- 
■lyt lwt»-liu-iim« 
ieiiiWe raiHy'iiwiit 
TiMM. II It himint. mmM 

"TlW'Ikcl of itit iMtiOT is llwi 
Ik* prfiMiiM twa *yM«in iImb 
nnl wnrh.. Vni tav* tmeh wtiltly 
diftartng ■laiMlariliit,"" iMi 

"Di((*rtiii rafilwiii trnvt 
■imgmt^ emiMiti. <■( t*|iiW:. 
I 'UaMiii OMi t #vwii |vwiNpr 
enMit muiiiiii 
I pnMHtWMB IMS liiK'omt 
mmr ot ■ tanktiiK tmru;* Imr 
Iwdiilta tlMiii an tiluriilUMal 
If f*if MiiiovDla: ' 
liiiMi lliriflt AikImii 
frogrsM. MMie 
MlaWtolit'il «« tlM ln«k 
P'lUP'tn wouiu .(iniii kmm to 
ai •UgtHf'aiHilMli la vrntr tht 
tmt il tuiitM. nun and' tmma 
■( inallluliiMiii i.>i thmr i-tmr-v 
flu' SUiA'nl ' 1(114^ 

■ ' .iml 

I)r«i*f i(i» riMM'Ml tacktnf 
lor Ih* (jfojtti: 
lindcr tlif KMiiicit)"-.MIifiion 
tMr slur «! a kisii 
1 tmtmm<c4 hj- uit 
nllMr liNniRiC' and wlii>lanU!|» 
■*a(talik l» • iiinteiil II dif (fm 

(Mm tiM iH'cMni *)-f'l»mi »lti>:ti 
4lai ra)ij>.r«i. thv <tialii)i'f 
crMtt ntiiK V tlir jvaitolMllly 
ill Mwii mplliil. 

.SIIliMMi: imM imiftt t» ttpnf 
tMlr iiMiiw M uMilli altar tiMIr 
vHli larpr 
maiU In fl««i taigcr 
r«|MiyiliMl wMsIm t'lKl 
t'tnaimnllj iwedir ctiutaila 
'■mM mpiy ifMiitlly 

""Hie MnpiMM. iMi«i i» iimi 

IIW Mat a(l|f«Kll *lll 'tM> IB 

nwiit tmttf Iliati tk« iMating 
ban imgrxii. fm* miek 'iMft 
•Mloniit,;" hMI Rtmnriji' 

'I'm vrn' iKsrlim* «b««l lliti 
■»nr, 4iiit' I'm kofiiifiil tlial tl 
will mm •inM|i !H||ipirl. It 
$tntm§ 1h§ slfiiMil UaifitiMii 
iMCiUng turn pMirt* III dWkrtiii 
I4e«»li»pc»l vie»|»oint» " li# 

111 H\-|i'U\ flll.%11 

t'tWS . (Mot tl>» uinwrnllj 
ni«% ni*d a iMrotuJenf 

UrfMiMiM ai the i!mv»nnt)' 
of c')i}iirMi<> art iptitmiiii iliw 
iimiilaiiMl (in«e. Hm^'MIf** 
llisl «• 'it r<«% aiid :iiiuiM:nMr\' 
miief Die* d ttif ui ■ ' 
dnir' caiit'iMin jilrnv 
riMimltllc in etMTftr m ii» 
Optra 1.11'in. 

Tkii <;tal)«iii» caitiC' ai' a 
mnlt M an invilaliM far 
MiMMtial 'iMmiiMtimi iflwii 
Prigililiiil Hnland: r Rjulea- 
clrawt mM Ite he wrauU 'mitn 
a> '■«« .ai a twiiMiiir «m 

A bnaimuomi aidr mil, 
"lt"ii m>' (ims tluit in ttimc 
farm or «jt.h»r lh« iniijof 
lirmKiiis of IIM nrw Kmneity 
M will be incwpnraM Into Ik* 
ovwall rttttiUtnrtiation ot ikc 
(dimil xtudrai-aid i^onnm " 

A '"fupplnnmlal" loan 
liroiiram is also (wnpiMNl lo 
lirmldc sludtnl* wltk llw 
mimey wmmtiji aatwiM ■» lie 
coiimMMi' bx pirvnti Tkis 
■trograin WHtt lit ltiianc<«<l l>y 
lirlvati! I*ndvrs tiid ttato 
gtiaraitir* aKenr>«t nil b* 
ituckrd t)>' Sallie Mat. 

I'tiUkir tilt liaai* loan, iht 
sii:|>|il«fflrat«) taam laoiild 
cMarnt' ml«r«M fi'lts M .il Icaitt 
TV::' iitr 1*111. «Mlt' Ihr «ttKlttil a 
m ar'Hail. Mcfeiil clwfics IW 
..m iMtH^MOmm m tkt tmm 
pri.i|irt.M. wmM' Mart clltr ha 
kiMl brtn tail, tt 'mSmtt fur .• 

(Mi(:*.Kiidln|i kiant unitor tk* 
hmiK prolra'iti wotillt b* 
mItaM ti'j' MIM Mat and 
iifidrr Iht t'Uffi'l'tllitMat 
jirn*ri.B> by kwnlis iMt iiUnr 
(■•iid'nK i>ic«K*» 

rka:tf'in.M ■>{ tkt Mmm 
EdimtKin fMnMttct. Tlioniat 
C Tam;rv<li, cm fating wktd 'to 
».uliiiiit n«m.«,» <>(' iMiitniial 
'Candkktti., f«iwmnM wiili a 
.|«ii«f i|MrtiMii:ng "Iht td" 
'riMbillty at twn '(illifig tkt 
Hoi'itio'it " Tkiriy-five oibtf 
icg»liiion iifiMNl t'ht Itlltr 
■'kick nrapnnd llit disptn- 
wim. 01 fkt pwiiiftcmtia'i oifK't 
Why mn M 'tkt rhii«»Uor» run 


Ueitinnmg Wntatada)-. tkt 
*duli B.«*ir KducaHiHi 
df]Mrtmtnt will odtr Ire* 

cii.utn:iiki|> C'hiatct te ptnom 
iriPinrini to. takt (lie 'I'atM 
N t • 1 1 .■ C 1 1 II t n » it I p 

Tkt' clauM* will niwtr tkt 
tiauc: kiisior} ul ttit' tniltd 
Nattni. til* |'iinrtii.>iii> and pur- 
inastsol' itilml, 'Slalv. and kical 
liowernniciii. antf Mm intantni, 
itut'Mis, and' :m|iiMitliititit<i t* 
cilncMbi|> Siwleitlit «'ill iilito 

iHf tlVtII IfBlmClK:*:! I.n how lu 

a|t|jil|' til lak* Ikt ftam wkirk k 
'■I'l'tfi m Ck'icagO' tUrwnilnMt' (hr 

Thf , i',»*e» «.dl ii»>tt (r«:«m 
.' » i>iri i«i I'M pm tack 
t*rdimnl».v l*MlU|l.h ths S For 
MlKllllialMil er to rtgtalar. call 
tM. m.. 

llM" rnlirt ofitratiim'' askrd tkt 

Uiisl July tkt ii>i:ivtnity 'n 
niftnti rrplitil tkii lr(,i.iilali>iii 
III • Itlltr which « tktt tkt 
prttidenl n mcesMrt in 
coordl'iijlf Iht uri.iu^ 
nr.".tTjiiiii. on I'lMt imivennly .k 
. ani:|MMs. MoH m tiiiftit a 

:>!lltl<nill IMMlate 

lanertdii »ft*m Ital tkt 
siatt conslittition p.rt«-tnt:i 

lttt»l«l"m til rlit:nilt*lt thit 

)«!»<!« r hr in 

Itads ■!i|.»tr tht 

|irxml>|.|iiv ..>! a I.IIW lo lim>l thv 
Kopt td (lit prtiMliinfj j<ib and 
to rtdtii-t tkt tmtik Inr itit ot 

ll>"r<» I- .Jfdinson, Iht li<»a.rtl 
rkairman. uid. "Wt haw a 

rkitf nri-- -"ii-rr '*hit 

tarn hi- .a unus 


I I.H' 

0« V 



I raisins 

u(tivtr»ilj' k»nj llial 
.■■...,. ''.^I'pivtis a *ali»Fy 
'Ola I of n',MIII 
'Hrt al'li»*«ntt». 
TtKredij insiits ttut thr li(»'ur» 
'It actually nt h\gh as sz!ii'i.n)i:i 
'nM:Min|t uddiiioniil <*ii.|>vnM» 
lor Iht [irrwdrntial stall 

DtspHt Iht lt|{i*laii:«r»' 
challtngt. 8 n9|llaf»»>ni is 
tilMtltd lo bt«i) t.iy tke 
urnvtrsity** t'lt<'lt<l tamrd of 

E4ltor m Oiitf JoanPtttrwm 

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t talurt Editor v.ena\ W.nkelhake 

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Tkt HAHfllN(.l:K IS tktxludtnl publication for the Harper College 

lampuK rommunily. putiluhrd weelUy eicepl durin« holidays and 
final euni* All opinians expressed art Itooce al tkt wnler and not 
necesaarijy tkott of tkt cullegt. its adainislraluia. tacully nr 
student body Advertittng and copy dtadlUie la naon Tutfilty and 
eoiW IS ii*iccl 10 editing All Lttt«TM»4ll»Editor must bt slawd, 
iwa«« wlU tm w tihkeld upon raoiiM.. F«r atfvartuinii r«i«t. can 'V 
•ril*. NAItmKGEn, lii'iUiaiii Ralmy 'Htfper CoUcgt. AlRomniii 
and Roattle Roads, Palatine. IB , mm. nsoe HT-MW, ml m 

Oilulrr I. 1«I7'» IIn- l'i«-r 3 

Ralph Nader speaks out on nuclear energy 

wcwnv wi!«i(eMi.^s 

'MiKto* wwi'iaF t* • 
MwWiltjIWjri »••,"__•«•- 

•MMMilM 4Ma| Iw I 
iMt wmI. «i ttariar 
Naittr |i«>iiii«d )iM( ttat 

"la K vMdIi'tt IH' Iwm nat 'liiliiH' 
iMMralKini mrat itt, ' 'ht 

I IMW tafeW IIMTC' tItM lit 
IM MMllMl" III CM« of •■! 

accMi*iM. NadCT «il 
MiTMlMn plan to 

KMer 'iifltrMi Mlir ■id 'vMi 
racrfy u •ItcrMllvM t» 
MC'Icar mmtt) 

WW Mtt 10 bt 

(reni Nader 'f talk. 

"':An 'lliaf »iirTM atxiui itM- 
finaw** Nf aikt4. "Ncii 
HMy'l* •fWTfad.nlMiiii iMw tlMy 
cttii'Miih UVMifli a pay fali# " 
■ •uclia* "Cram 


cwtryday and nualdlc 

Nader also $Mvt i 
«i( how ptofit can «avi ( 
■ Ulc Mura ' ' If pm>vk wathtd 
more tliey vnuMnl have >ig w> 

miKrh, he *a<M. "CM me to !• 

dtgrte tem'peratum in the 

winter, wear wanner cInUMa. 
lite more ilaaa and Icaa 

ariive Im m^i^mmma yaara, at 
wkwh lime II aieiill' lam in tc 
chaaly gnanlad. "ItMrt wviiM 

!■ pi Munt Ui«il«iMl 'M I 

Mivi lit', lilt' anHwiiiaa al' ita 


'Oim H aa* a f«venwn*««." 
I aalil. "M. a grtjup of peofile 

, "Tliara are 

Rier. atr condltiaMian ara m 
cold. Ilicy provide electric 
ilankels " 

To help Harper studenla 
liecanie more involved in llMia 
and olhcr controversial lamaa 
Mader donated severat iMilhi 
and lUeraiurr to the coflap 
Mtirary Student* are uryed or 
Nader to read these maWriak 
and find oat why Americana 
tlKitild stop "putting all oir 
energy cgg> In a nuclear 


in loiar 

r and Repair Nader 

helleee* that communitj 

cwllagu* can he an active 

■ tn leadknf canpaigtia 

ira IM laia »e wUtMy. taa||' I 

*. iHlllin KiiB <laraer. pnqcraai 
mm-M. WrM>« WMelhake " 

realare eiltar. aad iaan 'l^eraaa 
HlMw-ln<hM dariiig ihe prraa caidWeace. 
iphe«a by Hkk Kaknke.i 

Hazards connect with nuclear power plants 

ITS. (0 nuclear irneraled 

eleclrtcity wtthin (he nest 

dacaili. Out Ibare art jitoliiiMl 

art*h niKlaitf'pawat - liiiafdh ■» 
hr^nadiing. Uiai «he' public 
ilMaild caraMly contampale 

(he CMNMpiincea at a nuclaar 

art wnW' 'iketa 


'Nuclear pnwer raactora 
produce deadly radiiwacllet 

ittft raaclnr aimiiiMlaMa the 

MdlOiCtlM ptItllM III S.iltl 
HIrmhwta httrntm These 
ptiMoninic wa>l«« must he 

laolaled tram the naiunl m 

/" WltL. 

/ strxrtm, 
f-mm n% Mft 


m M Nf Amur 



rtfonnmnl (or oemtunte H Ihty 
ai« releanad wwldenlaUy Inlo 
our air tM- watnr. Ihey can 
tHa loutf chain to bt dktnbuM 
ami cooceMraied ua- 

The Inlenae radioactivity of 
reactor wwiet can lead to 
cancer and genetic damait. 
tATiih hural grmindt of reactor' 
watte, we leave to ruturt 
gefitralion»' an unprecedtnMd 
theeai to life and health in Ike 
of Or. Hamai Alfven. 
I'luiiliyi'ict. "The 
. roducea both 
tfiergy and radioactive watle 
We wan), to lac the entrgy now 
ami leave Uw radioactive »a«la 
Ur mm eUMbwi and grand- 
chiytai' 10' lahe care oT " 

In a fully -developed miriear 
ecoB'Wny. overwhelming 
amtiunli of radiaactive 'wwla 
would he genarated The 
nrlMite of as little at a tracttoii 

» IT JSmV 

Iff it MENVMr 


I per 
woutd Ihrealcn human 
And yet, even though Ihe UJ. la 
prnGetiHiig 'vilh nnctvar' piani 
oinBlruenon. •• do .not hava 
any program lor the uHlimala 
safe dliputal of (lie haianliua 
waslaa And' in our mtelear 
weapon! program, SM.iMV 
pllona of high-level wattaa 
have already leaked tniti 


A itudy by the Atomic 

Energy Commiaaiou uid the 
wont accident at a power 

reactor could kill 4UX10 pcnona 
and caiuae more than IIT billion 

in property damage. An area 
(he Mie of Penitaylvania cOUM 
be itinlaninated 

'The Emergency C^orv roollng 
System., a device meant to 
prevent such a catoslrDph*, tiaa 
been proven only bj' computer 
The ECCS (ailed six wi of *.|.s 
Mmi 'scahr latla, aad Ml-'icahi 
lesiing It several yean behind 
Khedule In* fire .a( the Brown* 
Ferry reactor in March, IKJI, 
the e'cT'S' tailed' to opccaie whan 
calhsd upon. 

-Even t'lnugh damage couM 
he in Ihe hilliiiaa at dO'llars m ■ 
nur.l«i.r acridrnt. the fO'vern- 
mcfti pvi^itec'ts. the nuclear in- 
dustry from claims beyond only 
tW milllMV Federal insurance 
even C'Ov-ers some of this, 
Itecauae private msurers refuM 
to provide the lull tilio million. 
Furthermore, damage from 
nuclear M-cidents a eitplicitly 
eickaled m homiwwners' 'i,n- 
niraace policie*. 


Ptuloiiiiam. an element 
created In the fiaaam reactor, is 
one of the moat poiaonoui 

auhalaneas known. (I hi alio the 
material that makes atomic 
IMir pound of plulonium 
nia (he potential lor 
btBons of lung caocen Leaa 
than IS poumk is needed lo 
eonstriKl a nuclear bomb But 
by IfMS, world production of 
plulonium may eiGtad 2IW,mil 
pnunda per year. PliHaalitm 
retnaina dangerws lor hun- 
dmk of thousands of yean 

- By spreading nuclear 
reactors around lilt vodtf, ai 
are spreading nuclaar uttpitt 
capability With a larflt rtador. 
even the most unliable country 
will be able lo produce 
Plutonium llir a nuetaar ar- 

-Terroriata wlih atoltn 
plutoniutri nmid 1 
arra* They mil 
release Ihe plutoniiim into Ibe 
air - ur they coaid conMrucl a 
bomb Atom bomb technology la 
now pig>lic proptriy, and n baa 
'bean proven thai .laymen 'Can 
dMign a credible weapon from 
public reference 'Woiks. 


"■OUT' naiioa's firtt enttfir 
priority is rwrmlly the Faal 
Breeder .Reactor, which is lo 
produce large quantities of 
plulonium < to 'he used as 
reactor fuel ' while it generates 
electricity The Breeder will be 
even more dangerous than 
today's reactors Total costs for 
the Breeder program are now 
estimaied at $10 bitlion. up from 
original estimates of leas than 
hall that amount Cost 
estimates tor a Breeder 
prololjTi* have gone from 1700 
■nltlion lo It M bitlion A 
Breeder facility m Waahiagton 
state now is to cost nas million, 
up from ta? million 

-Proven US. reaervet of 
uranium are small, partiaft not 
enough lo fuel the reacUira «• 
aUaady have throughout their 
Ulitiine* Thi». If America 
turns to niKlear electricity, we 
will become dependent on 
foreign uranium, and we could 
find ourselves at Ihe mercy o( 
another energy cartel - a 
"UPEC " Nuclear energy 
would harm the US economy 
10 Ihe tang run. becauae it would 
praduiie kas energy for each 
dollar of Inveatmcoi It requirea. 
tn other worda. if we uac 
reactors to supply the energy 
we nead. this will draw away 
Job-producing capital from 
oUiar sectors of the economy. 
We should quickly develop the 
min hazardous energy alter- 
natives which are available la 
m. taptcially solar energy, 
Theat art our bati kmg-tann 


enerfy has not received au(- 
ttclenl public scrutiny Today. 
as Che haiarda of nuclear power 
become better known. 

In Montana, eolcrs in 1171 
paasod a law taannUig nuclaar 
planls there In Vermoni, stale 
itglBlatlve approval is needed 
before plant construction 
begin* In* a scrica of Iowa 
meetings, Vermonlers voted 
overwhelmmgly to ban nuclear 
planls Bill* lo prevent con- 
struction have been introduced 
in many stale legislalurca. and 
in Congress In addition, 
nationwide, about a million 
voters have signed the Clean 
Energy Petition, asking 
government officials U> ketp 
nuclear power out of our Uvea, 
The petition, which is endoraed 
by Ralph Nader, ia bciBg uaed lo 
mat* nuclear and solar 
into major Issues at Ihe 
slate and federal levels 

I \aai. 

Pjier 4 llw Hartiiniirr (».|..ber I. I"*7<» 



Mm nil ifft*'' • ■■■'■»» 

jaam •» M»llf ■<•«•■ , 

■We had iil>««< J* b* » "* 
a«nce-» ilxm l«»l ymr «i»<l «h» 

Cr ln|i« ti> <Mbi« the nim- 
;■ Lunlitit e«iiiiiijf»ii*>. 
ffm fma »nA pfJJW *»«• "• 
givM thrmmhiMil tilt imm. 
TtMirt will Iw ■ tt ngtaMMn 
■•t fm ii»»»f«««l iWlow 
MatMlad iiMldv thnuld watch 
for a» Mgli»r»iw« n»We m »»• 


'IjMllMtt Mid. D^KWt' will *- 


will' ht' '^rwr—^~m — -- - 

OiiattBaa Ttckata l«r Mat* 
- ^ mM In purdNMi >i 
„™ 4 md Hit tut*"*. 

.Set' and M' M «». *» 
■nalfiii. M-iMiM Office 


tunttiia li W.1I' 

T.. mrrfl. call llw Co«WMm»i»i 
EAralKwi AiJmilM*»n» <mM». 
txt 410 


(juHx ■» Ml* iMrtnK talurn 
Candnlalei majr »|>|>1» "v 
**i«ta(l)' « ini* U* ap«««»« 
bv a iwjmiiiiwl **>• *• <««~" 
•ill (« wlwsW a«wif«ll:ii« io 
■li|)«iraiK«. pi»»»*. iwnwiaWS'. 
Inter**** »*•* »«l»ciioii 
mmrailtcr and parlk-ipatloo m 
nllift and e«Mnmunity «- 
tlvitta Thf deaillin* lor ap- 
itaitM li Wwlnemtoy and 

•m* fiin «. a* 

mm tM Md Tlmndair ■! Md 
pm in DISS The initial 


'"*D^li«ini •« mm \mm 
lahM for ennlwlanla (or tlw 

i»ieyc'l« ■••«• <«•'■■•' "SIS 
«ill ttottm. ••• W • eaengnww 
cMb iniMiaDtt Hit ■imm. dwy 

arc ellgiW* (or •»• The 
deadUnr lor aiwiJyinil « Oct ». 
■I « ffl-iB, Aiplicatiaiii — 
mmA m t*» student 
mmm 'Office. 



There will be a leclure b> 
Jiihn E Piwen. rndaji. at « 
nm . M» ill* K>«m«» Husnorift 
Jiita (•oven ■■ the author ol 
three t>»«l sellern, 'The 
Ununginal Smner »ii<l the Ice 
Cream <kid. DoBI«:lt Patent 
Uaiher Shiiet Iteally Reflecl 
up'" and ■The Laat Cathotoc in 

AlthmiRh he holds a Ph D in 
radki. television and film Irom 
MottlwMnltm UnHmwiy and i» 
an Aaanclale PrwfeMor ai 
Narthtuclcrn. Poweri coo- 
■•dm MiumK 10 he "lomeone 

(IfT'W XSD'' 

Piibilc admisRion U M 
Harper siudmla are free with 

activity card This event i» 
«pnniM>r«i by i»» Cullural Arta 


Studenlt muit petiiion for 
Rraduation by Oct IS if they 
qualify for a degree or c«r- 
lilicale this fall semester 
iVtitiona can be obtained from 
the admissions office 

Qitfc i. i» iiwuiaorttlf ■ 
danct-a tboB t« Oearbrook 

Ctalar '..tor «» mwiially han- 





'MiNm.. Hal 


•b Mil." aeciirdlag m CItB 
btnitwn. *»iii.iiii«e« CO- 

, '*• 

tir ih* MiMUlar lljNinfliy 
.%M,..-ii.3ii.mi aMl neiied ■•hiaii 

day ea«i|»relwwli>* coiuno 

•anlB to discover what her 
tliills. rompeleocies and 
pulefliialk are, »ill be offered by 
tUa Women's Protram on 

WaiiMMiay. thufwlaf and 

• •.•.. m* J Ji-1*t'*"*2 
wmm. te iht^ iiiMlii A Beara 

"Ortflct Mdllaa k »M so and 
tncliata* the niaii«f*al» lee and 

The SlMdent Act nines «>««» 
■I itmimrarily sold out ol I'Siii 
mma TUoaire llckels These 
lldiats coal II «w:h awJ are 
mat f<ir Mse ai WOodlield 
Thmatrts.. Waler Tower Place. 
Hdkrest BoliniJhroolt. Foi 
Valley, LaCranr- Hawthorne 
tlaaatrea. and al:hars lislad in 
lb* Plltt Theelr* (Hide in 


" -mm mm art .pad l«r sm 
moMta More ticfcel* shmiM toe 
avatlAtalc lor [nirehai* «n lh« 
SialeiM. AriivKlet. Office. ASM. 
ate (.iemhar >». 


'Rjirn niw**? ***•• wttll' «— m-™,p ■■ 

CHILTON R«SE.*IICi' fof .aJWuwait and. 

SERVICES Ci.» •larllin "'*•*••')'•» 

lalarv PkliW* bHBIli dHf * and i l>'.M< 

S Si 1IT "SiJiiiiiiiwiW- AUWiM, w m. 

mt wm. 

rilACER MAt: WHEELS with 
■W D»leon Tiw. «tU f" nw*' 
ran.. Gand CondlUon' Uno. C«U aS'icii. 

■I%fd tTO 

iwwer hrafcea. A-C. alereo 
Bieeltenl mndltkin.. •♦■«« 

TS Haroiry CmiKt.. • cylinder 

HH il«li.|re«! •■HHK <ir Ml- 

■Wbraifting fX" W*. 

SclMrtM.S'VliaaladMirhtaKit- » 

.lilM allar %-M 


'Set .[«»»il«lll' ««n«»»»».i<Hl r" • !•"» "* StMliey * » tj»» l«»* 

866 S. EInitujfSi R.d.. 0«8 Platnes ,fllH|B 
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■HirMialiaiidManM? Earn fLmm calt Wk 

iSy «tia y ha» nit ^J" '■" 

l i al l ii i d iV: ,,! *-!!!!**'''!* iii«fta«.'*«""a«d «««»««». 

••■■• »'■ ■ *■" ■■.*!? • S •>«• »«"«i«t' •**> " ■**' 

WaHreaa-walltr^^ oid'"TSln 

|>ala*.!li*.. m-ltil- 

iflfS otrtMniobile Hiir«t ws T 
Tan 'UmM Mini condition... 

While t •*».. »«■» oMar. »■ 

Pitol (lytnf pcivate |»ton* to SlU 
October II lor »!»»'»• 
rtflslration Faaaeitfers 


aoy or |>H*'1* !!!'*««•:?■ 

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and dtllvery Accuracy 
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_ lit >|a«r- 

olA ¥vear old: •!■•«■■«> ""^^ 
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rart-llmo employinoni 
■vatlaMe Palaiine Park 
District. »• E *«>d S« ^'**t 
iai:i fciy t»* M*iMiey •»' 



iblNdnNiii afi.. mm m aomn 
ImTmm' Ai' Cain Kathy at 

I'arl I'lune wa.relwiiMa«o 
ijiNil mmm fay Aiipii to 

(>»rh i»rtlgh«. onnawwitlft. jm- 

r,». 'iMlw . IS« <m m. UkWm 

^,jMr - ^r_^ ..jft .1 ,_^_j| i^ai SUB 

I jwdiWi iHiiuuMli' IBnNMr ■Ml llllllti. fPIVP 

■Ml taWwl ftiMit »!«•■ 'to- 
kMm Iffilt s »' 

igllilPiniHllli r' ff'W||frr"'*S^ 

«M»«*lli raidl»«a. SelUni 
111 m m .all « lor ItM. IMI 
■Bar a P» *»-«Slt. _ 

•I|lpar|.-IBM. MIfeel 

wmtv* ■!« a» yaar ataawi fee 
|M*eff lalaraiaUan. Caalaei 
CMdy at .the MARBI^ifiEU 

50% Off on all | 





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Sc^»umburg ^^. _ ^ 

Gal fir ippiilHi .... Af-UiUi 

OrtiJu-r I. l<>74 riu- ilaHiin«:tT Pap- 5 

iilKs I and I to 
opin next semester 

<raMl 4 Irmm pn/i l> 

liavc MilniMta tnun Hit ftar of 
ttw bill awl a fimdtiil an* 

buiMl'iit* Ik ■ lMUll)''«la{I 


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j'l f mf It. flPMC'' 



SMI l^w ■ 



'M raiftipw 

rwuiKII tm A* WW tnlilkniit 
HM.4Main«Ml'ki)i aM:|>ini«»i of <• 
■"rii.<ii|»""' iliwmittii »l»»«»i 
llMVf t*"* '»» '•* «lailf'«»«i1J 
war The divuinciil mmmm 
kar|irr'"K ntwd tor aMfinnsI 
nitKe '•» it)t> iMsn <■( M|uare 
l»t»(Sn prr full-tun* <»»y 
ttiKknl: ir ihF ittatr fi'iidi imI- 
litkHml iiiwc* nwoiliary, l)W]r 
will «n«im» IS pf cent at lh» 
«>»l id »l» nr* emmtnictlMi. 
HariM^ rwnvnl ttie oK for tiM 
■ ■ im (WIS. 

AiilMtiigl) a ■rmmm i> i 

ti|tni(>mil nunitwr. tlicre will 
nul tM> an; *■«■« «<' rwn on 
rimptai iwcl tutmtatm. m llw 
Willuw I'urli rxieiumn conltr 
will lie |ilMM<i «ii atang wKli 
|]ir UM' <if a VMnr Itijili 

M,«»rtliiftti(». Ill* n«« 
twildiinis wiM c<«iinit»«« <t» 
campo plan ■» ill ttw timir ami 
mi nrw li(iiM<iii» an tatif 

Wilttam* trnpo Itol tilt iiirw 

taiMing* mill iiw-rtMe lit* 
potent Ml fv mnitliDcnt tor ItK 
iprmg tMt unlns. tlMc* m ■ 
kifnificanl Idctmw la 
""■ imi (»• 

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Praak (MItta. 'paol rtprrt. (tfn t tni wi li advice an k«« «• pla}> ifec 
I h) Ricli KatHikr i 

The hard work of relaxing 

rat lii 

We are toolung for m individual who w 
pfoviide the neces»rv and protejciive measuces 
to wmm the safety and well bang ot the 
porsonnd m tlie building as well as tie 
biiitding conieritts. 
Applicant rTitjst be ii 

piriife, and be a Nil 
Interested persons shoutd^ call 
for an interview appointrnent 

Nn Gnii mw 

Office Producfs Division 

800 W9%t Bryn Mawr Itmca. Illinois 60143 

on equal opportunity employer m/f 

itj KANEK AKDim 

Th* Ci«m« Umm. tasM on 
lit* ti|i|M- level d BMk a is the 

giiact when ttudent:!. worii hard 
•t playinil Ai ilw Icminely imiii' 

III tl M'. ilwra are cnoua)! pool 
pl«]><!n> 111 li»«|> MCta table 
cc(ii|WNl with wFll-aiinai eut 
ilickx ami' rracking ballt. 

'.Nevar fatk." La«irt BriMer 
iMillMl: M 'har litll 'Mliaiil the 
(tMwr iMKilei ami nthniMiiMi 
aW Uw ltd*. Haven't fM: one tn 

Muki' ttrow'er, whi> wa* 
nla}-inK a muMi of pool with 
Marl .ficliMiii, fmmS. tar flrtl 

day in Ita game nam en- 
Joyat>lv. e«'en Ihaigli the had to 

jitrucito to pockH the latla 

AI a nrarby table, pool 
iwieran ■Ivm Mlotl tuid but one 

ntniiliunl. hecouliki't vMt ibe 

ga.iiic wttm altm emiuKh 
"1 med to he able to come 

iMf* an bcnjr each day . "" be caHl 
■ I* man dlfflciill 
ortd niiefided itiidy 
lime, h€ coniider* himseir 
"lucky to play Mie hi:iur a week 

iXhcrwlie, MM »■■ ron- 
irnied with (lie game nam 
faeilitiet. tmprciawl by the 
avaiUhilily of tablet, inex- 
pewive le«' and ewepljooally 

good U|ilice|) 

StudMil Actlviticf, which ti 
rcepimtlMe tor the game room. 
m "not interested in making a 
pnlH." according to parlUme 
cashier Waller Dracfer 

In ipile of a sligM loai In lait 
year's game room budget, 
accnw to ■ pool laMe ntmaimi 
at tl.SIl an hciur. 

It's for the ntudents, " 
Draeger mid. eiplaining they 
would merely "like la break 
even " 

The game riNMii ta availattic to 
ail studenl* Mtmday through 
Thuriday Dam to i pm and 
Fridiiy » am to i:X p.m. 






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osk for Joan 

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fArs. White 981-5500 

715 W. Algonquin Rd., Arlington Heights 

K«jiiiil <>|t|M>rtiiiiil\ Kiiifilinrr WiV 

U.J. A ndl ir s aa. abevr, per- 
fmrm«^ lout Wednesday In the 
kwR(e. Anderson is a native of 
IMriiil, MlrhiKan llr >liHllcd 
inimr in hoKland undrT (ieoffrv 
Rttrklei and rrrri\rd his BFA 
drKr*^ from the t'nivrrsily of 
llelrolt. Intolvrnient is Ike 
inajar key im l>is performsncc. 
ipkale by Itave Mareyi 

fiiir 6 Thr Harliiii'ifr Oii..Ur 1. I'*;"! 

li LL- U l/LLLVti^ 

Who is the real disco fool? 

"D« jm lliiiik Ini dlwii, ani 1 

•nUktat," •ml M»' •mi-***' 
.iM it l ii n iil innm. Mmm IMil'i 
ci lorai raiHu dccpf > Inum 
C«lM» l.ip« »tmj grow m 
titimlMtr. vhllr tin vtrtMil of 
Htrt SHwmrti "Do you Tim* 
tut Senj climtei ttir mp* «l 
An«rwan r»<i<> pliylMn Htil 
Itm i«»l iMrant or (oak terr 
■■• ant ih# (toco iknji* who 
W dtsca. but Uw Mli 

M i* Rtaso* Tn taflii wtlh 
II M • l*m|» llMlDi M' wid. 
k gar- 
Diaco lit • 
It iwitk: lor mnmrji 
The ctolhinft indwtry. Ihe 
rtc«r<tiii« loiJiiitry and IK» 
Amdac iMtwiry 'am alt naiMiig 



l^jMlKESIMItl!.^ jL 

iMKanm'iif llw ARiMctn waji «r 
life , wlhinR c-onwi lieloff thai 
Kr aid mMisiireintiK of rac 
ecic. moiwy In Uwae termi 
dim i» wo KUCfBMluJ 

Mi»ic»Uv »ptiaia™«. llwre « 
«) great HwugW priic«s» NtWnit 
the erfaiiwn «< * d^K" mhuI 
TbCf* li i» ty"'*' iwamnit 
Ttiuw l» i» art It 11 ilmilar to 
Muiak, a* it pr^nrldet lit vn- 

I Mincing ha» t»«i around 
*m«»c»» culiurr *m« the 
Inttiani began «ar dancw We 
have tad (he lwi*l, the pmio*. 
me jiitprbuiis and. o( cimr»*, 
the Bifl Band era A latif 
fanctiion of liumans is lo itMive 
with Die rhythm Our own 
bwief funtnion daily with a 
deal. Mirh ai a heartbeat 

Ctothing lias been an 
American ldMi.l ever niiee llir 
tHintanii first came ov«r. As lar 
at (aihKjn in tniMic is con-' 
remed, the greasrn, liie Clenn 
Millen. the hi|j(»es. and ev« 
the Bachii all had their style al 
cWtang The typical diKO dnsii 
are iipeti shirta, tM ilrtiiiBi. 
shiny material aad giMI'lr 
jewelry Tttl* is M Iht dlMMr 
can Iw ittn undwtiMth the 


But the anti-di«coer» really 
d«mt undettiLand this Thej 
ihinli ihal -disco' will he anwnd 
(or ever U their music is really 
Ml supei-itr why all the fuss" 
And maybe if we all get 
toiiether we can stop the anli- 
disco nwvenienl And jwjt all the 
eneqty I" Wter and more 
important projeeis So cut this 
article oui iiml send it to Steve 
mU. c-o WLIT rhicago. Ill 
Maybe lie will get the meMage 

LJcar Steve. 

I dont agree with your aotici 
and will no! support or luten to 

your radio shiiw This will 
ilMNawtlic jiitemng audieiK-e 
wWch will liring down ad 

lertulng revenue 

Vou shmiiW not ■li->'ri.> a 
form <>t entertainmrni * tiirh so 
ttwnv (ifoplr enjoy VViu thiiuld 
not deitray records by blowing 
tbMl) apaxi because there is an 
MMrgy cnsis But most «( all do 
nnl ffiatroy public and private 

1 think yiw can help out our 
current probleins in the ISA 
tiecause so many of the youth 
seem to think of you as some 
»«rl "t revolutionary Please 
divert yiHjr energy to more 
urgent pro*>'*nis Disco will 
lade away when I he petiple of 
America are lired of it. but 
unsafe nuclear powerplanls « ill 
iimke us all fade or glow awav 1 
kra»* you will iry and 1 »ill tie 

Sincerely ymirs 

Elements realize the modes of life 


Ml dii with astroknw" Tte »■€ 
m with anf wamn of sclMice. 
pliltaophy'or art : i<«t of huttm 
Dm timpliat lundsmentil 

tlw'liMti* at Uw lilliB Dl the 
MMk Is IMr rttaUOi hi iIm 
Miv eiltiitfiiift of il*liv» BiMlli. 
Air aiKt Watar. in MnMill. tht 


tarcnl modet of paraMlli"Mld 
raimnding to life. 

The Fire element ll e«iii|JOa»<l 
of tht tifn A.rMc, Lot, aini' 
Sagntarius Symt>»lica!ly it 
mniloMa as <iiiiuiii»ni, «i- 
tfOvanliHi. and a belief thai all 
at lito't oivorlmiilioa are 
iMHikial fieicpMiMl art ae- 
tMly based <» iMSfc ■■Ml iMn- 
«IM, w' • in mm- *• <*• 

■m*.,^,,. Taurua, Virgo, and 
Cipfkorn httong to the elemeni 
Garllt. where praelicality and 
logic prevail Life ■ pereetvin* 
Utrouillt the i«n««i and 
avirjriMng ts welglwd tm itt 

" ■ HI rdaiioo to tu* pli:]nteai 

I Aquariui 

itmmtni, lita. 
•r* ol Iht Air 



by JIU KEAt-V 

thmkim* » 'heir torte, lite is 
perceived ihrottgh the 
aa«M.iatiaii of thmiglila. ideai 
and Iheoriet Thii elenienf 

•yrotnlties the ■ociat function 

and an npeiuioi to Mchanae 
ihoughis and idaai with 
others Lait. but nut Itiaat, 
Water elemunt: t'ancer. 
Scorpio, and Pl»<-«i. The most 
seoAltive of all, the water 
ctaMnt symb<iliia the IMing 
IMctlon. Utes reitponaes are 
drawn Uirauglt the emtiliam 
■Ml can nurtuat# at rapidly as 
the iMatlier 

.Ac kMlv'idiiala, we i«act. lo 
iliHitioia m tilltni*! >*««)•. 

Aalnilii«Ji»U}'. the ditlributlM 
of the planet* Sun and Moon in 
the stgni reveal which 
etemenl'H we perceive life 

This can be bawflGial lor m 
in teveral w»y%. It can show lai 
ll we have a well balanced 
perception of the wtirld, or in 
which direction we need ad 
lustment It can indicate 
compaiahlity with ol,hcrs and 
why we can relate easier lo 
Mnw people than otton 

\fxi lime you encounter 
!i.iriier'i>' vmi can't sw eye lo 
eye with, jual rememtier, thai 
the' way you may vie* life, isn't 
Hie only way' 

I wwld like to mention thai in 
future coiumtis. I will malie 
available my autrolofical in- 
ter|ir«la.tioiii f<ir anyone witti 
questions concerning I heir 
goals, vacation, relatinmhips, 
etc. Petwns interested may 
submil spcKific qucsUoos to the 
Harliinger olfice located in 
UtJ The required information 
tnwt be submitted along with 
the qiaittiom birth dale, time 

lo the minute, a.n or pm >, 
and loeatiMi <dty. county. It 

very smalt town ml listed in Nvit mtk' The plMM*. ^un 

map. please include nearecl and Moon 
large ciH ' 

Professor assists NASA 

rtonaid W DiDliii. pnfNwir 
of architceniral tcchnolofy. ha* 

tttHMiniitratcd for the National 
Aaronauticf and Space Ad. 
•UlillatrBUon a new coniMilcr 
■raphics technique 

EasMtlaUy. t'olllns' tyitem 
provides a computer lenninal 
lilcture showing a design 
enguwccr how » folding (truc- 
lurt wbieli IS still m Ilia daucit 
ttala w«l actwtly i>*rlo.rra 
when dtployitd' CoHiiu applMid 
hiis compular graphict 
te«h:«llnu«|. lit illustrate the 
iMbtvior of two structural 
eiiiKiiitl diiw«lolt«d by SA,SA 
icimlkta Tom fampbeli and 
HvoM Buali. and produced a 
videotaped simulation of 

ttf titiigii 

staling, "'Willi ll 
space as tlie new IMnllcr. ar- 
chitects mMi.l involve them- 
III • inial ■nueipi'UNT 

cMMxrlural dtcign tliauid be 
itoaling witit macrocosm a* well 
as. microcam. with all of 
human activity rather than with 
f ta tingle concvm of daupiiia 


Hiiii DiEciais it 


S22240 »»10 

K ir (1 not" Mw I r ■ Acf aM »'om Jbo** 


itm cmntputer graphic* 

ffilMi appWealtoB will t» m- 
pirpwalwl into Collins' doc^ 
lursl work and ouiji tm adavMl 
■jy tb* XASA dtttgniM' a*. • 
(UBptomcnt to eitaitng. dialgii 
«fi*n»|U«» In light of his own 
m* 'Of Ihr proieci as part of hia' 
daclotal program. t'nf««» 
CffllUins indicated to %ASA 
nfticiala that lh« computer 
Ifdmiquc IS to to :(igwd«t aa a 
.contrtlNition to *!' •»«• •«o«_ 
.li. ip aMng . ■!>•« J"** 
- «tt1l the ar 
yof spact, 

1 <.RKAT I.IX VTUI\>. ^i^B* 


<> •!<€> I •) 


law. awsMAv* 
<■> giKK «r •( •( n 
'iBiKkN wai H 

WT i»«o«FeCT I raL*Ti««i 

'i Blat-li i: of Kl 11 

iNiMj» mm PIZZA 

2 OrigiMlPn 
< Cri^nfCriHl 

tvtrv Toti, ♦?."«. lilt T 

1/2 price drinks 

Fridavs ' Sundays 

Mnn>M W rntUk... - 

appHed la NASA's spa'Ce 
•I ""- 

campMrr grapklcs le efc n l ^na 
•alaUHe prajetl. 


evervday VKith 
Lunch Purtl>a*e 

FrM popcorn 



Cf.lfflren tl » 


Horn* rnaov 




Cn<loren|| 2S 

Live Action Pinballs I 

IMi4irr I. l'*7'» Tlw Hurliiii>:<T |*a;:i 7 

Standordized test results to be mode public 

w, t tm m i 'Iv Niw ' Vwfe't Cm . 
iiii||i_ Cmiii,, 'Kill: — M npii 


•ill follow Nt« Yorki 
ci«mpl« Alraadr, liMltii.iia. 
Maryland aa4 Tt«>i' ara 

.lav*. In CW" 

■tUat la .1 
IWI " 4mm aol rcqwira tiM 

IMMcaliaii ttala aiul . 

IB#i ■■■■€ IpK W 'fWii 
CfiMlltt 'wWisI' nv Miiiit. 'iiia<l ta 
" ""llj». Itw la* 
In am 
IW' •kick tMr artai af 

boi •Inadjr ad- 

I ai Ina B*aw Macaca' 

McSf awii n» IMM A* 

in JmIW' VliAt Mbr tMli' 

M Hdnmr NMIlft Hm* HIRMi' 


"Hm iact tliai 10 many itataa 
rt emitldenng Itigiilaliaa 
iMi thai niai)> fl'intonls 
Varanii art emurcmcit 

On*. Qificy and, alMa ht 
~ «• Ml. "Il mm lie 
mat ail 

af una typa ar* 

Uiat Iha 

Wy «f laili «IU lanrawt' 

■ah pMic tcMter af taating. 

•cruMny la ImBailaiil' 

I fear. im. Ilial 
lilt law iMMlM makF ii tWIIeiill 
U malnlaiii KHflt tlandarch in 
IwaltnC Jwlia AD rcHtpcr, 
ptaaidtnl nf Ute AjtuwiatMm of 
AnKrlcan IModica) Colkfri 
'laM. "TiMrB ■• ■ limt la th* 
Minitof of rvlevani qunlHtn 
(M can be lamS in ttic MCAT 
ol the American 
JnH|<i P. 
CkpfUMla, iCf«id wMt Coi 
He auM* "It 'wauM Iw' 
I l«dawaiD|i at 
I tMiM, pillcUlariy in Itae 
'par«*|Miw) laat arta which 
I a iMbnl'^i aUllty la 

"II i* not «aay ta write a gaad 
laal They can't be ilapptd. 
lofatlwr." laid Robarl 
MaulUmp, Aractor of Uw In- 
tarinallon (tiviaioa «t Uw 

An ETS Italy ihowi Dial 
•b<Ml rtva iHracfil of the leit- 
lakrr's (f« pays l»r tesl 
(ievrlopmeml To oltiei the 
mrrraied c«l of reviiiaa 
eiuiiiiinalioiit. Moullhrop taii 
that the lervic* wouM have to 
radiKe the amounl at linHS il 
Ktminiiten lecla 

He added thai Uw ETS can 
oirrenlly ra uie quesllon* for 
a> much ai W lett* becaiae 
they are kepi lecwe "But ID 
new leaia a year 1 don't think 
thai il poaciUe," he Mid 

11 teatlnt aervteaa :0ve Hit 
ume eianliiatiaaa in New 
York that they |i«e nallonally. 
a ted -taker anywhere in the 
'CauMry caa 'requnt a copy ef 

Uw Ma* YmI puMic lacordi. 

A ipokeaman lor the ETS 

laid. "It IS poaciMe that the 

New Yark wlU not be 

and will be 


'hcm^ Trio Srmo can put out tti« fin. An icy 

n4amol T«we leer tmporietj from. Memco. 

isppcd with lemon jod salt Now you re tookm* 



■ tat. ' tun, Iwanaioa 

iM' MKh .icNltay "will land 
'la .|r«alar ailaundcralMi" 
and mWiilarpnilatiam. tf 
reantti" latd Richard 

FerguMn. vlce^praildtnl tot 
reMansb and dewtflnpmanl at 
the AmcrlcMi CMhp TaaUhf 

Mallhrop believes that 

devekipi'nc new tailt far aach 
adminWration woukl aiealale 
Ih* cost of Icaluif tecs Soteman 

wd KT.S. cauM' abtarb Ibt 

fi^H parMMl 'prafU ntar^iii faut 
Moiiltbrop replied that Uic 
•crvice'i profit margin ti ac 

twttjr kmer an ' 
■iMifli the ceil of 
'ne« t«al« 

Still, the American College 
Tefting Pragram. amiing oUwr 
eicaminatlan Mrvteai, la a»w 

drbaiing whathar II. ilwiald M 
nstrict. or of br iw MiM al all la 
Mew Vwrk 

Tens given by boOi the ETS 
and the MTV would ht all ectad 
by the new !•<* Some of Ihoie 
letts arc the Schotaatic Aplltttde 
Te»t. the Graduate Record 
Examination, the Law 'School 
TM. the Medical 
AdmMon 'Teat, and Om 
EMilai AdmMMi Tetling. 

Sports: a household word 

Pmrlill: tm tmrm til one'i 


••tin' •■>«■• •."- 

L llM' arc a number «f ' 
dtwuMioM wltb ff lends , 
br o them. aMaci, and relaiivta 
ntvcnag a tiaiMy of iiditacts. 
And. (<>r a .laipt iMilarlty 'tl 
peofile. the .MfKt af iftm 
nnkB' m one'Of 'the inain 'tapca 
of debate w Mttllioni of 
A'tnencan 'I 


203 N CMviDa Artln ium i Hci. 

f^m% o^ «••«*€• 

You know the conwnatlen 
"Whatever ha.ppcnad to," 
'What 11'.." -What la he doii* 
now." HMi that aart «f thing. So, 
a leem* that 'Uia Itme to HIM to 
provide the subtle wllh mnc <d' 
my awn uuittitMii 

And by the wai. if you know 
aomc al W 


hy WAi-hR 'Mmnuui 

Wi'rile thiin on a piaec of .i 
.and slip them undemaatli Die 
Harbinger iJtftcc' doar. I'm 
anatoui to bnaw .lanie of thcee 

T« liegin wllti, let"* poM the 
«|iie»ii'ii» fverymne winti In 
know -twi n afraid it. aall.l; 
Why ilKt I'Hc KoMt lettle thai 
patemlly mil iwi nl court, and 
how did he da If 


9iilmmmai$mmA. Siwly SbhimIi in 'lMMi.iifcil Mb. .Soiin.. F^nm 7 f..ii n». 

'StMiii- Enii 2 full ran 


Camt tUMfience t.he OU World with iia in 

$fim Ftiliii your ooDcge requircnieriti 11111 

Im tlw tine of your life in a tropical i-lijti«tc. 

WiMtliar yO'UVe a licginneT or advanced., 
you'll letni Spuiiili much betiM than you 
oould m a conventional wtiing Standard tied 
letts i,-irove It Siwnish tin 'I all you'll learn. 
You'll e»p«rien«.« the t;ulture. make tifetunc 
Spawnh fricndi. and ice Iftis pait of the world 

Our enthuiiaHic atumiu wnie Md trtl us 
tlictr tcmcster in Spa in wai the high light of 
their college career Call us collect We'll pvc 
you their naniei addiesirtand phone numbers 
to cortail for yourself 

poieaaw al Cahrm College for 10 vean will 
fcwJ the nvjtoui acadcmi? itudv "^^ "" 

i ngoroui academic study 

iriB jfi HUM Tarento. Cana4a, room board 
«nl iMI Mton all for only IJ.inT VHn^"': 

tiwm ioaiw aim gr u tT i apply ' ■ ^^"^"^ 

Urn a' You'U learn more Spannh. and 
"Mm It better forabouiih, >^. .v,.. .. „„i„^ 

f a ainventional claiaroom We liw m Spanith 
home* *^ 

, P**?"'.™'** '•"* opponunify. ipacc ruia up 
fait C all 111 oolkd at onc^ f», more deialli 
Credili will ht accepted ly iny college 

St Mt Slf H .^ <.-^ :44: l:ast Collier St. Cr«,d R.p.ds. 49m 
Calt(6l6iV -^ iKct - A profrim of Tnnity CTjnMian f ollege 

What if Larry Oitonka were 
to try nmning with hit head up. 
while at iheiame lime oarrylog 
the ball with «ne hand" 

CouM 'he' handle UiiS' mmilm. 

Whale\-er happened to Did 
Selma and the Bleacher Bunii? 

Explain to me How an eaiy 
giiinit. laid-back guy like Joe 
UmTaggio got tiimteli involved 
in selling eofice, by its very 
nature a litmulanl dnnk" 

Name Ihe team Bruce Sullar 

wilt id to once he ftndi mil thai 

Hlh maivagemeni will refute to 
n a pt iaie with tiim nnrr he 
itlaitea hu contractual demanili 
for the ISM seaion 

Mill (kibhy Itull iign wiitll Ok 
niack Hawki'* 

llfha cam nw 

IJewrribc in detail thai 
Uiat will be iflflictml iipn Aria 
(jilmore sufaacquent l« Ui being 

overMirked at 'Caniar far Ihi 

Deacribe to detail the injuria 
Ihat will he inflicted upon 
Wultcf Payton tubtequent to his 
lieing OTCTworked al haUliack 
lor Uie Baal*. 

Whainer happened la the 
tint place Chicago Fire, and 
hem did they gel Mo flmt plate 
in I he liret place'* 

Wnte an eisay describing 
("'hicago's pnifaislofial sport* 
learns and their failure to 
iapture a diviilamal title Note 
maximum mii typed page*.. 

Why IS howting such an ai- 
traclH'e ipectalor ipurr'* 

What If the i:ubi>, White Sox. 
Bean. KtektMWks. and Hulls 
mere i« win iheir divismn in the 
Mine >ear'* 

tlk. (Jk nt»H)p 

Pafit H Tlw Hartiiii(£i-r O.Ii.J»t 1. I"»T<> 

Hawks 'wing it' passed Rock Valley 

tn»' mtft* H««iB •*<*«'• 

Ha fmltm »o tli«ir f«um iw* 
•inp m Sdfi.... a •KM »«»■ 
imimfed III* R«cl« V.lky 

mv (Mfeiml Tw))»ni. 

■ Tritnn. «™J !•»' ^l-' 

il «» a *Her«« 

•tmiy S»tijfito|. 

"Tiait Witt a clnffWW' *••■• 
for «•." laiMi M««k <>•*' '<*<='> 
jolai BIMtk 0* h» *™™» 
wrmroand ■*• >»»■> "™ 
il*l«n nil bmmm «>* mj"^. 
ani MNiriil' mm w*n lUrUm- 
Aiid. «v ««<n tad iln* |iQ« 
'plUy Injurfd. We •«■« IcafMl 
■hMl our m,tiirM» m *•«■• " 

RUM*'* '••"' ff""™"* •" • 
itiirtiat cnoil <■( TTOjaii ia» 
IW U, indwd. h»4 ch«r«cl«r It 
iwik the ti**to i»l> I IW lo 
icore Tiwy """» <»'* ruimiim. 
«|iM *•• ••»• •••J' *■ •«*. •"* 

M- MMi' Btrtolani. wl" 'Xd ** 
mA an m tarrtM, chii«g«d SB 

uMirr iMil j'»td» rmmm. wg^mA 
IW fif urt arnMid 

"l)ur wtltmiw Due i* •■••■)• 

ttM* *i:ld. It ••• im,|>rtw«J 
oiimi^ tffi e|Mi tnlti worth I7» 
fW«k. in tiw nm half ahme 

iHiiivA'KK. n't»»* Kut «>iy 

ihi. rmhtni!, iHJim' ''>•' '"<"> 
trilMJtfd i» ine l<*i t>«iit» *«>«■ *•» 
Tr«iJ«n» Tl» i»rm iiJ ei-Rolltn* 
tMvMliiw* stoiMkut F«l Hcit- 
ti»!*«r wai a aalot H)i«t 
wn'i|x>n AlihouKli Iw cmiwMmI 

way t of la )WMS •■■<> tllTf* 
iwti inlwTi^wni Heilnwyer 
tchpn^ the IWi-yiirtl mart with 
10* y«rd» |»»iiv« IW'" '*">» 
B y«fili per complelioiJ It w»» 
Heitroeyer't n-y«rd tsuchdown 
puw lo Tim MfiWtl w'* ""2 

qii«rt«rllMili»*«H*ri«ri t*i 


ttali hnw Ih* Mxn Uood il 
half4tii». Iwt It OmM^ **• 
m»r» After taWm ••««» » 
wn 40 «lb a ««!• "W« • 
minutr l*« in the half Harpmr 
niovmJ to the TtoJuib *S Then a 
M.wardaaw la Mtke WaMia «n 
iMtd dmm p* th* Maiilli M 
Roc* V«ll«yi 11. imt lt»» 
•ipli ed bef«r* tht H««lB eoUn 
run another pUy 

WMlB tb* Man*! mrmt 

tfMcliiia S«Mtkm««* V«ltejf 
Hiiarterhack J«rry Mi«™ l»«d a 
day he'd jutl as mmhi foilM !>■ 
Ihe fint halt Mien waf in- 
HiT«|>led twice aod sacked 
twice for mtnwStyarda Inth* 
wnai hall, he threw one tn- 
tercepiion. JumNed once, and 
•at MClwd anet- ^^ ■* <'*' ■ 
•Mi, lltai* cwiilcMI 'Only 
tiMT III n paM attentlN* ••Mi «■* 
intrrt-cpttd three «»«•■ 

Dimnii [■wndi todi over tat 
Mten in the aeeiind hall, bill 
Aita't do much better He 
coinpWed only two ol 10 paeiea 
■ltd wait mtenepted "Me 

TUB Tltt>J*»i» HAD the ball 
■I or tnrtk the Itowto M-yafd 
trne' five tinwc ilivWI IK* •■'■» 
»ml jitll »»il#d to msm Their 
heat eteaee l» «:<« «me i«»r 
lilt iwl nuke Bnt quarter wlKji 
lh«y moved tram their i)« n 3» to 
Harper* 1* '" «» !>'•)• "•" 
there they (altered Alter a 

mahifig play that netted miiwi 
two yaitfe, Miers thre*' two 
mtomplelc pastes and the 
tlawb took over poMeMion 

The Hawks held their IM 
lead until late in the tliifd 
(|uarter Fiwced to punt Ironi 
(heir own endione, Trojan 
kictter Jell Moneor (umbted the 
i-etiier snap and trwd to run the 
hall out o( the cndWMW to avat a 

Ha MKtecded tHjt only to the 
■alant that he avoided the 
aafely Mtwuon could o«ft'|tt to 
Ilia own i-yard line betaft ht 
•a* krauKhl down by a herd ■< 
■toaifc delenders That m»l«te 
tal up Htrver* dnal mre, 
RcltiDtyar* I yard quar 
tcrback smak An atlamiH lor » 
l-|»iiit eii«»«f«t<» tailed, and 
Um ibMk* M. 1M 

Mtta Aewrman, who earltar 
booWd an e«tra-point. put hit 
tool into a Jl yard field «»al that 
gave Harper tu final three 

EMAfilK WAB relieved that 

hi* ofleme opened up when n 
did "The key there is that wr 
cut down on turnovers We had 
13 in our rtrst three games, 
today we only had a couple, 
which i> okay bMauK w« raa 

AllJwiigli 'ptoHMd. Eliaiik was 
far Imot salMed with bis ol 
IMM.. "The passing Is nol what 
It llmild be We also need to be 
«IMttenl m cutting dnwn <m 

He added, ■Ultlinaleiy il we 

arc lo Ik •UHaaM, the offense 

MM cnMwIi." Still. i^:i>asilt 
••a ««ty liappy about the win 
ttccmiie. as he said, "we needwl 
«i " 

Intramural Inframurals upcoming 


The lifsl annual fall in- 
tramural «hall pool tour 
mmm waa h*l rwenlly m the 

Hwpee game w»««n« »•«« «•«[» 

Uw chalk d»i Had cltawd. 

three ntudeiila tmerged Jot a 
\mm-mm durt* etaninatW" 

rmm »a«».. Viiw Tieari. and 
jailM Seh«*t aquttwl aWJ» 
me Um HafBtf w""*' 
plan Vieari and Scheele 

•ventMlly advanced lo a two 
out «l three seties by *>"«* "• 
openinf round *llia.. VlllCt 
Vicari *<» *••• •■* •JJI'' 
1 isatnit Jkhedt, aiid' "at wmia 
St Ml of wtmilng Ihc swnod 
and ctemwii tl» tWf . 

The Harper Ihlramural 
Dwiwimciti IS tponsonng "The 
Harper- than." a one mile and a 
ihiM milet HiMnecooung Hun 
Saluntay. t>ct 13, beilimlng at 
«:M am. Inr all Harper 
i.rteu»>dtl»(r. tsee 

Award* will He given lo the 
first through Ihird place 

finisheot m each run (three 
placet lor nNS and llirtc plaeat 
(or w<:NMn) 

All conlesiants will reteive • 
■Harper ihon T stoirt 

There will be yogurt and 
orange juice lor all ninnen 

Kiute maps will be •vtilaWe 
to he picked up m advance 

Entry is free 

Deadline lor entering is 
'Wladncsday. Oct tl). at 4 pm. 

^_ __ .^ two htlh lo 

WMtt Mit' leriia at ooe apleeo. 
loeciwg » finaJ ••"* 

The momentaiii. had now 
iwung to Schoele's side of the 
lalilc aod he pr«K«ed«l l» «* 
(he d'Hcl game, clioefclhg »»■ 
championship 'All compellBW 
enlmed the ctunpetitton. new 
(rlenkiup emerged, ai»d the 
■■■■ iiiwteywlbytlie 

lalramural Director Wally 

Heyiwtd* -rw b<»n »ery 
unpreMMd. thus far with the 
alllMie the Harper tMidenl 
takes, toward fair-play and 
conpetitton M:»hy •< «» 
Iila»er» liwe •l»«ly •»« 
when the- Meit toufnerawnt »«> 

»;.|»8ludcnl Mile 

10 ••-FBCiiltly«a(l Mile 

W:t!i-Stude«l 3-inile 

U lo-rwulty-Stalf J mikt 

The foune will take you 
aromid and through the Harper 
College eainp«, ending on the 
track at the stadium 

For nmre intramural info . 
contact W««y Reynnhh at Est 
mxii cut" *»" .. 

Any ttmleiiis or faculiy-rtaff 
motiem inleretled m any type 
(if intramural activity shouW 
tign-up on the intramural in- 
leresl lorim. located in the 
lecond floor corridor of BIdg A 
frograms are mow being 
„taiuMl Ihr the remainder of 
ihc -seiiMinler »* 1« %»*»• 

The Harper Intramural 
Tennis Tournament becloa 
today. Monday. Oct 1 
Anyone wlahtog to parUclpate 
ihnuld be at the court*, on the 
weat aide of cunput at 1 pm. 

Entry blank! for Harper-thon 
W are available at the in- 
Iromural hoard in A Buldg , 
Hcond noor A oiw- and IkrM 
mile run will be «lB*iem 
btgimui^tt «:40 ura- »■ 

The Harper VoIhn«-iti aub la 
mi« formMg. Anywe *iiiM«i 
lo become » memher H ■■tad lo 
sign up oo the Intramurml Sign- 
up board located in the second 
floor corridor of Bldg A PW 
your name down oo tbe 
volleyball sheet hMl ll|IJ^ 
,uur inloreat in j/oHtm U" «>«*• 

All atplrlng gynmwta. tb«e 
wiU be a niaeltng ims Friday at 
I p m la UM bulUmg U All 
inlaraiMd phMM attend. For 
any additional information, 
contact Rene ZellDcr tl 4M and 



quarterback FM -IMMeyar imil i fi asly I 
but Ibrew lar IW yards tad aM H ii Lkl il ii . 


Hawks win sevenfh straight 


Latt Tuttday. tl . 
lennia team eiMmlld its wln- 
ningiUvak biTgametwlth a »« 
victory over Oaklon. This jual 
one day after the Hawta beat 
Elgin by tbe same score 

In both matditt the top seed 
pofiUon wa» occupied by Cheryl 
Hetman. who stole the sett 
from Sherry Weber in a 
challenge match 

AgalMl teklon, Hetman 
datasled bar unioncnt. Vondra. 
by a l4.Mai*re. while number 
two seed Sherry Weber Watted 
Schwegel. S-l. <Ml 

Hiriiar went on to take the 
rwBeH"t liiwlca matehia by 
decisive M. M scores. 

In doubles play. Harper had 
little trwuble in lahin* all three 
matcbet led by Hetman and 
Weber who won «-J. »-l over 
Oaklnn't Vondrt and Schwegel 
Fd^lowing the Oakloo match 
the Hawks have six straight 

away meets including one 
tomorrow against N4C con- 
ference opponent Tbortitoti 

"What the girls need right 
now Is some lough competition 
to help keep their game up", 
commented coach Harlba Bolt. 
■Heavy matchea will be much 
help in preparing for the N*C 
conference louraaroenl." 

Tbe coach is looking to 
ThomlMi and HBoois Central 
for tfaia Uiugb oempeiiline and 
alM> tipecbi a itning le«n f ram 
lUlnolB Valley, who wat 
orlglnidly scheduled to play 
Harper on liept » but due to 
caDcellalioa will play the 
Hawk* tWa Thundty 

So the team Is now 7-0 overall 
and M in conference, and if 
everything goet a* the ooacb 
plana they eeidd go Into Ike 
conlcrenoe meel with a Npwt 
of latl years splendid s-O record. 

The conference loumaroert 
wai be beM oo Tuesday. Oct. M 
at Harper, slarttng at » am. 




Health Club for Men 

We offer supervision in Conditioning, 
Weiaht Training, and Body Building. 

JM Mw - Prices Gmi U» Oct. 12 

HOURS -Mon.-Fn. IQ . 9 
Sat. 10-5 

WtlMw far* l»laia utiiwautae mm. ao€ PaiMMw ■« ■ SJ'-JtW 

Wild and Crazy Homecoming 

Oct. » titrviiili >i 

r Hi nitumm * olhfwl 
vmtOm c»n* ja which man 
Mm Aittn and Art Cadunkai 
m «IU IM tbiiini at I p n. m 

amnial tmyclt r»e« 

.IMmi niwl nqvly tlMr mfn 
tricKlM. A|»i» n» wlU ID i» 
lUt wiiaw and' m to UM ell* 
KtaO' ipDiiMn tiM winiMr. to 
•ddllion to thii ill* >>«•> 
eaWtimcil cyOtr will ntmlm 
m. AnywM inililiii m i ~ 

tmm » "Tmmi'' 

MI "vMm*" tn mnmi i« SU»t GwHJman and Bill 
t'' Iw bring Unoi QiiaMinan will bt tlW' Iwtiiral 

al tlw fHitf MgH 
A "IKovie Oiiiy" will 
be 0««n i>« Saturda.y. (.<ct la. 
il«r«lma»?i>m w<i«i> Allan i 
•■'E*«rylbl.iig Vou W»nt»d Tii 
Know AbwMi S*i". Mwiy 
FylbiMa And So* For 
Snmallilng Complritly m( 
Itrtiil" and • Si»r< Tha 
I WWmmI Mv" will bt 
[ •Wb • v«M)r o( 
iltorl flicba Tlwf* wtl) b* nn 
chain M taring ilM(Mn« t>af» 
and tilanlw<a This *vcni will be 
fond' oill bt' tnt 

gttttim HaatwMUMiK mmh fai*t >*ai iwvrd M> •( laa Iv Harftr 

Vol. l.iV No. 6 

Ocmliera, 1979 

Mtllwin KiUiM-% Hiiq-T « ;.ill.-!:f. \l{:"tii<|iiiti ami K<»-rlV R..ii.U. t'.il.iiiiif. Illitii.i- (rfMX.T. :tl2-:i'»7-.«MHt 

Faculty reaches settlement 

bjr WW Kl(i£jt(IIAt"«E« 

■•I «f Hit taadiir*. wi Uw 
'liin «f a *<M» l» avprmw «w 

N#« thai the nttotiatmt 

icanti Itavc agreed an a 
> wll bt Mvarai 
va miM'lftlabHi" 
•Mordann wlib iMT' ma- 
alMulMin, the teacher* mat 
have the agnafncnt tn Uwir 
I Ibr al laatl tiM days 

■raMil'y thM uraak. "If the 
ttarbinivr or the Herald 

t«Mi>bcd lb* cMitrael. the 

ttHhan atlglil. be biaaed baliire 
««tlRp," actaadlng. In William 
A, Mltl«T. tacultf Hliat* 


iUimiiger of tb« Wittailve 

irf Ike ilMEiiinMi. aiMit bt (jftd 
and' nqwodHMd: Ibr caeh waling 
(acidly inembar 'Ttaae eoplaa 
wilt he diatrlbtilad 10 llw 

After the dneimienl 'bai bean 
in the tat'ully'D haiMh fat at 
leait 1*0 d«yt, a ballwl boa «'lll 
bt .Ml. iw and Ibt Imilli 'till 
male In atUiar apptaw Uw 
«r Mwl llM 

pmiiiMeil aelllcnteni 

The (acuity twrgaimng team 
»lll ncomnruntd t» the (acuity 
that Ibr contract be appmed. 
and the balM tm w ill be Ml iv 
(nr two dayw Tlw results of the 
wtc will be tabulated whan tlic 
faculty IS through v<itlng 

If II 

tlement tf by flome chance, tbc 
faculty voles down the 
agreemeni. and alt«m|ite la 
settle are In vain, then 
negoilatiaas will have brokan 
A sirte inigbt Uwn 

has betii oKlcttlly niachad The 
negotiating teams would meet. 

Mgn the ronlracl. and shake 

Mowtver. if the faculty doit 
not apiirine the tettlameni. 
Ibcn (be negDilaling (earns 
•odd go back to the table. A 

ledna) tne<£ator a4|iil Umb. bt 
inaolved, acting aa' a madMllg 
jwlie to iry to •llaei a mI- 

"A Mrike is the latl raaoct," 
itatad Mr Miller In ttdw l» 
■triha, ihe faculty would haiw la 
<NiM In autbonie the bargaining 
team losct a date for a strike It 
II likely that the agreement will 
be paaierii. however 

TiM seiilemeni ends six 
months a( bargaining between 
the negotiating teams. No 
deadline had been sal in the hail 
year of ntgotiaUont At kmg 
lasl. il looba lika (hetacuNy wUl 

Harper grows by meeting community needs 


TMi ts lb* leMI) 
education al tb* 
eaiQiw (nlhnaclO 

baa been an 

al growth (w both the eolltge. 

and the •.urriiundmg com 


In one dtradt. Harper has 
irowit fran a tmall to mcdun 

itMd coihgit <rf Xm ttudenls 
mla tmt m the iargati. com- 
Munty collagtt tn the nalun 
Kneollmenl Jor ihe (all 
■•mailer «l this year turpaaicd 
•.Dm ttudants lor Iha fini 
time This M largely due lo (lit 

(«ncgc'* adnria to nwel tbc 
at Uw commmity bj 
that paofile 

Conlinuing education 
prngrami' nnvred by (be c nUaga 
account (or imirly 10 perccM. of 
theenroUment total. The career 
prugrBiiK ottered al (he eolltge 
atmmt tm nearly 9 ptrcanl. 

Stalialtcs lihC' (bb shni* thai 
Harper it not used •• Jusl » 
siepplng stone (or sludcnti on 
their way to a bacbtlor'i 
degree, but (bat il la an Inlregal: 
part d the com'manity, and 
tn«f' to mecl Ibe needs «( that 
nimm unity 

WImi Hariirr 0|>med its tlmm 
fUa. temnter. 2(i7iii atudenis 
waltuHl' througli. This number l* 
up l,IM over last year. 7.(10) 
over m«, aiHl more than is.onn 
since Ibe camiNii optntd in 

Along wilb Increased 
ciirnllniiNit. came eipanaion al 
(tw ea'tiq^a. tbd eiipanalaa oi 
the i)r*igraiiia aMiiiil liy ilw 


There »•» no conlinulag 
rdiiraHoB prtigrim when the 
school (inN opawd in ItM 

tMay (htrt art 
students tn IM 

The prugram has claitat (or 
women, teaching them about 
women m history, (amily living, 
and how to altain iclf 

Thera is a pragram oHCrad la 
■■lor cilitant U> help Ibam 
acWevt a phyakal ra- 

Harper hosts basketball tourney 

Harptr wUl play hutt ■» a 
IwtlMifliafI (Nmaineni calW 
DM Hargtr Claaalc Nov B and 
M The tourmment will inffillila 
Ihe Harper haatolhaD laam at 
weU aa vtsiliag team* dnun Hie 
riiB^i of Ljiha Count r. Louis 
('aUtft and Mannac College 
The imiFBaifMai will be plagratf 
tn tbt niw Bt$. M. 
TbB' a gaa mg gaw wUl ba 

CwMly and Mannae. the gaM' 
mU. Hart at • p-M. TWi aBW 
" g al I p«. iba Hatptr 


■ma' Hartar Classic will 

cwthMt on III* loltowing 'day 
(Ho* Mt. with m* kMft (rani 
Mb of Fmilay night's gamca 
contpMtng (Or Ihe omaolBlMia 
twfliyatlpm tnUMg M Th* 
MMMTi (ran Friday night will 
battle il (Mil fur first and tecoml 
place •* 4 p m. 

Hoger Becbtold. athtettcs 
director and coacb o( the 
'baiWbtf ' iwn is wy oi- 
iliaialaailc about the io«r- 
namenl 'Thii will be an *a- 
cailtnl ttenct tn lab* ad- 
vanlage «l our h*aiil:(hil new 
lactlllles," Bechtold said 
Bachlold 'is akw hoptM for tbc 
Harper team Their (Iril 
uractlct wtll be Oct. is. 

1»B' Harptr Claiaic will be at> 
- - - —'---,(, 


liaiil:;parB clastic 'Thepnctlbr 

■Ji'iiHTn 10 Ihe iMimamani. 
irlU: b* «l..M for aduWa. and ti 
fwr tiaileiiit rri«ni other 
•cbMMa Harper »tudet>l» will 
be adhiilM fr«« wilh an ac- 
tlvKMs paa* 

There is a lifelong (aarnlng 
program that teaches in- 
dividuals .Secrelarial ScietKe. 
liecurity (rainiag, Industrial 

Arts, .and even basic law 

There ts a bualneas division 
thai trains paopie In be bank 

tellen and airline Ikket agitnl*., 
md even teaches Ibem htiw to 
■lart their own busiixns 

'niere ts wen a elaat «i bow 
to i|uil *nMlu:ng. 

ftui inteatlon it 
Kti the only srea in which 
Harper accella The career 
proiram at Harper nerve*, over 
I.OIKI «t.u<lent» in such fields •* 
sir conditioning and 
retrigeratw mainlanaiiGe and 
vendng machine repair 

The regular academH" 
program at Harper bat ma.ny 
Harper transfer students who 
•ilain such high GPA's at (hair 
tramfor school 

The average grade point 
nverage o( (orraer Harper 
tiudntts at the llnivenity ol 
Illinois lit ChanipaiiB is htglwr 
than that of stadcnlt who 
started their acadmnle carter 

al the university This kbid of 
performance shows through at 
other italc universiliet as well 

Day-time itialents might not 

be aware of the divcnity of 
students on campus The 

average age of a Harper altalail 

it ». The madlan age la a. Thai 
means IImi hall oI the ittalnila 
here at Harptr are tn ooiltg* at 
an age when many o( ua hope 

we're out. 

With the decreasing amount 
111 (reahmeii eiitering the collage 
ovar the ntst 10 years, ilhara 
are going to be lO percent femr 
higti sdwol seniors graduatUig 
in WD than in 1«M» Harper still 
intends to keep enrollmeni 
»l«a4y by eapanding their 
coiitinuing education and 
career programs even mor*, 
and becoming an increasingly 
important part al the com- 
lumlty it sannit. 

Plans for Harper'a fiUHre 
include an auto mecbaoict 

(raining progrant among 
others Three new bwhlnigs ar* 
scheduled to open on eamput 
nest wmcster mcludiog a miwh 
needed physical education 
building thai wtll increase 
Harper's enrollment potaMlal a 

Tbc new bulMIng wUl ghw 
HarMr the opportunity In offer 
a widt variMy of recraatlaaal 
elassas. such as rac«|iittbaH, 
batkelball. twimmlng aitg 
wtight iraiMag. 

!%• i' TW llmhutftrr 0,ii,hrr H. I<K*^ 



Unpaid debts may ^'**'^''^Jp!f 
kiii student loans '^ 

It's not turpristng mat whtn most college ■tudmls 

Sr«riMf« ttiey art (rdMiW y broke or clofe to it. 

A (tudent wllti m\ outttandini) student loan hat an 
ewn greater financial problem. It he's not lucky or 

tiMti't learned enough to get a lob. some of hh out- 
standing debts have to go unpaid. 

Declaring tMnkruptcy for a college graduate is so 
e«y to do. After tour yvars. ol cailege, who has any 

money? Maybe studtnttitaitlilton Itrike for lower 
tuition and^ room and board. Then after they graduate 
Irom school they can protest higher taxes and get 

college costs raised again. 

As with the corporate thefts, student financial aid 

thefts go virtually unpunished. 

Letting college graduates get off without paying 

•heir debts is costing the taxpayers precious money, 
money that could be spent on more worth-while and 
trustworthy students 

.Because ot student loan rip offs needy ttudanli 
can't or have a hard time getting loans AAany banks 
are "sold out" early. Some banks don't even provide 

this service. Other banks require strong credit 
ratings itdl other banks requtre that the st^udent or 
his parents have a savings and checking accounts at 
the bank they apply for the loan at 


^^J^ ^»^^ X 'f 

Man booted from contest 

student loans should be revised to make 
easier to obtain but harder to get away without paying 

for them In doing so maybe the taxpayers «i well as 
college students would be satisfied, and finally reach 

a telttemenl on' thvs enlarging issue'. 

Bandit strikes again 


Ckiiel.i. V% Aitormy (iir 

4mi'I llhe Id left: ilMtf ft. Vm 

■• ito widinliis iveilelilllli^ if 
lit. era (wMrlai ■ 
ki'iMl Hi itudmi crMiiMl. 

IJM mim 
I ffl: dtMlMit m lejr jwl >*• 
•tdei.p!tad *ld frmtid has 
lieaNnt. A* ot Junt M, im. 
itNre «•«• about %l ? blUJm in 
fMfcril f twltnl laans m <l»(*ult 
If tTMid ntw* Md ID th« 

«if ttw iml nfHtniitiic 
etel Md aAears h<i|it fur. 
(tot mmld translalt iMn wiM 

n.« niitllaa. In iIiiImi niMociat 

Oleieliiie McMMUift, > U'nliwd 
S'tatw Atlornty who tuc- 
cmtfially protvcuicd fttm 
SialUt ilinlaiiUi tar Ire.iiil last 
■grtet, layt mm nmm It's Imtd 

■NBer' M mJm- mi 'iwm i<t 

Malliig - to ilW' 'leek of 

IM ilMy 
t0,m He «ip'«l Um tealar|. Ttit 
mff§ af ' p'lmmnnii 'to 

"Mcisional •" .— 
tirO'lhfTt D«naii and Jtrry 
Smtth. awl PXrlda Ann Muni - 

■Miediarpdiitliliitcniiiiii of 
ceMflrKi' to defraud the 
ji iiii ri — III. Aneninc to Ule 
graai jury tudictmcnt. tlie 
UMc i)M linanciai aid a|>- 
pHeailtMs tt> i total o( •!■ 
Khuut* . ti«'t cit'mmutill'f 
colitomaa and lltt l'niv«nli:y of 

|twi '-' .at the aam* (tin* 
The llim werv ramictad ai 
(ry inf In Rft to fkMdi (or praHt. 
not lor allaying enllicc cmtM. A 
(«iiir«li .paraoD - IkitaDnai aid 

r Bivina i*tle-.Tl'italti - 
lly cmnviclad ot 

*"I'S A LiiiiV'inniil.>' ot X«* 
Mc'ii'M' tanlor'i hoficf tor 
mtmraiary iiardow «€r» 
ilaahMl tost wtak when tlw 
■litnrai cOTimilter diKidwl men 
nwUn'l hr indiaM w thK 
year't howcwming H'U««n 

QuMn .candtdiitc' Mm M'ym 
■ays he dMn't crater the contest 
t<i Rwcli ll«|. .hut to 
tlnii||t:tMm iti traililionf.. 

"'How can ihi* *flecllo« 
llTMaia a'Rd eventual elaidlon 
hf rcprtMnianve o( pii*! im) 
'prenent tiudentx It ap 
Bimately » |ien-eiii ot the 
■If poiiutaiwn i* not mi) 

Letters to the Editor 

rtaar Edilor. 

In cait you didn't mMIcc. Um 
ituddit kiun«e can Mily ac- 

ctniinodalc l.imi (wrsooi at tte 


Tim vould inC'Ma M pw- 

nnt • 

The .kmnge '«•§ tliK and m 
ciiwct moM' nudama :ikaii tba 
Ii4a«t ean 'hold it. irr«i|MnMlile 

Be grXehi' ibai i IS did at- 
tend .at tlw Kader Icnure. 

II .IS 'one of Uh tariwi lurn- 

*at)ili>r«l 'to the tiaily lji*o, the 
Mho<kl iwiitr. 

Murtw W Ftel. Alumni 
Axsix-uitKn prrsident who in 
iWiO inxt <:n»»"ed thai he'd 
i.m.nii||ra<e<l *e$i Itet-aise "the 
wit* wer* duuble-hreattei] and 
10 were to women", taid 
.Myer*' entry cewldn't tie 
ironiiaeid IteeauMr it came too 
tote Is elti.nge l|iieifi Mlcdieii 

Myen' 'M. Ii wit Hie fint by 
a .man who 'wanled to fill the 
KolocD tanecfMimg tiipfm 

.At limrtf SiHilheni College 
lait January, f'atnck Fetter, a 
J»->«ar"-«W 'Senior. «M 'eleeted 
minm mtT 'live wtimen ean- 
MMet Fett«r taid he ran to 
complete a coume re«|uirement 

.un sex rolei. iimugh "ihai was 
really aeeundary The main 
'retton wa.i lo point out the 
ahturdttv >>( ii siiuatton where 
people A'luld t'i>n»ider Ihn 

hnmccominti queen >o 
serHvsly that they wnuld 
phydcal and vnb»i action 

afatnit me." 

Nnttlmditional candidates 
arv hecMiing triditlanai a! 

other raiiipua>e». tM> StudenK 
at Minoi Stale t 'i>U(>ge in \»rth 
tMxM elevted a 4<t year old 
gra.ndmol.her last year by a 
three-ioone margtn Oklahoma 
AAM ilud«-nl* elected a targe 
retl h»it a> 'homecoining queen 
teveral y«ir» a||o 

(Or a l««tiir« 

•Iw iumI WlWty ecotoe a 
■MtoM iif mafelng a lata 

and'«l'iiiili| i» wtli Ike leleM of 
tMraeiliv dw II.S. fMMm- 
aant. Ihe aiMiree M OHMt 
flaaacial aid. INH BMiiy 

AmaliMr ftnanctal aid (Ate* - 
HnlMt lEllIf - was convicted in 
Jamify. lam., of one nunc of 
•MltaHBlinant Bills liad tieen 
inwiivcd tn a sdMsie tliai made 
rinsncul aid available to eight 
ii'ntvarally of Cincinnaiti 
■ludenti III return tor kirli. 
haelut. . TtMf tttadeni* w«re put on 
probation, and onlerrd. to make 
r«atii.ulwn Ellia a.u sentenced 
10 a prison term, and 
■laeiaed 'a SS.Mi fine 

RUMto cdflcieli they 'Htoy'ie 
on to the tarioit nnanclal aid 
fraud »chem» on record 
They've charged Abioudun 
Baiiigboae. a xi-year-old 
MlpMm nalioBal.. villi trying 
W Uft liw NeitlMro Nilaoto 

Unlvcrvity finaocial aid 
out of tM.ann. Tiw tnai began 
lait week with Bamgboa* 
((leading not guilty 

Sute Attorney Bill Brady 
claim* Bamgbnae had about 
lis.ew in dMcks made out u>' 
dinerent aliaaca walling fram 
dim at Ntir» aid office He was 
arrealad taai Auguat on hii way 
to fick up i«t> of lb* cbeeki 
toulling ti.«x) A lltt of 12 
aliases and »oci«l lecurily 
mimtaen were allegedly found 
in tlwiuipact't tlwe 

John i'hillip* of Ihe itate 
Department o( Law En 
(orcement'i financial fraud unit 
•ays he'a invettigaling the 
poastbittty that BamglMae uaed 

Mttor-m Chief Joan Peterson 

Aaat Ne«»s;ditor IkmMcHugJi 

Ne»» Ediii>r iKm Eig'ei'ihji.user 

Feature Wenclv Wuikelliake 

SporttEdiii'f Miketljtmtach 

AiM Si«u 1 - K.'lil..r Waynr Itieiwtrau 

»■• .KurkKohnke 

I ;5teve M<i(kal 

liu.-.iin=» '■'ia riager Cindy Caravello 

nistributlMEiiliir .Walter H.ll 

Staff'. . . , Ijon Lynn Guy. Eteverlv Haticr 

Karen Androt, Lon Jeilor.KurmJuhnwn. 

Vrncenl Surdu, Bob Otir. .!« Kuwk. 

Rieh ItaMiHtnft. Prte Wicklund, Wanda Bam, Mora .Norton. 

Michelle Minwlnalil, Juiiy Maabrousk 

The II ARm^GeR Is the student publication for the Harper College 
campus communily, published weeUy except during holidays and 
final eiama. All opiniinaeiiiireaaadarc Iboac of the writer and not 
nieaiserHy il«ia of die cnDtit, lla adminislralion, heelly or 
student body AdvertMig and cttpy deadline is noon Tuesday and 
copy » ujbject to editing AU Letiera-to-the-Editar must be signed, 
names will be withlield upon request For advertisuig rales, call or 
wnte HARBI.NbF.R. Wilbam Rainey tUrpcr Colieiit. Algnnquin 
and RaaeUe Ra«la. PaUtine. lU . aooc? Phone 3*7-3000. ezl 4tl 

f IrWw A l'K'» ihr lltllhttiiifr l'<i;:t> i 



Of d«::!ining 


t' IfeWl *IISi llM^ 

Milgh SClMMl:" 

ttf ' ■uni* piili m ■ talc m- 
I tit I 


ll<i«cv«r. Witltam ftatntjr 
- Cotkrae a en I 
■until:} c<iU(| 

'Tliff oamMt IUm* 

I mtta0m wt' wfi. 

I 'and our lacuiy to 

L In Diet, m tmm ml Ua 

»** A'Mllyilii 

I Mm MpMXM Itr 
III* rut tn ttuderK 
lit, mtmh it tNiMC'M 
In Inal m liuriMt 'in* MMi. 
Wllil mm'ta 11.IM •tiMNiK. 
Harfar 'Mm tditctMl •itai 
I *lll 
■ III Ml fmt m ""lit> 

Itrt'H" MbMl 'iMtHMM. 't»0 

•dMwl anif ■ tiMr"-.||«ai' otUllgi'. 

Hh 'iielMM altltiiAi 9m 

tttfiir m Aiilagwl %' 
f M mMini iMir* 

I UM jnw nMy gi 
■r ytari ti «ll«fi 
r l» laugtii hv * 

nr diwiof I! i» 

lliat tmiy ttgiitmr 

r'l aHliii may 

At iMVIir; «»' iMrily la an. 

IM taii#l fcj- 
kKtan ' "niMc 
ikmM (at ni'iifemi • lai 
kM' tli«j' lift' 

ill W.McOon«llllttf. 
Prosptct H«t«Ms 

flM I4t I BUI 





*ff5fi AMin 

tilt niMlllyliMt'niigni bur* On* 
PRMI. «if Uw MlldMII tmOi 
•tlMMM tlW' RatpH MMT 

imiitiHr!. Ini «M I pram 

tlMMii. Md I iMiKaii. at- 
t'MlMt ttit Biin* ■ftmrn at 
ItoiNt Wlitr ewnmitiiMiitf' 
■lid work nmy acnMini lisr iBaia 
ntwlMla mt tliMrtiig 19 for 
itmm tvantt, IM «MMri)ly, tlit 
ilwfHila * ml iMt tUt iMtil to 
tM tmtnlHftal: in Mtrpo- ae- 
fMliM. mwi Uwy iniliMixi 
'fnnit liigli tctiMi, itmf turwal M 
tWT'Kiiitit ffiirii wtti iMr ui* 
.«mI (iivnt'. f 'olliflt Andtnli ar* 
mi ><» «U to tn«* HiMiil »|itrli. 
Wr iMerf iiiucrli t gi'DUii 'haling ti> 
nMiat' Marixir as mm MMr 


KnnUlMli: nwy riw awl (aO 
Willi tiM CltWIII. Willi (MM'int vl 
«k1I flKCMililli dHMti'. IMI 
wlHNil fiiirll aini 'tMHHrn ftir tiM' 
vaiiilMi imiitl Mdiin 'Hum art 
nio» iMlMi ai Harjitr lliaii 
mar IniiTC. M' it is III* nacai 
<if ttwlciita iftai ut m tlw 
iteduw *• talttt tram 
iJw!'ilMN|,atmwlt. Ml dtelMMH. 

Declining enrollment in 1996 

I'mil '■■llHIlt ik'».. :... 

cinMTMiai. mii 'tim liXM* iiui* 

•fciit Btfw oi »mift wtuch iiail 
rwMw Ilia iHel at hM iMifiif ,. 

'Hirmigli' Urn iltiigii' nf I*. M)t Htgaii ttt may It wm 

Ktmwt IBMMM. :H« wai in. m liim* to |it bt eia«i 

imm If ht »ai latt tor daw., Mr* AvtUwn «■* itatcd at 

MKlKf vwMlt'l ilarl Imt ««r *«*, M Paul i»Deiie«J ite 

IM. MnX t 

iltwtli>|)iMiil nf tt» hmm rwlttl 
laiinclMir mi'^nm » dtag ram uf 
a ayHallli riwW. 8lw M Itit 
I'ltlOTnuilwn Mio tlw bteklMiarO 
tmtinal and it appcarad Ml Uw 
.iMiafd What a liard Joli, fmtl 

iHIWt •lillMM. illlli.. Mt Mil- 
UMly rtnalM: 'Uirwflli Dit « 
lliiliiilt nrritliir and made ui 
■tapl «i«>|> Mort rwclwif. 
«»•,. 'IM 



Also S»r¥ing 


*5 S. Elmhurst Rd . Des Raines 

'425 Oqden Ave . Downers Grovo 


-<i>ut» Sunoav il"u Tftuf^dav 1 1 *»« lo 1 1 PM 
«'-3ay 4 S»i;''1tr ••» " "" 

iliMr tn tar t'lanaruim, the r«c 
(niBi iHr Mai and' iiwl »m al 
(tit clM*r«m tnlrant'C 
"'*Wrt mtrt yaa* Ytiti'r* 
•I*'*)* MuiluK in tat*',"" ita 
I. 'TiM »y»m flU f lulled 
Mfimuily and riMad: *m tym 
Wtt Mit:liiiiMl "iiiti .batawt 
ynu'rt llM mtj itudniil. in Uu* 
ciMt' (HI* Imif ' k ID miMHin Inr 
jm to ttit MtvanMft icil mc. I 
liave'tmiallMtt ptrMli in wfaiclt 
la iMcii (Iw Miiii* HiHijtct. Mtm 
w M Ml' 'iwil rlMt ami I liaic 

'• '' tluilfeiit* in mi' tliiRl etaU'. 

.udiiv'iKlMw uii'iin'ttiiit. iltc 

. "."ri will' la ahtad 'Ol rwu and: 

1 11 lit alt icrtni'Ml up and 

IMtwrWy foriti im eovn 

PmiI few* iliM dwinlni. 
fitRlllllMlM: ftMt mtm ila t«i Ml 
tlaiftf' CtllhiB 'w:iai a ttWlM: 

•nnilliMini fw At WVI mIimI 
yaar at mlj IB. Hit mUaft «at 
a mtrt titlctpn ol Ibt la 
itttiillM it MM 'WW' Mra 
Aieilm laii#M: tiiMM. t^MC' 
•Ml Mlioila tMtmv. • rw|<ilr«d 
tubjttl for l'r«h> Tn. 
ft>rltiiia'i*l> , Th.«'« wt-iT ftih V£ 
i mm «l t.ti,r«« 
illiif IHi courwr 
»t» iMd iiiiJ'* four of tht ilipfrii 
franliifH'fl ' 
""N>i«, J- 

ld'< 'l*ai)l ntdilW 
lit liaifc iMf MMl m trani at (ti* 
etedrte 'ftlafllwiard At 'htr 
MacHttowd raatriil <ltik, Mn 
AvtMitm wrateoiii 'hitinry al m* 

A MiiliiM: KaUiatl tnin tlw 
claatrtHlfi and Paul and Mn 
Avtitan itiriMd (Mr haada ki 
llK twckiif 'lilt rnum Ut $m wIki 
■I mm II ■'■* ■ 'daan'i M|wr 
'"I%* litan waoli to tat mi* nf 
ymr' ftudtnt*." tim ymmt ,|irt 
'■aid, lMldl:nt * pink r«|iiai4 
<:mt4 "I iMnalcr wihtcti *(iid«nl 
titwantt." diucklad Paul Tlit 
mmtBtnl praiuced *M 
hn|lllv froni' Uw prt and a 

vllW|Htt iMr Uamll aver btr tac« 
■ (iiliniiaiMt '"CiK Go," the 
tMK^Mr cried. «iut. curling har 
liaiigi m nil* '«aid it. Paul and 
lilt lir) Wl 'Um dManaini. Mti 

lilMftllMnt I^mn tn 

Hi* too itaalanli 
•ay I^imh W •tiiidiiic It A 
.MMIlnt. tlia only Miliar MWnc 
•till uted tit 'Harper. Mtial of 
i:|it buildnts h»4 btan< 
ittttNyad I))' tlie «.a.r. tMI :tt 
mtllir Mn't maiitr Wilt weii 
• •■.•!! tiiNlliiHiit.. UMrt wai. 
Ml Hand for Kidrt than t<m 
tiuiMliiiKii The gifl M lh« (xir 
into.Mt FVimk ottlce 'IHa'dtiui 
«.» tijtmltnt near' hi* open 
*.indi>w a.tacrt'ing tlie ilftw 
prairtia ol flm inlar car* which 
ruivad Awn Algnwiniit .n<iad: 
ike marelniii. lilMniniihnp. 
'I re tirttuclii fawl ^^* li> **t 
ym>." tht tin 'Hid 1* ■!« 
■Iropfitd the pink rcquatt tard 
m m* trakhcan natr the dean't 
datk. Paul loflkad trnnmt Hit 
rami, he liad never 'been in l)w 

Students g-ive 
op.intons on 
Harper sae 

b a 'Harper pull. i.ltidentt 

•an aalxNi >t thry (cli Harpci' 
•Bierawdcd The foUowuig are 
MMtie M the rewpunM* to that 

Tinai Ptawcka. It. '•No, iwl. 
Mm injr ugh. idMiot 'waa." 

UclM-a <:alltoii», 10. -Yet, 1 
ihink the largir daaiat at 
Hariiar lane ttie teacherriludanl 
raHMMWiitp. .In 1 ciM> of over 
IW. yM'i* }u»t a name or 

•cad Ptaaky. IT. "Not really, 
btcaiiat it't ■ cuminunily 
college. So<ne itudmta would 
rallwr f> to uniiwrutit* " 

Jayt* ReM.. IS. "No, you doot 
paally notice Uiai lo many 
people go htrt, btcauM 
everyone goaa to idnal at 
dUIcreni timei " 

.Maa* llari:fi«c.k. i>. '*Sur« it'i 
erawdtd. But it ian t a< bad a> 
Mme nliegM ' ' 

Karen .Imlr'iM. l'7, ~Ni>. After 
going to farml View iHS). 
wythmg leanf lata crowded. " 

t]iiMt.(r C. Mainaattar. It, 

Yeati, it't ina erowdtd Tht 

caletaria ma be enivtled at 


PeaNat 'Praak.. B, "I 'don't 
think we're loo etowdad I ilka a 
Khool With .a :M ol Mudanla, 
•J'lyway " 

*!»» nitehhalta, Jr. "Ni», we 
jiaii biii.It wnic iiiort buildlNfu., 
M> there's noUung m worry 
aiNMl " 

liavid I.. Csather. II, 

■•rf.,m'*<r idoMbi'if" 

i'»ln«, 11. "Vti. 

' re im't any roam (or 
■•I iX'ioi iii'>.-ii«ri 'for 'Our buokn and 
ichiMil tiupplte* and rtutl " 

dean'! «llim He •• 

alid dated, twt thC' glrl'i warm 

•i»,il« t»m Mm cmiM. 

The di«n tui-ned ■i-ound la 
lact the Uty and waved la lUt 
girl to ban ttie olflce. Ska 
clfnad tha iter WMimI her' and 
th*' room Mened ilarkat "PaiUl 

"'Vaa. sir," .Paul 'napiwNM. 

"You wrilt itir tht icteat 
liaper and y<w wanted lo aec 
me. My facmary laid ti was 
about deellniiig anrallniaiil.'" 

"¥m." Paul repwiad. "I'm 
(ntarttlad tn HMing out why 
tnro,|.|iii'rat :kat dropped m> 
■.teefily tuicc tm*" 

The dean bruihtd hit diin 
Willi Uw back of his liand Hit 
ayci bteaine wide and hw Up* 
were white. "Vwi ai'r aware ot 
llie Camput PrcpondcraiKC A.ct 
ol tMM, arcfi't yuu^" Paul 
■hniggnd al the dejio'i inquiry. 

"itehoola now have tht 
autlNrily 'to do whattvar' tbay 
«lib lo atiideiila lo Umirc tht 
ot their initiluliim. 
Vandalttm and drugi and 
viultnce, which were m- 
loliratile in tlie ifMli are now 
alnwai 'totaUy tbininated." 

' ' How * ' ' (I'uett ioncd liie 
ninrlw taking a itep back- 
•ankt <M iiii heal from the 
(iMMsfc III' lilt ilatamonla 

",Any Kudanl. vtoMti^ tlic 
rules .of lilt gantpui can .icrve a 
pr-uun lenn or' even bt given the 
death iemleitcc For example. I 
can net thai ywr' tytca arc 
dilated and .you •.re in., 
taalcaied.. " 

.Paul bolted .tor the dnor wtiwh 
had' baen loekad' by the girl at 
tbt .Nifl TiMra <»<■■. .no tacife. 
Deatit «a* a upHliwig ctiiae al 
'declltiliig tflfdHMil, ^vl il^ 
ttory would wpwtr he frintad 

Secrefarial field offers 
students room to grow 

tewnAMiBjin „,|jr» ilww iwiiw tow 

mmn." MWMlUlt M 'Maiy Am 

tueliir. «• Mickimii wptltd, "t 
iMimk Mlarit* ••re • llnrlnf ■ •« 
<«M IIM. M' MM: Mm' A.|IMlll 

"1 intnk tlH iiMit f* *»■ 
wmmDMry • ciwinfimt.'" nii»>' 
.MMMI Ml MlickiM -'Ttwr* 
■r« fmS wnrktnf coMiitiucii. 

tiMMgtii <■(, •nd *• • irwMff 
•ccuDiiiai Mift iif kmwMp. fm 
m m nMtiUw aiMM' imio w 

ti««M.«iid. mU)'. W*ll| * a 

t«a]imt» Im mak iwcm»ri«» 
Malt iwcwtan** •« <»f<l«l 
•nd t( a m«.it wanl'ed to f« into 
(n»iiie»„ timl *mU br am 
mmima «( *Miit ii i»'tm t»» 

■if'i fKnonal gmleimmnn imy 
iiidl¥i*ll.l can iml alMMl- W« 
ooialil tikt lO' ••• »«nt «n«i« « 
mm iiriiiran ' 

nmn if* »\m Itfal swcreiary 
.MWi mMUcat altfct •■iMaiM 
■prufraiM.. BKlical tra»^ 
•ctift:iiM mA wwit imtwatng 
prugmm* ulftrwJ in •'»• 
jacivtarwi •»• 

m» taw a »imi> <M cw 

uncait c«ir«» immJ <ltgrt* 
prtiramt."* M* IlicWiia 


Ban iMoty «>•' vtth 
IBaviCtt II SO (lartlni 
' ' I kmrn-. <la| «r 
iMM' fir 'i nnt aiMt tnwMMiBi* 
■^ C«H Mrt Wh«» to 

•MM Ma>. tVl-MM. 

finint. !■«»« Ml t>aliUiM> 
' hflp iwiniliii 

Call Hand)' 

AR HT» otttct al 

Kslliy'al M-Otll. 


I'OT 'Itaa AM 

nabyuiiini. I>» »■«« >>k« 

(MMfevii and tidiijt .itiiMilallat 
iMr ihndUi •ml tnMMt* Ckn 
mmm «■* ym Me ine 
hMiMilc a HKM nlaurd and 
MItl- itMillnr 11 imm t'> « p m 

tMAliil tor rnwiMMta fur !• 
MIramii IHMSC cha* ii> 'Hariwr 
Mala'ar Mnalt. tlS par imiMIi. 


MiMfin I'Wlml adult btcycl* J 
'■.{Kwd. KttvUefll CMditliHi tm 
t'kmm tall ai»IM4 alltr i W 

iKft THiw Am... 0««I cniMlWiMi, 
Iww miliMga l*.!*) or 'bm 
idlkr. Many nlna ll»..Mtt or 

ins Oldannlnlt tlHrsI WS T 

Tiifw IjMImM Mint condiliav 
Whit* 4 *»ld, B«« site sn 

Mtary '|<IM. AiMrt.. Ovn 

■a*lfa«»'i»aiter» Pari'liiue 
pa Va OM Tmm 

Mi. HI... PMIMti IH|.«SII. 


toy OT gtrl III *«ft pari iinM ta 

Ik HaiM* iii« Wa»jc<»d». 
[»|l|»rniii*ly tnr fulUjm* fw 

t'art I till* narxlioiiaaiwam 
immnM iFWCniiigi. MMi «f«k«ads 
S4Md' .ftarii'Mg fy '^Pl** '" 
wriMM..»n Pur- 
Ill I 'WiMdftctd lit. 

ninminatc vanivd m tlart 1> 

iMdraom inwaftoiiM te 

Wtataliiil wltll I aUmi.. Muat be 

■iraight. eonMtrvatlvc. nan 

.i iwi l Wi '.- Il^..fffi4 M 


« aliMlrWtr 
S4) -ITS alter Spm 

ttecl telled raiftal lire». Ex- 
crttenl c<mmtm> HRTtI « IS 
WlMI«'«an» Vatatnta Semn« 

'DH'W. ni stt « (OT fllO ('-all 
alliir a |im iib-m» 


paHlil' 'Umtim Im nil* In Huiiar 
nrwn StraaniMMid Pk«i* calt 


aiiltMTtMa. *-tH%. Pauaanic 

Bliri.|ilit iMirtabto .*II^-r!M. 

("RACER Ittti WHEEUS wi* 

"71. IWiwi Tim. •ill fit nwat 
ran. G<iod€«i*l.i«i.'«l«» ("all 

Fttrti. LTP fn*»r »i«»rlnii, 
mww lirakt*.. h'C, twm 
feiMwIkrt wmdllKm «*.■«« 

■TS Mtn'iir) Ctim«» • cylinder 
•M Dim. $nM> • ««>«.)T w M 

Barrtfiilai area mU 
tor aftenKwa. and teuniay 
•ork. AHfly wpnooMweenl 
I S pm TIIE HECtmn 
AiBirM, m w urn iwv. 


Malhar Ml in atil 

wn't car itn Clmy 

PSW fijuil irn«» (llaiw linSIU 
OetoWr n Im »|irin«. 
r»n*<r»li««n rattttnier* 
iictdal to t*mn apciiMK. Calt 

n'fl'MC »'■» all typimt nw* 

Vi:i*tim* di»e«wni..» Fiwe ptck ii|) 
awt dfilvtry Accuracy 

CniMaari. Call KT 'ServicBi 

Qmt firm. Um MOtt tm 
Cand:. Call 'E*a.ningi and 

l,0».C08T DSrENOABtE 

BoMll tafiabre olariad every 

News Briefs 

Flu Shots 

Prrsm allervic to cRga, < 
|ir»<tuctii i>r chickent and 
ehkrkm leatJiert cannot nfceivr 
Ibc vaecme H lli«f« are ans 

«|iieelif>m tall exi IM 

Health Servtct. .*ie., has a 
liniited Mjpfily ot (III vardne 
Hw mjectwitf will be avadaMe 
It the «»* of It » per injectwn 
a "fl.™t-eii>in«, tlr»t terve" 
twaii PeriiM* »i»lung the 
vaetlna ilKwJd no to flea.l(li 
Service bal«e«D a II a n to io 
(t.m.., Mondiy llimjgh Thiir- 
■day.andrnmklSam t«l 30 on PrUai'. 


Sludcnlt rtiutt pj-iiti.m foi 
ICMiiuiitKin by (Hi 15 it i , 

iiuatify Iw a ilefree ■»' ct-r 
iil'icate (hm la.ll temi"*!!"! 
PHItiMw can be' oMalned fp'm 
lite admuBMim tilflcr 





'tl47 Tower Road,.' 
Schaumburg, It' / 

VVe are "The Beeper People" 
and have several openings now. 

• Full Time • Part Time • Your Time 
A foocf opportunity for fh« Right Feoph 

Calf Mr. Fuhler 012)ttl-31(i 

Public Opinion Research 

Learn about the fascinating field of 
public opinion reseorcfi while 
working in our comfortable 
Arlington Heights office. 

Look what we offer: 

- rinlliiv Imura. day. nigtii m mm^mi 

» MjiiMd m ad*ancen«ml after iraminf |ier»od 

'. .ImtRiMihale oiicnlngs 

• TuiimmK elwiiw «•«■» a wwk 

For further information and 

appointment, please call 

Mrs VVhilf? 981-5500 


715 W. Rd , Artington Hwgtite 


EqiMlO|i|wrtiinity EmptoyerM-F 

Ikt KAimiNtiEK ta mm ac- 
cefllBg Peraaaal ,tdt Iraai 

MllliilAliMlrilll YkriHTW HK Hi WMH'IIMiI 

tlHiffaaltl per 4 Uaw.. Lai the 

>ikiHiaii"lHuiii i 


«■«} at (ke NARMMOn 
•Wltfa AJa*. Awa waamma^ iBBia 
Waul In IfpviarllleM. 

•Ml* talMn fw can. M 
'■• tf ta- 

c«u mwM tt»m I Miscelleaneous 

ta ■; fe'laak kab) 
f i mf lani 'ka«* .kktwn 
•nftyan. ll«B'caa~ 


Banking TELLIES 

fuU or Part Time 

Don't let these entry level opportunities slip thru 
your fingers Learn about Unity's promotion from 
wjthin policy that provides you with top spots 
.n the future, ^^^g ^^ ^^^ ^^^^^. 


Jd05 Golf Road 
Schaumburg, Iff. 


t-qiiai opportumtv einployet ni/f 

ItiLiht-T H. I'tT'l llu U„rhtim>, V,,^, 

Fashion students hemmed in 

""FmWim I» tw ■iirlt nwrt' 
Vmrn MiiiwMMg jmt 'pui <• 
t»«j 4i|. Il'fc »rt."" mm 
Kallllmi 0'lrMi. Slit s imc nl 
•■•taltatit n lh<>««aMiil.y«M"wf 
It* Isateeii <ji«:tl|iiiiig anti. 
'■•rdMadMnf profrvMi tt 


■md .ntafctng 

'Muiltu. lM*tf of th*' (anHiMMi 

(•Mar t'lir {wIimiii m*i, ban 
Ruwy ife'df 'iMl .alttr llie tint 

Tllit. ,)Mt. llHMglt.. • W. miM 
■indiMli ton' tliaek olft U 
TtMt* art' i4'fMi' M III* .PinliiiiD 
tiMipi 'rUMlrattM clHt, alMic. 

'T)w> rcatiin iMlNia ilnp nui 
'ifitsr ttar fi<iiMlMM(i. ym» it 
iwcMA. tXSum sdiiMla' .}uM: 
Ksnt 10 lac Ite lEiKMtl«ll|» iiad 
*ki» (m IMr <wn privalt 'UH ht 
tlMfy Imi'W tecauM' it's a hunt 
rwld to brtsk iialii "f'Mt 
.■amtaltr ii raalty tant, Tan 

liavt to to ikvwiMi, In atiek it 
Ml.'", U'lrt 'iteiMM* Glbtatais 

Tte Ittld Hull "re<ju,(re» 
(MicalKa. aiid <ivl<i*nninati«n. 
tail if pm nail) want tlw |iiti 
r<w'll||a>t. it""Mn Nainbuialil. 

kill taabiM aha vmg itn't Uif 
idilyami'iinet'aiieni'r TlKTe's 
•Ml NM' mardutmlniiig and 
puMMlliiMl dafMrCincnta 

'Pnwi the (nvtoait iradiute'i 
Mirve)', .w iim'ent wmiI tnto Itxt 

(■•iiiMrtcW' <«ft|icittnt'<ii'iii«i« 
siiialMti micmi iliai| 
tlw iiltiar M (MTtail: opMi) i 

A^ " 

K « PUT ff TUMY'S 

50% Off mall ; 




MON, e TUES, 9*.30, 
WED.„-THURS,-FR1 9'9P,M SAl 9 5 

Algonquin Ptaza 
833. E. Algonquin Road dioute 621 

Scteurnburq ^-_ .^__ 

CM «r mmm ..... 317-11100 

Thr ctudtfila' tn Ui* imKraB. 
depend I nf on wital ilait 
ilH>)'r*' at. dawigii a pnitti 
(ram. icralth Tttty ttefign the 
{•turn aad ^mt^of tl all tlw 
way llinNlll l> Itw 
firlt arc imkiiit on a quiltod 
licwjacl fur turn claai and a 
talliirad ticket Ibr 


OnfcMiji claiaat 

tn III* nfiiKflc* o( 

(MHMItiei, hfiiMhlng, 

niauton nod niada.i>H>n 





JuM* Wliam 


Steve Goodman 

Friilay. (>i1c»,Ikt .12 

8:00 [Kill. 

dii,li*jzi* (It'iiier .LourijiP 

With Special Guest Star 

Bill Quatenan 


(3.18 with Harper Actmiy Card 
UM for Pub/fc 

At Door 

$4.00 with Harper Activity Card 
15.00 forPtibifC 

Available in Student Activities Office A336 

Ttwy iiMiatly <niik lai ilmt ta 
livt projvctiat oncie. Tlwy ajMl 
ftnifih oltwr pr»)ci-t* or begin. 
wrm one* (imuttanMiiilly 

Th» tlwlenta are miutrvd lo 
design and make a winter eoat. 
a leather project and a iur 
pruject all before C^natmu 
"You really ham to have a 

mim S'tiMicni Ruth 

W oairve theae proJecK nin 
Into money , an will a trip to N««' 
Ytirk in November far theae 
studentt willtnt lo pay tlw 
(■tee They',U be going to pick 
141 ne« Idaaa. (or daiftni and •#<• 
the new fakrin comtnii oui 

nir a eiaii' In their fraahmen 
jnar. lo gv<' kleat they had tw 
onaale a laaMon lor today by 
adaptiim alylea from the an- 
cient timet' Mcli aa Itie Homan 

Atid ttiey arc eimatanly 

adaplinK. The women look 
Uiroiigh inaiaiinet and take a 

•leeve idea mm one outfit and 
mybe a bell from anoUur'all 
the while rhanf mi i1 to fit their 

wftille allien may wiah to make 
patlarm AndftanetGlbbamii 
going to put her MlMiti to a tra> 
Ml «h«n (he ilMlgm and 
makss her mm wedding draa 
for next September 

The only gnpe aome of the 
student* fell about the pragTam 
wa> the equjpiiMal and the 
sumundlnga they get for their 
m<>ney Thoe women think that 
lor the money they pay, Ihey- 
ahadd gal more than 10 yank 
«il mualim » semester, two 
ironinf hoarda. sii tewiag 
machinei and two work taMas 
tor 44 girli They fee) crampod 
in Ihj- room they're in 

Bui it'i slill an "eadting 
Held" .arconUng to M» O'Brien 
Thev get to travel and meet 
people Jo Deuche, a cor- 
rtai^MWieiit lor Harpar'a 
faaUon program, goes lo Paha 
twie* a year lo lake piclurea. af 
the lalatt (aahiona She ikKi 

And the fUidenla met (aahkNi 
model SuEanae Johnaon from 

SiMitMi. *lMi flMNrad ihcm Iwii' 
la ivalh, IM* to'Cairy ■ awcalar, 
and other polnia of mnicllng 
iVIl in all. the faxhion stiidenti 
may l* headed tor a career 
diiterecjt from other studenla, they still may wear ofily 
)e.aa^' to irhool 

llo«- ■artaiit .are nrne of these 
.gtl-b'' A M ;plaii to maike a 
««Teer out of It. if they earn. 
Seine JiKt like im 'dcaip and 
'(b«<w 'like 'M.arimiw Biamo 



Mafgaritat Servwt by the Wichar "^ 


%liK%# UK FIAIW 

to meal the Tetaie Trto Brjvo 

An icy red can of Tecate B«er imported from Mexico 

topped with lemon and lalt Brim' 

Your bi| thirvt hi$ met its match 


ftpr *t The Hmbk^cff tfrlnh^ H. 1**79 

Willie Nelson: music for all Americans 

.Mrt-llll* M' ■•■•<•<"• "Mto 


Moderns ^ 

WIUMl Mtdl4 tot 
•Mil Hw «M|l|r tinf . TlM Mig. 
f UiwlMri Wn thB putilk'i ImarU 
■Ml "Kcd Headed Siranter" 
Mo Amtncan twmeii ThI* 
■llMim i« ih* iHftt ■etllgf 
nwnln" ilDum of all lime. II 
imduccs I (•diflf al Itvtm tn 
nm an WaM. aiiK»« tht pinaa. 
ptmrm. fawMM. and c«wlx>)« 

tlflw If diy HijnrlMft ttac, M 
Willi* crMaa. an «tiiM«lMr* ol 
pact and low*, Mill Ml htirtng 

voice will) acouslic guitar, 
elemantary piano, anil an oc 
caaional harmonica Tlitt i» U» 
INrfacI fift for ■)» aunt 
granttparanl or iMnaod «li« 
tm mrtrjihtim- tm wuM 
aaally aK aa4 draam alMui awtli 
fvng and aamatlnMi mmU Uw 
Una »iiruc€ Invade your room 
But tlw bait (aalura d tin* 
aHMBn w tlM (act thai it dnaa 
1 la Mniila aT 'an Mat. 

«t«iigar' la an 
I whkch a placMfoill In (lit 
mouniaMia. Hw Mai- 
lug. at ina 'UM waii '■ pfaHBl 

- "■is tpr*' 


ia n>)i 

(awodla Tliia albtini ctmlalm 
Irvine Barlln'i "Blue Skm . 
Canffc CaradoWa -Samaone 
la Waidi Omr Ma", and Hotay 
all tmm dial jnur 
graitdpirtBl* iaiwad ilMir 
' I to WIINIa caoMnaa Ui 

■Wtllle Nclton and Leon 
Huaacil' i» ibe nrwcat ollcnng 
(roan WiUie Again he (ealurci 
oldiea. lillc -Heartbreak 
Malal". "Simuiiariiiii*. Sum 
CMf Sua." and Col* Part*'* 
"DoB't Fmm Mt In'". Tha naw 

only accents WUHat" 
more melodic voice 

Leon RusseU. though la not 
Willief first partner Waylon 
Jcnninfii and M illie have done 
■0 many good aoaga logMber 
thai at a leam. ihay could aaitty 
Nil out any majar hall acroia 
the country Some tf Ibeir hits 
have b««n. ' Luckanbich, 
Ten* \ * Mamaa Don't Let 
your Bahtei Grow up to he 
Cowboyi'" Their lie»l album i* 
"WllHc and Waylon " only 
bacauaa ihart enita no oditr. 

When the new cars come out 
and Chevrolet tay< "at 

AmancBii aa mom > apple pl«" 
tiMy iMij have to add the name 

of Willie Keiaon 

Behavior symbolized through solar system 

rwfnwMitft tilt oiHillfty of 

DlillllVWII^^ AiMI ■ — ''^' 

%iiif' Ji'Lj iiiC.Aivi»¥ '■■■ J™ 11' ■ """ ■'""'■«""" ■■ ■■■"" fi|H|prWMiiiUt till 

X I X panatwaniiaa. ) 

A iManw Mag. aiiil»^h» /""^T "'S! *** *Z 

Qfvflitnk UMia iMMliMiHi uf ^^^*'t ^^ iHim. 

lalMlac.'andniaiigrMin^afa'a (( iMiini ayiii 


iMJii^db and iidiBiiaaiUM. iin wril 


r.rt tn ua all 
Ihaaa cmMaiila 
' toy Ilia .atia. iha 

Ilia 'aai. 

la, I pf 


ty Jti|..l WttAX 

itW Mil the cure ol our %eln|. H 

repraaanui' ho« im haal. mam. oactaal. 'Tliii.fiaae« rt 

'UMngi atll-a ip 'iia al i ia . Maiiar. it nawlm 'iamtiia,, 

C, .■■#. MwMvily. 'It IW' 
'Ifea MaMiili* afiiMii «• 

r«gardl«« of our aea. Hi* prltKiple of ' ralaliig. m 

Tll*aMH«.aiwi'liad»«llllft MImib. .aocMlitag. dt««ll«llig 

■f llM' ana. aUacciaM .and lam aft ^»ni- 
~"" Ml •Mcli' la tn* 

aymCMUiai Iha tw* 

«C Jupllar. Ill* 'princtpie 

iion and .rcitrMlan. 

iaal Mtli' and' the 'Oti- 
•lacta thai <m llMWld :i*dm 

lainiig 'Mttiia, nwigfti Bui 

The plaiwl Vramua. «aa 
dmrovered' with the eom- 
o« tha "Age' of 
II fya^boilfea 
!■«• quahtiaa. 
'UllUn man. R hai been 
MdMNiwd "i:h« Avakenar" 

" " ".and ihai whtdi 

'.: alterad iialea of 

pythie par- 

la lyMltanii and 
MCVfte M'-eptun* rcpresenli 

■firtiualiiy. Pluto, death and 

artly in a 

Co-ed weight training 
sport for all 

itil Iheir quefliona al 

'Uia Harbtngar office. AXT 


to the 



Room A367 

fliyslral (arm • 

Kveryone inherenily 
potlcaaM thai* modei of 
behavior*, but being in 
dividuala. they do mamreat 
dltferently (oraach of ui That is 
nllactad m aatfology by ih* 
ptmiliont of the plaiwla withtn 
ih* iitiw and 'heir rtlation- 
thipt to each other 

Thaawsalgn ta a •lnM« (actor 
aa a iMcnnaiMail of a per- 
looallty profile, tad as yw can 
iac, even ihougji <i ■ th* center 
around vMch. all dae revotves. 

il is Just one part 

I would like to mention thai in 
future colunina, I will make 
available my astrological in 
lerprelations Pemu in 
Icresled may submii specific 
questions to the Harbinger 
oflicc located tn AMi7 The 
Mlotting requirvd informalion 
muil also be lubmllted date ol 
hirlh. enact time am or 
p m 1. and location icily, state, 
it small Unra nol liaiad on map. 
pieaie include nearctt large 
city I 

m ^^^^ AAA ^ 





Name your own hours 
• Meet new people 
• Gel experience in sates 

Sell Advertising for 


5 1% CflWIllSSiOII on all sales 
«» Contact Cindy ext. 461 



fliitiW H. I'K'i Till' Hiirhi'iger hige 7 

Trivial statistics aren't trivial £^ 


mSm^TSmlSii^ Sport'scene 

li% W'4nil« MIKNMCAi 


Show Them Ytm 

(mw at 


OMLV: tMNNIttM A.M. - feSr.!!:. 


m at mmB ^ ; 

mm 2ii-22io iLI 

GlOtHinC UlOfllO 


Here we come 

to save you $ 

on Name Brand Clothing 
Sail ai% on iwns 

Our Prrces Can't Be Beaf. 
Watch for our fantastic Savings 

tf^ the mmm 

Um~Sat im Sup 1.24 Thur^ 10 9 

htagm UmttmU What tar" So 
IM UMa M(i ■!) over IM 
i>«irM can antKipato rcv«tvtn| 
Ihal Sunday mommt (Miiwr U> 

ilM pM «t amkiiii si l)'«t 
o'ctMk. M Ilia I 

our yaar-fiO. aa ui 

WMcb NFL iiaaHcrback 

hnldi 'tiM irae ord far M Win Hit 

while atMawtUii a 

(M fm, mm man 
tliialm aa ilila ii a loBitiMt 
ari^paat Mia by iU own HgM, 
Umr H tHi« la ha HMDt 
naiiMtnci |»in( on down at 
NHL. NBA, .VFL. and Major 
L»ague headquarter! wb«a 
ay arc prtatntad wiib tUi 

rta) haa 

10 aecnne 
liafTkf tn 'iht rtnli-tii-i lit) -.row 
'raet tor tlw iNfpwa «<' elolt- 

If a 
haan -in in Mai ya 
cartytif tht hcDil tunaa. 

Wlitci «M racalvar 
cau|M ttm moat conaacwtliw 
paaia^ all whllt out all 

Whidi hMMb ' 
haa cha moil .lavM 

dut/M (ttan: if: 

cava aa a lUgM mall on Uia 
" r's mMkaeiiaa aa ht 
I ilM playtr*! t l w pn i and la 
to (all down 'Ika flip. 
c:«uM two tavaa if %» itayar 
oalnoni the «|i|naaila* fall, by 
niniiiltns to ttw traund AM.) 
nm* Utcy tre. aixKla (ana. 
Intaraallm. miRmiaum, bat 
itMiat Ht ail. v>ial. mtnftaiH 
i)iiMtl(mi cooearnlng our 

learned and 
men will accept our propoaal to 
haap track of Uwaa Undi of 
raeanli. it only for Uw ukt at 
• off of their backi. 
( aa tbwe are (oiai to 
ba nMnwous applleanti 
I a lucrative 
Ijliai keeping 
lalM an •nek raoonb a* I have 
MlMd, I have no cbotcc but la 
aik the r«adar to call me par- 


duriiiB iha day la apply. Bui 
don't wony. thm'i no naad to 
tl'i a tflvlaJ 

The U.S. what? 

Tta ollMr day. I *•• ii«m 

mm iiwMii> Uw ■P'ro *Ktio« 

<ir a heal paper when I cam* 
««ro»t thii htlle anecdote.. 

"VSTL ovm "««' .'•Mnday - 
Loop* (0 hatia againal 

Slop tha 'preaaoi' 'Who. w 
rallMr whal. m the Uopa' 
What li the vsn." My cunoelly 
(01 the tiest <if me and I humed 
10 a phone I calkd the papw 
thai puititslwd ttiti peculiar 
itory ami wked riaclly whal 
wait ltap|«l:n|| WhMi tJaHVad 

«ht »m«w«r, I "■" 

•ivtckwl, m 

r^^r^,,^^-, ^™ , i*t' 

Ttic Lmh. known tiffielally 
ii tlif lililcaio Loopa. an a 
leant t(i the IliiMil: UnlMi Slalai' 
Fo<i<ha.ll bMifiN. And. If that 
do«an't knock your tocka ««. 
thtt will The l^oopa «re (artred 
to WW the usrt. mie' Thai wa» 
•nough .ioT' ntc. Any taagut thai 
haa a Chteano taani la»arwi to 
win III title can't he loo good 

After taking a laomd kiok. 
ibiNigh, I dl.M.«wrtd thai I wa> 
wrong l/Mip pubiidly dlrndor 
Slave 'n»..imm told ma that Ihia 
iMun will (mally |i«« OUcago 
fann whal 11 hat lMW«d 
deaerved . ■ chamilaialllp if 
thta wala your appalila, than the 
biekgrouMl Hr «■ .Mka will 

The paper 


■nm Ijaap wart Ife* brain- 
child of rarguaon 
RiKkiiiitunn til. • DnntnMl 

Chraga 'iporia (an and gar 

h^a-men make a loud of mooay 

thaaa day* I . Af lar paying to aat 

HeM it be known IhfOUglMMil 

the •iMiiiiy Uhm he «ia !»• 




Chicago BisebalT ownart 
lailghad al turn, (oolbaU ownan 
luraad their maes up at hiin, 
haitkafball owner* toM him thai 
one liiaing Chlcagn laam was 
enai«h. and hoehey ownara 
bci»ad him to taka the 
Wathington Capilala. the Pttla- 
burgh Pcnguini. or the 
Colorado Kockiei oil their 
hanih. hut they wouldn't M him 
taring any til itrnn to Chicago. 
With nowlier* to lurn. 
IMkli«bam decided be woultf 
lormMf own football league He 

¥■ mm rowN mm 


<<aMckai Mai.iil 'lanctt m 
'laMctu •••<.« I *MMiMaiMa 
MT rnosraci | vaukTiNf 

1119 braad Ate. 
«t Mttk K. Id k. It 



1/1 prie« drinlis 

everyday wtth 
Lunch Purchasa 



PrMavi /' SwHdavt 

FlfH Hffm«m*Off 


Oi->0r*ii II to <" 

-Htm O.t. $«•'■ SS^iJIi 

SMKlMPikia ciMcaafi 

CKuaraifi.a m 

Chiiarex II J 


with •imoal 90 

p"o i p a e tiv« ownert to iW dil- 
jkraM mm '.indudtaig Tultya. 
MndmOllir.. andl^dao) aboal 
hit Md. l£i. raiMn of thaat 
man w>c«l «>■>> Bucklagham't 
{ian tliey m a dnia. January 
W, Itn. to formally announce 
the Wrth of the I'lvlted Stataa 
Football League They nwt In 
Portland, Ore , and bald a praaa 
cnnlMance at a loeal HolUtay 
Im. HM' ic pionaara wwi not 
dUMOuraged by ilie low lumo* 
af Nportan Inaiaad. They 
baeanc nuc* daterminad to 
mait Ifet^AFL a major ihraai l» 
tha oMir and much Mronfar 
National Football League 

In June, the ownen mat kl 
Chkdio to ««• IV InagiK by- 
:lawa and to maba up' the final 
laague directory To the 
dUappainlmcnl of Buckinghun. 
four of the original l< wara 
foroad to drop out faacauM they 
lackmi alihar a ployiag facility 
or Iha capital to invent in a 
team, or both Bui Buckingham 
continued. tuidisniJiyed Out ol 
Ihal June meeting came the 
twelve laami that warve aa the 
loundallon of (he Unl'^l Stalaa 
FiMtbaU iMgut: the Cliartotlc 
ttonala. JackaanviUe Sharki. 
Lom laland Gold Raiders, and 
FMda (Orlando j Orange in the 
Eailern Divnion, ihe Bir- 
mingham Americaoi. In- 
dianapolis 500's. Mcmphii 
Soulkmen. and Burkiogbani'i 
(TilcagD Loopa in the Central 
lilvKion and the Phoentx 
HoadRunneri. Portland 
Uggers. Salt Uke Oty Sainia, 
and awthan CaUforma Sun W 
tha WMarn ONakw. 

In Augwt. Uw ownan mil 
again. Ihl* time in Orlando, lo 
tinatiie the le^ur't ■chedule. 
To the aatonishmcnt of the 
telecl few reporter! who 
c<>v«r«d the event, all Iha leama 
atayad In Ihe citiea that they had 
originally decided upon. 

Now il la October, and you 
mitti he wiindering where Iha 
league is beaded. 

Thu Sondky U>t liOopa open 
their l«W aaiidll In CharkMla 
agatiat the tiomala.. 

The Loopa andad their 
Iraining camp laal Saturday 
and played only one lat laail 
they have the clan not to mate 
fans pay lo iwe two leanu 'play' 
an exhlblliani game belura 
Uieir opener 

We'll know Sunday if 
Buckingham III baa a 
Idea or nol But the big 
iwitliin for the (ana ia, "Can 
OMgrraaUy wtn*" 

Piipir B ftw Hurtnnfpr (triitlirr H. t'^T'f 

Hawks fumble 
through a 

3-2 disaster 

■■at mt wm wat M. MM lar 

Sim '•■•' I m^St hmi' ^^ mtml'hm. I 

In. WtfV wiv • M MMv mg p^ flfitfiriih 

- - ,., 
tt' E«rl]r In 

iM mmmt ttM. Uuto JaMph 

It gvt liM 
'iw Wl tn TharalMi't 
mn M yard Una. 

HiJIbKk Dmia MiHlir, Uw 
mtt mm m iwMtm In Om 

■iilmiitflTi nn- m 

to Iril ttt 'Ml M Hw » ymd 

Ob TharalMi'i DiM < 

ftaif. Ha«fc C3Hir Gatbi duMd 

" ■ "~ ■ in 

■ nM)r and 

a aim •-• laad 

ktttad Harpar 

m aivawi, M la 'TtnrntoB'i 


Um l^vk'a 9K vflftf ^^BL Yha ^ta 

IS yar* for Thoro- 
IM |Mt Ifean Into RcM loai 

Harfr't a«»t«l fam*. «•««•». Ii 

ddntlat Hack tclraala at Layala. lilan 

e tall tarpritr by 
pfeala ky Srau MrlUil«vi 

f atxrlail tlw tarn* fw 
laMa ra^piaaais ay 
■ tatc in Ike flni' liaM. 
iMl .tiaOklt tatinc mwifd' M' 

Mfi'iiM M^gwHii Ilmli • am wm Una .ilm. 1 
AnldtaanianQiatV'SfttNlllMwaf lauryttr^iwa'awaiiiiK, 


'Moffall waan't i 

««li.ia iKC tail Pat (IMHayBr't 

nitavQp MiallSM'fiilf IHw mt 
OMI Mitf< IIWN .plVft< VMt ttt 

nandty Itaayapovfdi baat 

WBMII' 'H^aa '^WMI ftvk AtvMfr ^tuM 


aivay Din a 

Ptnai a pal Uw iflcw li ap- 

•t IM had craaaad Uw 

IWMMaain. atrlpe. Iwi ttm 

TkoniloB tka tall 

at. IMr mm tw :lncli Mm.. 

"No ilDubi about it. thai 
ltMM> thai M* up the lltld goal 
anH llM tirntac poiot in the 
mmm," mU Thornton coach 

Jlmtt lOTawty. "Tlua n the 
'IM nnia'aia'w baatan Harper, 
M hci UUi l« Ow Urtl Uric 
aif'M liid lw> Vina in thii 
TMoralMi tiM hi( 
t nf Hit NC atamk mm 

irikaciclM "-Do or Oia" «var 
applieil. It's lor Uie Hawta, at l- 
t, ona more laaa will pul any 
ihouglita Mrpar ilad' atMul 
<MaiMi:ii| llMr ttatc title nit 
the I 

First year team 
plays like old pro 

For a rirM year Ham, llie 
Hafim aoccer lurc laa't acttnf 
like oat 

The Haiits knocked oM four 
y«ar Kkaol Loyola 1-1 In over 
tlHie to add to the liii «f - BO 
called powerhnuHi of 

p #d one heck of a Job, 
ptuhiag and 

"liia k a inwt 

DIxIcrLT .•• 

Intra murals 

The :||J rper l»tTaiin«raI 

Meparuuen'" <a wpowMiviaf I'ne 

ftvnH, 'hMMiaift la tta' 
I finM! of lllQ||.r A. 
ProfraB* arc nw* balaf 
plannad (or' Uw .raraalndaf o( 

For 'more tntniiiiiiral tulo.. 

tMlaet Wall^ neynoldt at Eit. 

Dpemakif Etreata-Nmcaibar 
Harper Wrisiwreilllag 

the IVTMH nuon, •omen't 
basketball 3pm WMJkteadiy In 
Bld( I' for any further in- 
hinnation contact Hartka Butt 
at W and «7 

t 'i* the week of Nov. 
Nov IS 
t •ill la a I 

coniaat In 'BMr.. M. Mak of N«w, 

AsarOa will He fiifeii lO' tut 
nm throttth third plaea 
^Mihef* it'< MKh nai t'llniie 
'placei f w it<en and ihirtc plaea* 

Tbt Harper Itdrainiml Oapl. 
la lUftiii a t««k loaiMII 
raaMMi Oct- It. at it a.M. 
at Oh Hkcpr rMMI PMd. 

All fumw-laiila •III t 
"'"Hiifer-tbm" T-ihltt. 

'Tliare' will be yapil 
<raii|iF ptrt far al numk 

Rmalt mam will he i 
CO tat piekM up in jMhanet'. 

Kiit'ry H' i'tee 

ItaMtiae I'of fiaterimg u 
Oct II; M 1 


In the Micand floor torridor ol 

Md| A IHSA nilei will 

'*fl^, ■■Mfi :Mr Vm MaeMli 

liaMa $m aaftnmiing, mOiyliall, 


tatr/ Nanha (or 'Harpir-tlMin 
It' are available at the in- 
MMMiral board la A 

I liilil ha '«■ 

■ ■l't?«l'a«i.iii. Oct. 't> 

flaara «ll! be i 
for ail man tnteraaled ta varMty 
baakaUMll. Thunday. at 3 p m 
in M<% U Wm any l^irther 
inforiuatloa conlaet Coach 
BacMaM at 4M. 

'l«''»raallif -Man' Mk 
tli'issiwtaii t-oUla' 

'traek at the tiadMiia. 

...rfM.»k'llial .. 

'ar Wm. Am* vm. <i»t' 

ml Hf. ^, 'laOTWMHl: will 

aMr. MHdali af« alM 
IfbrlkiitaiiniaiiMM. ror 
mwre laforaatlwa on Ike 

ImiriianiaM. and olftciatltit. 
liMlaM Ike H ••«• ai MM. m. 
PaaiiltiMi 1m aatarlng ia (M. H. 
al « pm 

The Harper Volieybali Oub i* 
MM' Aitiniig. Anyone vanunt 
'iMlaMiiiea inanitar la aaknt to 
■iga np w ite tmramurai ^gii' 
l« kaiid. Incaled in the Mceod 

' of ma$ A Put 

d*«n on tkc 

For all iimat'len: Ihire will 
tie a maetlnf te thoae 
•emMd in (lie tm amillnt 
■aaaon. Watkaeaday. at 1 p.m. In 
Blltl V 


lift for our team Wt completaly 
dominated the owerunw We 
kept praMioc tkeni and It paid 
off. Our defenae hat uved 
nuny famea (or ui. was }utt 
tremendauB today " 

Harper got its first goal from 
iilewe Nofjia *ltk an aaaiat from 
Jai tmA. Thi' aeeond Hawk 
anal name off (he 'loa( of Bob 
Taylor with aaalata htm Moryn 
and Sieve Crane 

"DetenaeHas bean the key lor 
Ui this saaaon." said Siaho. 
"We're still loofcii« for Bomeoat 
to hrvak games open for us on 

ofteac ' Siabo alio praised the 
ptay at goalie Steve Todd who 
laid ttiabo "played a great 

ga^me. " 





Im Health Club for Men 

Wt offer supervision in Conditioning, 
Wtiaht Training, and Qody Building. 

IM Now - Prins Giki (|i Oct. 12 

HOURS Mon. - Fn. 10 - 9 



WilMo PsrS m«l* MilwtwKM Am am Ptut.iw ■« S37-lggt 

Powers gives humorous insight to growing up 

""Mlil>-y<iii cMht iMt M «t 

«( tknt 'tnalHi, betunri <« km 
'imlai tet «Mk al Htr^. 

'■■•■■rt' vol' taUcniK ataii 
tmrMitoili and wrtting « a 

'iMir««f ii idiiMil; th Wi«'Mi» 
tMKl«n ilMtd. 0vt ■iwiiiMa • 
dwict. ll«m]«i)M|iltH»iiiM.ciil 
m to- *r<tiii(, IM tr ttwy IMMI 
In >Mr :iiiMl||iMiiaM:i Mil ■mm* 

tlM ni^llMIMMlI. tl)^ (iMlW 
|M in* 4 'TIltfMMn 'UMy-M ill 
1 1* It IM' ■ tlMji' tm writ* 
Mjn tit wM twni a 
"It't annicchtng )'<« 
1 1** tfna at "" 
Mi IMff wfHlcia ittfaa (MMiha. 
twa "The 
■Ml Uw lr«' 

God," "I litl il'i iiif 
•M* and irtt irtilNlily 
r • Mrascnpla} But what 

lb' I kiin>;" Iw utd with a 

P<m«r», »lw taiUb a Pti'tl 
iltfrtc (Mm NtirUivwtctti 
IMMtitty aiid: • tmcMw't 
dffnt llnM biyoti UntiMniRy 
w ttMr fMd ()l ndto, MltWItiM, 
and' I'itm. 
"'miiHMr wto 
i»»*tr' gr»« up ' 

"I 'wm* iti Loyoiii hir liwir 
)-»•» at ■ »a:K'i*la>g> major It 't 
a gwrf (MiM fw • wnltr. 
iMtt'ltn* fwt ktudigr liuinan 

:!hMiiMii« tnm itw' audMor* 
aalad if tm iMl any inailblt' 
fMltiic lUf tint ) 

'I iiartHi out l>y wri 

at catUcot." H» 

Bill Wrilhl. olitor ol 
Ma»a«ii», "Who iria'Md 
own tntttoeia" and puMuliMt 
Um *torif» m Iht mamiiiiK 
Lalar wtan Wrighl tra* wwkinK 
at -Iteliirdaj teviim Pr«»" 
ftmncrt wIM and ma* atlird t:» 
'MWl ■ C'Ofv iir Ihc took I "iMl 
CatWir m *m»rit»"i «lMt* 
Wriflll "1 iMlllttltcr 'publiilvd 
tntii M* flnt .Imil. 

W'tai adv'K* did ht i{>«* in 
nr» wr««rt» "Bm und (itead a 
lut,." Nr )<iticd and than nld, 
'Writ* what fm Ihlnk >» iMfi " 

Pim«n wai wkcd why he 
Mdi all hit twrii* IM ■ wid imui. 
Nc nld It iniitlti be due ID Ua 
Irish UiMid. "All ihvir wart art 
and all their .unp im 

Vol. I3A No. 7 OrJolx-r 15, 1979 

V tUium Kaiiirt llarjH-r dillrjip. \l:!>iiu|iMn ami K>»m>I1«» Kiiadc Piil:itiii«-. HIiihhh MHMu. 'M2-MH-MHHt 

Grievances given second priority 

fef ' Han MtWagk 

Wncrv dMH n abMRHit ^ u hw 
w ilM' hat. • < 

pulley'* intlvt'pvtih thii pvuhlim 
aiMild he haniM h]r Um Vlt» 
IViMwiaiit ii( Sludail AMUn, 
Ciiierln Pladwr rMMr h m 
imvt Inm (h« oikft Mlli) 
AiigHit«(iicil|«M', hMtwar. It 

me if ' the Mwdknl aarvlcMi fMdi. 
■t lite child cant center ar Um 
pMc lafMjt tniet. Hmh Ihey 
wutttd anrnatl)' lafcf jrotir 
complamt to Ih* D*aa at 
Siudeiti $ervtc.*f However, 
ilici* IS m ttmm wT Stmleni 
Stf^rinn TItt* <i(f Kt' waa cut oil 
■tan. the adHliuatraiMMi i 
IW' get tl* much na 

'TlH' j^ al ibt Director of 
Miiie lliliir«<in l«. in nvenee 
the prwhctiMi iif 'ibe 
fflialertalt r«latia| in llie 
ptufmmm oAcrtd at Uie wdlair 
and la help in (he 'nendtiiMiit al 
new ntudeiitft . 

Ttien tew did he get the job al 
handlM« ittideitl Rrievancea? 
WiMn rticher i«:i» ha leave id 
aiaeMt w Se|)i.em.ter, thta left 
a larl*' Kip >n the ad- 
iiiiiMiil.rat.ion aa far a» handliiiK 
I affairi. He wa* directly 
liir hondliiii' ad- 

M IB lay a tfudenl'i rooi 
plainl dealt with • teacher In 
Ml had treateil Mm anittrly . or 
had itvcn Aini' a grade that he 
did imM fuel ht dMenml.. tlwi 
he wmaid'tiriai iMtciMiinlaini la 
the tJcan nf Student tlevalii^ 
ment lliiwtver, (herf la nu 
tleaii of Student IleivlnpiMM. 
r Pnwall. the (wrnier dean 
k ta Munaaling twa 

«r fit 

«iC" 1 1 Vll firdll, I 

aidi. iiii«mllt«tale aililetic*. 
Wlrainural alhtetirt. i-om- 
tty ceunMliitg renter, (<hk1 
Inlini. ami nmrut.. 
meM. IK well m handl.tii|| 
*iiidci>i grievance! Never- 
IMmi., t'lactar'a tliiaKt did 
cai tar a iMitallan iif .hi* 

iMImugh a .hmiMir ittlepiM' 
sM never 'made (•ertain pt<i|)ie 
Wife called on to handle certain 
■r«a». and. tiecauae of Vaiitvil't 


mIM' mi. M> 'handle tdahnta 
wMk ntrnplatnl*. 

Hit 1%. ilMt .DmcMr''*! :Milk 
InltafttiatiiMi af iimw. Wt§B 
Vaisvtl,. IJireeiar af Piifcll* 
InlorniatNii mid. he will dl>' 
can In htlv any 
'•■to haa a jiaitiltidiie ValiMliialdiHeiinMciwaiildliii' 
Int.. 'IM. ha HMiH: ail «lf gml linlM In Im MiidMib 
al HkrjMr. Bank pllrie* laam 

TMt |>ait year Vaiavll 
impNtid a tludoili' rlnhii and 
re«|K>n*.>hililiei {nliry aloilt 
wttftJeaiMe'Paiikanin. Directnr 
•r SliMleM Aciivitiet. and 
til the Mil 

tven wed auecoiadilly in many 

itnllagea acrnaa the rmiMry 
_ Dade Cnnit,y C*iii- 
mmmir CiiHafi in FMk^ Bid 
Ml actm on w |ira|iaaid |iellcy 
haa heen lakan hy tlie Miidcnt 
■■MM nr the Inard; at tnadnia.. 

.1k> Ihe MiiJdMl !■ iett iv in the 
«lr lar Ilie 'utaii jurl .■• 'l» what 
it a jtailUahle caiBiilaliit. 

The iiwlcnl grteeantc and 
tmniilatnl pracedure daciiiMinl 
difiMB a grievance aa, "A. 
rlalm by a tludini, group nf 
tludtM*. nr Itw A.iideiil Senate 
(hat alleged tmpniNr, 
arhilraty , canrtetaua.. 
.dlacrlnHiialdiy judgnianli 
'imgmtm «• if' 
have he«i anplfed to 
dtreetly by Ibe colliHe or 
college r«tprei«Mati««." II gw 

m u> lurther ttale that. "Thla 

claim may be applied to any 

en«l««e policy. prBcediire. or 
iideracUM anceting the ■ludeni 
dinoily, hid it Ml itmltad ta 
pllty and .pMiadiica." 

Any iMiadeiM whn had .inch a 
fiMilllaMt and cnilld not wnrit 
hu or her proMeni <«l on an 
inftinnal level. waM go to 
V'amvil'sofflcf in fmio (ill out 
life proper «tni.platM I'orma.. 

TUi la tnae providing that ID 
day* have imI' 'elapaad since the 
ImwMie nt the event gving 
rice la Um cmiqilaliit.. 

ThectMlenI would ihen (tend a 
wrlllen eiplanatlon of hii or her 
eomplainl lo Ibe lacully or ulaff 
maraber involved, and to 
Valcvtl II no agrceinaii can he 
reached beiwaen •tiideni. and 

•tad then the | 

■ccond mage in wbidi Uic 

comglaint is senl lo the ittafl 
menibar'i superior 
ir m agraemenl baa allU not 

biwn r eached , then ibe com" 
plalM li aam to the Viee- 
l*re*Mlen( < offtce. itaen lo die 
l>rcsident'( officv. and if tbera 
IS ttill no agreement made then 
a decision I* made by (be Board 
ml Truateea the deviiion of Ibe 
board is final and binding. 

Al any lime during the 
prcceedlnga, the atudanl haa the 
right to net up a hearing oom- 
mittee to tie made up of' 
knowledgable peer* of bath the 
•ludeni and the Matf manhar. 

In nuiat Inflancna, acreemenl 
II reached by the tIrM oraecond 

Johnson pleads innocent to 
murder of Harper student 

III t»l»\ \t<Ht(.ll 

The Ifial <il aci-med murderer 
Dean Johiinn wai heM laal 
Tueaday in the Cvanaion 

hraiirh tit the On-uil C^airt: al 
Cw* C«««nty 

JohMun. tl. a reaidcnt of 
Itivanidt. II being charged 
wllh the muiiler of Palncia 
llaMain. the attempted nturdir 

Mass murder on campus? 


I al the Mliap. 

la i>uti]ic Maty 
IHHf Xattn King, the outllnef 
are tht rtult of vandal* 
■tr«i«c the ritliage over the 

There had been report* 
■ar'ller italmg that ibe oulllna. 

nMitbenof '7 m all. ware pari of 
a criminal jut lice rlaia prajcct. 

hui King satd thai tbe crwinal 
iwlice oirtt'iali denied I hit 
report 'The (act Ihal Ihe 

•MlliiNC were ifeiiic in green 
spray |iiai:iii. Iiiatwail id dmlM. alia 
M .King i# halif ee 'liiat .K ««• 
■a atiacl 'by vanilala. 


early SuMlay inornint by 

Public Safely nflican. hut there 

•ere no luipaela at thai time 
When aifead how (hia could of 
I'ircured wiihmit the hMiwIadie 
ol the Public Sla.fely departmeot 
King replied. "We have ofticcrt 
an. duty M boars a day, liu) this 
i« a targe campui and it .ii. hard 
'to bt m all places at at) timet " 

nl Kevin Buih. aggravated 
battery, and armed vmhsnce. in 

mnneiclion with the Inetdinl 
which occured lait March on 
the Harper campm 

The deleme entered a ptaw ol 
not guilty by reason of inianity 

(tanuBlag from the tmtammjf of 

Mita Baldwm in ordir to atop 

recurring nightmare* in which 
to him at a 

ware ail atuilenla enroltad in a 
proflraa (Or haar'ing impaj.rid 
at Harper 

The murder appeared to ht 
the result of tmalvenicnt in a 
hfve' triangle in whicb all three 
deaf iltidents were involved. 

Apparently. Johnson and 
'Ratdwin tiad dated on occasion 
prior to Ihe incident, but tbe 
relationship was brolien ofl 
I* ben Mi» Baldwin began 
datiitg Busb 

According la 'Minders 
teaiimony, It was tlMirtly ailer 
thla line tbal Johnsm bagaa 

having dreamx in which Mia 
Baldwin appeared Al firal liie 
appeared as a congenial 
oharacler in the dreams, but as 
the dreams wcnl un she wouM 
appear progreisively angritr 
until Johnaon could no longv 
distinguish Ihe dreamt from 

The incident octurcd last 
March 1 in Harper s parking ItH 
2. The police nqiort at that time 
ramaM that Jobnaon alletediy 
atladMl Was Baldwin and 
Butll as Ihey were getting into 
her car In leave sdwal. MiM 
BaMwtn was stabbed several 
limes in the chest, and Buih 
wai slabbed in ibe neck. 

Alter the attack. Johnian 
allegedly (led tn his car. and 
rammed into a snow hank in 
(rnnt of an apartment complex 
oa Algunquin Rd Johntoa then 
apparenlly (led on loot lo IbeSt 
Michael tbe Archangel 
t'cmelery directly soulb of the 
eoHege, ubere he was found 
several houis later by members 
of thaSchaomburg and Palatine 
police departments 

Pagt. 2 Tim Hmimiief Iktukei 

-r IS. tt7*f 


Queen reigns 

over Homecoming 

movie orgy 

done* 00 om wooW 90 to W. rwww mfrs their mmds 

dance m4 only a ttw football player*, a hamJful o» 
pom pan tlrlt and the que»i herself show up. 

These *mcet havealwayt beefl popular «m«wg the 
few students who actually enloy daocm^ in the 
cateterta, nibblloB on cookies and pop corn and »ip 
pL nonalcoholic p*»nch, Wany students leit he 
totle9e couW use a few pointers from their high 
school's dance committee. 

Where is the enth«iasm? Where Mtt the cwte tittje 

iMther #ith such nonsense so why can f "he Harper 
Student Activities department work e>'«'^*"»»'^ 
hours a week, Sundays and holidays ptannins the«t 
dances tor the M students who always show up? 

to hire a band. AAaybe they t<»^' «*!**•*"■ !*„' 
,(chet tor the dance. Then mafto W^^r^" »^ 

Uit year tickets ^^'^y^Zf^lZrt^ 
flocks 0* dancers showed up to honor their school 

Students shouW t» l»W to 90 to Momecornir*g 

dXT PartlclpanH f TO. If thfY Jbr no a da^e 
Wwro^tttS. Student Activities can afford it All they 

hTe toS 's raise the activity fee. Students won't 

nSnd -thellmfl out • a few e«tra dollars .! it means the 
■lartliit' o* • tradition at Harper. 

H»p,r may have the best classes, the best teactaj* 
and the best lacilHles but the one Ih»n9 It lacks is 
KlltlVnd school spirit ■■ Wlltiprt-time students 
ST out wetahin, full-time »;«*::^*- "^^.J^ 
teceme *n institution to use rather than to contribute 


Aiona w«h no school spirit them i» no iCihool band 
aiSrichootTon^Ther . ,s nothlnfl to look back on 
and now - no Homecomin? dance 

This year's Homecoming vmm w»» crowned at 
Saturdaysfootball flameand •<««'^| «?'"/• «"?. 
OMWi Queen ot what? Queen of Saturday nlgW s 
•Wie orfly, • which replaced the traditional dance. 

Is this the end of Harper Homecomtofl dances? 

«Aaybe not. Perhaps in ♦'*«lff "HI" wTym 

twprw* it the dance mm heh* !•» *• wd». w 9/"" 
na^iim. Sludet^H m;i«M fl«l •■*■ howe dancing tn a 
high school ttke atmosphwe instead ol a sophisticated 
col'lege calelerta. 

ProbaWy the most tnvlttng solution to slop the 
dem!»rof the Harper Honwcomlng dance In the 
future would be to hold the dances some place other 
than Harper. A restaurant, hotel ballroom or country 
ctiiH could be rented out This way Alcoholic 
iMwraoas could be served This would protiabiy be 
the Wiaeit attraction lor a maiority ot the students. 
Hie occasion would seem more festive and m.ght 
attract more alufwrt- 

TW» solution would need a W of publicity and work 
but would grow more popular as it grew into a 
tradition. II can be done Other junior colleges have 

(fled and succeeded Why can't Harper? All it wlM 
take is a little more time, a little more work and • lot 
less apathy 

p0 4m0(^Mt . , 

tfMim**' ••• »i- 


^.K""- '"' 

Drama covers spectrum 

.-.. ^.._.- ,.^a.m,mMM*mJt >M th# Will IK .. . . '... j. 


■Bit children '» »t»»»» t* (ikkI 
eijwrtence Iwcau** '»>* 
»tiidei»» inv«l*«il 'our it)* 
iclMK* »n<l Ihrrr i» mlmctwin 
twlwecn th» Harper sludenlm 
•nd tl» «mmun(i3> »> l»r«« 
Itcfure • tm* i> dnm. uiually 
"Mwecn ♦*,«» ' »lmi:««l«ry 
,^^,„, „,. Mid MM Will*, •"•"•I *■• '•?*•• 

rrS' Zi^V t« Th««*-eF-«t»- 

aialMl!* MH*r«rt«d » <t» 
(iMBin »»ai «r« • ¥»r»««» <X 
MIM cii|wrMiw«i> W'hcn w*s 
iMlft mitt M«ry M> WiHto. 
Dirertur <i< Tt>»«irr «l Marptr 

"Our mmitn finwiisi* "• '•»■<» 
■DriKJin'tMi™. iwe m fell. ■■ '" 
•tnlcr. and one In :i|rli«," MlO 
Mm WltlM. 

'Tw» of llMM |ir)]di]cti<M 
mMlvt ■ cklMrmii sh«*» « 

., iwKiii (K iKilh ik« 

H«rp«T sludcnls" and tilt 

.:lim.-li»r's needs 

I Ihink il you keep «rindiii« 
•wi the luimt? ilwinw. you're ""■ 
ct»»ll«n|icd. Mt*s Wilhs *»>d 
As ■ reiult. she l«i» choien 
The Gtasi. Menagerie by 
Tennemiee William* lor ll»l» 
lair* (HWiurtKin 

\ M 111 0udenl» siudy tlie 
storv «n daii and il certmnly 
n II classK- m theatre," the 

New education department planned 

__ pnmm tyt iy tiw jf T^STm uh «?!»» _rh««i, thjnu* •«rkim «« 


ML Hm Wek in «««• mtunimt 
will be la IMI1> current hignar 
•decaliiw proiranii-frtMTi 
finaiMial tid to •"»'l- 
dlscrtBMiiahoe effloetnH"! 
dwing Uw iraasitlan 

"We ho|» uwi a»«r» •«>'' •* 
any etfectt on eaittliil 

- ^- 0I the Office »( 
and Sodtct. 

OIMa"i« Wnesitoo ■ which *« 
■■fl.«f'tlHtfS Depvunent «( 
EmM. EdBctlon. i»d 


,,o,wvB-. arc iiilii*l)««m« * 
MmtiiiiK lask forct ««id»rBed 
with »olv«n« pertonnel 
protilein*. for inatanee, mu»i 
•rite *.«» jol' dracripiioni in 
the neit tevenit m«ih» before 
the del>«rtinei>l can he »t«Ife<l 
TT„„ are five other talk 
(nrcea commilleea Ihal 
coordinaM the mo»eiii«* of 
prapam* ITom oM aeaieiii 10 

fvttaUMW. eoncect 

that are •orkint 00 the iran- 


There are alwui m peopl* on 
each committee, but the 
traniiiion team - perhapi 
omtnoualy »Ull »*•"* "* 
appointment of • d>r«ctor ol 
impl«in«nt«t«>n 10 direct It 

Once all that a done. VS. 
(MfKt of Education Executive 
Depuly Coinroissioner James 
Pickman taya n "lU take ■"« 
fairly short time" to make the 
0«ice III EducatloB mia a 

mm Mi9V9 women lack drive "^C*-- 

Whan tha t 

„., ffll llw new 

m alMlulely rom- 
iiimad'm~kMiiin| everythim 
nmeUonuv. Tha central pte- 

pM«f ditwlnlt <dapartnnnt> 

Ii#MalM ••> » '"f'*; 
■ZigaMnaHI. M' ee will Bt vary 

2tii|Mireboui all i*Miei 

Edilor inChlel 

AMI New* Editor 
Fealiire Editor 
SporU Editor 
PWIm Editor 
Aitl Photo Editor 
'Boiineaa 'Manager 
Dtslributinn Editor 

* MM in (la citiaa and a tall tS 

miyie «Ni't Mieyt pweiM-iniially |e«tidi«it and 

I w» iM« Iris «. f»«e iiyi*«» M "tjy.?^: 

I Oft U INMNHII' flBliiMHnl HV **" 

*■• Zm mm't *t«e lir 

and crtties 

Oapartmanl of 

»as orfMdMit In IITT. 
agpactaily in Uw oil 

a fceffWMratlc «(••;«■'*[• 



Wendy WinkeUiake 

Mike Bambaeh 

Rick Kohnke 

Scott Mckillip 

Steve Honkal 

Cindy Caravello 

Walter HiU 

Uiri Lynn Guy Beverlj Hager, 

""" KarMAndrot Karln Johnwn. Vincenl .Surdo, 

Bob l>nr J.» Kusek. Rich Henquinet. 

pwe W.t*lun(l W»nda Bam, Nora Norton, 

Waviir Hien*iu, Michelle Mirrwmski. Judy Hasbrouak 

wajnr ni«BvaK, ^^^ Ei|{eoha>»er 

Zi*;^» ^I^LSrSSSJSS. ttST* the w^er and not 
S?lt?rr ih-^TSrSSTtts admlawntion, f^'uliy or 

SSi*&^f3«?MBUMI»««tor M»««. 

(kUthvr 1.1. I'K'i Thf Harlnnf-er I'ofie :i 

Job service helps employ students 

II ^m I 

t icfiM' thf country 

I an camiNi 
Tlic Mt Str<nt9, liliwMii on 
k* l)r*t flow iif Bid! F. 

Mi and 

Kt-ttni* .)«lB M 

n. Itw only full liBM 

r ol lilt oMIc*. UwR' art 

Iw «» fa.rt-ttiiit Joto 

!•! " 

iactu^ baiic 


tomina. tact bourt and 
taHi. l>ra«Mid iht Job nit the 

'*• MlMdHlt ■ 

call ii nadt lo tat up an 


'W* !•( a hN or aood iml- 

!• »tfy rar«ly 

ncfa'lhft ftmilMek," tttttd 

"J<* hunting m 

a full linn* job II i* 

(la rart ■ttuallMi wharc yon 

vaUt into a job you art iMklag 


Ttit job boanfe dianat atmul 
wtry tlirM wttki with a 
radical dHnp cmning hum a 

fmtua for a wialib il is raamwad 
irom tlMt lioard IF you arc 
Mrtota and natty kxiklint. tocp 
ciMcktnC. ' rtcommtndi 

To makt Job luuMiag a Ml 
caatcr tor tiudond. iianniiai 
tialla to tilt sarvict u* urgMl. 

ant la blow lliv iBb'i 
■•ai' " 

Is losMiH far. 
fianiiinargrm •••t tba ~op- 
porHtmiHt* btfort (ii«y ara 
and hy 
rtcammand • job bafora It Is 
poalad or find ont thai tba 

liai s« tat to 

"Ma bat* wit ol twrytlUiii 
rmitljt," Hammtrgrtn <uin- 

Cnvtajiars notify tht •ervict partcn ibt may ha abla to 

labailt Uw Job Tbit 
y. lUlIt rvqulrtd. 

■IB, ale Onct the 
rac»t»ti tht in- 
(•r«Mtlnfl, tt li potttd on 
baW s t i a btards accordliig to M 
Nwi. iS B s ra l.. vacatloaal. ate.. 
In Om apfor rl«M 
at Hit' Job cwd la a 
tntaraattd iiartitt 
I tabt nolB at tbt numbtr 
U> ■ Job 

A lab ttrvto faaattior |Miii> ml Ihr In 
rornatlan ttfl an Hit Ilk card* Iw a Jg* hamcr. 

available houn 

Jobt.. •••allalMlity and talarias 

Haiantargran alto advltaa 
that tha paiaan has a claar idaa 
of what bt Is looklnf (or "Tht 
liattar Idaa o( wlisl you »ant. 

tht mart •• can Mp yaii," 
Hamntrgrta attaais. A baaiM 
conWoliig inlbnuallMi on bi- 
ttrviawing r<ir ■ Job. aaH ap- 
IpraiiaJ and stttlng caraar' gwsik 
IS avattabtt at tht tatvict. 

OlcHonary wf Oc- 

down Into 
a( tht fi«M -U 
ty Is at all relaUvt 
Ctntwy America, il is 
' Mamintrgran in- 

Kick HnuiaiBMi 

whtn and wbart tbt pction la 
hired, supervlaon name, type 
of woit and tbt houis tht 
wUl be •orfcini art all 
on neciird 

Th,- M-rvirr. Itcatfd on Iht firil flair tt BMg. f 
»iw» tnm ■ ».m. to i p.B. da«y. (Pbato by 

wt can ralie tB 

You are not a namt 

you'ra a number tl this level." 

paraoD \ 
kapi on 

tlMr Job Strvlct Is part of tbt 
lUnoit Oeimrlmant of Labor 
and a public cnployiitent 

Onct a psnoo la placed in a 
Job bit nsmt, social sacirlly 
number and employeni' nsina is 
tnttred into a dovDiown 
compttltr system This In- 
{ortnallon must bt liept on File 
in case at federal ehackbaclB 
and. (0 Justify liit eitiianea o( 
tbt service Pundii^ f«r the 
■arvice la based on Ibt number 
of people il placet Ham- 

tpaelUff ln~ 
tanatloii BbeuT tht Job sneb as 

•vattobla. The booh gives 
worfttng deHnllioaB of various 

ganarsJ inlorniation as name. 
social security number, ad- 

drtsi. phone numtwr and 

this "tt doesn't mean a ndng 

In cast Ihey go bach in terms at 

Hanunarvao reports that she 
personally encounltrs 
anywhere from IS to 25 people a 
day and thai th* service places 
about 101 paa->e pir month. 

The JobSarviea has baan oa 
campus Bbiee last February and 
is Ih* only one on a Junior 
coUtgr campus in tbt Chicago 

Tbt service Is open Monday 
thriMigh Friday SHI am to 4 
p m "Wt're vtry flexible bare 
We'll maha every cITort to meet 
what needs art brought to our 
alteotion.*' Hammergrtn 











35% to 60% OFF 


We have expmded eo offer you the lamt ami most canpteie seiectm m Chtcagdand 



Down Jackots 

Values to S86.00 


Ladies' Fur-Trim 
Down Hooded 


REG $110 











Ski Weir 

up to 

50% off 


Unisex Down 
Hooded Parkas 

40 E F^aldiine Road 

Reg. S87 







It block east of Plum Grove Rd.l Palatine 991-7450 5 

MON:-FRI 9:30 9:00 SAT 9-6 '■■■ d^ W 


Git iiwi • tet Down • Get Downi • Get Down • Get Dmi • Git IMM 

P«|(» I Thr ilarhitmrr Oiwltt-r Ik I'K*' 


mrprr •111 tmtum "Mtn 
Gunlmik m ha tir»sni'i»»«» «' 
'■Clwjuii tJV«'" iif> frnliv . I »•-■« 
(O i>i itpm in Ihr Kwmge 

and *•»»«<! »«i niii*l»«-'i''' 
eiwIWT eomcwrt clMhint. 
caailuiM (to i*iytn« <>* »«>*»«» 
ntiwlc •Kh » iif«im«it« 
tfjifwunrtHon (if tlie wwrwl 

Pulaiic wtmliiton ii H Jo »m 
Hmptt »i«i*iii» •« admttwd 
iNc Mith an Ktwiic €m4. 

fni. 1) Jii t2 V, p m IK na 

ito Iwmi "••Bge m hiwiituri' ••« 

itw ciinsslol W'l"' »"■"* ■I"'*" 

u. «l|:»cn» intmc*! tmie% 

'TUt ciMWWt will *»■ « ''■**■ 

^diTiinniw •'»■ "l* «»>«■<*» "■ 


FmtT t>»tai» iiiil iMiomum 
win be Mil «« Hji.r(»r 

Speaklrii na M 4i|l|WiMl. IK 
iiiicW povCT »'•<! to Caikirtnt 

timirniJMi of *«• >llw» *•''*■ 

ITOtllWM. I' 
•,,,.,-......», .M ,,.*(<-<' n< "«■■• 

poi(f(jf will ■»» «■■■..■!, ( :■- 

nucleiir rrac"-- '(■■-'!■ 
t«-linMriii ■ '■-" 

InltiriiiJ' ' '" 

Ir<» tt - 

'.MMir » 
.1.1 >n Iht 


■ AiliiuJlt Ail)Uttm»nr 
.HfHiiMiM". « con'""""* 
MMcMni iHhring "'« •*<•««•< 



Mn-riMlrS. 'Mjii. •M»l 

tobwtim :i-*toe.l tdu!< bicyclt. > 
iMd EiCfltwl coixlllion im 


l»?5 oWiiwitiil* Hunt W» T- 
T(i|B haanka Mint condltlj 

(VMM * •»* B«M "«»■ >»'■ 

Pour BMiiiiiBion CuiilWJnjtr 
iM«j tottwl f»*»i "*•• ■•■" 
ntttent ctmdWon HR7« » 15 
While w»lli P«i<JfW»«i S»li"W 
UU •■ or aU 4 for 111* <■•« 
iBer II im KM*!*. 

Htliirtiliiai D" l-m, "•• 
(Aihkvfi »<«1 wloy •«ln>«ilii«i« 

th«ir griwtt "B*! mlfretf Enm 
mnf) •htfc ym tol|» <» 
limntiw • mmt retatd •wl 
Mtcr iMitar IJ iwin to I p m_ 
HMri ftaa*. »<*»'■ ■'i'*^ 
t«l«ry plo* dinner* <**■• 
trill*|)«»rtatl<iii 1B4-4W0 

Willrew- w«ner» Pir" -'' »«; 

J.I. .if mtfU. tt OW T«n 

K. Mt Prai«ii«:l. IW-IW. 
PaWllM. »>-"» 

Bnv w girl to ww* parmm* <« 

IIHli Itoncli new Winii:<in<Ii 
(Jliportiiulty («r WHiint tin- 
|il4iyni<nt. SUMBW. 

>•?( ttima 

rHAOItll MAO intEEXS Willi 
W IMam !»••, will ai nwj 

Damiii. tt S-ICW.. 


ami Jtirtlng W *W»», "» 
Mfwn H<>m*ni«ker» tv- 
mm. m K. Miemm tJr 


(tarrutflun »r*» student neerted 
lor a(tem«i«™ ind Silurt"! 

atiit S tiin THE HEt-OliW 

MJmu. m *. NW iwv, 

r«til LTD. .- .. ^ - 

Ntwar btukm, A-t, i»r*». 
biccilial carfltum- ««•«*» 

W Miinirj Comet,. • cjflliMler. 
out Rum mm'' MiMim or W- 

Omi Tim. Umt U^lm^ Eic, 
toiHi.. Call BwtsiiiW aMtf 

Secretary, (till or P«r« time 
Tyfiing. WTttintaral |*one» Fiif 
mmm' riglitt wrfanixatiM. 

U-»**M >>r CMtaei Lm 

r M-i.a«. 

rwi'-Uow. aiiitiint. n-a urla 
lant phone «»* to «i» 
irn AR HT« om«e at 
.,^__.. * AK HTS m CM 



To the fluv *•''"' *••• 
tungle colo«n»: I IWnk 
I'm foinfl »!» ovtr you, 
but who wouldn't? You're 
a real swmger. See you 
arounti. Forever yoori, A 
FrieiuJly Native. 

•t%t ctoMtlM U »e€-t»«ii il 
lb* HARMNCER It mm .c- 
CtfllOf PertMtl *di lr«in 

■HiMMa. nicr* la t avniinl 
eliafgt al 11 pw *»■*•' >^ ">• 
•halt €a«piit |.aw» w*al 
tWic gn ap lane •!••*•. rae 
lalfetr tatarina.liaM. Cairiact 
CMr at tbe HAW .tl!< OCT 

fee ijifeinllMa... 

Hgiiniiiale nntet) to *hare l- 
Mfroam w*nhou»* "i 
Wtoalli«<>ttli2«tton Mutt to 
Itratglit. eonservttive. non 
■maklr. S^ yrt M Inciude* 
waaMir. *yer and heat ll« 
par wootli * etoctrtcity t-tll 
Mima atler S p^ni 

Famale tlialent with ceretaral 
nalay InakMW lac ride to Harper 

Imi 8ii»aiii«t»il. HMito call 
1V-1I44 alt er i iil>im > 

WANTED Radio aiotaii from 

agtooa Tuaa. *m-n. Panaaonic 
VprMit portable AM-FM 
eaaaaiM. SIoImi tatanca »■■» 
IfltW, Raitard oflfered to pan««i 
— '--, radio back S3T-tM» 


luidt basabta utartcd every 
'' - Ti.lIWcatb «»■ 

viv... 'Mod n.OO tor 


HELP Matliar Itll to Mil 
eoilaio Mm'! au. !•» '■^^ 

77 mm .Am. 9.m mUs AM- 
rM.. I-Traek. R.tW. •*«* «« 

prawMl Join our (_ _ 
^nnUing tome toalth care 
mw^mii tto NVi tuburta 
Na« MOw^y MbaduJc Poalliona 

■■an iar noraii. aidat and 
.S afB^fta oMHlMra. Call for 
more iBtofina Hon BMiSa- 

J>i W Hyimt private plato to SIl 

«Wob«r n tor iprtng 
retiitrttion Pmengers 

mmM i« «Ware eipetae* Call 


Student «iO> eerctoal pahy 
kii*in8 Itr rs*> *» ■^••"P" 
Typing, liltt*. P"!*^ *'*''■ "'">' 
maclune and errand* All types 
.,1 oIlKt wflft '■»" Barhar. 
after SM»" a>H**4 

Wa<iled.5ludio Apt or thare a 
room in i toute w apt Call 
Jiilin al »l«li 

t-'or rem Townhnusr *• 
tMMtr.xmi. lull l>a*rmeni, 
wooded' M, » minute ride to 
Harper •«» month Stream 

If rial* 
n i>r I" 

iTKwler. Mil rti 'i" •"' "S 

Public Opinion Research 

learn obout the fascinating fieltJ of 
public opinion research while 
working in our comfortoble 
Arlington Heights office. 

Look what we offer: 

-m-KiWi" tMHiri. day, niRht or wtwkend 

. Kitpid fwy advaw-emrm iil'ter Iraming period 

• lmm«l.iaie opening* 

,■ Tniiomg dames t«-i« a week 

For further information and 

appointment, please coll 

Mrs, W'htte 981-55QB 


715 W AlQOftquin Rd., Arlmgion Hfigtits 


Eiiual Oppoi^nitv Emptoyer M-f 

Dpeiines Available Hoy \ 


'1 147 Tower Road, ' 
\ Schaumburg, 11' 

We are "The Beeper People" 
and have several openings now. 

• Full Tim* • Part Tim« • Your Time 
A good opporfonify for the Right People 

Call Mr. Fuhler (312)885-3100 





elMii. nm alWf ■», aU' 

Hl^ WMtn 

Sam money now •Jth 
SERVICeii U.S« tlarttng 

mmty: nanJWe ,tourt. *»y f 
mm or weekMi taimaiiala 
opSmmgii i;aU Mni White lor 
iwitT inio IW MOO 


Interesting varied position 
For International Marketing Firm. 

Salary Open 884-1383 


Dedicated College Students 

vna ,,.m»mB^ rhwn T>>»» imrr jouKfl. Thiiy i«»r« w,u«n T<i»y 
can. ." •no »>mMi vght'mMimUy iMi.rovtd ChaM^oHmCl itmpo- 
...y »fl.« »,ot.l»m. «..1h *•" lk.'l'« "><> '■•>•"««, »"<' "» ""• 
W()u>l Vou n>-) f" «•' '" ""« ••«'"« «'»"• 



Homecoming 79 

(htotM'r l.l I<r>) 7/,^ Harh,nc,r /',,^-r 

m ti tn . Ml. I 

»* t»M> «fn» HoaiMtuniiig Qwmi. 
i>rlilitr i> iiH<»4t<-d wilk hirl 

irrtldMl Trm \Mr tar I nllf4 
« rrrlM-al F»|i* .(••■riatlna •! 
(•rrairr I'litrata ttOirt ar- 
liMlit^ IlirwiilMKil Itir wrrk 
iiH'Imlni * Iricjtir ratr. ■ jmt 
■••IMK coaiMl ■Ml 1 niitiu' 
"tfj- i|'l>»l«» fwurlrtt of 
llnrpar CnUcg^) 








MON. & TUES M:30. 
WED -THURS.f Rl 9-9 P.M^ SAT 9-5 




50 /a Off °" ^°"' choice 

< I J-n.K\l>-IIM>-|tK\ltt|N(.-H( 

Car Rental 

S11 W.McOonaWRd. 
Prosntct Htiglits 






Flora and fauna 
thrives on campus 





A virtual jun)(k with a 
ilcamy. humid almoiphrre 
enalt on thr Harper campus 
and In ICi lh« grfmhausv 

Bamboo trecc. hanana trcw. 
icbra planli, and aaparagui 
ferns, alaig with Ml other tree* 
am) plant), live umtar the claar 
>pan roof <it the .<l] ( lin foM 
hultfing. connected t» BMg V 
An automatic mist *p-aycr 
keeps Um> plant! walerad and 
the air damp and mimy intWe 
the hotliouic 

"Tlie main fundioo of (lie 
greenhouie m for the 
edtcatiooal purpoaea of the 
Horliculttiral and Park and 
GniuiMls f>rogranit." taid 
Kandy IHg. Aitocialc In- 
iinKlor Park and Groundi 
Operation Mananement . 

In Uic greenhouae. atudent* 
Iran hnrticuMural skiUa audi 
at peal and diwase control, 
plant identification, interior and 
they perform environmental 
•upcnmenl* Alto, on their 
atndy agenda La plant 
pnfagatioa. plant, care, what 
type of Mil 


uMd Iv WgH aclMl DWrkt U4 
horticnll'iiral elaina milh the 
cooperation of the Harper 

In one earner of the 
grecnhonie ia tlie «ii- 
vironmcntal growth dlanitier 

Here the head ol tlie depart- 
ment and program coonfinaiar. 
Ed Metcatf demonstrate* to Ms 
pifHls hydroponics By this 
method, plants are force fed 
turiiing them into the -In- 
crediMe Hulks" of the flora and 
fauna world 

Additionally, this chamber 
can Ik programmed to (how the 
undergraduates how plant* 
survive in different tem- 
peratures, dtffereni degreea of 
daylight and mghtlight and ho« 
plants survive in different 
amounts of humii^Iy 

When the chamber is not 
being UMd for these studies, It 
refrigeratct cut namtn for the 
flora) eiaUiira praff-am. 

The petunias, germiums and 
other bedding planU around 
camptat were sUrted in llie 
greeiihaute and Iranapbintad by 
the programs' ■ludenU. Seven) 
flats of poinaatta plants are now 
being grown tor the Cliriitma* 

The departmaBl is knfeiiw 
forward to the additlmtal 
greenhouse to be built in 
cnnperalKin with High School 
Ustnct 214 and bofieibUy, Utii 
added greenhoiae will be ready 
by next fall 

Students who have an inlereit 
in plantt and wan! to learn more 
about them should take a 
general slndiei course in sell 
science, botany or hnrUcultiral 
ifcllli. suucalad tUg. 

'0» etvia <#•** 

Collese NJglrt-THes & Tbirs. 

.50 cents Beer & 75 Drinks 

'TiM n p.m. 

ICo(l««* ID Rtqulrcd For Drink Speclcl) 

• 1 250 Wotts of Dynamic SOHi 

• Voice of Thunder Spiakers 

• Full Blown Storburst Llflrtif Array 

• Fully CvpiMDisco Room with 

Modular Seating 

• Cmk in Moin Pub Room 

• Serving In listaiml till 2:30 a.m. 

Routes 14 & 22 

Fox Rivtf Grove 

Uusl 3 miles Beyofxi Bamngion) 

■■e Kewal avenecs sladrni aciivUir* la the | 

ky Riek Katnhe) 

f%r 6 the Hurl>inf[fr IhUphrr / i. /T« 

Cheap Trick: homegrown rock'n'roll fun 

I'tMnii Tnek » ikm • ciM%' 
tm. mtt ii II » i>t« dtticMMi 
'giwn triih ■ *iir'|)r»t l»r kMli 
OMap Tlick It 'uroMilil'y iHr 
" roil Mm) ts thr 

r M. I Waul 
Vmi » Willi I*'*. «•*» «« 
(Man]' in (Itc can nl pii|it 
cniiuitK •tiMt wr tto«Niili 
ptrubta rwfia mi tte' MMdMM' 
<>! Anwrtc*. Il ••§ iha iilllltni 
lit ite' AnMcM inMIt rar 
■ummii* IHCTV 

•tthttw fUmtt at -1,-iv# M 
•tidatalHi". (%«« Tnek H.m1 
cnHnd in* liTrtiury wtitr» (••' 
•••r gtt l» piU'X, •Ml >M B 
plamnin) rvcoril*. nM-mtt 
cMMTii. naaulOT imemm.. 
ami W njg(w p«rt,l«t. RUI wMIl 
all the l*mf>. impte M ■H 
kmw whcrr they '«■« miUjr 
towi On their lirti Ip Chtilww 
aMMa«M«t a iKw «i« enmillalt 
ricttm ■$ ti> llw iKHliNiinp ol 
ilw iranii.. TlN|' admit OmI DtV 
had no UnMlwwttMil' li tlH iinffy* 
and' admtt il« llwy te«t 9* 
mm Mai ciari tran tht Rock- 
Ini4 araa. If jwi ••»• «>M 
■Miiali. ta mt. mn aigti) cMa* 



k). wmrsMiiiis 

(iMt grwii «■! * )•>< ol IMI. 

The p-<M4|» I* a eMMHCl' iMKiit' 
kaeaiaw 'iHay an ao nMdi Am 
»)iik tticf an iitaf^imt. Klcli 
SwtMM, luiut'. 'wvan chtckcT" 
ti:i*c4 iMHi*. iMm, a aucap 
(M' hai «iai tlie< Mm <■( Uw cap 
nirned iipwifil.. Ha dmatm 
tutun tntiiiMitly. limvi. Ml 
im»' palMip. 'Mid' M!rwiiia at 
a* iudieiic* to iw»« aniuiid 
Knlui tonder «m l<««J« t*»*r 
'M'r pmm (or (lie Kirte, while 
■Migii^ *itli autharlti' Bun E 
CkrkK II Ihe dnimmer. *to 
MiM laaa aa jwir (attar Mc 
«Mar«' itaa vliM tMri and Mack 
lie Jisl a* tiMNiili' he fiit throiRh 
a lini hard, day al (he mtt 
•ttm VfUmtm htta and. acta 
like viMi tradtttonal Aimncan 
nirk M rnltar. Ii»n« curl* lnwra 
.Mr. soayiNK aa. lie ptajit m 

The mnttti ntmtt "DrMim 
PdliW. If ihe (Inil. rfcnrd of 
their* wtoeh Tom Wemw 
aingS. Tlitfe Mn *> l»»*i l<»tt hit 
'Ulifc tm *hi'» r«x-onl 'fi«( ctiuW 
In .*. ' ' '• ■ Vm T<. 
M'an' ■**• «> 

Iha ln',.,»» "i '.It imiwrl 
iliilll* ■:■( Iht- iHT'immit itil. hul 
»«* rerallrt hec.»i«» llie voeali. 
wtm m» M|> 1.(1 the b».wh 
iiaiMtard a» tfuahly "'■IJfta'B 
Mlw' ■ III a i»til€m TrK'k tmtf 
II i* Imiken up t>y » »(»l«»'(i' 
wcal..'Hia».<tiei. "they v»ke me 

£ai nl#i:. the> can't leave 'me 
ne •• -i ttmm Wte I *.im;". 
It tin (•MCTMM 'itKil detail, al 
the flnt hearlml. ol (he imill I 
hail to nuke wre 'il ifa* ihe 
name l». . Ite«awie the «iimi m 
nut like anythtnt they ha«« 1' 

mi-leiii'P laral N»nf» *<ne m 
Lhi> alihuin are enntinually 
«a|* uith thr vociilt ttl Ihe 
.Ijitmn*-. ' >■«» .at" 

lentton ; •■ .reiiKhd* 

nl the Beaii«> siea fliadiillii 
irnncrrt, M'reaminf girl* 

M: iMr tint 

r .ailar llw mri ifvaad' Uial 

cnnrta at reematlmi tm I 
yiiu |<< al <iait ol llMr timt. 

H" mi' III MM awn any Chaa|i' 
Trieh ip'*- ' *«iito" '*••' *<* 
iKi.rl. ntlh the liw athum, '"Live 
at Hudakahn ilrtitinally 
relMaed ■* an Mtairt miI)i.. Om 
ntm^ turn hten. m iht top 
iMfflly lof' tlie aiaJiMity d Ihe 
year' alim tu ilmiaf tie Mteaie 
'"Alm-t That * i»h».nie'-. the Fata 
lliwi'ini) hit. 11. .done wtlh .ei' 
ttmie i|iaa.l<i> Fat* 'miait he 
linaMi ol the *ay the Wiyt cam 
play lini oM k«<. wtih Hch an 

John Paul II: wise, patient 

Sawrai mtait Ian' :pM' %. 
'and t"v« lawn •'rttliif. alMMit. 
■ainkicy and aiinttit)'' eiarta, 
Iwi., t tmw yet M pmml mm 
mm. hare 11 1*. and 'i' li. a 'Chart 
of a arwat nun I"*' ••**' yoii. 
have tti :haartf mo* him tt 
hini amr the pal: two aieelB.: 
'Pafamui PmI n. 

Hie Piife II a Taima HM 
'ilin. km (he Mmm, Mertwy. 
antf 'Mbib an .|.n the lam* 
'■^1.. aal tkai .itirt itnet. cR' 
(Hailiw Ike Tauna In 'Mm. 

TUM iMiieaiaa. a gea'ila. 
•laWc. KiHM man 'whn vahma 
IMK'e and 'Imrmiiny mm all 
ehc. It flMiwa a fraal. dial 'Wf 

tmmtma wia M mnmm 
Id ■ hi « oMyMcal. endWHiea 
Ilia pumii al tilt iw anl 




exactly lar |eneriitil:y 
nt ((fn. Placaa. nala« liw 

social, humanllariaii 
MUnrf Mia cmutuini are 
hntwiiM lath and te' niiail.|elt|i 

I. Miilivily. 
ia IIM' (tal 

'prnjacia la one ol spirltiialltf . 
Mnpaakm. tar'int. km*' ^and. 
pralmtllnii. Hit ayapathy 
alaiMli. Jiipi'ier tn the tecnnd 
I aymMlnt a trememlma 
city (ar |enef«»M). 
dgn. Ptacea. 

'.. llw very lap of the 
Ma 'Ooaa 
.BchMMMMita and iilrlvinga In 
ilte.. flacait I* Ihe 'ilgn. of em- 
palhj. lacridce, unity in 
whoMMtia ami' fDMltaMy. TIm 
lilaiMla V« 

lilaf'f<l wiihtn the lanih 
lynMue thai il a natural (at 
htm M eat"'*** himarll npenly, 
■ml ctminumcale Ihia socially, 
■nd pr'olcutMully 

Smurn in the ihmi h<ns« 
rafnMitila the ambitions la 
Mnuniaiwale and learn hut il 
aim cymbnktaa ttttlkulttci in 
tlWa arai. < I 0m» •* mmM h* 


kg WIJ BK.kl.V 

iHFIciiit lor aiii«nt to lean aa 
many iMgiaaiva aa ha ha. > 

riMt itoneMry relathmaliipa' 
•'llh aich other indleale many 
dtniNgl**' 10 *i>a Uhr There » a 
■real daal d encro pruttiKm 
'Mlhin him, a«l I'm 
aire t:h« a ureal deal ol «l«»rt 
and hard wk 'have fime Mt» 

Till* rharl tiidlcataa a parwn 
*ho doesn't accept Ihe 
iradltiomi or a||r«a wtlh thane 
in nuHmnty Tlie poailon ol 
Unnaa m the nmih hmiae o( 
helMi and |*tlaao|*iie* ti>- 
dlcBtaa thai :he hai a very 
, panaMy radical line of 

A |Mi««erlu.l.. c'liar'itmtlic 
parlnll ■■ ttW'wn here, ol a 
•iie'. iiatlenl.. 'Shariiig. man who 
takn control ol iilr into hi» cw'ii 
'haiMb Hi* nature ». m 1 •*)' 
««iit.nrf.itti>rT he i» warm and. 
ipaanvr. yei 'he i* aitwwn* 
and' ctminanditii. 

I am pleased Hi »ee am who 
has lutlll'M Ihe ixitentiali. 
wilhtfi himjelf in '»iich .* 
pMiive. fi'lecuv* nwnnei' *<■ 
ciui uiily twiiriK Inmi thu M>rl 
ol lairion, through tfiintual 
guldMce aiMl em<>t'iffli>al 
upjii...,. 1 kn.'.;» thai my own 
ent" ' '|i» J<>hn Paul (1 

wiiT . <it||. aixl I just 

hope, ttui '))r poimcal leaden 
id (hi* 'wurW ««re m«tved l«>. 
lor all of mm sake BevawW' t *m 
tamA «»l Ihe hinnh 

I would lile i« thaak 
Kesearrh Data ol Dl* Moibard 
A*e Oak Park l<ir providliw 
the ncKesury miormatton and 
cakiitatlont lor ihii. ctiarl 

InterestiMl persons ma> 

■iNMi a*Et,:iric U'litsTioMs 

and 'rafilftil birth data for 
aalrolmilKial inlerpretation* to 
the Harhinuer odlre located in 
Bid Axr Uiok there lor (ur 

ffher' Maila 


Call 111 Tecate Tno Brjvo An ic». red can o" Tetate 

Beer imported from Me«ico. topped with lemon and salt 

It likei fiJur ttiirst and pull >t away' 


piefn-mR vmtr 'kigis ori'li-ums 
Il am lille or u»ari1 *<■«■ 
given l'<''r I'lcit R>K!k n Kull fun 
IhokI ^tt 'Aiiultl luivr tij t>i.) ti> 
Cheap Ititk II ymrtw gri the 
•."tiontT 111 »«■ ihfdi'. p>. .v«» will 
rw< !»• itiMpix.imU'tl 

Sugar can sour 
health plans 

One of Ihe mail 
'PiHllnes hereai Harper are the 

:IJi?l»i«en. 'teloreiT ..' 
Ihey Imve .■ mauneli' 
'hinnt :pe«»pMf t«»' 'iliew »'*»«?' <i" 



ditadlv (rasp. Ttieir p<..pu.lanty 
mrvrr ceases 10 atiiM* nie 
rt.|tal wtth deleclaWe sweets 

jind wd««, 'ihe« tooth decayinii. 
(at attrarllnjl momler* are 

.eoiinHiW'd ilai'ly in enontioua 
amounts IH'in* »•• fwpular has. 
Amanc'ial re»'»riJ» m well 

M«l. people ilm't railue that 
hehind ihO'iie tempi inn 
nuK'hines 'lies the sweet pn'Onn 
sugar Harold J Tnuti. director 
III Ihe tnitnt'iimal nswarcb., iw»y» 
ihji'ttn m.ui* fUlSBr tn 'Ihe hlood 
li j»»t platn p«>»on. So '*e hi»dy 
'has to proi.ei.i itself K does to 
with a hormotM* named 'Itmlia 
'Which puahei stigar out <>t the 
ttoodatream Ollen it put.he> 
OKI SO m'Ufh thai <t leaves you 
with ktw itipr iJtan i» nttjuirrt 
in vtwr hlooditrmm. The reaulf.' 
raiiiiK lh«! GKMly hnr leiivec 
v«u pi'Hipod 'imiaaal «il pepped- 

Not that a Wlc'suiiar Is gMW. 
lo da you any harm., btil you are 
already KettiiHl a l'«l« fuiiar in 
tttost at the loodi jrau aal "Vow 
ilon't have lt> add la it," ttal«t 

Tauh All the (ooda we consume 

are converted itilo sugar by 
glytofiefl Starvh ImKk 'like 
corn. pnlaKiek and hread are 
iWnidcd )U»t to be concerted 
inio sutiar So a diet with m 
sweets al all does provide 
plMiy of sunar (or needed 
energy tmj'way 

When we get uur I>I«m1 tuoar 
from our glycoUen renerve*. we 
get a sl*tdy ««>'> >'t energy 
wilhiul any y<>.y<> Htects Taub 
feels, ''ilial these nalural sugar 
supplies we have can last tanger 
and better than Ihe candy and 
Cola Rolibleni who have shorter 
energy limits ' 

Kugar w the pure white form 
'Candles, soda, elc 1 i-aisea 
energy levels tlrasncally but 
ileclllies so quickly llial ttie 
liidy nfac'ls m luiiinjed form 
'Tiiub cnnclude* Itial ' even 
nwlasises. i>r brown sugiir in. 
disguised lorni » still potHm." 
II still tiegiiij 'tang damage 
|'n»iii ttii- mnrm-nt il enter* your 
mmi'i ■ ' ,'':i(is lo l<K»lh 
tleci'. ■ l»'er >ihen il 

■mKl» ->» <•>--■« t»c<>rl tiueuM' 
iir cancer' 
*'iipn you gel a craving lor 
' .' -iwOTt., eat an apple 
(jr They etmiain a 
,H...... ... -.itSJir. frulooe. wtjich 

Ihe human body hat thrived on 
lor mtl'limn nt years 

Fit • ■■■itKiiiuled (or 

any ' ''la iaM can 

benei.i .(..' Ill » pure a.nd 

natural way M does not. 
D»omole lomlh decay or cancer 
and IS »*ry nutriliotai- 

So. tl you wani to IMI« 'Iht 
'swectnesii liI health don't lei 
sugar KHir your piaiB 






3B-ZM 3»S10 


OtMlm IS. 1979 Thg Harkmgtr Pugg 7 

Dungeons craze sweeps campuses 

«f ■rett. wieitwuD ,^ V w«j. iM oi ilia I 
iamtmmmm la (httim m la*. Md^MM'to I tiwri t 

toriMl ta«i.. Hi* twmilim » Mt of tHr la DiMiMia aid 

and Dragaw, or 
Wi inM 'IM0 a> M a kiwvrn (« Wa an- 

Mmt.tht tlMiaati li. to ite *al» o( 











$1.00 hf osi 

So c<iratlMM «<ai> <TB««lail •■■•» al SMWy'ipMI n 

866 S. Elmhum Rd , 0«s Platnes ,^ 
)4S Odgen Ave , Oownns GfiM Ij^ 


439 70b0 

425 Ogden Ave.. Downers Grovt 





Hf J3C 
MP 311 


%Un HP3af 


nai MP41C 

99 »i MPfil 

IMS5 HP 93 

S»« MPS) , 




'40 nayl (**ir ><>' "€"««#•; 


Till Slim Sci#mif>c 
Tl U Scum . 2 Kwinonti 
Tl-U SoofKlK'SiMinia 

TI'M' Cwd Pwttiawnmateitt 

•mm Aiwliirfi I F ifttniiiki 

'■MMI Aimiflit II f* WMPCMp , 











Tl Ahnn/ClHWiainfk aaKlw •t.H 

Ataa tew Simt mhI OtiMii IMtn'HI) t.l 4((..l,.*Tt:l/" U«r £••»•.•'• c(hk* «>• «!«>»» o'i» 
■Ml M> •nil m^) xarMn 4a Mwi inalniKI la •aailitnlilyl. Aaat 13 Oa 
■K>iac»«« CK««I Caiit. r««)»nli.iHllltt% ■• IV>li> w<« MC tlWIIMIIom ••> 
wdwi. J% »uix'>«rp on HPt *» »•>•» «in«l <»" "> •■*«■»» tmimt. 
campm* mi*^ *i»w«J#»et j»c«ito'''w* am} *^n v*m w^famy 



Aak M> "Gmliat Saw' 

Out ai3> f«* 1**« Srrtmi fimkmn ' Vi-r* 



Man o*iJ»*» i«) 
3»3 S H«»«ar St 

:>IJ| 144 l«44 

at fiM 

wiaafi 8iMa« moa 

'•Mm tiW' tMi fci* ««tj 
nmmm, D»0 »«" I"""** <» 
Ik varjr dmenm DAD i* 
alvaya «•■«• in "» mOOk 
■gaa, lailMKl of two amtica 
Mimig. mitm mm mtltm. all 
llM |*ij«fi' »» a •Iw* aimniM 
In MMI aiwilwr ituigit pannn 
ealM the Dragon Mailar 

TlH Drafno MaaW ii ite 
comnltta duct «f llH ■AIM. It la 
he who dwMiis wtwt ktnl o( 
ganw yrill be piarwl and km|>o 
oritor 111 ilir gunt 

Tht oiw»8 goal at D»» 

Mtnif tn bt In rind a flaw in the 
DunRima Mactar'f plan^ To 

aclMwc iMtt iMi the |il«y«n 
muit f c* on a Joumy and the 
»un|»»n Matter crealei a 
■ ■■ •will' ■ where Urn Journey will 
lake (tact. The [traiiMi Maaler 
maim out rveryWnt he want* 
m Uie ■■■■rW: lakat. iwaala, 
villa|*t. btaiMtiiRS. dnn|«oi». 
He may create whatavtr ht 
really waitta to aa loiw ai it 
eonvAaa vtlli Itic rule book. At 
Uw faaflMiing of the lame the 
OiMiaain Hamr .may #«t a 
briar daacriplloa of hia worM to 
Hal the itaytn can chooac a 
nlMt In 'iMfln. However, Ihe 
Damnii Maitar' can letl the 
|ila|att «hn« W tagtii if be 
wMm to. The |i)a.ycrt can 
never see the map of the world 
StM duraig Iheir journey the 
(jtayer* may write-down what 
they («et the world loolu Uke 
through dctrriplioiu handed 
thani bf Uie Duniieaii Mailer aa 
he itiii itan what they an- 
ramitar on Uielr trl|i 

Onee the players know where 
to itart they he«in to mate 
"movei" The game, for 
tiample may begin in a 
The player* have a 
1 who tcila the Maater 
whM daeiiiana andor rouiea the 
players have drctded to take 
For enample, the players may 
beaituated ma dungeon Ttierr. 
ihe playem might mk the 
Dungeon Master about the 
dncription and content* of the 
room Through h»» maater plan 
and with the uae of die. wtilch 
Kives the ultimate anawer lo Ihe 
p|.ayer't queiUon Contaad? 
Wail-lhere it sttll more. 

As prevuiualy menlioncd the 
Hnal of IMt D a lo find a (law In 
Ihe Dungeon Maater'i plan 
Thii rtaw ran be almoti 
anything rrom ihe player* 
linding secret Ireature. 
iupreine power or (Imply 
beating Ibe Dragon Mailer in 
u Imaginary game of card* 

The (law otxun whan the 
Maaler't die give contrary 

anawcrt to the Maatar'a plan.. 
Vet. it ia the maaMr Minaail 
who dtcidea what tiie die will 

Anolher (actor that can 
eomrlbule lo Uie downta II of the 

mprtme being is that each 
player, in compliance with the 
rata, haa their own ipecitic 
piiwera or traita Some playcf* 
Mt magic Some are partially 
magic Certain playen ar« 
Ihievei and can open locked 
doon Some playen are alv«. 
Ttic ttat goei on However, lo 
cnuffltarhalance the powera of 
the playaft. the. di«iao» Il«««r 
puia a 'lartea of irapa In hia 
game Theae trap* include 
anything Irom dragons lurking 
around in coves, to beautiful 
raine« who pmion victimi wlUi 
deadly wine 

It om itill doesn't undentaai 
the game, don't worry The only 
way lo really comprehend D*D 
ialnparUcipateinit And that i« 
what the fO or M membera o( 
the Hoffman Eatatei Park 
l>iitncr» War and Fantasy 
Game club do every Friday 

Dave Maalam. la the director 
of ihia parliciilBr group Mia 
gmw la larfe enough ao that It 
has to usually divide into two 
separate game* The club play* 
all kin<k of war and fanlaay 
games taut It is very apparent 
that DliD is an overall favorite 
DAD at arst glance may seem 
to lie very comples Theie are 
several hooka of directiona and 
game variations The taaak 
Instruction book alone has IW 




JJ^ • Name your own hours JJ 
J2 • Meet new people tJ» 

m • Get experience in sales 40 

m Sell Advertising for *» 


:^ 211% COMniSSiM on atl sales «J 
4? Contact Cindy ext. 461 ^ 

plus pages Still, Mawton 
beUevca thai a penon can learn 
die game in ten minulas and be 
^gd playen in two hours 

Itangeons and Dragons, 
unlike moat war games, is not 
played on a board The game 
relies totally OB Ihe design of (he 
Drafon Maalw, whrthet be 
took his plan Irom a D40 book 
or devised a plan himself D*D 
is played with graph paper, 
which a iTCd to map the 
jnimcy. anddaU sheela, where 
the players keep Ube on vital 
statistics like purctiasea, richaa. 
and powers of charactera. 
iSoBMttmes a calculafaar is used 
in help With figuring i 

II may sound conptKatad. 
but the game is cqitiiring m- 
tbuslasis of all ages The 
Hoffman club has an age 
brackett of t^ Mark EUdna, 
1«. found out about the Hoffman 
cliib aflsr visiting a boUlf 
store Doug Edwarda. a 
storeroom manager at Saint 
Joseph's Hospital in Elgin, had 
his lolerest stem from the 
fantasy writings of J R.R. 
ToBiien 'I've been a board 
game enthusiasi for a longtime. 
D&D just sort of came 
nalurally. said Edwarda. 
Edwards also brmgs hit two 
young 'Sona with him. They 
seem l« enjoy the game as 
much as Dad does but, of 
course, do not participate aa 
much as an okler person woidd. 

OltD's popularity is also 
tiecomtng very pr»ifilable Bill 
Wright IS the proprielor of the 
Hobbyist, a bobby store in 
Scliaumtiurg His is one of the 
very few store* in the area that 
specialuea in material (or DAD 
'I've made a commitment in 
this area ■ Wright sUtes He 
boasts of his store being Ihe 
third largesl store in the 
Chicago area lor D*D material 
His DtD items include 
manuali, handbooks and in- 
slructtona for the game as well 
as graph paper and Ully sheets 
Wright also slocks DI>D 
miniatures for m» in helping to 
remind players where their 
characters actually air located 

Anybody interested in further 
information i>n D»D is strongly 
encouraged to attend one of the 
Hoffman Park Districts 
meetings The club meets al 
7 M pm al Uie Ida Vogell 
complei on routes 7Z and M, 
Just west of Roaelle Road Ahw. 
Bill Wright will be happy to 
esplain ihe game of D&D and 
help with decisions on pur- 
chases The Hobbyists Is 
located in Uie Weathersflekl 
Common Shopping Center on 
iichaumburg and SpringsmuUi 
Roads in Schaumibivg 


Btfp § T*» Mmbmfm' 0«*»fcrr /■' 


Hawks hurting 

IMt UmIMI mmm^ M •# did 
i)M9 ■<■• <tM<r mam* •mW' to • 
tmt, hm tlwv ate (<•> niiaimg 
'iHC'k Drvin Hcwiy «> ■ k»«* 
iliiir»- Itaoity «il} he OMI to <*» 
nniaiiiicf ol ila scoon 

InthellfM. »»»• H»i*k* ImH «o 
tte DuPag* tmipii-u« »»■■■». 
lint wiMk ailtar m .wMIJ' 


li. Mtiikny MM 'WW M 

■Mil, leiirwl^ m m l-|Mt 

dnn« JD «>rd* for ttw vimm 
tmielMlitwit Tony M»rm tlww 
liht liiul kwwlwit pm* mih • 
fMrm yuril 'mi fur 'Mw wnrt' 
itorri* ,i|tiM<i IS y*r* m m 
tmrim tinr 'to •■)» '•mi* 

H«wk qwrltrlia'Cl i'al 

Hallamyrr . •>n eiMipliMil. 11 <# 
11 pwMi (or MB yanh. tmd ttic 
Itnitla •( the QiapfMrai » wttli 
]«at iMlcr twa minuln li> §a 
But .RiWiiityar, «Im) ^luMi Mriiir 

tatUl *tnm pMt 'piikMl oil 1^ 
irn^ PlMTtw. "ho r««hml H m 

tor • <&-yitrtl louchikmn 

I>«I>*C* tr*m tM cM— m on »ay W 11-7 «la atrr Hawlitk iPImMs by Lari t \nn (•»«> 

Harper's tennis looking 
toward 2nd state title 

What do Cmdy Sarra. ioiBjr 
" ' 1. tbmrr Vttm. Shtryl 
. Ktllv PtMMtar, Um 
Kubn, VicM 

A.) •» ir« ammm mmm 

».) hm* laUoi mimp tn «• 
«f Ifeilr taeim clatM. 

O CM liag "tiivnr Blr- 
thtoy" Ui 11 hugimin 

D) ptay lor Ow vumtatal 
taam in twoii on llw Jnoiw 
coUact Icval 

iniiitt tcfort 'nunlng Mo tamt 
of Dm DtMil JuMr coOati 
Icniu* talent 

-Wc have M mora laam 
dlfUl Itian laal year'* taam 
lliara ka not much diflerence 
UatWMo my 3-4-»-« iiii«le» 
ptoyars. Mild Marltia Bait, tha 
•1% eoach womao'i lannia at 
•' - - '— *- "The 

iPlMto hy »rMt MrKII%> 

Tennis wins 


Touch Football mbT 

ir yw (ueaaed A. otn taam 
maybe tn a few yean a talanl 

■caot w(tt avot *!>■■>■ I"!* '<"■"* 

n U a anint laaaa. If your 

■ B^ikat'insMgdaal 

IT it »ai C. hat Off 

niigll fee able to. who knovi' 
But It K highly unlikely, w 
■HMl vhal anawer ■• let. D' 
Hgi. Ibey all are member* of 

Harpar't »Miian*a TannM 

Harpart' wa<ii«i''a tannia 
team JuM can't leeni to do 
ihHiCi wnxig Itacae dayi and are 
jaM ana meail awwiy trma an 
wUMitaltcd '1* co>lar«iMt 

IHaHuvar IMrainwal Oepl. 
■• hawtng. a toiaeli (aatttatl 

I Oct. It,. M U • 
at Oh I 

Last Tuaaday lUflM. the ftrat 
place fisaita captnnd tiwtr 
illh ennfcrenn vtetory in a 
raw, IXis over .all. .'aa they 
daftated 0uf*ag«. T-J. at 

The Mawki haw haan 
lllarally rava|li« anyhody «t» 
■■la Ih diair way, lea*uif no 

atinrtvon. Thay own a M ilate 

tnMCctiAMBctiilay. and 1.14 

anenl bar die apadal. 
Hariiar imidi lootball mlaa A 

maallM hir taam caiMina wiill 

»• faaki Oct. » to die lUaplwa 
.afaa if iMli. A .■! S p^^ mH 

depend on the number of Mama 
that enter CMIldala are alio 

Tfaechnaat ttaey ever came to 
Meat wa» a 7-M tbraa^hing of 
tha CoOati af DuPaft. The real 
nf IMr aonraa aouitd lEke i 
'brakan raoard. M. M, M. and 
aOTfy on<oa to a while It mlgM 
laad t-l. 

Laat y«ar''a i^iliad waa NC 
chamiw and aaatly won the 
tectlonal tournament, and 

the taM, UMjr '«*■! to rafiaat. 
Hay hMM that iaaltnf that wc 
caRdottlwayaaralBamw AU 
(be way dwan tha Una we're 
atraag. IMaltlhennlymr r«a 
had to have ehaOaife matctaaa 
all the way up until (he factional 
toumamenl " 
Two of the key retumlnc 
are Cindy Sarna 
r Jeminei Sarna and 
iemtnea who have nucturated 
between third and fourUi luiglea 
iMa aaaaou have pairad up in 
Hva tiw Havka a l aai^a a m a 
dmiMii laadMH. Tha t«» have 
baan teerlnf up the league aa 
Ihcy are currenUy undefeated 
and have woo meal M Omit 
malchai M, <M> 

"I'm very pleaacd with 
Cindy't play thii year She has 
become much mora of a total 
lannia p4ay«r, I (hink her 
.naUanal a ipa rta nre haa helped 
hw a flraai deal." >a>d Bolt 
"She and Jenny together are 
)iifl dynamite They really 
comptirocnt each other. 
togathor they're JiMt auper tbay 
piay a toUl game. Aa 
aoptioinoret they're Junior 
coUege eiperience will help. 
they know what SacUooala aod 

die region meela are all about 

Sharry Weber and Sheryi 
Hatman will be goin* at it from 
the number one and number two 
singles spoU respectively They 
will also team up and play 
doubles for the Hawk* in 
Inumainent play 

"On any given day Sherry can 
beat Sheryi and vice-vena." 
commenled BoH 

Falconer, Pfaender and Kuho 
have all played important rolca 
throughout the season and along 
with the four (Sarna. Jemtnet. 
Weber, and Hetmani will try 
and earn Harper it* firet N«C 
conference tournament title Ihia 
Tueaday afternoon 

Bolt, last years NJCAA 
"Coach of the Year", em- 
pbaaim the mental aspect of 
the game aimoal mora than die 

"A woman may have all Ihe 
phytlcal ability in Ihe world and 
■till lose because she wasn't 
mentallv prepared We do a lot 
of drilling and various stroke 
technique then uliliied what we 
drilled on m our game 
tituatlora We adapt our game 
to our opponents if we have to 
change We work on varkio 
strokes and strategiei during 
our practJcaiaaBioni. than haw 
a ahort playing aaaiian aalng 
what we Jist worked on 

"Tliia miKh talent doesn't 
come along every year. It's very 
rare with the two year tumovar 
we have, said BoU "We VM a 
lot of cxcellant aaptoniorea and 
gained a lot of exMUant fraah- 
man Who knows* Neit year 
couM be a rebuilding year " 

Vaa. It could be. but for now 
BoHs squad is just short of 
unMoppable and to many ttwy 
remain unchallenged 

llifpaia' Sfciify Wahar add 
ClHryi HaUnan,. Mtar wiai ttm 


tpnt Ihr tha DuPigt .inaal. 
laal In har opponaiM. Pindar ol' 
.OiiPaga. «-l. «-.!)' 

Tht'aacdnd: leutcd ina.tch was 
lanaa aa Harpen' Hatman won 
OMr EM>age'i Mnora M. K T- 

Tilt Hawks capl.uNil all other 
by straight 

Hit Mily olhar point IluPage 

picM «9 was in Uw top atatsd 
I. match, aa Fimltc and 
t twM Wefaar and' Hetnwi. 

The only rnaai nmaiiung on 
the' liawka regular season 
i Ci wdl i le la one in River' Grow 
agialnal IW' oppimanl Triton 
indagt at 1 » p.m. 

.Harpar wii«''t gal Mwh real 
halora the N4C coidiiraiica - 
toumanwoi which will be held 
here at Harper tomorrow 
■larllng. at tima.m. 

(Nhar Mania of importance 
«Mlliilg. up art the NJ'CAA 
aaiclianal. Oct. it- 13. at Harper 
.and. the NJCAA regional.. I'Jici 
»•, at Valley Kitls Tmnii 


I la wt. •■»•• ax. I 
I It aiaca w •• *< si I 
|<-, aMctM eiai 14 1 
1 *«T raoipecT I 


rati Grsai A«*. 
•» Back. B. a( m. U 

t*«ryTi»ai ♦pm.tlHT 

1/J price «Jri«»lt» 


ewaryday wim 
Li»»ch Purcf>»*e 

Frtt iMpcorn 

OripMl f&t 

friday* / Sondays 


FRY «« 

C)l.lMrc« II » 

■!«••> ail* Sin'" 

mioran II » 

Mom* m*ot 




CttflO^r" II 35 

tiw* Action Pinballt 


ill TO 5JI 



"TUP 40's" 

The Record Store m Barnngton 
JI2-3H-4424 M-F 12-7 S 10-6 

.KiftVli hiii:H#'H*if«iT Mwi' 


Health Club for Men 

e offer supervision in Conditioning, 
Weiaht Training, and Body Building. 

HOURS Mon.-Fri. 10 - S 
Sat. TO -5 

mew Para piai* Milwawkec Ave »•>« faiaiiaa na. S17' 

Viil. I HA Ni». 8 OrtrilHT 22. 1979 

W illium Raiiiri Haqwi « »ilkKt. Vlitmmiiiii sitnl ftwlli- Ki»a'l-. I'itt.iUK. IJImmi. f»<K¥.7. ili-.WT- «mmi 

Faculty oks new contract 


mm ix en <iv«rwl>aliiii.iit. 
MMII <* fl-m in tttair ^nim 

tMUm hugtauisf iliM 

•miaim Mlkir. toemtj' mmiIb 
to Ilk * " 


■ifMt on •iipnM.iHaMly m/fm. 

pmtmt of tlM iwciitn- 

V'Mler tli« .itw ai««i"«e«. 

wMtiallMi k iKNi a 

if an 

llaa Ifeciiity 

' tmmtA. 

at tt »m 'MMMct tt- 
I UM' ttilW' pqr It 

caw art «■■• MiiMl 

.|MM II1.WM to tll.lM. 

li«M' 'Ml 'In IMM vnnw • 

iM' iirti Mniwiw tMl It 
••nNaMr IMUft tk* Moond 
'Inr a Mai «t It 

lI'pMI WMt <* 

ito 3t limw ■»■»■ »«W tl"« •»' 
•Hglfeto fur cMi,f*M»tl»it. 
Univ tlua )Mr"* 'canMct, mm 
unit I 


'Hup HarMafM' f«Ml*'irf aa All Aiii«r«*aii 
mim I»'»iil •*• %,»*i-*».l«4 CnllifiJal* I'rinn («« 
Ikt ItTI-T* Hai'Mntiirf . Tlit 'iMUaaal laani !• iltr 
Milieti •••r4 aiialaaMt fcr ■ i«tl*it 

ii<-B«|ia(M-r. Mvni'lmt tt latl >Mir'« •talf trim I. 

IK I . : 'C'Mv Ctrivclio, Baila*** Maaagfr; .laaa 
frirnmi.. "f:«illiir-tti-«1«kl; ll«ir««ij' Vlinmmm. 
mtwtmr; aa* iaa :KiMt«.. IfaM 'W^rtMr. 

er receives 

MfiOai im m$- 1 

flMi lyitiMi' wf 

Johnson guilty 


Harfar ttiMltii'i. tea Iwaii 
imiiiiMl <ir 'tin iMnilif «f 
:l>MrMl.fMI«la in aa iacMMt 
McatrNif. HanH' i to 'tlw 

TiM Mit |iiii«Ml. (lom a 
'tat<lici '«( g«Ut} datplta 
ajUji— II' jy Ilia Mtaaa 

:pi »t> ai l t' ataM at <hi Uaa Hi 
'Ilia DiiXlar',. aai tl 
'iiii|iiiiMltil» to' Ilia 

Ho*, a, ai «*ii«i' iSa' Uw WMfat , ■—Hy _ pawl , ym ^ 

4alBW« »«I !!•»•' tfca ■op- — ji""' * *— *!,.!"g.-'*"*^ 

aurtlailly to aalliir a ratrtal. « lO' ■■' «•■*■■■ *■' 

m apnisl' Uit Jalit'i diciaioD. "aa aiaa mumm. 
Til iijilliaailiiiii'ii'l '(ti — ' "-■*-! 

All Amerlcon award 

"Tia MarMiUftr". Harp 

fte' Julia' niM tlial. 
•■a MM laiia at ma itma iif 
llw —alt ta ■Moll ha alan 

L ta'Uia waclio 
;Mar la Um alMk, 
to ■• lactdiM oacMrrlMt In Uw 

•T"" allaci ai 

ttm Jwigf, ate crttHiiwl tha 

mmpivt "A nat food iol) of 
eo'varlng tli« ea»piil, jpxt 

ttanuKtili an prabianii MM 

C'wnttP'iinieal'ian. •t4 
|lMn^|iti'y. ari an4 uaa af 


Jialiaa laiil :||mttt MMa to 
tlia •"■|l*ifl*nar*a" 'laaiara 

j„..a,.a_, u—-^ ,-,..jilll fcik|,h-— ,j|,-lt jiiJaiiiiiMHiltMai 

flilViHHnB WCBWIIKiMPl Cll* ■■■I'lHiiii 

•tfllnrlal milmJiMH and ad 

*artwinf.. S«*«ral 'laaiaraa 
wMlMit 'by MiM 'Patoraon and 
Ondgr Carafallo, a 'MtaiinM 
and mtmr laal jiaar and IMS 
ytar"! bwtoeaa manaitr. were 
sinilM nit by il)* Judfta 
Sdltoriat ctrtonnlat. «awt 

art and. graphka. 

laywii and daalfn and 
lilMMagraptai. HaoapHton «aa 
glvan t« liw *^V <>' 
idiMapafiia uacd. pinto coo- 
taal an« MdmicBl quality wKh 
an madt «( i 

' Amaaaald 

wbd laaOltod (bai Jotaiaan fctOad' 
tiarpr I'ludanl Patricia 

iaiJvin la »d« 'l»' and i»l tiia Haaflng toi'palrad. 
iD' 'vtteli' alia pngMm l-i* at ilBiv*r. 

Building M to open 

If MMtiMlUMainmillily. «"*• ara a 'numttar if <*■ 

It Mta. aa »■ •♦ tdll' to aUlt to iMatai that mm to mawwna 

«• Bilk. M iar Ilia alaaaaa :B««. trntmnm. and '"W" •«■ 

MMlnitliewwIi rf <W a " nal all iHlia buMlag '•■ 'to 

nia tag ••artad itolaimttil »a# HW toalmiltlaii, 

CHW Irmm Jrtn Oalrt, 1»t ■hoanl. tfttm^ »mm 

ilii«f'»la#r of ib't uliytlcal weasnmcy 'tl ■CI<« Iwlldlnt to im 

«2enIiW il*i»irtii>'«iit at ntwtiinj •arlia* 'tlila lewatli 

iC'aaiaiaMI m »■ it 

flilB la Uia-Hfit Mma to »ht 
'hMaNr of (to -'Hariitoair" ilwt 
.an H Anarkaa honar rating 
avardad to IIm 

r at tlia if»»' 

_ I In ifea 
•aiMini' cwmptitto 
by lilt Mattonal Seh»la«lk 

.Ptaai Aaawtotton... Aaaoctaied 
CMtogwto lYaai 

■WItor-in-chtaf 'O'f tto' 
"Birhtnfar" tor «•-» waa 
'Dabbic Taiclite, ciirraw.|y a 
■ludaiu at Nwtoarn lllinola 
Ualtwutlf , DtKal'b Ttw award 
aiaa.aeeaftod bj Jobm p««enon.. 
camnt •d'ito.r-in-chici and 
ta'lurc <Mttar of ttw n*«i|«|icr 
(br Uw 1«»-'T» HlMwt yaar. 

Tha aampaiwr racalvad four 
of Hira fnaalMa Marka af 
OMincitnn in toa namiMlltlan. 
analiryiag '« l>» «*>• *" 
Amtoican rattog Martat of 
Wntlnelton '»«t gl*tn 'for 
*. adl.lorial 

icMgnttuD.., with hli eariMM 
'Mad ••iupwior" by the ]iidg« 
Utanal wnting was ciiad aa 

SiwCanra]r,t«rtiia(|yBi .. 
at NartlMm. wm adltwtol 
aditor fur the "Htotiiigar" (or 
llw it7»-Jt iiauaa. Vm "Har- 

bingtr" raearvad ttW'Cial 
'r«cogijnion »i w«tl »">r 
"ouUtandtag advartiitng " 
Tarry Jacabaan. alao a tludant 
ttot year a« M«*to twnwrtlty, 
.Oncalar. wat rawoaaiilt tor 
■ - ■ - -'■'-'-' iw-m 

na adl'tor^ toa 

. J a 'Biaiiliar M 

panlciiarly to llw 

of nc«a enwrag* and' 

layout and dnign - that 
mtgraitad lb* |>*|wr. Ttaa 
"Harbl^ar" racalimd * ftrat 
Oaaa award, Uw mnnd hlgtMl 
.givaii by Aaaocstotad CoUagtoto 

iMn Ika Ural Mmaator «f Hto 
am-n Miwol ytar. 

In tlia i««ond a«ineit«r 
'compat'tttan, JudgM 'ga** Iha 
■'Harbl'naar'" cicallenl and 
nparlor ntingi 'for (caltjre 
•torwi. aditorial wrlllag, 


Tilt "HarMngar" tiAmlta 
'■iuas af llw iwa n fa p w to tto 
Natianal Srholailic Preaa 
AaaaelalloD, Asiociatad 
OaOaftote Praaa twice a yaar 
for a eriticai analyah at dMip 
and coalttil. 

E.ii>pliaalt to Jndgtog. ■•- 
rnnhng to' llw aiaadaltoa, 'la 
gtvcn to "adhatanca to (ound 
journailalic practkea to Iha 
areas of writing, editing, 
plmtograpliy, eomraga, ap- 
BMranct mi airrke to Iha 

.Newipa'peri received 
numerical icorat as well aa 
writtan conunanU IhMii Judgaa, 
all prafeaatonal ]ouniidiato an* 
ncwap^wrailvlian. ftacMata 
the Atl American rating, 
newapapeni miat reeetve s taltfi 
munerleal score, to additno, to 
at toast lour at Iht nve poastbie 
Uarki ol Btetinclion The 
National Scholastic Praaa 
Aaaociailon Associated 
Collagiate Press has tieaa 
eritl<|utog aawapapars at Ika 
collagi and togk sdwoi toeal 

fV i V^ Hwhmim (kiafm 2t 1^79 


Are students 
losing control 

over teachers? 

Hanwr ftM«*wti rmm wm mart cirtwbach. wtrni it 
conws to t««ch*r grktvancas and complatnts. 
Uit yMr nw poww ot slwJtnts beino aWt (o 

This year ihtft Is no Viet PrmMlwH of Studefit 
AKairs. Thtir i»n*t evw* a dwin Ol Slwltnt S«rvic«s fo 
complain to 

At this point. tti« only p«r»on to go to wltti com- 
plaint* is tt»e Director o» Public Information. 

Artn't ttie ifudent* the most important part o« tht 
collegt? W»»y l» it that the only person »fuden«t CMI 
parsonally turn to is In charge ot pu<>lic intormaWiit 
aiwl r«ot tn charge of student IntormatSon. 

Student power is being deluded more and more 

A vmN>I* year Is a long lime to go without a vice 
President ot Student Affairs, Someone should have 
k&m hired temporarily for the position instead of 
dWng without and spreading his many respon- 
sibilitltt among »o many other busy |na|ili. 

if a italanl tias a question or problM' ll««v could 
probaWy get by asking tor help in the QMinseltng 
department or student Activities departnient. The 
question Is .Wtw do these departments go to? 

They could seek the help Ot Harper** busy 
PresWenl. But otovlouely he doesn't have l»ie time to 
solve mmr/ proMtwi' at Mwper. 

Oon't ifudtnls fiave the rl«»it »o toe represented by 
the*r administratorsT Ot course they do They'll lust 
have tci wait until V>c« Preiidenf ot Sludenl Adair* 
Giierlii Flirt*' coi*»s tomk from W» leave of atoence 

Student finds a 
work/study loophole 

' Jilla W •■■ iMki iHl IHT. "Al 

vPhMP ■HHI flBPP 'Wm WiB|ff inPPiii'li'ilMyr HBw ^WPIi^W 

limliif, ■iiiiiHiiiMp it me ■% Mi*ala' Ma m 
Uiiiv«fii()><llaaai*gpieiiii«ii iMtr iHMflta, aai um 

Title IX debate rekindled 

Unpitleiit wllb ihc govcrii- 

"' I ■ffiort* to inrarc aqii*) 
rtgliUi for vhhmii. 

Mm linliilwl ifcii ilwiiiial iwwt. 'I1m#^mi if frediiale, tikiy 

Mtve Iw lieft fee Mih ■|ii»e*liiltJias™ewe'W''od 

■■"HiWalohlft mmmmmlti " 

-But Julia bMMtla. 

C: lilt Univertlti olfleiali won't 

•VpUed tm wBMiipliif'iamii ipiili i bwi itm hmwttn, Mnwi j i . 

"I ilM QM' wilalMt' dwt iM Mafiia 

WfttTmmmMrmm tmHtmmlmiMmimlamm 

■r.Mit sliHlaMa lieard about tlw 

lot ibi ■Id peaelMH ty of unemplvyBMt 

"^tftmrn Summ IM«: ■» cw k mmM. am 

I'toeWI'IMH IW' tl3' 

•U Mala 

mmtmm (MSA) tat wMli in 
nMAaTllMik. ntacMkiB. and 

I tmmi. 
m^Mmam HEW vtui 

iM THto UC. 

A am mm\ mm* 

tn actiona liival«ia( Tllla II of 
(he Htlhcr Education Anoxl' 
mMtti al isn. which torWd* 
I a(*ln*t wwmen 
ligr fadmelly-ltadMl imtituunm 
Preaf of iaerlmlnatioii ctiuld 
iat«l|r laad to lite baa ol 

-Ml hmk Jha court mN a 

March. 1171 daadlliM (or 

"MSIV." cMilenda Mar#a 
KahR al Ilia Caoiar tar 'La« aai 
SacW PoBcy. "to MM .liaMllll| 
cMMa tn Hw raqiiind Umt 
fram*. and they haven't 
[gncaaaaJ tha higher education 
spins caaaa aa tlw utni cowt 

fffimtBe ouA wi 

nr THw oC patMuM, w Mpa* 

hgr ika and of dw yaar." HEW 

The lult acctiaea HEW 
■ecretary Patricia Harrii and 
David Taiel. head «t HEW'a 
Office of Civil Righta. of 
vkilattng Title IX and ol con- 
Mniil o( court 

But the odlcc of Civil RIghIa' 
Larry Vel^i malntaina "thart 
10 tarlilg 

bacaiae droimatancai have 
changad since Title IX via 
paaawl in im. 

Vatai aays HEW ii conducting 
iavastlgation into poaaihla 
diicrlnilnatory practicaa at a 
Mtimik, including Yale. Cor- 
nell. Fordham. Maryland. 
Georgia, Kentucky. 
Waahlngtan, Michigan. 
Wla«aiwln, Antona State, 
Oritoe SUIe. Michigan Slala, 
Norai Taiu SUlc, and Van- 

graina mads Itaa alak' Tmm. aal m. 4m1 «aai W ii 
(feat. JMt Itl tkt' cmKta gm m 

ftlgmfg. far iaeniyleyaM 

■It atttte ^Au^i afta 

■Iff ■••iW ^u^ww^w ■■■* 

ihMigi UM IMvenlty of 

eaivecalty ainal nwicli. Mm eafneraltv pay •ork.-ai 

Bicycle sales 
on the rise 

Bicycle talea have mem more 
than « pnent aincc Aiidl aa 

etlliMia tirad ot gasoliiM 

IM bicycles aren't the only 
hot telling itam Waad-bunHng 
nloveii, heavy bathrobe*. 
electric bMilcn and long un 

derwear are i»e«l in line 
RcUHIen n|X)rt amasng uileB 
of winter goodi ai energy 
■svtng (•miUaa lodi abaad to 

liiii'Miiireni1iteiii<f mutml gUin, M'thayMrffseXi 

,,«,,».•,,,,..•..- •Joan PMeraon 


raatunBdtllir .' WandyWWkdliate 

Photo Bdltar..... Ri** 

AIM PlwloSdIMr Scott 

Cjirloonlit .....*...... S4w*Mli 

Busintaa Manager.... pndyCaravrtIo 

OiatrUMKm Editor WaltwHUl 

Aitvtaar DorelhyPlnwano 

Stair .* " LoriLynaGuy. 

Karin Johnaon, VineaM Serdo. 

BobGehr. Joe Kuack. Rich Mnqnlaat, 

pete Wieklund. Wanda Bain. Nora tiiioitaB. 

Wayne RtMMlMtt, Hkdiatto Mlriwlnakl. Judy Haahrawk 

IDe HARBtlWER ii the atudaot p* M wi ll a B tor U» Harfar 
Calhat campus community. inMilWl. neahbr eicepi durtof 
holMayt and Anal rufm All ofilBloiis (.ip riwaii are llMas af Iks 
wnter and not neceasarlly thoae o( the coilagt, lis adndaMMlaa, 
faculty or itialeiM body Advcrtialng and copy daadUea k mob 
Tuaaday and am la aUbJed to edituig. AH U«l«s-io-the«dttiir 
muM ba sMia4 namaa wlil ba wilhliaid upan requaat. Par ad- 
vtrlMiiff rataa,. naU sr write mMmtmtM, Wlttam Raioey 
Harper OiiWap. A l pewi l i and Roadte Roada. Palaline. III.,. 
mm PtiMMiirwi, em. wi. 

Building M opens 
Dean Steps down 



Uw vTWtHiig rmnB. •«! tht 

Dean Steps Down 

1^ nwtatM'rfWlAI 
ZTZ ««* to In «ih. I 

MMt am MMm b rwly <» 
™ _w »•■*•'*» ■wmetMiMi pur. 

H^ poM*. oriictt !»■•• lo *» 

liM 'lo la Bwovd io. ■"» nw 


'October 19 »>•» October 31 

307 li OiMilon St. 
.TSofff wMii tMB coupon 

b» tlw c»ll«W! „. _,, 

AcoMttng to (Mcti. "Wt «tll 
Ut ablt l« M' ^nm Own Mf of 

tta' feim. ■int ■■»«* «» ••* 
In gn ilMMi iMi im« fflt our 

AMI' ••<* >lw twtmnililC 
pool. wrtiUini mm, «»1 ll»e 

til hBMltMlt tour". «»» *»Clllt)' 

a »Iiw> •quip" »>"» • ••«■'»' 
trainng room eflMipt "Hh 
Milttlia iiMl UiUvtnal a* w«U 
■I (rw oeighti. t tHHiWtbatl 
eaurt. •,n<l the <i«e« n* »» 
pli^lcat mttcitiw' dtpaniiMM.. 

"»• (•cllily will he ■ •"■' 
mpt'Knmtm mm- wt»w «• liii 

in Dint irttli snwtoMil*. « !• 

I, HNl 

Jmnn Po»«il, D«ii» <»l 

Student 0«v«lo|>iiiciit, n 

after five jwwn to •» iMk to 


hrid the muiMslora UmI • iww 
dMn «1U te i|)(i<>liii«f in tlM 
MW futun tram unnna tlMir 


Several counaelnrt htve 
*i<l>initle<l thair namei (or 

Ml Powcn aatd that the had i 
varlel,y of reaiom for 'her 
ikctsion She tell thai aftar five 
yean (he 'wa* ready for 
■ MnieUting *ff«r«it " 

She vill now bacomc a 
■ of Hit miD- 


nun <tm ami 




OH m Te'ote Trto «r»*«. An lejt, ri'd ein at Tecaw 
Bc«r tmportt4 from Me'mco. to|>f»<l w«th tamewi mi ml. 

It tahei jour ih>rtt and (>utJ tt, iwiy' 


* aeltetlta MmM to 

tlM eamiNB. and choi^ bring 

•iMNit a tHwtlkMtt InereMe m 
Ilia alliiiinlainn 'lai'aiirh nil" It 
mm alM' Him m • 
rarialy 'Of iMcli < 

of the ah»e«ce of Guerln 
riacher, Vlce-PreaWent of 
atudent Affair*; 

Aa daan. Ma Powell »aa 
miionallile tor dirwtuif the 
c«iiM«lin« office, ftudeni ac- 
ttvitlei, the envlroBnieiital 
health program and the 

wmmen'a profram 

Ufa Powell received her 
bachtlort degree from 
Voui^Kfwn Slate UniversiQ' in 
YounMiown, Ohio Fr"" ""ere 
■ha «eiit on to Weitmtnialar 
Oolligt in WMtminisler. Pa 
Where ahe rtcel»ed h« Maaiaia 
dwptie in cwM— Hw |. Sh« !*•"• 
went on to Northweatarn 
imverflty In Evanalun where 
the received her PhD in 

Before coming to Harper aa a 
counaelor m l«7l. Powell 
worked as an aaiialant dean ol 
students at Northweflern 

raa aapaWad 
la Dean of Slmleiil DevalDiiiiiaal 

Uniwinity She waa 

in 1174 

Only the janitors know 

What danger lurks in the 
underground world of Harper 




MO'N & TUES- 9"t. '■ 
WED. THU«S.'-'FR:I.. a-9'P"M. 



i>A i .. &"'5 



ft tn a tunnel 1* '*• 

.tle''aallal«int. It'i 
lale at itglit, t?erywher« 
amiMd. Iiiiii If* *"•- «oM- •«»«• 
dai*.. Only a lr» icattered dim 
IIIIIMaguiile hi* way through Die 
■■■gt wav'. Sialdcniy 
■ Mly Mund! ft 

wBHIf. r llai 

•team U«ie«, "ater tinea. 
electrical wiring. teJephoiie 
'wMig and the 'wiring f« the 

I wan 
to hear 
troni the 
He"'» iieared. He ili>«an"t 
lla all feet tall and la' 
lar'ge pipe wrench 

Sound like aoinctMng ti 
lioTTor morte' Actually it 
a deacription of wiMt one 
find il ha cnUld vamture '- 

from a 

Tht ante purpoat of the (unnel 
ta lor matolenatic*. H «*wfe i« a 
proUen with any ol the utihUea 
It can h» repaired wtUioiit 
havug to dig a hole to get Ui the 
proMem Ttie tunnel doe» not go 
.liosnyof the iwwer liulldl.nga on 
eaiRiNia bccausF the alalt 
•lopped luiultng >uch tunaala a 
lew ytars back 

Only I ' - -' 

Milnit, are allowM In IW 
iMicl the rcaaott Mug Uial It 
■ eitramely eaay lo bump one't 

head on a low water pippc or 
iUp on the aliat growing "B t»» 

Mo/ nfl on your choice 
/O Ull of one of 

ran* between Harper IMgi.. A, 
C. D and F Ott. don't •orT>' 
about ihe crttaturc with the pipe 
wrench It » onl» a janllnr 

eonung to make an .aii)lMllinan(.. 
The n«H:nlenanee tunnel waa 

Until: turn »•* »•* original 
bulMinga on eampu* The 

lUMicI hat alioil ae*en feet. 'Ol 
ipaife (ran grnuMii m eeMng 
and tt ahoul llvt (M iiMt... i 
niDi in • Uiming p«l» from 
ISIdg B throighWga'Aa.ndC. 

i» not eaaily ac cea al l il e .. One 
mt»t go Utrough maintenance 
rooma and crawl under boiler 

plpaalo fit. Mn the'lunne).. The 
iMnM MiiM 'MM ti«' iMd 'by 
handleaiiped alMlBala 'Or (or 
ihipiilRg itama between 
butMnga beeauac ii hm manr 
large piixa in it thua making 
bulh travel impoatltole 11» 
tunnci i» alwayi locked »<> it i» 
noi a good chotee for a place lo 
avoid one'i cHim.iei. 

h ihi« " seen* Irani "Ifce 
Mien" So. artaaHy Iff Ike 
undtTKriMind tyilem al Harper. 
i|ih<il#li> Scoll MrKIBlpi 


SOlVf .*ti 

fR OBI !■»■"> 



ONLV »5J5 

:r::::.. wall stiiet publishing co 

•it lOOMi 

f%» 4 lit IhrMngfr ikmb^r 21 I'i7»* 



Itm 'Ntth M*Mif 

latlpni. k ■dm aul w i. to 

I In FrtM*. MwllMid. lliin|B*y, 

Me Bclclwii, OarnMaf •"•>' 

IMHM. far Ik* Urnvr m* mm lir MniHtt, ia*f - - ■ - 

fl.***LS*. ••!!!? rns@mbl6 

liMIH' |lliliidh|l«. to ***'* '%'^7l I llwrlliMr«ilty.wi«'iti«. Mi*. 1 M • » m k 'MH im A .. 

mnniMi i M i mm ■»■ Mm. % !■■■>>.,., W w*' :Pii»tifiiiii«it Movie 

:!• tvaltablt on 
U^ A 

' "'fir" JJTi la T-i§ gn 

■rl «r ilM; Cwi.p»ay't 

Classified Ads 


isn Tnw ak mm mum 

AM-rX. I ifMh. ».llli 13141111 

•tn. n«ai 1 

tmiYan hm OtmAi 

im, nliratt M.M: W 'Ml 


Ty||M(,.«(ttlli|MlApoMa. fir 
mciit' rlgfcti <>rp«ii*tlan 
II..S»'HSa Itr. Contatl Lm 

l1:|M«r .MI-IM. 


N««t ■li'la 

AM 'HT* •me* »l 
* AR HIS' lU. Cdtt 

« ir, 

HI' m. nr III I Mr titn. CM 

•Aw I pm lia-Wlt. 

Htm, «H' Itl NMil 

o mi iii ii i. NH- qih 

rCtanat.. »e]rll:iiilltT. 
• |inM.1't«MlW<irltt- 

II CkOTy Mhw. VM Ipi. 

tl«U»...ll»tli«f Wl. •« mU 
tm'» car. IIN Chmv 

lr*«i|»ertati(iB, frlet 

■^■rl tiitii« war»li<iuaMn*n 
'HMM «w«ihj» and w«ii««fc. 
GMd itarting pay Apfily ta 
ptrtiin H«iij«in«ik»r» Tur- 
uHlirt, 7X1 E WoHlftelil IM- 

n Ttmm Am, •,«• miUm. aji- 
inM,. *"Tnfffc» HiJDwf. wim* on 
whiiM. etewi. KM Ultar li, W- 


■CCmiTMlY ftv H|lt MlMM 

li IM 

I %i MM. nit' 

llMIHr Calicf* ciuntMi. Jab 
lnvalvta i>p<ng. tiitng ani 
•MMTtllf ttltpbunt l:l*n 

larti niaiMy ■mm vitb 

SEKVIcn CI.M Kartini 

UM hr camact. 
ft. amr^TMar 

Mb Mill I'.IPlii iMMB 

illill.r«*»-<*allaT». rart"iim« 
_: r* (M 7mm 

Ibb. mi 
l>«latlH>, m<i 

m iMMMi. laTc. aiiW. 

Sckauafciiri. Wa«4fitM 

H||l|| ii^^JI^I^ IIIgH ^^^^^^ 

anfff'iii l a tt .. 'J J a J c^Ji" liiiilud i i l' - 
Watniii HhWi. 

mil roN-nAC-ufX hmum 
ra> PS, AoMMiilc. Railta. 

TCV1NC Fw all tyvuig na«ab. 

VMHwAMfflinla rrat|ilcktt|» 
aiMl dallvary AeCMraeji 
Call KT Sarvtca*. 

iartiigtoii'ana ktudcwt ncnidtil 
tar ailemoiiiii and Saturday 
wirfc. A|il>t> m |irf*on bacmwm I 
aad t urn THE RIXORD 

ALiwiw. an w WW mn. 


I* hiMra. Afiil)) In 
(MfDMi- Vwlwr*. *** C RaiMl 
lU A.' W» ITMBB 

Marl* ' Haw* ■IrtkAay * ; 'I 

1*11 tea ' 


HI W |M larar< yvun agala. 
Vaar lavarlU' M a l»|y aa)ar, 

: WW .trt' DCNTO! Doa't 
biW'ilil ■l.four Ufa. Put •am 
kiwlifc or cx- 
lltHl (or your 
la ttie PER 
MMAL HCtitm of the HAR 
■imiCR'lS ctaMtfM adi. Four 
I iof aniy a 'Dock. 'Do it now 
'hull you to 
ttt Dnp oH .ymir ait in Aam or 
■Iva CMr • 'rtng a< eai.. Mi 
And An'l OMiy. jraur idantlty 

I* *■* «<* «W«»M* «IB«M WIC«. 

■taminat* wantml lo ttmn s- 
bedraan Mvnbouae l» 
lirtliM. eitniar*atl*B 
aMakir.'Ml|Tt. old. tnclodm 
aiaiiliit. dityar and Iwat. li» 

Sr inanli * *l«ctridl|. CaU' 
'■■"•"• .•fiSAfcfi; 

KWr .MMnf. lor rkto 'to 'Marpai 
■n llPMlirainiod. Plaaac call 
at-ISM allar %:m p.m 

naMani wtih earebrat palaj 
iMhing (or job on ca.m.pia 
Tyflni, (lUng. |iai^ work, covsr 
nkitldMiUMlarrandk. All typaa 
at nHlet '•«§. Call Barbara 
aAW'* final aW-iM4. 

DtT'CinHlllnii.. AnV'Cn 

Kill MIHPI pMlHBi 
Tall-rraa l-l*«-lsf-lt4f 

WaniaMtiallo Apt., or ihart a 
wan. In: a Maiaw or a|)t. Call Ml«lll 

for rtr:! T>.>«nlio||Ba 4- 

luit baaamanl. 

int.. m imMMK ntt to 

tfyMa tn 

iiiifliiiitf' af hniliinh nut 'Of 

lliirty yean to the Ssfmaleilar 

He altcmpte escape 

niadly iMii laila. Tlia ad- 

I pHc* la f I. Tlia iknw k 

■ponaor'ad by Ih*' Frofram 



Hit' »ia« in Mlatt vrtnaa oIMn 
li aiMaiaratad bacMB* al kMNi 
diialwiliaplimng. naOOktal 

Contlnoing Education It 
■pMuonnK ReUil Tlwn". a 
•aminar deaigned Id iMlp 
retaiicn control and renwwt 
oppurtumtiea for Uicil tbrvugh 

af iha Hnnto Rdall HmH. Act 
The familiar will lake placa 
Nov 2 (ram 1:30 am to 4 pm In 
Hm. Tba udtton it no and 

To I 
or Ml, 

call est ll«. «tl. 

Street theatre 

The llarlcqutn Strati ongtnal comcfty rmitinM. Their 

Thaaln. now on their Uttrd act includei: acrobalict, 

naUMal tour, win be par- tprlntboard roultnai. band- 

'tainlni. «a ■on. M in front nr ba.lancing, inatfc., nUi ~ 

IMi.A.. andnmM.nerwilli 

In tan Dana Smllli and Marl combine eurtnaitlaa. drcna 

Dempaey bafan travtiini iklUi and comedy into ■ tnnptc 

nationwtdt preaandng their but skilled performance 

lUillli l ili l lllHI » l ,HJ]. l .l i.i 1 1 ,1 ijmiiiiilii 

OceCTe^m Parlor Rt'sfauranff 

NOW HMtlNG lo (id o|Mmn!|> >" All f>OSITION5 

But Partonn*! 
Kilehsn Ponlry 


Full a.(>d Pw'l tin*, do'yi and niqti'H ovaiLaib'l*. 
ttpptf *n (ttno'K WoodfieM Mod, Sr^oumburg 

- <« vtfvvvHVWiinMiirwiftfWWiAiwVii^ vvvtfw'WH^H'tfHwtfH 

/Mies wpresn^tive \ 
d|ie|mg§ JtyaibUe ^1 \ 

1147 Tower Road, j 

V \ Schaumburg. II' 


are "The Beeper People" 
and have several openings now. 

• Full Ttm« •Port Tim« •Your Tima 
A good oppoiiunity tor thm Right P^oplu 

Call Mr. Fuhter (312)IK-3t0i 

Iktit'tmr I'i". }'>?'•> f'he Uarhtiiftf Pttfiv .i 

'AAenogerie' offers challenge to all 

. ^^„»^._, . .Aunt tmiH. trmhamn, amewm ^^ 


I'd bt H|> Hv tiM 

»■('»* •*Ainan4li.«i 
IMV mMmtm. Ml i« lit- 
dtming pity "Tlw Otam 
MmuMMtc"' t)f 

iHamifwm mLiMfwncff . 

miifkad Willi inelnd* Iht 
amamm. llMin. 0«m VMmm 
tfeMlw (MM ma. WaUimf 

.Aiuit humu, trmimaa, 

villi pliiy 

twl thU {MM tU'fiW'Cf al 

NslMnal Hiwlc Cawii. U 
prapfMl: w lor tlw rote at 

• cMila^i. oMi- lilat.Udnr()n<toi)iMid(itiici 

■to'MWMlMdMr pkr »HJi mHjf tent ottar 

* MrtHiiy JMI a tar iwrtiifiiMrf • «rtHm. ■T'"* 

Mil* afo.. iwrar Iwd « pwl. quit* »* Ml 

'DMpIlt iitr yum*. Mtoi Wi»," »«• ■*m4. 

MftW li» hud « W 0* Another m«re..ti«r of tlw cant. 




«* ICirctetf IWtarket 
Buffalo Grove 

Pimm V«rd« 




Arnrnton Meighti 

Acrots Fro« J»w«t 


It! art afMi 10 bU liMMWt***, 
ral^VHi^ iiiMlmila., iMOhift umi mi'wiw vmnnf a S^avt 
^ylng, iMMi-tiiiM Jnb:. M y«ar 'rauiN) «sipiii]nwiH. N<i 

I • ■Manun. if per vk. tiw •«■•«■. <t In. nt. 
jfim turn a ili|. i daya a wk. Wn train iwu cmniiMtly m 

Call9m*'IMna(ll»aaaafi>rn>rclafi>*tiil«niv« Y»u 
'■nil t» It }n at' age %. tovc a gmd *i'Vtiig rtcttnl 

EOf M F 





«Mi I 

Mlti L««it haa iMan tn 
MWTBl imdiictMiai at Rolllni 
Maadow* Hl||i tetmal. mm <rf 
whieh inctadtd the role «( 

KaitMrtnt tn '*Tlw Taming al 
Iht Sllinm." a rate qiitt* dii- 

ttooM ttiMB ttint of Laura « 

"TlJia (day fiv«a me a ctiaaee 
;» ««p«rl«i>c» more (tn- 
tarartiani with iBa other 

|Na|ilc." ilwiald 
Wackint vlft a unall gmv 

aayv IUh tMHii. '"I MUlia II la 

itr tHa," 

playan had itailar 
ail Uw iinllr of Vim 

Ai Jolin L«|irtmia. 

pit H,. -All the 
tn the iilay are ex- 
inrianMi fauula and they an 
rai% a )m tmrait. with...." 

in: aiMttai to tlw lead he 
{llaiMl In "%apln" and in the 
loinnil ehlliken ■ praiucUan at 
Hartier, he hai iniifead in 
ennuniinHy thaatie 0w^ awh 
ai Bk Grawt'i Maak and' lliil. 
■ad PalBttne'i Baat Off 

Joe Marlchi Aaaff 
l^BclifT i aelaw > . naei 

l««ia (ahave), Jakn Larre** aad Janet 

me Meat* Irmm Mw laU piay. (pfeala ky Rick 

Me aian emnpalad ai a I 
m the Nattoaal Soeiety of Arti 
and Latlani laai yaar. 

In the play, "the moit ia- 
portant thing la tlie acripl Itialf . 
and oihat tlw <MlMr dwractafs 

wliai my eharaelar aayi' ahaut 

It 'IMh that ce-rcadlni the 

terlfl ahra helpa in an- 

nviewia the vcfftjplf 

Uhh "*t as back and in la 

I aknul piysteal llilnfi, Emw 
) vaJki and 

he ithe 
ho* l>* tails." 
Adrr that 

ratiaarMi and 

are tinpnrtant to Mp 

f Kwylh^ 'latMMr. ' ' 

* "■ ■ icttd ui 

Collegf. Hi "" 
Sirhool an 

ke :iaia. | aw § f> • ■ 

Markh aaya. I^Vnri&CC TllfV^ 

iUft dmcUan ki^k#l C799 I III II 

tn halD '"aal ' 

causes conflict 

CPS ■ The film ••Midntfbl 

Bxjircat" was >ho»-n at L«htgh 
Univeriity ttneventlully last 
•««lt. a marked ronlrsit lo Unr 
nntniveny tto dim omhmI 

fMrHMr lo 'UMt IMtVVlMIUIIf,. 

Laiaa jlchcier, Sludaal Ac- 
tivttlfn CiwiieH preatdMt. 
rwalkid ill* M "*m ^idda" 'Ihi 

Public Opinion Research 

Ltarn about the fascinating field of 
public opinion research while 
working in our comfortable 
Arlington Heights office. 

Look wliat we offer: 

'triaililc houra, day. night or weekend 

* Rapid py advancameni after traming iiartffld 

* tnuiMXlal* ofMiiinii 
4-m>in):ng riaaaet twice a week 

For further information and 
oppointment. pleose call 

Mrs. White ttl-SSQO 


715 W. Algonquin Rd.. Arlington Heights 


EqiMi OmMrtunitv Entfttoyw M-F 

mri'vie viaild cauae inaiiinveniy, 
tiui wtailtaiiaaMdinilitSAC 
M-hedule M foreign alndanla - 
a (If whom were Tintldi - 
prtitioocd to have the ihowing 

They critlclied the film na 
"racial" and "anti-l 

The movie purporia lo tell Ua 
imr lUiry of a ywaig Aaaitean 
wtN) tried to .amuggle dni|i 'Oiit 
of Turkey, and who «aa tm- 
pniMimd and tnrtured in a 
Turfclah prtaon.. 

Atx!«fdlng to aliidaiit Krdal 
llnver. the mmrlc i 
out aa "villain* 
creaturei". and thua | 
a 'distorted and 
portrait of the natloa " 

The univeruty > iiutiual and 
Social Event* Heview Cooi- 
mitlee. IhouKti. voted to allow 
the tliowmg tu tx held The 
committee iiiriclally dactdad 
the film iMMildB't pramdn Ih* 
raciaa the akudnili fiaiwl, hit 
tl did allow the itudenti to 
dtitrilsule a flyer to the 
audience outlining atudentt' 
t>ti]rc(ion« to the movie- 

The tame cmnmiUee volad lo 
cancel a BhowinR al the tnr- 
aa^apWc BlKi -nie story of 
0" llil •annit after Dean of 
Siialenla William Quay argued 
the movie mighl i " 

h^ ft fhf Hwfcinir^r fhrittlmr 2. I9W 

Big conce rt hall s equal big rip oiis 

» m. 'Mtt. dM-i Iwgi " 
llHiiM»Vfi " 

luf 'Unw Mniiiiii'lw • mmi » 



■rt lao hnid and you mat mmu 

Mr plnii ll you «»h In havt 
Jim iMWiiif at UM niaMi Mid. 

'TIM' 'inMI* m mtfUm 

fciiiii»r«n»iKHj|| ^ 


'Mr ■ aaoDM itera. 

■ iMi 

af Om At*' it ll« Mnnift 

SiMNi ptram fMNi taMdi 


WIT. bwauic the wiU dmm m 
the ■!<«> baraiy optn IMr 

timutli*, M bIom 'iiMi*. 

Thadtlcagt AiiiiillllliHitT .Is 
kiuMlMr diiMitar aita vtan M 
cmiMS tu • cnncert Pirking li 
the bat in the city and » ««iT 

immiMe MmMWiif. than you 
■milt •lafi earafUBy around Iba 
handi and bodlca. occaaiiMHtUy 
•levptni on a (*w nilivliBad 

ikailgil. M Uw aHiat. ttaa aiMiid 
ntaanwliilt to • ataH whimt 
Willi Itttl* adMiig. Hie ranmar 
nala or Mstolir •wtUig ts Uie 
ttaat IMV If )n» •<.«>ni|»aiiy 
jMnalf •lUi a good pair of 
Unoaiwt. Abo. te MMMd to 
vmMlt dtlayvd liy a c««vie ol 
•M^. Ymi may Itaar iDa muBK 
iiat the |>o|Mlar muilclani wm 
ftKpag. iMt you arc iwl raally 

Tips to end that aching back 

pfite nanw «alhit. "iM* • 
«•!• to atold and help rallam 
Itoln (rani the lover back 

MmMlwr PaiitM, • 
V* tMvanity vro O mm, tml 
•pine (pwialiil. after* (hia 
advlee m a«»idlnt back 

.afii ll tka liaek haa M la 

-AMMMatMfuMlt'WMWiir %mlm. 






to ifliit aad iMgia' art at W 
SSh '«ki» ha Bl a M ^dagrae 

wtili Or. f^mrtiia' 

■iiardad and (ha ntrfact 
AalaiM frnm Ike haU. laaUag 
to at l>ad hen aa the Stadium, 
expcnalve icats are not only 
tad biai the achM aie always 
pniaiMt, At • .iMltar of (act. 
than to iw aaat ta UN' Am- 
liiithealar dial doea not acfaa. 
The betl hiay here are the boxea, 
:bilt come eipiinMd villi a larie 
aiipply of iMiCtar haeaitoe your 
iMMfe Will naad It, hceaac you 
imat hecp your head turned 
tttrnigtioul the entire ifaow 
nie balcoay Mating might aa 
•ell hr nan-e«iilaiit, biCaiiBa 
the thnwt can bariljr ha aaan 
and art alio a caie or 
IhtoirathM in Mind. 

The Aragoa haUnnm li a 
•mailer hall hut •uttact the 

• ■raMniHi of 'llW' MflP 
Ilia Angon «■• 'mm a 
1 aiM atfi aliMiU 'he a 

ran be dtme to help atrengiben 
the hack Hypereiientton*, 
dofw on a Rumaii chair (found 
In haalth clnttai can help 


can. help hi batemiy 

llMid owiatant loohtng In 

■hh' while t'jiilnt or writing 
ka 'MM M acMng 

Dr Panjahto' rcaaardi along 
with hjpemtoBllana, can rid 
'inu ol Ihc "aching hack.." 

- .AmM MatMlg «MM' WM W ar 
htotot. Twtotmg to pMMMsHlw 
'01 .laatof 

hMH, Md mtolilaet aa ctae W 
Dm kMir ■•' poMlMa and kaap' 

- While Rttmg. »• a chair 
wUh aT'm resu and put a Dllla 
cuahian bchtnd your back 
ttlMch perwdl'Ctlty and dnn'l 
■M .in «M puaniMi (or a long 

WMlt *wtng, knap the 
knMi ham.. :Dwi't dn» with 

•ho nitoi rMsalh aa Ihair f*M 
ni.oM o( the day •hwuM' 
periadlcaUy lUI. •■• fad n«d 
piMW U m • 'MMI ahaiit' U Ui- 
ehaa iR Hw gtwnd. 

To real an adiing back, plan 
^iurbodylna"Z"p«allii>n. Lie 
down flat on fvur hack alth 
plihM* 'uwlir Iba ~ 

•Ighl and 

•wnd: It ImpofMHt. Tlie main 
noor to lined with laato. Ih* 
(ntd-tip variety Your body will 
ni it you are I'l" and can bear 
your nalghbor'l tib«« 
throughout the entire ahow The 
to the annpll of aU 
hi CMoago. not 
IhtaiMa ira bad. 
the'Mwnd. to bad, the view to bad 
but the MniHla to gat t«aiali« 
to a Irak wMcb t call "%aca 
IliHialalii." Space Mountain to 
the hwme a< »U (he dnigglaa^ 
they lay on theatain and hnk at 
the archaic caUing. You aih 
then to novtand they gniM w 

But there arc a few good 
conceri places In our araa. nidi 
as Park West Auditorium. 
Uptown, and Beginnings with 
the largest being the 
Audliorium which holds arooad 
I.oao people Park Weaiaaats M 
lucky people and tha at- 
moaphere to vary elMuy hr 
Chicago Anything frewn 
tmadoaa taUue jeans, would Da 
the dwaa here, the only com- 
plaint to the mandatory two 
drink minimum Sound is 
taotaalic. sight to perfect . and a 
large video screen is a 
background to Uie center stage. 
Uptown theater still ha* 
movies during the week and 
concerto during the weekend. 
Sound to pretty good hne, ao to 
•ighi The aoljr rill ynHw 
here to parUag: you have to 
park bhiefcs away 

u-^u^ff to a local eUb 
whtofa racaotly began taooUng 
lop aathmal roi*a. Soiaa) to 
laually a bit too loud, taut algM 
ID never obstructed 

Audilorittm to a nice pUee 
becaiac o< the archUaetute 
involved. Higti arcbad caUtag 
makes for a good tonal concart 
Saaling to «KtUMt. not a bid 
seal in ma towae. ParUng to 

wearing Ma lavorllc concart T- 
•hlH. aak Mm where he law Ihe 
0mm- U ht laya the big halh 
|wt walk away and laugh, 
baoaiac he fell victim to the 
dtoaaac of concertitus Con- 
certltua it the feeling one 
receives from a Ug rlp-ofl of big 

Asirology: ruler of ihe ages 


■lUil Maia was a 'Caprlcnra? 

--ne star that tod the thrmi 
wiaa man to Bathlehea on 
CMitBUmaa ««■ nata 

» a 'Ciprlciim? \. JL V^ 

led the ihrae r^T 

Bethtohea on 1 I 

■at a •!«:,. hut P>^jrp- 

■lMtoli:Mlir X (T 

. r of Madlcina" tilMn 

act' to«a an aU'thO'rtiy m> 




hi .J'tXI ltlU.I.¥ 

I bto inaanity on theraf 
and other eastara 

culliiraa toliaider Astrology 
highly raapaciable and lo thto 
day ttill use It lo plan 


mm. Burma was lo raealit 
tui independence (ram Brftaln. 
tha fcStoh ehoaai dny •« 

iflM>'kmowii.a«.Aiigualoa, tHiei 
had ht> ana ai«B tynihot. 
Ckprteara, piU on all the cojna 
toMMn' at the ttme . 

M the tpraad of 

up Cbrtottoo eyea to 

. j» with the theory ■ "the 

■lilt may .todkaia Ihe itourai' of 
wmm, bm 'hM' wtll to o«* la 
itoa hboM il'" 

Pope Julius 1 1 had hto 
carowuinn day choaan by an 

a*' aa aatrolagar by 'the King and 
^lean of PranfM^. 

■'■tepiar. an .attrmiomcr.. 
tlRI-imi) practiced asirology 
but claimed hto motivea wcm 
purely financial* 

William Uty . an asirologDr. 
publicly predicted ihe IMN 
Great Fire of London 
beforehand, and altar wardi 
was aitmaaooeid and triad tor 

tiM prccldenlial 

joatlMto Ih' the United 

Ulalaa art cycliely corwialai to 
•itfnIOHlffii phananiciia'^ 

-Hto' m «f *P»rtt" •»' i»' 

bagumlng and «iu last af- 
prmtimataly aoolhat l.WO 

ORus Icarus Systmns, Inc. 


i37 C. AlBon'lu'n M. 117-3 

Cartridge Electric 


Tho btisinos8>it«a atactrlc ptxtabie (or 
tlw oWIOMrt-fiofne See a denxjnstration 'Vtiutl 

„.. with astralo0cal 
I than wtthout tlun* 
I wiMild like to mantion that in 
tutui* cohuitnt I will onaha 
available my aatrohiglcal In- 
iwpniiatlona for anyone with 
qiiattions concerning their 
■onto, vocation, retotlonshipa, 
etc. Penooa inlwaWad may 
'•Ubmlt SPtCirr iptottooa to 
the Harbinger o«et toeatml in 
Bldg AMT Tha retjulred in 
formation mial be InchaM 
la, tiMi (aiB «r pro). 

a CiftrWoe ribbon system 

• Cacticm dim and Fabric ribtoon 
a Quick, clean oorrBctions 

■ Oouble-viialledcase 

• Extra-wiiiecarriaae 

• cmic»-siie kaytooard 
a P«per inlMlor 

liMS-79 iin-w 
WIer il -iJ-W 

After 11-17-79 $279'* 

All P»cai Casn ( Cairy Omy ah umii &wd Wiih 
Manutaclurert Guaiantae Reiucn lo ^M (or Service 

Kama .S«*vlea Ouawnlaa AvaiiMte )o« Small E»r< 

October 22. 197V Tht- Harbinger Pa/fg 7 

Glazebrook brings team up to par 

mm- oIllMtaaiHilBlla 
kto aiM« mill JulM. 



tB it (Ml W* Ml I 

_ ■■•■•■lltlkal. la 

.PnttayawkJ^r. E«i»i mr* the 

-(Mtfttpiii |aRrti«lic«lflDJ<dMtiraMiil«f 

uMi. Ml 'IMi flv« tiHMi lUa yaw. OtMi. 

- Ml. "IWi 


kj 1T,^f MB mCMIMCAi' 




Altwdf. ■• Claicbrook 

iiiilHli^ aMm *>"> •>> invotc* 
tbMt liitlag vtctorte* ami 

4rfraU DMT « licriad fl( a CflUfte 
mmiOm Ilit Uf iMltlaa art 
■u««l «i ttw McUnnal. 
and naUoaal compaUlloiia. 
bMIlM •»■* iha Mavk *«"'- 
Mn, 1.1—iliHat at HoaU. Joe 
Carcatiain. aum Ford. Jim 
Kama, and Mike SuhaMk. 
Biaii to attand with clutia in 
hmdandfMf baUa m Uw Mm. 
■, by Ttitia of thair 

f 1JB OIF eSSt 

la • iM M On 
nsUooal ewafatlUan haU M 
Bravard Junlar Colleta ta 
Florida aoaaliaM in aarly 

Glatatmx* dIdD'i malt « I 
by hlTOiaJl 
N« air. nut by mir :MMnt' tWa 
ho lo 
Ona of 
III a* tmm of 
I Maldav. a CouMry Oub |ira 
««w IMM baan [^layiiil tiw luiki 
(or B yean 

or coune. many paopia have 
bacn at this game for much 
loniar Hian that, but net too 
many inHan have been lo the 
Nallofial Amateur Cham- 
plontkliw. held annually to 
delernina the nation's top 
Mr Sioiaey 

SMtUe SInra that i 

to irnprrn* allHr*i iMMt to 

^Mtlvc in the sport 

BnttttaUwplayert, the ami 
•tw have te actiiaUir gal «■ 
UMie and laa tt up. •ha iro tta 
■pedal paopie in GtaMhr««k*i 
boafc He Juat doeaal have 
1 praJaa for thcae men; 
MB who make Gtasabrook 
I lo be coacMiit Rotf at (Ms 

than a pal on the back before 
they're leetng off. and he 
acknowMias their roie on the 

True, una atlU nay not be 
enoivli la the atlMa who ex- 
pacta attention to be paid lo Mm 
In man! than one reapact. And 
tbtt Is "iien Glazebrook dUIen 
from s» many textbook coacbaa. 
He doaan'l Just 0ve e»- 
onrafamcni and a ahouMar w 

■our; along with ttokley. 
Glaiabrook adoraa nicknames 
Aa a manar of bet. la far aa 
hrt Goaccmad. Ilw •bok laam 

Ai'.o Serving 

Rd , Dps Plames 
ij9 7050 Ui.)uei! Ave , Dowiujib u'uvt 

MoM''5 ?.«"(«»» thru Thu#»«ta». » ) AM lo 1 1 PM 


I «U1 make U Uiat 
tar. and (Mw can aanaa a bit <rf 
anticipation towards Ixilb Oia 
suie sad natiooal finals, aa 

m to my. 

i the aaaaon over 

■tale " It's a 

ke In. 

However, numbers are 
smaller in folf. which makaa K 
a btl diHereat than moat sporla, 
and Glaiabrook aaaa to it Itat a 
ctaac cMcb^tbWa I 
le ealatalMiad early 


la ant an 1.-^- - . . ... „ 

■MflM^eal-, 'ha< ipan* Unta 
iMh eiwT MhrMMl; ha glvaa 


CO eniay a Tecate Trio Bravo 

|uit take an icy red can of Tetace Beer 

im|>oried from Me«ito 

and top It with lemon ami salt 

Out of tight! 

Be A Person 
Girls Can Look Up To: 

Become A Girl Scout Volunteer 


now TOWN MM 

II GR^M I iH \nON8l 

1 1« aMc* H •• ei Hi 
I MT vnoaracT j 

Stii Qaaiia Ave- 




1/1 MlM^'lillH 



•wtrvfMf with. 
Lunctt 'PurcIlM* 

Prf p amarm 

■AT ALL row WfAMT 


put »» 


INIIIMPIi..ll m 

Cn«ldr«<t|t 2 




Swnewtwfe mm you. a young g«l wants to t>e 
a Girl Seoul You know that Gwl Scouttng can 
o«« hef much thai >s valuable, good and can 
help h«t grow to a f ich and (u« adulthood 
As a votuntew vou will have the baching of the 
world's laigest voluntary organtfatiofi for girls 
e rtwough 1 7 and you will bo part of a world 
wid* lamily ot girhs and adult* m more than 90 

Girl Scouting is iinowing you re needed and 
anpreciated It » teaching and learnmg cat 
ing atiout what hap(>ei)s lo young people 
Mping gwls grow and prosper 
You don" I have to be a parent to tw a Girl Scout 
volunteer if you re ovei 18 and you wOuM tike 
to help Girl Scouts and youiself, please CjM 

'mare 'ihoiMbi of some 
tan dicy hrand their 
wUh. "It haqia them 
relaaad bofMe a meet And It's 
not Hat !■ that caU ttacm by 
thiir Bkknamea; the players do 
They all enjoy It 
it's jiat one way to 
keep the guys kMae. TenalM 
doean't help, you know." 

However, Glaiebrook does 
have a more serioai side, and 
Ibis is quite apparent when he 
lists the meets he feels are moat 
Important for Ma Hawka lo 
scan weS in 'I'm hMUag at 
the Jolici Sectionahi and Ike 
DuPagt UivlUtton as the two 
big roecU left before the alalc." 
he said, circling both maata on 
hia schedule tf we beat ttiam 
(Jolial) twke. we wbi the 
dlvtsioa, and vice versa Of 
course, if we both ww one from 
each other, than there will be a 
playoff between the two 
t«tamft " 

The playoff that Glaiebrook 
menUons would lake place at 
Thortton Junior CoDoti "aa 
soon as the scheduled maela are 
over But we're going (br It aU 
right now We're out la win tUa 

ma thli thing it's the at- 
titude of a winner, and 
Glaicbroak has It Stokley haa 
it And most importantly, the 
players have It. "It's amaiing." 
notai Claaabrask. "that the 
giiya can finjr ao wM in iMs 
waaUiar. It** mbaarahle to play 
golf in, yet here they arc 
shooting hi the mid 70's (Moala 
h«i shot a 71 this saaaon. kiweat 
00 the laam) with cnoalHaaey 
and It's freeiing out. Thqr'ri 
dedicated, hard workers wto 
made ihemsdvas as good aa 
they are." 

Of eoune. It also helps to have 
coachaa who are aa good m 
Glaiebrook and ttokiey to land 
a helpiag hand 

Car Rental 

$11 W. McDonald Ktf- 
Prospect Heights 






Poft B The Hmhinfter ttrtobm 22. 

'. I^'7'i 

First year soccer team beats Triton 

"A Bril j<»r imh »• »•- 
mmt to l» KMlBt." Hariiw 
tiM« Oadi SandDT Smtn 
ttU, "taM wt'tt wiimtfig.." 

n* k ma nm. jrmr Haryw- 

vim' iMly IIVM moft •MtilMd 

iUBMi to play. 

Hm Havkiaac* afrtn ad tiM 

IMa by ndilag Trilon 

4 la 1 mitli' tBir Oi«- 

Is iL fif«« haM »l «»• P"" 
IMMtieMaoaapilatlaMa lall] 


HMihi' playar Mai* vraM imo 

IIM laait wMi IS MiMM* M to 

Uh Mf, In nafea llK ■com 1-1. 

Qrfv tM* iBiiitiM into Um 

. i'llaiati«ilii«*r 

(ht !••( tune, DriflClng Trllan to 
Mcond and ftnal pom* <» »>« 

. t« mliniM Wt Ha** 

lliayrr Sieve Norm mwtmI ll»e 
tywK iwini endtng the half at 1- 


Tvo flve-mlaiita ovarlimts 
war* fraalMl and ttm Hawki 
icoTid Uw wlnnUii (wtnt 

Trilsa iKould have Ml bad 
mm^ aloiie wImb they argwri 
(or iwo more fl*»-mlnuta 
diaacaa to ate. 

Hmtmar, the Hawk* pui a 
IWIlwr dampar on Iheir plant 
by acnrtat anoOMr potnl and 
wiiwli« tho lama, *■!■ 

"W« playni a hard nmnini 
laiB*," accordkoM to Harpar 
r«ir»<ariJ Jwi Mjimorm "We 
'i^ait Uw Mkar imhi.'* alyl* 
with a lot «( lang paiaMg." ^ 

CoacH SubO' aaM. out af Uw 
Ha«ta major jfoMwna waa iU 
■jsa. With olhaf laams having 
ali«it » plsyara. 0» llawto 
have only it healthy playcia 

•^e'va had to many lo- 

"•v've had to 

poaltMai M many 

ime dm or ■!■ 

paavlt (WM 10 rlay who art 

hwt.. ItlaiatalalorgtMB." 

The Hawki ha«a had levaral 
oUmt ohttacica lo orareonie 
PractKinc two and a haU houn 

■ day and (or Um flnl three 
wttta the usam had «ity oae 
rhdIiouM Andltwaan'l 
■ the team at- 

tained M| own goal net 

With Sooc« baint the worldi 
moat popular iport. Harper 
tport*' fan* otwloaaly dDo't 
know It Only eigM ifiectalon 
trickclcd m to welch the Hawta 
win Wednaaday The racnrd 
high attendance (or a loccar 
gam* I* IT Even the kslog 
HarfKr (oatball team draws a 

-K «« had llghti we could 

have the pniea al night and all 
the parenu would come," 
Harper IMramural coordinator. 
Wally Reynolda said 

Three outstanding Hawki 
playen were nominated at All 
American; Frank Binalli. frmn 
FofeM View HIgli. Schaol; SMv* 
Norrit. (rom rrand; and Ooil 
Keapcr. Steve Todd from 
Rolling Meadows. 

Other Hawks plai«n mokide: 

Cotangdo. SMw Crane. Oaear 
Pavila. Jayme Ford. Tifai 
Haltw. Jim Maiworm. Oniew 
McCalls. John •*'"•"■ 
(.-hmtopher Small, Kurt ZIImt. 
Daniel Reynold*, Robert 
Colaogeio and Robert Taylor 

Howks tennis: NYC heroes 

(alimg to Mary Jahnaon ol 

1.. uirKi'sarK nuPx* tKliln« her to ttirae 


n took ahnoal t> 
the' ISnal ramit* cndml up Juit as 

nC the ■•aalher .laat 

nnatfai' aai m innned 
aeaUaUiiv of aria tmm made 
the tmirnamaBi laal much 
longer than everybody ai- 

Moat teams «•!• tlMirt at 'Um 
Kiver Traill tmati cl* il • 
a m and were then way pati 
midnight In the past all- 

(alimg to Mary 
DuPage. taking her to 
itia. heloreloalngS.7. 7-S. 3^1. In 
Ilrtt ilnglei Sliarry Weber «« 
tmmm b* Mtmeann Huehn «>' 
Wnoit Valley. **, i-T. in one of 
(he heal played maichet of ihe 
Dehtale Kuhn tost a 

... in the finals of 

■isUt aInghiB. loaing lo lUinoiii 
Valley's Cindy Petenoo l-«. 7* 
nwiiiael lailadlMi|«r than 
■nyonai eipactationa to 
tiie eewiMt daildad to vase for 


mind WggUng besdrr duriaiit IhI 
Bgahat TrHaa. Iphala bj ScoU McKUUp) 

Football scalped 

The Illinolt Valley . 
swooped in from U5all*-P«ra 
and practicaUy left no ■yrrivara 
at Harper'* Hoaacnmlng 

It I MIMaa ■aiiliiia mmr^a. p-i«.a. ai,.t 

Illinois Valley showed why 
they wore ranked No • In the 

^f SatiBilay's 


<i tW VlflMH' MM hi UN IMC. 
txil Ihk laaMD (hey tkKidad to 
lum a taumamant Ibniuit Is 
<iadde tlia lop |il«fms. 

II «dh1 matlae as Harper 
•alkad off the N4C all- 
txm ierence aa hnaara la Ihe 
third, bmrth and flllh 

in daeldlag all- 

tn tacood doublaa aa 
itayed undefeated the 
~ «l 

MM' aalaalad' .a B lu i i t iniwi hi 
'IIm thhd doiiblat spot at they 
{Tactically wa,ltmd past every 


nUi *«fvad Harper below 
Uw .SH mark iOr the tint in a 

tai«t]aM.aa Ihe Hawk* are now 
Mmwall aadl-l M NC play. 
lor tha HB«ka of 
their state Utle or 
playoff berth have 

Sown out the window. 

Harper aeored fint. hiN that 
was aU she wrote IOr the raat of 
the afternoon IIm Hawks got 
onto the scoreboard with a 71- 
yard drive, which was given 
new Ufe by a roughing-the 
kicker penally Sophomore 
lumting l>ack Mark Berlaloai 
cMoad It off with a 3S yard 
biail up the middle in the first 
quarter Jamie Hernandei 
added the eitra point 

Harper will now try and get 
back on the winning track a* 
they Uke on Wright college, 
Tbmday, with kidi-a« at T:I» 
p m al HanaoD Stadium 

iplMa'bf' " 

to one with 

to win the 

thkd Bh)#as. C-l, a-i Cindy 

Baraa captured tha cham- 

plonahip at fourth tingles. 

. TaaaiB diaaMliW Julle Storhman of 

intawla Valley »-». fri, end 

„, Calki Pfaaader «*Wd' "*«• 

of 'IIHaale Vallay •■>. *• 

Ithilnglea. OMfyl HaUnaB 

■AwiGad all the way ti> tha 
for aacond sMglat before 

louraamant bad no 
Hawks cap- 
I N4C title in 
ak'nuuiy yaaim with a M slate. 

in MJOU Sadlaaal play. 
Harper finished tccond lo 
UttPage by one point TTie 
Itowfca advanoad to the Region 
.IV Stale Bwal IMi latt Fridty 
and Saliitday to dahad their 
Mala titia Tha tap team, and 
lop slngtit and dnubka ptaomi 
will 'than admnB'la afMinalt In 
May, laid 4" t""" ~ 

■AwiGad all the way tii tha will'thaa^ajhM fggjgi 
flnais for aacond sMglat before May. haM • ■■■!•* 

Firsf Harperfhon a success 


tphatahy lafi'Lyua Cay) 

iM«r » *ludcnta 
•laM entrants 

In Uw wMwn-i Dille tat 
■UAnla. Pam Lacka waa UM 

whinar with a tiiW'«l f :ll. and 

m the anan'a 

waa the •inner in i time of 
lf:ia. followed by John 
in 17 r 
m 17 10 

"■**# "*"V W^B 

^, Miaweil won the mile ui 

I: W, with Dr Chuck Harrington 
iMond, wMle Kalhy aalaBoo 
was firtl in the woman's 
division In the thrae-oille. 
Pelar Sdiarar waa the edaner. 
Kith a time of II tl *«» 
WiiUam Punkay aacond and 
am. Hinton third 

ntnaar af tha toculty-ttafl 
fhna-mile waa Sue TbomiMn 
with a time of MM. to Ihe 



Health Club for Men 

We offer supervision in Conditioning, 
Weiqht Training, and Body Building. 




WMlaw ^rli neia Miloavkee Ave. aa* raiaHae M. SJ^